The Stayton mail. (Stayton, Marion County, Or.) 1895-current, September 28, 1916, Image 1

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H a « th e L a r g e s t C ir c u la t io n o f A n y P a p e r in th e S a n t ia m V a l l e f — It C o v e r » th e T e r r i t o r y L ik e a B la n k e t .
¿2 n d Y e a r, N o . 39.
S T A Y T O N . M A R I O N C O U N T Y . O R E G O N , T H U R S D A Y , S E P T E M B E R 2 8 , 1916.
S e r ia l N o . 1 0 7 6
p q .6 -7
S n P ije Premium List H u Been Prepared
And Is Now In The Hands ot
The Children
readers’ Training Coarse Has Been Aided
For Benefit of Tkose Who
Wish to Teach
Read Every Ad This Week: You’ll Be Richly Repaid !
For the first time in Stayton’a his­
there will be a regular "D ollar
Complet« Lut Will Bo Foond on Anotk*
D a y " on Saturday, October 7.
or Pay« of The Mall
There are many attractive advertise­
ment* in today’s Mail, and a careful
The date for the Slayton Induatrial perusal o f them will give you an idea
School Fair la drawing near, and the
premium Hata are out, a copy o f which
will lie found on an inalde page o f the
If you do not get a liat, preaerve the
paper and try and get the children to
bring an exhibit to Stayton’a third an­
A very pretty church wedding waa
nual event.
T h e committee« promlae a much solemnized at the St. Honiface church
greater variety o f exhibit* thii year, at Sublimity Tuesday, Sept., 26, ,at 9
and with aevrral good addreaaea by a. tn., Rev. Fr. Lainck officiating.
The contracting parties were: Adam
public men, together with a bell game
botwren the Slayton high achool and Susbauer, son o f Mr. and Mrs. Jos.
aomr other achool there will be aplenty Susbauer, o f near Sublimity, and Miss
Rove Kinta, the charming daughter o f
doing all the time.
The fair will be held in the old build­ Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Kintz ot Sublimity.
The bride was for several years the
ing thie year, and it ia expected that
the attendance will be much greater popular c l e r k in F. J. Riesterer’a
than laat year. Try and make your ar­ general store. The groom is a hustling
rangements ao that there will be time young farmer and well liked by every­
to attend this annual event.
The bride wore a white pussy-willow
The date« are Friday and Saturday,
taffeta with a net ovcrd rsje, trimmed
Ootuber 6 and 7.
with pearl beads.
H e r attendants
were the Misses Rost Susbauer and
SECURES ANOTHER STATE CONTRACT Angeline Kintz. Miss Susbauer wore
a Nile-green silk ami Miss Kintz was
attired in light blue silk.
The groom
The Wilbur Woolen Mills Co. o f this was attended by Dan Kintz and Joa.
city secured t h e contract for 1000 Susbauer Jr.
blankets f o r t h e state institutions
A wedding banquet was held at the
against several other sharp competi­ home o f the bride’s parent* at noon,
tive bids.
and was attended by many relatives
The contract was not awarded to the and friends.
lowest bidder, but quality was taken
The young couple will live on the
Into consideration, hence the securing Jos. Susbauer farm near Sublimity.
o f it to the Slayton company, whose
T h e Mail joins with their many
products are o f the very beat.
friends in wishing them many prosper­
ous years o f health and happiness.
o f the many bargains offered by our
merchant* on "D ollar D a y ."
The nimble dollar will go far on Sat­
urday, October 7th in Stayton, and as
everyone is predicting a general rise in
all kinds o f things that are to eat and
wear, it behooves the careful purchaser
to make hia dollar go as far as possi­
Be sure to come to Stayton on Sat-
; urday, October 7, visit the School Fair,
and look at the many tempting bar-
g a in that will be diaplayed in the win­
dows on that date.
Several Hava Already Enrolled
Make Stayton’ s initial "D ollar D ay "
New Court«
a success, for you as wed as for the
While tightening a jar o f fruit Sun­
It was stated in last week's Mail
day, Chris Giebeler cut both hands se-
verly on the broken glass. Dr. Hrewcr that Miss Casper o f Union, Oregon whs
had to take several stitches to close the to be the fourth teacher in the high
school, but as Miss Caspar could not
come, the board secured the servicea o f
Miss Olive Bassett o f N ew beig.
Bassett is a graduate o f O. A. C. and
is highly recommended. She will teach
classes in science, English and history.
Having sold my blacksmith business
in Sublimity, and as I am preparing to
move away soon, all accounts must be
settled in a few days. 1 will also sell
my household furniture and other ar­
ticles Including blacksmith tools at a
Dr. Eaton, who ia located in the Mer-
very reasonable price.
rlfield house north o f the Beauchamp
Jack 1’etrjanos, Sublimity, Ore. 10-6 Drug Store, will open up an Optical
Parlor at that location on Saturday o f
Rev. Chandler, a former pastor o f this week.
the Methodist church h e r e , visited
Slayton friends the first o f the week.
