The Stayton mail. (Stayton, Marion County, Or.) 1895-current, August 26, 1915, Image 6

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D A N C E 1 @ j TOWN'
Harold Murphy wan o v .. from Sa.«in
8 part Amt'ricun mu<1o Pathe Production
“ Amateur Night”
4 Reels, 5 and 10c
A. t'. Peteraon experta to leave for
Newport Satuniay. He will make the
trip in his Font.
The St ir Theutrr nivea you more for
the money.
l)r. Drewer reports a girl born t o
Mr. ami Mrs. Hoy Huber of Lyons,
Dairy Lunch ;.t any time at tlieSluy- Friday, Annusi 20.
ten Bakery.
M. J. Crabtree and wife *|K>nt Sun-
A di >• Selli is Iliade a business trip to ¡day visitine witli Mi
Saleni Tue» lev.
ents near Salem.
S. A . Starr made a business trip to
Albany Monday.
Saturday, y
Police Dog Cartoon, 1 Act.
Talmadge’s Orchestra
O f Salem
A Great Historical Wild Animal Production with the Real Dope
to it in 5 Wondertul Acts.
Tangle Foot Fly Paper
“W hen Rome Ruled”
G Reels
Dan Doll and wife. Mis* Mary Frank -
Miss Gladys Hill is home for a few
find Frank Kerber motored over to Sa- ■
days visit from Mill City.
lem Sunday cveninK.
J. W. Jackson was down from Mill
Mrs. E. C. Lau is visiting at the
! City on business batunlav.
home o f her son Fred and family at
Fox Valley this week.
$ 1.70
Crabtree. W est
Scio. Shelburn. and It esi Stat ion
Independence and W'lgrich.
Hop Pickers Special
Special Hop-pickers Train will leave
Crabtree at 10:55. West Scioat 11:10
Shelburn, 11:15. West Stayton 11:25
via Geer and Salem and will run
through direct to Independence and
W ignch.
TICKETS will be good only on special train
on going trip and will be limited to
30 days from date o f sale, but can
be used on any train on return trip.
BAGOAQE intended for this train must be
delivered at S. P. Depot on Sunday,
August 29th.
Call on nearest Agent for full particulars
John M. Scott, General Passenger Agent, Portland.
Rock Point
Mrs. Albert Frank and daugh­
ter, Emma, w e r e trading i n
Aumsville Friday.
W. H. Downing is back from
4 the Hot Springs.
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Hunt ar.d
*- daughter, Helen, are back from
the Exposition. They report a
good time, but were glad to get
Albert Frank and Joe Hen­
dricks went to Keiser Bottom af­
ter peaches Sunday.
Notice to Contractors
E. C. Downing and
spent Sunday at tne Orlo
ph reys home.
AIREDALE PUPS $3.50 and $7.50.
Few as good.
E. B.
G. L. Brown and W. C. Gauntt mot­ None better.
ored to Hubbard yesterday in quest of Flake, 600 S. 17 St., Salem, Oregon.
Phone 1046J.
Jos. ilirzsirftn o f Chicago, III., and
Mrs. G. F. Korinek spent the week­
end at the W. C. Parry home in Junc­ Mrs. Marguerite Whyte o f Astoria are
visiting at the home of their mother
tion City.
and sister here.
Dr. Brewer visited Uncle Sam Lake
G. S Barhan o f Mehama will erect
one day this week and reports him
the new bridge across the Little North
quite low.
Fork above Mehama. His bid wan the
lowest, being $1177.
Geo. Tate, G. C. A sm a n and Nor­
man Davie spent Sunday with friends
Jno. Thorna and family and Jno. Ker­
in Salem.
ber and wife motored to Salem Sunday
to meet Wm. Petzel who has been at­
Mrs. H. N. Huntley and daughter tending the Fair at San Francisco.
Stella are here from Brooks for a few
days stay.
Drs. Lowe & Turner the well
known eye specialists o f Port­
The Last.
land will be at Luthy’s Jewelry Store
Stayton, September 7th. Consult them.
Jos. Fisher and Harry Porter expect
to start the first o f the week for Clear
Lake, Fish Lake, Marion Lake and the
Pyramids for a three wee’ ks fishing
and hunting trip.
Mrs. Dena Mack visited in Portland
a few days last week.
She was ac­
companied home by her two brothers
in this office on or before Friday, Sep­
Five newspapers in Western Oregon Albert and Ben Roy, Saturday who re­
tember 10th. at one o ’clock P. M.
have gone on the "b lin k ” in the past turned to Portland Sunday evening.
Max Gehlhar,
few months.
County Clerk.
A Reminder.
Pleasure and Pain.
