The Stayton mail. (Stayton, Marion County, Or.) 1895-current, December 18, 1913, Image 1

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    „ H talO !'» ' «*W>VVÍ
Of«*nW 1
(9th Year, No 46.
On another page of Tho Mail ia an
Events Occurring Throughout j offer that haa not been, or will not be
t!.c CiutU During the Past
diRdicated fur tome time.
Collier'* Weekly, the great llluatrat-
D!g Apple Will Feature Exhibit.
II i<l River. Ilooil lllver county
county will ocrupy the center of the
Oregon exhibit nl the rntinmn cxpoal-
tloti with It* display. A huge Spltzcn-
berg apple about 30 tent In (ttnmotor
anil IK feet In height will be construe-
lotl and on the Interior will be a life­
like panorama of the ilood It Ivor vul-
ley with It« orchard» and flowing
•treuiu» and with the electric effect»
that will bn Inatulled It will prevent
a novel effect. It la eatlinated that
the apple and Ita Interior panoramic
dlaplay will coal aeveral thousand dol­
Private 8»lmor* Hatchery Operated.
The Dalles. —F. A. Seufort, Sr.. ol
the Seufert Broth ora' cannery, hit* In­
atulled a salmon hatchery which la
being uaed In reatocklng the Colum­
bia Ulver. The cannoryman ha* con-
atrurted a dam acroxa Fifteen Mile
creek, which flow* Into the Columbia
near the big cannery. The dun) make*
a large pond where the hatching la
don - The plant now 1» turning out
from 100,800 to 200.000 fry each day.
the variation being cauaed by the dlf
ferenco In climatic condition*.
ed Magazine of the people haa hereto­
fore »old at 95.50 per year.
By a «pccial arrangement with the
publiahera we are enabled to irive you
Collier'» and The Mail both one year
for only $2 50. Can you beat that for
a Cbriatinaa prevent?
Collier's ia the one big magazine that
goea and “ Gets ’Em." Collier's haa a
circulation of over half a million among
I the common people, of whom Lincoln
aaid. “ The Lord must love them, (Un­
people) he made ao many." Collier’»
ia juat the oppoaitie of“ Stand Pati»m.”
('oilier'» want* you aa a reader. Collier*»
- will contain next year: 1000 Editorial»,
400 N m Photos, 260 Short Artifice, :
150 Short Stone», 100 illuatrated Fea­
ture», 2 Complete Novel*.
Collier’» Weekly and your home pa-
l»-r The Staytou Mail for only $2.50.
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Beautiful Dining Room, Parlor and
Bed Room Pictures for Gifts.
Look at the Window Display
Highway Improvement» Not
Decided Definitely.
Bnlem.—Although the »tate high­
way commlaalon haa not decided upon
a definite plan a» to how all the mon­
ey mixed for atate highway Improve- ,
ment under the law pnxxed at the re-
oent ceaalon of the leglalature creat­
ing the oonmlaalon should be expend­
ed, It haa made arrangement* to begin
active work about June 1, when the
money for next year will become avail­
able. The commlaalon haa decided to
expend part of the money In providing
aupervlalon of road conxtructlon by
county court», when dealred, and tho
remainder will be u»ed either In build­
ing an experimental thoroughfnre to I
determine the merit» of the varioua .
hard-aurface pavement», or in build-
in,; a alretcb of tho 1’nclflc Highway
between thl» city and Portland.
The comml»»lon haa decided that !
nil work done by It ahnll be hard aur- j
fai the law p.-ovldlng tlint durnble i
roads »hall bo constructed.
John Boedigheimer and Chas. Hottin-
ger attended the International Stock
Sale at North Portland last week. Both
of these gentleman who are prominent
farmers north of Sublimity, purchased
stock, Mr. Boedigheimer getting a
high priced Durham bull which coat
him $4c0. Mr. Hottinger purchased a
Holstein bull and heifer, the pair cost­
ing 5300. All of the stock is register­
ed and will help very much to improve
the quality in and around Sublimity.
After the stock show a banquet was
given which was attended by all the
breeders of the Pacific Northwest who
were present.
Santa Claus
His pack is well laden with every­
thing for the grown-ups as well
as the children. Come in and
Look the line over.
Useful Presents
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Christmas Trees
West Pardons Peacock.
Albany.—After nerving .182 day* In
the Linn county jail for violation of
the local option liquor law, Albert E.