Sudden taking hold o f the clutch of
an automobile, that frequent and exas­
perating annoyance in the operation of
the ordinary machine which all but pre
cipitates the passengers from the car
and worka considerable damage to the
motor car in general, ia said to have
bean completely eliminated in the Max­
well throngh a unique construction of
the Maxwell clutch.
Engineers a n d expert automobile
builders for many years have sought a
solution o f this proDlem, the same be­
ing the subject o f painstaking investi­
gation a n d experimentation. T o a
lessor degree it ia said this damag­
ing annoyance in the driving o f a m o­
tor car has been eliminated and it is
stated that the Maxwell Motor Com­
pany has been eminently successful in
complotly doing away with even the
possibilities o f a sudden gripping clutch.
In order to obtain thia desirable fea­
ture i n automobile construction, the
Maxwell clutch assembly housing has
been so constructed that the clutch ia
continually subjected to an oil bath.
When operating the clutch, in making
geer changes, the clutch falls back into
position in such a manner that the film
o f oil which gathers on the clutch lin­
ing is gradually, but rapidly squeegeed
from the lining, the clutch at the same
time taking a firmer and firmer hold.
The operation is automatic, but abso­
lutely sure, and without jar to the car.
The speed with which it ia accom­
plished depends largely upon the speed
at which the car is traveling and the
dexterity o f the driver in making gear
It is stated by the best posted au­
thorities that a rough operating clutch
does an immeasurable amount o f dam­
age to a car in a short period o f time,
producing quickly rear axel trouble,
motor trouble and finally laying up the
car. A smooth,evenly operating clutch
is, therefore, regarded as being highly
essential to a long, useful life o f an au­
tomobile, hence, the Maxwell builders
make an especial point o f this feature
o f that machine.
I will make a trip to the State Fair
on Friday and Saturday at 76c a round
Ward Holford.
ionery. We can skin any onea price trip. Lv. at 8 a. m.
Dr. Brewer reporta a fine 104 lb. boy
born to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Forrette on stationery, quality considered.
Jos. Klecker, Guy and Dare Sloper,
o f near West Stayton yesterday, Sept. you don’ t believe come in and we will
Chas. Cladek, Forrest Mack and son
show you. Beauchamp’s D rugstore.
Roy, Fred Fickland, Paul Shreve,
Marion Hunt, Dick Tate, G. C. Eks-
-A- -X. .*■_ \t^- JL
\S: 'i . '
jA. J L J L ± . J , A .
Z ,
N. J . Streff, Jno. Thom», Geo.
/V v /IT ^ W
Smith, Levi Bailey, Jesse Watters,
* A. S. and Norman Davie, Dr. Beau­
champ, John Blakely, G. W. DeJaniin
and Harvey Beauchamp journeyed to
Salem Sunday to witness the ball game
between the Lojus and the McMinnville
teams. The game ended with a victory
$ 1 . Q O
for Salem. The score was 4 to 3.
Headquarters for Stat-
S L O P E R ’S
o n
$1.00 Kodol Dyspepsia Tablets and l-25c can fakem Powder
$1.00 San-Tox Hair Tonic and 25c Colgate» Toilet ,c o»p
$1.00 Oregon Blood Pnrilier and 25c Bottle Perfume
$1.00 Adlerika and 25c Tube of Tooth Paste
$1.00 De Witt Kidney Pills and 6-5c Pen Tablets
$1.00 A. D. S. Stomach Bitters and 25c m Trade
$1.00 Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound & 1 San Tox Cold Cream 25c ^
* Drug
S L O P E R ’S
Store *
At twenty-one to be recognized as
one o f xcreenland’s muij popular and
talented young plavers, in the envious
record held by Miss Geraldine O’ Brien,
the featured player in "H is w ife ," a
five part Mutual Masterpicture screen­
ed at the Thanhouser studio.
Miss O’ Brien has been in picture
work but little more than two years.
Nevertheless, in that short time she
has risen to the very pinnacle o f her
profession and today is generally con­
ceded one o f the real stars o f the silent
"T o what do you attribute your suc­
cess, ” Mias O'Brien was recently asked
by a friend who visited her at the
Thanhouser studios in New Rochelle.
"To many things, ” replied the young
star. First o f all, I must say that luck
has much to do with it
Until three
years ago I had no idea whatever of
taking up a career in the studio«. One
of the most heart stirring scenes ever
screened is presented in His W ife, with
Miss O’ Brien in the leading role, which
cornea toHl.e Star Theatre Saturday
night. Be sure and see it.
Chas. Cladek, owner o f Cladek’a
Garage, has bought the stock o f the
Silhavy wagon shop, and will put in a
complete line o f all kinds o f woodwork,
which will enable him to repair and
build anything you wartt
This combined with his auto-repair
department and general blacksmithmg
equips his plant completely.
See his
new ad on another page o f the Mail.
A fter but a abort serious illness.
j Mrs. George Weinrich passed away at
her home in Stayton Sunday morning,
Sept. 24, at 10:30.
She was a pleasant motherly woman,
a good neighbor, kind mother and true
wife, and will be much missed by all
who knew htr as well as the immedi­
ate family.
