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    Published at the “ Hub City” o f Central Oregon
\ <>l. 4.
N«». 88
$1.50 PER YEAR
|M<IN« l l 'A L
Advantages of a Bank Account,
However Small It May Be
Slate to adopt “ wimr romprrhrnalvr rerlamalion policy,"
|r<>nxiilutional umrmlmrnt providing issue is indorsed
■ nil (tdrral ro-oprration in recommended.
federal Government to ronstrud Tumalo extension in
entral Oregon.
Desert Ijm il Hoard not to issue certiorate of proofs to
Ist ttiers until one half of land under rontrart has hern rulti-
federal Iterlamation Servire to take up Malheur and
Hiuhre I'rojerts in Eastern Oregon.
that Drsrhules Vnllev Irrigation I’ rojert now under
joint state and federal investigation I n - Indorsed.
Stale and federal Oovemmenta to take oxer Carey Acl
Project of ( entral Oregon Irrigation Company and relieve
xettlers on (hoar lands.
State Desert latnd Hoard to grant no more extensions to
owner* of Itrnham falls segregation in Crook county.
Vmendment to slate water laws providing for hoard of
control of which State Engineer I* not a member.
Plan of tenrhing agriculture in schools and colleges in­
I hat State Agricultural College establish substation on
each project.
A .4-rl«-s of h*at«sl i!«*ba<«*a rentrrr.1
out..! t tir report of lha resolutions
.itimlMn* al lh a rloaa of lh a after
is.i. « r u lli t i i»f lh a O re g o n I rr ig a
«Il Col.*rea* In Pu ri ta n«! laal Hal
ilul one r.-aohit loti f aeoltllnrtola.t
1 1 I ?.. i oiunillli -a
lh a l aahln* that
..tire of lha » ta le eng ineer I n -
da.I. appointive Inairait of e l r s t lv r
a a* il«*faala<t
In «rsement of lh a pro|H>*a«l »tala
anni Issue and of H e r r e t a r ) U n r ■
>00.000 fallarsi Is.tut Issue for
rar laiuat lou
w o rk
Jbr.Migh « Ith a atioop
Other niaaaurwa hail narro w a*
‘«apes. how ever
A s h a rp discussion
-mgr.I for nearly half an h o u r aroutnl
he plan lh a l propoaaa lo tuaka sat
Irra on irri gata li land pul al least
»If of ihetr Irr ig a b le area under
u lth stin n («afora being g r a n i r« ! a
j r a l Idrata of proof e n titlin g them lo
T h i s la the resolution that
Is Intended to c u r b apaatilallon anil
after prolong ed discussion II as s U|>
held li| the .-on v «sil Ion
thlsrcs.d wss adopted
W !.a!r
Th.«flit*».>ti t.f l.akcvtcw w ss earnest
In Its suppuri
Jo h n II I m * w I s . stale
eltglneer. (>|.p.H»ed II
K ngln ecr 1.,-wt» won hts conte n­
ti. «n. h.iw.-A-r, w h.-n th«* resoluttou
to tiiake hts otti, c an appolnttve «»ne
w ss presente.! W hi le he dccllned I.»