C. P- Darst and Marion Hunt
went to Salem after peaches
Miss Etta Lang o f Silver Creek Falls
Mrs. Miehabuch o f McMinnville spent
is the guest of Miss Marie Henkel this
the week-end with her sister Mrs. Er­
nest Matthieu, returning Wednesday.
The Sloper Fountain disperses the
Marlon Creamery Co’s. Ice Cream, of
eous stomach, use Nyals Liver Salt»,
Mrs. Linn Lambert o f Linn county 50-25c bottle at Beauchamp's.
was trading with Stayton merchants
Mrs. E M. Olmsted and children,Dot,
Gene and Susie and Mrs. F. H. Downs
Frank Grierson and Ben Gehlen and are spending the week in the tent city
family started by team for the Coast at Newport.
What race may reasonably be ex­
Sealed bids will be received by the
County Court o f Marion County for the pelled to t>e the last on earth? The
improvement o f certain roads in Road Finnish.
District No. 40, near Mill City, by
A new girl is reported by Dr. if row-I
clearing and grading the same, as more
fully appears by the plans and specifi­ er at the Amos Hiatt home o f Lyons,*
cations of the same now on file in this August 23.
Trover & W eigel’s Studio in the Bak­
All bids must be accompanied by a
certified check o f five j>cr cent, o f the ery building is open every Saturday
amount o f the bid and must be filed and Sunday.
Orlo Humphreys and wife of I Pleasure and pain are the nnlls
Triumph visited with the latter’s which fasten the body and soul to­
brother. Pearl, Friday.
W e Fix ’Em To Stay Fixed
Short Time Only
"W hen Rome Ruled” in 5 parts at '
Miss Mary Reiger o f Portland is vis­ the Star Theatre Sunday night. A Wild
Animal production o f merit.
iting at the home o f her father here.
For sour, bilious, gas­
Monday, August 30
At Cladek’s Garage
Konus Johnson o f Osceola, * Nebraska
Visited a few days the first o f the week
at the Clyde HotTer home.
V. A. Goode and family moved into
Miss Vera Flapman o f Mill City vis­
the Maag property on Third St. across
ited at the Kerr home here Tuesday.
from the school house Monday.
Dare Sloper made a business trip to
Hugh Kellogg, the young man who
Portland Tuesday returning Wednes­
was hurt while swimming last Thurs­
day is able to be at work again.
Combination treatment
for rheumatism is gu­
A t the Methodist church next Sun-
aranteed to give relief.
“ I utmost wish we hadn't named our
boy William. Everylasly calls him
Hill, nnd 1 Just linto that name.”
” Vcs. I suppose It is rather annoying
to be reminded of your debts.” — New
| York World.
John M. Stewart and wife o f I,in-
I coin, Nebraska have beer here al­
The Kuril Route change schedule most a week visiting at the home o f
I Sept. 1.
Kt No. 1. Leave 9:30 re- their daughter, Mrs. J. W. Mayo. Mr.
Hum­ j turn 3:30.
Stewart is a prominent lawyer o f the
j Rt No. 2 leaves 9:30 return 3:00.
Nebraska capital.
A Good Example.
‘‘Some men,” said Uncle Elicn, ‘‘put
In delr lives kickin' at nothin'. Har'a
dls much to be mild fob de mule. If
lie’s Interested enough to kick he’s
willin’ to go to de trouble o f fakin'
aim.” —Chicago Herald.
Lathe W ork
We can turn out any kind of Lathe Work, up to and
including a enink shaft for an engine.
Briny your engine troubles here
Mrs. Dora Harden who had been
Mr. and Mrs. Chestain of near Shel-
here a few days, returned to her home
burn were trading here Monday.
: at Pleasant Hill Tuesday.
J. W. Mayo, S. L. Stewart and J.M.
Stewart motored to Salem Saturday. •
Worth more
A Specialty
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Blakely o f Cor­
vallis spent Sunday with home folks
Five reels at the Star Theatre with here, returning Mondav.
Police Dog and Pathe News.
Misses Ina Harold and Ella Williams
Frank Thomas rep-ipored the Sloper left for San Francisco yesterday for a
week’s visit at the Fair.
Drug Store the first o f the week.
Large assortment of Colgate» Fancy
Toilet Soaps at Sloper's Drug store.
G and 10c
Star Theatre
75e-$1.25 at Beauchamp's.
Dancing at 9 O'clock-Lots of Good Music
5 nnd 10c___________________
Conkeys Fly Spray 50 c-
This Four-piece orchestra is considered
second to none in the state.
Pathe News, 1000 ft Current Events
______________________ G Iteola
also Fly Powder and Poison Fly Pa­
Oliver Lcal.-y motoreil over to Salem per at Heuuehamp's.
Tuesday on business.
Have your picture laKc.i by experts.
