The Stayton mail. (Stayton, Marion County, Or.) 1895-current, February 26, 1914, Image 1

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iO t h Y e a r , N o 4 .
S T A Y T O N , M A R IO N C O U N T Y . O R E G O N . T H U R S D A Y , FE B R U A R Y 2é,
Washington.—It la underatood
complete report on the execution at
Juarrx of WUIluin S. Menton, the Mrlt-
lah eubject, ta awaited before the view
of thla government toward the Incl
dent la made known.
On the truth or falalty of Vllln’a
atatrment that Menton tried to kill
him will depend the view which the
Mrltlah and United Staten govern-
menta will take.
Three Masked Men Take $350 on 8c
attle-Tacoma Train.
Senttle. — Overawed by the revol­
vers carried by the bnndlta, 60 paaaen
gera and the train crew on the aouth
bound Beatlle-Tacotna Interurban lo­
cal train, leaving Beattie at 9:00 and
due In Tacoma at 10:45, were held up
and robbed of an aggregate of $400 by
three highwaymen Saturday night at
South Side atatlon. 20 minutes out
from Seattle.
The bnndlta forced Norrla King, a
boy of Kent, to carry a hat through
the smoker, obtntnlng $200 from the
male occupants. One of the bnndlta
handled the rear car, getting $100
from the men and women passengers.
The remainder of the $400 was ob
tnlncd from the trainmen.
» ovo, Or.— Allas Kern Hobbs
"marched right In, turned right around
and marched right out again,” aftet
passing little more thnn two hours in
vrstlgatlng the suloon situation here,
complaints against which caused Gov
ernor West to send the young woman
here to probe the affair.
The clicking of a moving-picture
mnrhlnc marked tlmo for the fair and
lonely Invader. Mut the word "lonely*
cannot be taken literally here. The
movie man came on the same train
with Miss Hobbs and kept her In focus
practically during her entire visit.
Just what Miss Hobbs Rccompllsheu
or what the result of her visit and
investigation will he, remalna to he
seen. She says she, herself, does not
That the conditions here are differ­
ent from those at Copperfleld, the sa­
loons of which plnec she caused to be
closed by virtually Inaugurating the
tnnrtlal law, which waa declared there,
was the announcement of MI rs Hobbs
before she left Cove.
Mnyor Wilson and the council mem-
bora showed Miss Hobbs every cour­
tesy and eagerly watched for an op­
portunity to aid her In any way pos
slble. The young woman Inter said
she wns delighted with her reception
and treatment while here.
With little formnllty Miss Hobbs
met the city officials and. with their
aid, she went over the city ordinance*
covering the liquor question.
Serial No
Declare Benton Was Executed
fer / ¡i.itd Violence Against
General Villa.
FI I'nao, Tex.—The rrcoid of the a I
I"K 1 - ourt-mnrtlul of William H lien
Ion, i «to public hi Juamx lat«, na
i t :Imt the Scotchman wna present,
that : e wr.s represented by a rebel of
t ci
n attorney, und wna permitted
to t ify, utul that the session waa
n» :
»•i waa executed for attempted
on J violence against Oeneriil Villa
t the n cord, and wna found
rii I! ;* of giving aid and comfort to the
Oil! <y by giving them rattle and for
age a id by giving them Information,
llrnton'a frlenda on thla aide of the
lllo Grande received the report with
rnrera. They pointed to their knowl
••due of many yrara that he guarded
nr.nlnrt possible aerloua reaulta of hie
high spirit and temper by never car
rylus a platol. The atatementa that
Menton waa ullowed to toattfy and that
the proceedings wer« public carried
no conviction to the men who aaarrt
that their friend wna deliberately inur
"The oceuned." anyo the report, “waa
arraigned and having been advlaed to
name eomrone to defend him. Captain
Mariano Tamrx waa dealgnated for
thla purpoae and wna warned to de­
fend Menton loyally.”
l» !4 .
• r Rixzo of tie .Slayton Thea-
Events Occurring
the SUte During iae P u l
| • , g rea t pit mm re in »m.ounce-
* k *<■ ¡lie people i.f f-tojton rnd vicin-
ty I- I I I ns itim«< cd in rtcuring
I ’■ '* • ■ . ti (>..ii’a g re a t comedy success
* T < Mi‘ >< uri Girl” for date ofWed-
r ‘ •' i y <>i ly, .Var. 4th here,
'■ * i ’ He t i n i I.f w exactly thst
'■ *1 »ty. filim t nd all the larg< r
eities. . ,
lie co.ipxi-.y carrtet two complete
i t I m ci :•! rrei try, the »mailer of
a i ;ch v || f. i the toes I cl »ire very r,ice-
Lived Six Months With
Pendleton.—After living for
than six months with a broken
Frank Dunton, Canyon City stocks
died In thle city. Dunton, while watch­
ing some children playing in bin barn,
endeavored to show them some tricks
on a trapeze. He fell to the floor,
striking on his head, and fmeturing
the sixth and seventh vertebrae. Since
then he has been entirely paralysed.