lake a pnaltlmi f.«r or agatnst thè
tueaaure, thè Ione of hla r«-uiBrk»
s e r e aneli ss io indicale plalnly that
he wss lo II
aiipcrvtalng en-
giueer for thè I nltr .l States Ite. Is
■nailon Servire, entered vlgorous
tirolesi agallisi (he rrsolutli»n tirglng
thè S«*« r«*lary of (he Inte rio r to au-
th o rlie thè Itti mediate runa! ruct loti
of Ihe T o m a i o l*ro)«*ct rxtn tx lo n
T h e g««veriiliienl tlow Is rtigaged III
thè task of tniestlgatlng thè feaat
h l l l t ) of Ibis prn jecl. •■»pialli«'.I M r
Ile di-, lareil II wiiultl he
pr«*sunit»tuona for tlt«* Congrega tu go
oli ri-< ord aa r«-« oinmendtng soni«*
I h ln g re g ardln c
feaslhlllt) of
w h lrh thefe Is no «leflnlte knowledge
"M u t private erigiti erra bave de­
ll a red Il feasllile." assi-rled J
lln -a c r
"The li<s'l«iiiatli>n S e r v i r »
Is noi every th ln g
lf tht» Congreaa
I» golng lo accompllah an y lh ln g II
musi speclf) soinethllig
VX e cali stipulate Ihat we do lini
»a tti th l» work «Ione lf II Isttl feaa-
Ihle." suggested M J I mo *
O l h e r delegatea expresaed lliem-
selves plalnly in favor of ihe mesa uro
and II » a » passe«! w lthoul a dlasent*
Ing voler
T h e r e was no oppoallloti to any of
thè other measurea
lle arty suppuri was promtaed tu
thè putiti« achisils and collegea Itisi
are try ln g to Instili Into Ihe mlnds
of thè )nting timi a g ricolt u re and
llv.-atnrk are thè l.aals of thè atate's
prosperi!y. and that there la no oc-
cupatlon more worth y
A lopograptiic and atreattt gatlglng
sttrvey waa asked for, ao thal Ih«*
Irrlgatlon and power posalbllltlea of
(he Streatns In Ihe alate tnay he Iliade
a m a il e r of puhllc record
Callln g atlontlon lo lite faci that
Oregon lisa noi
Ila filli
sitare of Ihe reclam atimi fumi, thè
congreaa a c n i on record «»_ Indo r»-
l,i* th.. pian of F r a n k lin K Lane.
S ecreta r) of thè Inte rior, for a
1 1 mi 000.Oliti federai boli«! Issile for
furi ber construcllon
of Irrlgatlon
projeets, approved hla pian for 20
y.-iirs' d . f r r r e d pa>niente nini c o « -
„ i n d i li bis altltude toward co-opera-
J K Moreen of I mi Pine, earl*
grounds that Its provis ions at - In
mufti, t with the C a re y A r i
J "
l i r e » e r of this city , c h a i r m a n of lha
resolutions c om m ittee, declarad that
this was not sulflrlenl cause to re
Jert It
If II la In conflict w ith lh a law.'
he said, "le t's ch ang e It, but lei's
preserve Its p rin c ip i le »
Il alms to
h«-«-p the le gitim ate sel lia r on the
land and lo d r iv e a w ay lha sporula
tor and the f ra u d u le n t locator
A motion of M J I c e of Canti )
lo tabi«« the res olution was lost T in -
del.»la on Ita adoption than was
taken up In earnest
Mr d r a w e r ag ain appealed on be
half of It
H e explained that the
people of C e n t r a l O re g o n have been
"harrsaaed by the s pec u la tor." and
that more than h alf of the Irrigated
are» Ut noi being cu ltiv a te d merely
he. »use people li v in g In C h ic a g o and
N«-w Y o rk and o th e r eastern places
have secured title to the land with
out being replred to live on II or lo
farm It. fellowa pro di fr«»m the In
dustry of the a r l u a l l<M-alors.” he
" T h e y get the land m erely lo
"ell it
W e want m ore settling and
less selling.**
Mr I»... ron tended lh a l If a«-lllers
are requlrad lo cu ltiv a te half of th eir
are« u will cana«* m a n y of them
■ Iloti
lo d.".«-rt
lh a l the expense of bring
P u n t i » ........ . Canal < »•« •»
In« the land u n d e r c u ltiv a tio n will
Oregon Indorwcd
be too great
T h e purchase b ) Ihe stale of Ihe
' O W alk er, of A lfa lfa supported
Mr Mri>wer and the resolution
He noriti canili uni» -*f thè Cen tr al tire
gon Irrlg atlon Project, w h lrh w n»
lives in the heart of an Irrigateli si*.
•Ion and aaya he haa had a lot of made a rhle f Isaite of Ihe acsalon hy
w ith
anti thè big Crieik .o iin ty delegai lou. was
fraudulent locators
W h e n I he voi«* approved hy ih«* Irrlg atlon Congreaa
Anally was taken there was llttl** th ro ilgh Mila reaolutloa
Wher«*as, Ihe C a r e ) A r t i roJect
Anothe r mea su re that called forth Ivlng on thè eaal alile of thè I V i -
.......« rlv. r In Cnvok . oo n ly . Oregon.
touch dehate la th al wh ic h reconi
fe n d s an a m e n d m e n t to the state k n . » n ns thè Cen tr al Oregon Irriga
water laws that w i ll pro vid e for a non C o m p a n y '" N o r .h t a n » Seg o ga
hoard of r o n l r o l of thre e m em bers l l o n . .........