Peacock wns released upon a pardon
signed by Governor West. Ills term
In prlBOii was the longest thus far In
this state for tellng liquor In "dry”
at the different schools and
churches are especially invited to
come in and see our line of Trim­
mings, Candy, Nuts, Bon Bons
County May Have New Highway*.
Grants Pass.—The county commts-
cloners have called n special election
for Wednesday, December 31, for the
purpose of voting upon the question
of the Issuance of bonds In the sum of
9225,000 for the building of highway»
In the county.
T h o m a s eM a y o
Stayton, Oregon.
•Jw ay a
a ^ a a ^ a a^-a
The Stay ton Electric Light Company
has a new manager in the person of
Everett Gardner. Although last week
the public was inconvienced to a eon-
aiderable extent by a break down at
the plant, we are assured by the new
management that everything possible
will be done In the future to obviate
such difficulties and at the same time
give the public more efficiency in light*
and power.
The other d a y the editor of
the Mall wax the recipient of the
"Weekly Rough Log" a newspaper
printed on Uncle Sam’s warship "Hel­
ena,” stationed at Shanghai, China.
Among other things We note that the
men are given plenty of spare time Im­
mediately after pay day, so that they
can spend their money quickly and thus
be in shape to «tick to their job indefi-
nately. Good scheme isn’t it? By the
way the "Rough Log’’ is printed on a
post card.
Mexican Rebel Leader Seizes
Property and Makes Un­
reasonable Demands.
El Paso, Tex.—Americana, Germans
and Spaniards, who arrived from Chi.
huahua, Mex., report that Frantiaca
Villa, the rebel leader, virtually had
constituted himself dictator there and
that he refused to heed the request*
of representatives of foreign govern­
They asserted that the rebel leader
had seised 55.000,000 worth of prop­
erty belonging to foreigners; had put
to death about twenty Mexican civil­
ians, and had commanded the Ameri­
can, German and British consuls to
obey rebel orders.
Villa seised a large department
store valued at 11,600,000 and owned
by FYeoch, German, English and Span*
tsh Interests.
He also seized a brewery, a cloth.
Ing factory and all the grocery and
other store* owned by Spaniards, val*
ued at $3,500.000. He called a meet­
ing of merchants of all nationalities
and told them they must pay him
sums of money, aggregating several
million dollars, to support the revo*
_ Villa’s expulsion of cltixens of Spala
all of whom were progressive mer­
chants, was on pain of dea*h.
- t
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9000-Mlle European Trip Made On
etc. Come in and look around.
Supplies Carried.
New York.—The battt-ohipa Wyo
mlng, Arkansas, Utah and Florid«
came into port here after passing
through a five-day gale which marked
the end of their voyage of 9000 miles.
bevc-ral hundred masts a r e b eing, These vessels were part of the fleet
made and shipped from Lumber mills which left Hampton Roads October 25
served about 11:30.
in the State of Washington for the for the Mediterranean on a voyage of
Panama-Pacific International Exposi­ courtesy and to demonstrate that a
tion. They are of fir, some of them squadron of United States battleships
W. A. Wqddlc and wife went to Se­
Geo. Spaniol was a Portland visitor 125 feet high, and they will be placed could croas the Atlantic and return
attle last Friday returning home today.
Mrs. Weddle received a telegram stat­ last Friday, and while there attended around the grounds and buildings, to fly without being forced to depend on for­
the decorative flag, standards and pen­ eign ports for supplies.
the Stock sale in North Portland.
' ing that her mother was dead.
nants that will be parts of the general
Nine battleships composed the fleet,
color and decoration scheme of the ex­ and not an ounce of coal, oil or pro­
visions was purchased in the seven
weeks or more they were absent from
American shores. *
has come to
Mrs. R, P. Philips and Mrs. Mary
Casteel of Fern Ridge visited at the
Fruil Casteel home Tuesday.
Would Ouat Mayor and Official*.
Baker.-The atate of Oregon through
Illatrlct Attorney Godwin, baa brought
ault agalnat all munclpal offlriala of
the town of Cornucopia. Baker county,
Including Mayor Itoblnaon, member«
of the council, recorder, treaaurer and
marshal. aeeklng to have them re­
moved from office, alleging that tr-
regularltiea In charter election, make»
U Invalid and Illegal. It hold» that
The Masonic Lodge elected officer»
Incumbent» Illegally uaurped office* for thu ensuing year last Saturday
and aak* court to ouat them.
night thoxe elected were; W. M., W.J.
Hewitt; S. W., C.P. Neibcrt; J.W ., II.
