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    Oregon H U lortrul Hnrlcty
H as the Largest Circulation of A n y Paper in the Santiam V alley— It Covers the Territory Like a Blanket.
¿3rd. Year, N o . 11.
S T A Y T O N , M A R IO N C O U N T Y , O R E G O N , T H U R S D A Y , M A R C H 15, 1917.
and hand clapping hurst forth
several times while he was de­
livering his speech. He urged
the importance of a united stand
the direct supervision of men at the back of President Wilson
M anufacturing Plants who know the business from be­ which brought forth applause
ginning to end.
quick and sharp like a rapid fire
T h a t are
Both Mr. Sestak a n d Mr. battery suddenly turned loose,
Thomas are live, wide awake and argued th at Christianity was
our M idst
business men and put their pro­
Payrolls of Great Benefit ducts on the market at prices as the foundation upon which
nation must be built if it was to
to any Community-All
reasonable as you will hind any endure; that the church was the
where and are making a success leading factor i n building
Industries Should
their business.
be Encouraged
character and that the Sunday
School came next; that the pub­
Last Friday evening t h e
Under this heading we are GOVERNOR WITHYCOMBE
lic school was one of the mould­ Parent-teacher association met
giving the Stayton Meat Market
ing forces of inestimable value. in theH. S. auditorium and listen-
apace as the proper classification
A T M. E . CHURCH He also claimed that some histori- ed to a very interesting program,
of this institntion should be un­
ans seemed to value little the
In the absence of Dr. Brewer
der the manufacturing plants as
work and spirit of Lincoln, as in the president Mrs. G. L. Brown
you will see from a further per­ The main auditorium and the a certain history but a small vice president presided over the
usal of this article.
Epworth League room was filled paragraph had been given to this meeting.
The program was
The Meat Market is one that with the crowd last Sunday night man, who according to the gov- opened by the H. S. school or-
any citizen of the commnnity to hear Governor Withycombe ernor was the greatest who ever chestra which was up to its
can be proud of as it is on a par and the program arranged for lived with the exception of the standard. The general subject
with shops in cities three and the patriotic service. The gover­ Christ and this fact, that such for discussion was “ The Moral
four times as large as our city. nor came to this city accompanied as Lincoln was so treated by the Standard of a Community” and
The dairy and food commissioner by Dr. R. E. Lee Steiner, Miss historian referred to, showed the different phases of the sub-
when he was here last, reported Lulu Walton a teacher in the that patriotism and the patriot ject were handled by persons
everything around the shop and McKinley school of Salem, and should receive a higher valuation familiar with the particular sub­
slaughter house to be in first the doctor’s son Milton, while in the minds of the people, than ject assigned t h e m ; C. E.
class condition from the stand­ another car, th at of Dr. R. W. given them in the instance men- Daugherty and Miss Poley being
point of cleanliness and sanitary Walton of Salem contained Mrs. tioned.
1 the only ones present to discuss
Miss Grace Smith,
Religion and education must the subject did their part,
In addition to running a Meat and Dr. Walton's father and sis­ get due attention claimed the
Miss Marian Alexander sang
Market, the proprietors, Messrs ter. As part of the program, speaker who held also th a t a “ One Fleeting Hour” in her own
Sestak and Thomas have a re­ Miss Lulu Walton told the story nation must give the right val­ inimitable style, she was accom­
frigerating plant and ice manu­ of “The Two Old Soldiers” and uation to the size of its guns. panied by the orchestra. The
facturing plant and instead of gave a solo, while Miss Grace And this latter must not be ig­ High School choras directed by
depending on shipping ice or on 8mith a teacher of the Capital nored if the nation was to be Prof. Hoffer favored the meet­
some unsanitary and obsolete city also, rendered a solo. Mrs. prepared for eventualities.
ing with a song—“ When you
cooling system are able to keep J. Walter Mayo and S. A. Starr
Principal Gauntt introduced come to the end of a Perfect
their meats and fish on ice at all of Stayton sang “ Hold Thou My the chief executive in a short Day.” There was a discussion
times, also supplying the local' H and." Following the service address replete with thought-j le i by Miss Bassett about the
demand for ice.
an informal reception was held fully chosen and very fitting program and Basket Social to be
They go to the farmer and in honor of the governor and statements commending t h e given for the benefit of the gym-
buy his hogs, sheep, cattle or the visitors from the seat of the governor and his work whi:hi>,,asium fund at-the formal open-
calves take them to their own state government, after which brought applause from the audi- ¡ng of the gym March 23rd.
slaughter house, do their own the guests spent an hour or more ence, and urging the peoples
Leo Klecker, Roy Follis and
butchering, cure the hams and at the home of Rev. and Mrs. E. favorable attention to the com­ Wanda Brown were introduced
bacon, render the lard and pack B. Lockhart where light refresh­ munity program being but on by Miss Bassett and all made
it in cans and sell to the retailer ments were served, they being Sunday evenings at the church. some remarks as to the plans
or consumer. Manufacture the assisted by Mr. and Mrs. Lilly
they have on foot for the open­
sausage they sell you, grind the who were well acquainted with
of the gymnasium and swell­
Don’ t fail to see Ne’er Do Well
green bone for chicken feed. In Governor Withycombe when he
ing the fund.
Prof. Gauntt
fact work up all of the animal lived in Corvallis before his ele­ at the Star, Saturday March 17. closed the meeting with a few
Prices 15 and 25 cents.
into food that can be utilized for vation to the governorship.
remarks followed by a selection
th at purpose and best of all it
The governor was given a
Good Oak Posts for sale. 15 by the orchestra.
is done at home by and under hearty reception by the audience cents each. Chas. Gehlen.