P o rila ll) com|Me"J* b“ ‘
of which the stale eng ineer ahull not thal « largo nunihcr of « c r « « t lAn-l
b<* a mem bar. anil lh a l the slate <*n hnH I.... .. aold lo settlera ou
........ . shall be directed to represen: o M t s segregano.t. ......... h . M n n i n ) of
• be state In all w ater controversies salii set fiera are now on aald l« nd.
*■ » partisan
In spite of considerab le opposition
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t X i vi vi r: it < i t I, « M i t
i*t i.i,
It is well to pay bills promptly, but not to pay the same bill
.Sometimes Ixsjkkeepers, by mistake, send out bills after
they have been paid.
If you pay by check, however, the can­
celled checks are returned to you and can be produced as receipts.
I ’Inn
Hat e
Checkin# accounts are therefore more than a convenience.
I " i n o i r n lai « ' l o i n of I I m *
They are an insurance against over payment.
f o u n t ) Vire» H ere
man or
woman who pays bills should do so with checks.
A l Ihe C o m m e r r la l C l u b meeting
Inai night It was derided to have a
h om e-m ade product banquet the first
regula r meeting night of Ihe club In
March, to he given by the m embers
of the club and the wives of the
m em bers of the c lu b
T h e co m m ittee
h a tin g the banquet In charge la 7 .
T a lia f e rr o . H I. James. It 1. Schee.
J W Moore and C II K ra k e l-at'«r
lu the aeuuon U I* Intended to give
a bar beruo for the whole co m m u n ity .
A > « m m u i i l r a t l o n
waa received
from C o u n ty School Superin te ndent
Vivera of Prlnevllle, In re g ard to
holding un old fashioned "spell in g
I««-«-" In Itedm ond In Ihe near futu re
Mr Myers' Idea waa to give an K n -
cy .l opedla H rlta n n tra for Aral prise.
Hooka of t nlveraal K n o w le d g e for
second prize, and a new Internati onal
Dicti onary for the th ir d prise
ask«*.! Ihe club to lake up the m atter
In the way of helping along the c o n ­
trat In connection with oth er r lu b s
of the county.
T h e secretary was
Instructed to write Mr. M ye rs as to
wtiat the other clubs wou ld do In
the m atter
T h e com m ittee appointed to look
Into the m atter of securing a clu b
room for the or ganis ation m ade a
report, and on motion the com mittee
was thanked for their w o rk and dis­
charged. and the proposition of a
permanent clu b room waa postponed
for fu tu re action
T h e names of J
W . Moore and
C II Dra ke were added to the E n t e r -
m in utent C om m itte e , wh ic h now con­
sista of /. T a li a f e rr o , K I,. James.
It I. Schee. J W Moore and C II
T h e P a rk C o m m itte e asked for
fu rth e r ti me In which to report
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Your checking account will be welcomed at this bank, where
you are assured of absolute security
M i l . i,
most courteous
B. A. Kendall
L. E. Smith
Dr. J. Barr
Guy E. Dobson, President
J. W . Brewer
Guy E. Dobson
J. W . Brewer, Y’ice President
Chas. B. Drake, Cashier
would not allow the books to be
taken from hts office as It was neces­
sary to have them there at all times
in order to transact the necessary
business of collecting delinquent
He further said that after the tax
rolls had been taken from his office
they were locked up In a room where
they were unprotected from fire, and
where they could be tampered with.
Mr. Elkins said that he was under
bond for $30.000 for the safe con­
C O U N T Y JU D G E S P R IN G E R W IR E S T H E G O V E R N O R FOR duct of the affairs of his office and
he did not propose to let the tax rolls
H E L P TO R E C O V E R T A X R O LL S FROM T H E SH E R IF F . go from hts possession.
C o m m is s io n e r Bayley'*« State m ent
Commissioner R. H. Bayley. who
— S T A T E M E N T S O F S H E R IF F E L K IN S . CO M M ISSIO NER was in Redmond yesterday. In an In­
terview in regard to charges made
V I r rtin g t'alli*«l f««r Next Sal u n t a ) t«>
T a k e Act Inn In R e g a r d to
Stockholders of the Redmond
I nlon Warehouse Company and tome
farmer* Interested In the company
met at Khret'a hull last Saturday
afternoon at 2:30 o'clock
acre made by 1«. K. Smith. H. J.