Dorothy Kotke waa bom in Germany,
December 10, 1846, and waa married
to George Weinrich, August 8, 1871.
They emigrated to America in 1886,
ana located in Nobles County, Minne­
sota, where they lived two yean , com­
ing to Oregon in 1888. They first lived
at Aumsville. then on a farm in Linn
County near Kingston, moving to Stay-
ton about six years ago.
Beaidea the husband she leaves five
grown children; Mrs. Gus. Brand o f
Gold Creek, Mont., August Weinrich
o f Alberta Canada, Mrs. Frank Deters
and Miss Theresa Weinrich o f Port­
land, a n d Mrs. Albert Neitliog o i
Stayton. All the children except the
son in Canada were present a t the
The funeral services were held Sep­
tember 27, at 9 a. m., and interment
was in the Catholic Cemetery o f Stay-
ton, Rev. Fr. Lainck officiating.
The second week o f achool shows a
decided increase over the preceedirg
week in attendance, especially in the
high. Thia department gained twenty
new students, giving an enrollment in
the high school o f 62 pupils. Thia num­
ber, no doubt, wMI be increased to
seventy or seventy-five.
A Teachers Training Course has just
been made a part o f the high school
course—a very important addition. Un­
der the law, any senior student taking
thia course and completing it, will be
given a one year's state certificate,
which will entitle them to teach in any
o f the grade schools in Oregon. This
certificate may be renewed for one
year, if the holder has been successful
m teaching.
We conaider thia o f much importance
as the law now requires all applicants
for a certificate, to take a course in
Teacher’s Training. Thia, more than
any other thing elae, will raise the
standard o f the Stayton Schools.
Carl Follia and Mias May George
were marrted m Albany on Wednesday
o f last week. The groom ia the sou o f
J. T. Follia o f Kingston and ia well
known in Stayton, and the bride ia the
daughter o f Mr. and Mrs. Lee George
o f Shelburn.
The young couple will make their
home on the Flood place between Stay-
ton and Kingston.
Mrs. B. A. Schaefer entertained
Brode Club at her home on Third
last night. Mrs. T. B. Rigga will
tertain the Club Wednesday, S ep t
In the absence o f the pastor at con­
ference, Rev. Mr. Eaton will occupy
the pulpit o f the Methodist Epiacopal
church on Sunday, both morning and
Mrs. Mabel Mack will con­
Titus Archer and N. Geymer and duct t h e Epworth League services.
family returned from the Pendleton
Born—A fine girl to Prof. D. C. Dav­
Round-Up Sunday evening and report a
fine time.
They were well satiafied is and wife, Thursday, Sept. 21.
Brewer is in attendance.
with the show and glad they went.
can be had by any ambitious young
man or young lady in the field o f Rail* !
way or Commercial Telegraphy, since I
the passage o f the eight hour law by !
Congress it has created a great demand |
for Telegraph Operators.
Positions I
paying from $75 to $90 per month with !
many chances for advancement.
It j
will pay you to write Railway Tele- j
graph Ins’ t o f Portland, Oregon for j
full particulars.
l i S
L sm Í é M ^ ^
; 3 ll,,n t
fc. i l i l iiU f T 3
HIWWl. 3
" t o *
For Our Announcement
W. B. Allis has bills out and his ad 11
will be found on another page o f the j
Mail, announcing a public sale o f milk
cows, machinery, hogs, etc.
Mr. Allis, who is now located on the j
Jeter farm one mile west o f town, will j
move to his place on the West Stayton
road in the near future.
Dr. Brewer removed the torsils and
adenoids from Ernest, the 16-year-old
son o f Dave Aegerter o f Linn county,
Wilbur Woolen Mills Co.
Mrs. E. H. Coats and son Eugene ar­
Mrs. Alice McDonald o f Mill City
rived from Vancouver, Wash., Satur­
day for a visit Ht the home o f her stopped in Stayton Monday to do some
daughters. Mrs. C. C. Nott. Mr. Coats trading on her way home from Jordan
returned home Monday but Mrs. Coats where she was visiting.
will remain for the winter.
O f O u r 4 th A n n u a l
Mill End Sale
g Commencing Oct 7th a
C. A. Luthy, wife snd little dnughter
Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Kelly and Bob Tholma visited at the home o f Mrs. j
Kelly motored over from near Jeffer­ Luthy’s brother, John Goodkenecht and ,
son Sunday and spent the day at the
fnmily near Silverton Sunday.
home o f her parents, F. I. Jones and
A. Me Lay, late o f Anchorage, Alas­
Mrs. Dora Shreve has bought the Sa­ ka, visited over Sunday with his son |
von Hotel on 131, 11th St. between Al­ R. A. and family, who live in the north j
der and Washington in Portland and part o f town.
Genuine Bargains In
Q Blankets and W oolen G oods
will move there as soon as her affairs
here can be R-iranged.
T l.
Fine Auto Robe Given Away
A growth o f from three pupils to |
nearly seventy i n the Stsyton high I
Mrs. Fred Frank and son o f Rock school in less than four years is going
Point were callers in Stayton Tuesday. some. Keep it up.
iiu sM ,