* ■’, t i t s i r t u i i i g i k e rc m p k te pnxiuc-
The only 1913-14 World’s Championship
Round-up a t Pendleton, O reg.
“Let ’er Buck”
The World's Best Pictures
7 Reels of Thrills, Action and Fun 7
15 and 25
FRI. FE B . 2 7
The 1913 Pendleton Itound-Up pic­
tures will be the attraction at the
Stayton Theatre Friday evening Feb.
27. The Pendleton Round-Up is the
largest and beat wild west show, all
the largest and best rulers of the world
taking part in its many events.
The committe every year strives to
make the show bigger and better than
the precccding year. liow successful
they have been may be judged by the
ever increasing crowds attending the
show. The attendance last year being
over thirty-five thousand. New York
sending a special car.
The pictures show each ami every
event as they occur in the arena and
not a bodge podge of various events
picked at random and called a round-up
It takes seven reels to show the entire
Round-Up. They are full of thrills,
action and amusement and at times it
is hanl for the spectator to realize that
he is looking at the reproduction and
not the real thing.
Anv one with red blood in their veit.s
that are loversjof good clean healthy out
door s|»ort can not afford to miss this
wonderful pictures.
Admission 15 and 25c
The Stayton Development longue
wns fully organized Monday night with
Geo. Kcech as President, J. W. Mayo
as Vice President and John Thoma as
The following
were elected as directors in addition to
the above: Geo. Spaniol, C. H. Brew­
er, S. L. Stewart, II. E. Rennet, E. D.
The constitution and by-laws were
adopted at the same meeting and the
regular monthly dues set at 50 cents.
The meeting night will be the Record
Monday of each month. The place for
the present will be the city hall.
It is not expected that the longue
will change Ihe map of Oregon to any
great extent, but it can help in a tn.
sand ways to get those things that in
the aggregate make up a very consid­
erable of our business life and activity.
One of the prime reasons for the
forming of this League is to bring the
business men in closer touch with each
other Hnd mold them together in a body
politic, so that when we do want a par­
ticular thing to come to pass there will
be a concerted effort instead of spas­
modic jerks.
If you are a business man, you are
invited to join the League. If you are
interested in any way in Stayton’a wel­
fare you are invited to join us. The
next meeting night will be Monday,
March 9, come.
Mrs. Edith Long of Salem visited at
the home of her brother Arthur Cas-
NEW STOCK—Crepe and Ornamen­
tal paper at Brewer’s Drug Store.
pcll a few day* last week.
Judge Bushey has just about decided
to put off the road bond election till
the primary election in May, says both
the Journal and Statesman of Salem.
The Judge can see no reason for In­
volving the county in an extra expense
of about $4,000 for a special election ‘jf
he can VIII two birds with one stone.
He has put up the validity of the elec­
tion to the Attorney General and will
await his decision before deciding final­
ly upon the matter.
It is reported that Judge Bushey
looks ten years older and has many
more gray hairs since the proposed
bond issue has come up.
A late report today states that
Frank Burson, son of Mr. and Mrs. S.
H. Burson of this city, died at his
home in Dallas Tuesday of this week.
The deceared was well known here, and
his family have the sympathy of all.
' n tli!- ¡rf: rs sett m the regular
c'lv Ike: tre*.
A li e trsr.: geirer.t here is under a
heavy ixpensa in acturmg this excel­
lent attraction, it is to Le hoped that
local theatre-goers will appreciate his
effoits to give them first class attrac­
tions, by packing the house on the
above date.
Prices 25 A 60c
Kathryn Cameron
As “Mrs. Grubb’* in the “ Mis­
souri Girl” at the Stayton Thea­
tre, Wednesday, March 4.
Sunday Closing la Intent.
Salem.—To prohibit the conduct of
business and gainful ■ mas »menu «•
Sunday la the object of a massera I»
bo Initiated at tho aest elaattea by
the Washington County Christian .en­
deavor Union. Tho bill was approved
as to form by Secretary of State Ok
co tt
The measure exempte drag atoran,
physicians’ shops, undertaken, livery
stablea, butchers and bakers.