Clare Tnomss was in Sta.vton from Trover & Weigel, Satuniay and Sun­
day only. tf.
Thomas Creek. Monday.
Music Furnished by
A Certain Lot of $5.50 and $6.00
Lancefield’s Cash Shoe Store, Stayton
the last word unless -
The Editor o f the Standard comes
back with what he culls an answer in
hi* paper o f last night, and as has been
his method in the past evades the ques­
tion with a halt apology saying that he
was mistaken in calling us a grafter
etc. Wc were pretty well riled up at
the accusation and had several harsh
things to say but forbear for this time
as we never like to call names,
Mr. Alexander also tries to drag into
the discussion another bit o f private
business in which he says that he offer­
ed ua all our plant waa worth before
he started his paper.
If he ever offered us a single red
cent, he must have done so in his
dreams. No doubt he expected us to
say “ Here Mr. Alexander, vou ran the
Mail 8 yonrx and made a howling suc­
cess o f it, take it, and I will take my
family and move out on a "tru ck .”
Nay,Nay, Pauline, we bought the plant
four years ago, and since that time
have put it into the best shape o f any
plant In any town o f this size in the
state. We have built the business up
from a losing one (Mr. Alexander had
but little patronage when he sold, and
Mr. Freres lost money, Mr. Babcock
sold as quick a s he could and Mr.
Shields did the same) to its present
condition, which is as sound as any in­
stitution in the city. W c retcr you to
both banks.
The truth is Mr- Alexander you were
jealous of our success and wanted back
into the newspaper business, but did
not want to pay a decent price to do so,
so you have started a one-horse propo­
sition in the back end o f your furni­
ture store.
The Stayton Mail for the past four
years has championed every cause o f
merit that has tome before the peo­
ple, whether it was railroad, woolen
mill, paving, high school course or high
school building, and we expect to keep
right along that line until we have to
" g o out on a truck,” which at the
present rate o f business will be quite a
long time.
Your allusions to my daughters work­
ing in the office, was ungentlemanly to
say the least, and will be cast into the
discard and forgotten, as simply the
ravings o f one whom cannot have ev­
erything come his way.
This is the last we shall say in this
unseemly affair unless the one who
started it off, shall see fit to continue
it. If so, we can continue indefinitely.
Wc will pay at the rate o f ljc . per
pound for all fresh picked evergreen
blackberries delivered at the following
At the Baldwin place near Mehama,
or at any point on the Mehama road
from Baldwin's to Stayton.
In Stayton at Paul Fehlen'a place.
Also at any point on the Stayton-
Aumsville road.
A truck will collect the berries each
day, beginning Thursday, August 6.
Will pay once a week.
For further information s e e Paul
Fehlcn, the Stayton Mall or the under­
signed. Collins & Starr. Brooks, Ore.
V. Dare Sloper reports customers
greatly pleased with the QUICK action
o f simple buckthorn hark, glycerine,
etc., as mixed in Adler-i-ka. This sim­
ple remedy drains the old foul matter
from the bowels so THOROUGH that
ONESPOONFUL relieves almost ANY
CASE o f constipation, sour or gassy
stomach. It Is so powerful that it is
used successfully in appendicitis.
ler-l-ka never gripes and the INSTANT
action iB surprising.
We wish to thank Rev. Putnam for
the fine article sent in to the Mail this
week on ‘ ‘ M exico.” We are s h o r t -
handed this week, as part o f our force
is taking a vacation. Wc will try to
use it in the future.
$100 R ew ard , $100
The readers o f this paper wilt he
ph ased to learn that there Is at least one
uroadi <1 illscaae that science has b e n
cblo to cure l i all lie stages, and that Is
Catarrh. Halt's Catarrh Cure l i the only
positive euro now known to the medical
fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional
disease, requires a constitutional treat­
ment. Hall's Catarrh Cure 1s taken In­
ternally, acting directly upon tho blood
and mucous surfaces o f the aystem. there­
by destroying tho foundation of the dis­
ease nnd giving thn patient strength by
building up the constitution and assisting
nature In doing Its work. The proprietors
have so much faith In Its curative pow­
ers that they offer One Hundred Dollar*
Pr uning the Grape.
for sny rasa that It falls to cure. Bend
In priming the grape cut back to for list of testimonials.
LOST Yellow Jersey Cow, dehorn­
ed, Black face, not giving milk, wild.
Strayed from Mill City, probably to-1
ward Macleay.
If found, phone A l­
bert Seitzinger, Mill City, Ore.
Suit­ the third bini, as It Is usually the first
entirely |»crfect bml produced.
able reward.
Address r. J. CBBNr.Y A CO., Toledo, Ohio,
Bold by oil Druggists, TOe.
Take Hell's Tamil/ puis for coeallpeUos.