Gold (leach Plant to Start.
E. Bennett; See. W.F. Blakely. Treas.
Gold Bench.-—Wlllbtmaon & Allen, W. II. Hobson and Tiler J. M. Bingo.
of Caldwell, Idaho, are repairing their
black »and plant at thla place, and
goon will renew operation». They have
a large amount of machinery at Ban-
dou ready for ahlpment here, and tho
Randolph will bring It dowu next trip.
Flax Mill I* Favored.
Oregon City.—Farmers of many
pnrts of the county and valley are In­
terested In n proposition to erect a
1200.000 flax mill in Oregon Cljy, and
many of them have promised to Sign
agreements to produce the material
In caae the city raises $50,000 required
and ohtulna the mill.
Salem, Dec. 13. -Circuit Judge Gallo­
A "Tangle” party was given at the
way in three decisions handed down to­
of Dr. and Mrs. H. A. Beau­
day, called t h e local option election
held in Salem Nov. 4 void, held that champ Saturday evening. The occa­
the "dry" amendment voted to the sion being the Doctor’s birthday.
Salem charter on December 1 illegal
\ great many tangles had been ar­
and declared the local option election in
ranged bv the hostess, and much mer­
Stayton favoring the "drys" illegal.
riment was produced by the ludicrous
In each case he granted a permanent attempts to untangle the mixtures.
injunction against county and city offi-'
Prizes were given to the moat success­
rials restraining them from enforcing
ful ones.
J. W. Mayo, C. A. Beau­
prohibition. Notice of appenl to the
champ, Mrs. G. F. Korinck and Miss
supreme court wax given in each in­ Bogert of Salem were among thoaa
who won prizes. Refreshments were
Seria! No 926
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put your body into a propel healthy
condition to successfully resist them.
Colds, grippe, bronchitis, pneumonia,
catarrh, typhoid fever, rheumatism
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leave you worse off than before. Rex-
all Olive Oil Emulsion contains none of
these harmful, stimulating ingredients,
such as alcohol and dangerous and hab­
it-forming drugs. Its great benefit to
you is through its real nerve and blood
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aciated or debilitated —t h e convalesc­
ing—growing children —aged people—it
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better spirits, glowing health.
Rexall Olive Oil Emulsion—king of
the celebrated Rexall Remedies—is for
freedom from sickness of you and your
You’ll b e a s enthusiastic
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ed its pleasant taste, its strengthening,
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you, your money will be given back to
you without argument. Sold in this
community only i t our store—The
Rexall Store—one of more than 7,000
leading drug stores i n t h e United
States, Canada and Great Britain.
Beauchamp’s Drug Store, Stay-in,
Washington Express Taw Law Falla.
Olympia, Wash.—The state supreme
court affirmed the decision of th#
Thurston county superior court, de­
claring unconstitutional the law pass­
ed in 1907 imposing a 5 per cent gross
revenue tax on the state business done
by express companies operating in
ROBBEDJtf $17,000
Wallace. Idaho.—Without leaving as
much as a finger print as a clew, bur­
glars robbed the local postoffice of
a little more than $17.000 and appar*
ently made good their escape.
When the postmaster and clerks ar­
rived in the morning nothing unusual
was noticeable around the office. Th#
safe being locked apparently the same
as it bad been left the night before.
Postmaster Presley quickly noted the
disappearance of the three registered
packages and a hurried Investigation
followed, revealing the fact that they
were missing and robbery had been
committed. A thorough search of the
office and all doors and windows did
not reveal a single clew, as apparent­
ly they bad not been molested. Tl -
safe had been opened without
scratch being made and had been :
aarefully relocked, the only thing n
ticeable being that the inner door ha
not been locked.
Reubin D. Nevius Dies.
Tacoma.—Reuben D. Nevius, D. D,
who founded more than 30 Episcopal
churches In the Pacific Northwest,
died in this city at the age of 86. He
came to the coast 41 years ago an-
settled at Portland as rector of Trlr
ity Church, later becoming gent rt
missionary for Oregon. Washingto
and Idaho.
Poincare Talk« of Visit to America,
Paris.—President Poincare has talk,
ed unofficially with Jean Jules Jusoer*
and. French ambassador to the Unit# <1
States; Myron T. Herrick, United
States ambassador to France, and
others of the possibility of his paytn.
a visit to the United States while L
To head ofT a !■ ' a try T>r >rn«r
Pilla. Tliev aaklom falL
Anti -Pala