Don’t Forget,you should always take
a spring medicine, such as Beef Iron "&
Lime and Sulphur Spray at Brewer’s
Wine, Kambo Blood Builder, Iron Ton­
ic Bitters, etc, $1.00 the large bottle at Drug Store.
Why not have your umbrella repair­
ed in Stayton? Umbrellas recovered-
B. Pompella and family and Mrs. La­ samples to select from. F. Silhavy’s Long Loat Diamond In Chicken's Crop-
th rop of West Stay ton were business Wagon and Repair Shop. Water St.
Clatskanle.—About eight
visitors here Monday.
ago Mrs. Robert Bryant loat
mond setting out of n ring,
search for the missing gem proved un­
availing. A few daya ago, on the oc­
casion of her husband's birthday, as
she waa preparimg a fowl for dtnaer,
she found the loat stone la the
of the fowL
^b rd
It’s the Ford age—the age of dependable and
economical transportation.
hundred and twenty
More than four-
have changed
from a matter of miles» to a matter of min­
Buy your Ford today.
F ive hundred dollars is the price of the FORD runabout;
the touring car is five fifty; the town car seven fifty—f. o. b.
Detroit, complete with equipment. Get catalogue and par­
ticulars from.
P. D eidrich, - Stayton,
Agent for Stayton, Sublimity, Aumsville,
Stayton, Mehama and Mill City territory.
Shaw, West
E. S. Muck ley of Portland made a
business trip to Stayton this week.
Are Now On Display
V arious shades and p attern s of
Wool Crepes, Silk Eponge, Rice
Cloth, Lenox Poplin, Ratines, In­
dian Head Suitings, Ripplette, Soie-
sette, Russian Cords, Silk Stripes
and Brocade Crepes.
All of these are the newest and most up-to-date goods that can be bought on any
market. Come in early and get your choice of shades and fabrics.
Garden Seeds in Bulk!
20 lbs. of SUGAR for $ 1.00 at
Regatta Flan
Astoria.—A mass meeting of busi­
ness men and citizens generally ts ta
be held on the evening of March t.
when n committee will ha rater *«d ta
take charge ot the 19th annual m a t
ta. Thla meeting will ateo l i the
date for the water * carnival, fc; K la
generally understood that Jai j 3. h,
and 4 will be selected.
Party Lines Only Test.
Salem.—Attorney General Crawford,
In an opinion, holds that a qualified
elector waa not limited In signing the
petition of one candidate for an office,
but may sign petitions of all candi­
date« If they are members of the party
with which he affiliates.
Darart Land Board, Slat« Engine«»
and Water Beard May Qe.
Salem.—A movement has been
started to Initiate a measure at the
next election to abolish the state dee
ert land board, the state water board
and the state engineer’s office, and
put the business handled by the: *
three departments In chars« of on«
board, thns effecting a considerable
saving to the taxpayers.
Governor West states that at tb*
recent meeting of the Oregon Irriga­
tion congress In Portland, delegate
from Central Oregon put the proposi­
tion up to him and asked for his ap
proval. He said he favored the m ow
ment and would give his rapport te
the proposed measure. He said ■
large saving would be made by such
a change.
He declared that the desert land
board, as now constituted, la a useless
affair, and the state engineer’s office
Is an expensive luxury. The plan ta
to give the one board to he created
in place of the three departments au­
thority to appoint an engineer.
_ Fishing Rules Pretested.
Astoria.—During the past few day*
quite a number of letter« have bee-
sent by packers and fishermen to Co
onel McKlnstry, of the United Static
Engineers, protesting against the pr>-
posal of the department to prohibit
fishing within a prescribed district «:
the mouth of the river.
Goat Industry Started.
The Dalles.—W. F. Ripley has start­
ed a new industry In this vicinity, that
of goat-raising. He raises the T o#
genberg goat, which to the malnsta#
of the cheese Industry of SwItxerlanU
This goat Is of the blue-blooded vatV
ety, and with a pedigree, It ts mot*-
valuable than the thoroughbred ’cot
Few Doga Show Symptom«.
Baker.—Forty-two dogs have be» ,
killed in Baker as the result of viel
tion of the muxxllng ordinance parti
by the city commissioner as a prrre
five measure against spread of rabia .
Only six of these have shown symp­
toms of the disease.
Before coin* to b-il lak« a Dr Mitad1
Laxative Tablet.