Harris. Ouy K. Dobson. C K. Mer­
rick. W. <1 Phoenix anil other*
A committee of live, L. K Smith,
W . tl Phoenix. William Ogg. Frank
Donlavy and Mr. Van Allen, wan ap­
pointed to aarertaln the financial con­
dition of the warehouse company
and report at 1 o'clock Saturday aft­
ernoon. February 21, when stock­
holder* and other* who are favorable
to rebuilding Ihe warehouse will
The Insurance a* adjusted on the
burned warehouse I* 33.OS5.78, and
It I* estimated that the company will
have about approximately »1.500
after nil debts are paid, and perhaps
this sum may be extended to $2,000.
President Harris of the warehouse
company say* that If all or a major­
ity at the meeting next Saturday are
in favor of rebuilding, the company
will Immediately start a stock selling
tour through the county and when all
the stock la sold will start rebuild­
B A Y L E Y A N D S T A T E W A T E R M ASTE R B R E W S T E R IN by Springer that he was upholding
the sheriff in the above matter, said:
"Sheriff Elkins called me over the
phone, stating that Springer’s expert
U R G E D TO A T T E N D M ARCH M E E T IN G C O U N T Y C O UR T had returned, entered his office and
removed all the tax rolls, taking
them to an unoccupied room In the
1 upper story of the Court House, and
! that he had no rolls to work on for
A Salem dispatch dated the 18th Indicated that It was beyond hts the rollectlon of delinquent taxes. As
says: Governor West ha* received a province, and that he did not see there were no vaults In this room the
message from G. Springer, county how he could take any hand in the sheriff. In order to be safe from fire
Judge of Crook county, stating that affair.
and to preserve the roll* Intact, asked
A dispatrh from Prlnevllle dated tne what to do In the matter. I asked
the sheriff ha* taken the taxroll and
Is refusing to return It. and Inquiring the 16th to the Portland Oregonian him If the expert could take a certain
If the executive will come to hi* aid. In regard to the above matter says:
part of the rolls and leave the bal­
The fight which has been carried ance. and both continue their work.
should Ihe sheriff refuse to obey the
court order commanding the return on for several months between Judge He stated that they could. I then
of the roll Judge Springer wired as Springer of Crook county and other advised him in that case to take
members of the Crook county board, whatever he considered necessary
"Kxpert accountants are at Prlne­ and with the sheriff, culminated to­ and leave the balance for the expert.”
vllle, upon the order of the county day at a mass meeting of the taxpay­
Commissioner Bayley requests that
court, to go over the taxroll.
l.aat ers of Crook county, presided over by the taxpayers of the county be pres­
night th* sheriff after hours, with the County Judge a::d Board of Com­ ent at the March 4 meeting of the
the assistance of the Janitor, entered missioners. Various officers aired County Court to hear the continua­
the circuit room and swiped the tax- their grievances.
tion of the alleged grafting of county
After an all-day argument the o f­ official*, as it Is promised at that
roll. and Is refusing to return It. I
have telegraphed the circuit court ficer* fell In line with the Judge's time that the whole matter will be
for an order commanding the sheriff suggestions, thus settling tbetr dif­ threshed out and affairs of the
to return It. If the sheriff should re­ ference* for the present at leaat.
1 county court shown up In their true
fuse to obey the order will you gtve Sheriff Elkins Courts Investigation light.
In an Interview with Sheriff Klkin*
me assistance In enforcing the taw*
Mater Master Brewster t lives An
I am earnest In this matter from the over the phone Tuesday afternoon In
Account o f the Trouble
fact that the expert show* that a regard to Judge Springer's charge
G. H. Brewster of Prlnevllle. state
large sum In delinquent taxes ha* about hint "swiping" the tax rolls. water master for this district, and
been paid to the treasurer since this Mr. Ktklns stated to The Spokesman who is conversant with county court
that he was perfectly wilting for an affairs, made the following statement
work ha* commenced.”
He further declared that It appear­ Investigation to be made of his books to The Spokesman while In Redmond
ed that Commissioner nayley was and had offered the expert desk room yesterday:
back of the sheriff. Governor West In his office and every other facility
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stated that he had not replied, but for the conduct of the work, but he