L ocated
Every Day New Goods Are
T hese goods w e contracted for six m onths a g o — and som e
staples nearly a year ago. Y ou’ll see the value o f our ex ­
perience in the W oolen business w ill be to you. Your suit
will be all w ool and the color will be fast and the price will
be the sam e as you have a lw a y s paid.
Special values, $12.50, $i5.oo $16.50
Serial N o. 1100
that it will not be profitable to
Stayton High School has | | resow
to spring oats unless much
half the fall-sown oats
a Building now for were winterkilled,
according to
the United States Department of
Agriculture. It is best to delay
Student Body Deserving of Much reseeding a few days until it cun
be determined definately whethc r
Praise for Carrying this work
or not there is a sufficient stand
to a Successful Com­
to justify leaving the crop to
nature. Fields where it is certain
that this crop was destroyer] by
At a parent teachers-meeting cold may now be sown to spring
held in the early part of last oats with fair prospects for r ro-
November the subject of a gym­ fitable yields if the seeding is
nasium for the school was dis­ done in early march. Only the
cussed and it was the consensus most fertile land should be sown
of opinion among those present to oats in the spring, as this crop
that such a building was needed will not yield well from spring
so with the encourgement of seeding on poor land.
those present the H. S. student
The best varieties to sow at
body started out to build a gym. this time are Burt, Fulghum, Rod
And it is no wonder that success Rustproof, and Appier. The land
crowned their efforts for with should not be plowed, but the
their undaunted spirit and en- surface should be loosened by
thusiasim they would do almost disking or thorugh harrowing
anything, nor was their spirit and the seed drill in.
and enthusiasim all that they
If a grain drill is not availah e
had, they have manifested a de­ the seed may be sown broad cast
sire to work with their hands, and covered by discing and har­
and the result of their efforts rowing. The best rate of seeding
combined with the support of ¡3 about 3 bushels of good seed
citizens of the community is now to the acre.
manifest to the eyes of the
world in the magnificent building
that adorns the N. E. corner of
the school grounds.
The building now stands ready
Miss Ella Williams assisted by
for occupancy and while r.ot her Sunday School class of boys
completed in every detail by any gave a party at her home n
means, answers well a major Tuesday afternoon for Elvin Wed­
portion of the purposes for which dle who will soon move to Salem
it was built. In this enterprise to reside. The aiterw x n was
the student body cannot be too pleasantly spent in playing games
highly commended, the boys popping corn and puliine taffy
have cut $86.00 worth of wood, and the shades of evening were
and have done about $100.00 faUing before the merry crowd
worth of work on the building noticed how the time \va3 flying
while the girls are performing then after thanking their kind
their task of raising their share hostess for the pleasant time and
of the fund with the same alac­ bidding their little frien ! rood
rity displayed by the boys. The bye. they departed for their
gymnasium is 56x70 feet and homes. Those present were, El­
about 40 feet to the comb with vin and Wendell Weddle, Lee
an abundance of room for ath­ Tate, Uriah Silhavy, Kenneth
letics and spectators.
and Vernon Smith Loyd Schafer
The formal opening of the Ray Sweat and Clinton V/en ’ell.
building will take place Friday
evening March 30th at which
time the public is cordially invit­
ed to come and see what has
been prepared for them in the
way of an entertainment, Basket
Grant Murphy went to Salem
ball, basket social and witness
to receive his apt oint­
the results of the H. S. in erect­
assessor for this
ing the gym.
precinct, Mr. Murphy, who suc­
ceeds Geo. Keech. is a well known
and competent young man who
will fill the position satisfactorily
He was raised in Stayton and not
The extreme cold weather in
only knows every piece of proper­
the Southern States during the
first two weeks in February ty in the precinct, but is a good
caused much winterkilling of fall judge of values.
The Loyal Sons class of the
Christain church closed a four
weeks class contest Sunday Mar.
4th and last Friday evening the
losing side entertained the win­
ners. They met in the Sunday
school room of the church where
they indulged in games and Prof
Hoffer favored them with sev­
eral readings and Lois Bracken
with a recitation. They then ad­
journed to the home cf their
teacher Mrs. Ed Young where a
two course luncheon prepared by
Mis3 Wilma Ware and Miss Cora
Smuck was served to the delight
and satisfaction of all present.
sown oats. The yield from fall-
C. Silvernagle of Jordan was
sown oats is so much better than
visitor Tuesday.
from spring-sown oats, however,
Ordinance No. i 2 q
Hart Schafmer & Marx
Are out w ith the sam e guarantee they have alw ays issued
— all W ool goods—-and a guarantee o f absolute satisfac­
tion in fit and w ear.
Prices $20, $ 25, $30
Section 30 It shall be unlaw­
ful for any person to allow their
chickens or other domestic fowls
to run at large within the town
of Stayton, between the first day
of March and the 15th day of
October. Any person violating
the provisions of this section
shall be fined in a sum not less
than $1.00 nor more than $10.00.
l’rof. J. E. Larson, extension
specialist on agronomy, will give
a drainage demonstration on the
farm of W. H. Barber, rfear the
Cole school house, three miles
south of Stayton, on Tuesday
March 20th. Everybody interesed
in the subject in the subject is
cordially invited to be present.
New and Complete Line of
Milk Crocks, Pots, Jars from 1 gallon to
25, Jugs, Bed Pans, Chambers or P i ­
thing you want in this line, we ha
A full line of Overalls, Kuaki
Pants and Work Shirts
8 Bars Good Laundry Soap, 25 Cents
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