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    Redmond Spokesman
Published at the “ Hub City” of Central Oregon
C aflr«ltr< l
N W H o f “ R a ilrtN iil D a y , ”
|tl>lciiilH'r 30, 1911
■ml fur Ih « « o i l i l « na itimi« al Du
A gricultural
« o r l i l ' a re c o r d hold by i h « O ra
Kt« t ion « u à m a d « by i h « O ra c o li Hi
Iloti h«u No
v> uh« waa
k ep i In a fiorii « U h ho o l h « r a . Ih la la
noi ali laolal«i| c a s e of co m i l a t i n e ,
aa III« m o n i o f Ih » « m i r « flock
g iv es a i r o n e e v i t i« « * « ( h a i Ih « capai-
Il y o f i h « A niarli an h a n r a n I»« v«ry
c r « a l l y lnrr«a»«i| hy p ro p er breed
In c
O n « o f lh«a« h«na haa lalil 271
« c e a . am i a n o t h e r full a lal« r 2 8 4 am i
l h « y h a v e m o r a Ilia n a m on ili «art i
In «rtilrh l o lin Iah Ilm y nar'a m u n i
Scenery in und Around Redmond
P in e a l
lla l r y a m i I t o e S a r n i a In
Distinctly Seen From City
0 off lri als s u d o t h e r s wh at t hi s
1 of the s ta te could produce
_______si ere many Oregon T ru n k and
O.-W. It 6 S railroad official* h«r«
(hot «a
am one th«m F »V Graham.
for Ih«
Ora»« Nurtharn Railway
Mr (<ra
« g i S * a a «nlhuala atlr o »er Ih« cr«al
dtapia if »Milaloaa alio» n In Ih« «>
hlblla amt about m ld nlehl of Ih«
day. » t i ll « ro nv «ralnc «Hit lb«
of T h« S pokesm an In front of
(he I >l«l l(«ilmonil. ««Id It would
b e o » hk I aluni for Redmond lo hold
a a » a oal p o t a t o a l i o «
mak« II an
» « « ■ ( that would ealn p r o m i n e n c e
la O r ira i O r«co n and Ih« r«at of
M l 1 in-
T h « m a t l« r waa talkrd
over l>«lw«en th« two m«n and plana
oullli d (o hold III« Aral ahow al mi
T h « C o m m ercial Club
wad it ' c r e a t e . I In ih« proposition. and
the h r a i ahow waa h«ld on No* rut
fcodS. 1911. In ih« Com m ercia l C lub’a
I, th« aam« d al« lh al th« demon
Ion train from th« o r « e o n Acrl-
irai Coll«c« waa hwrw
m exhibit of poialo«a. o lh « r root
■ and eraln a and craaa«a waa ao
lent lh al Ih« p«opl« In K«d- j
I. and Ih« f a rm e r s esp ecially. hr- 1
i v«ry «nlhu alaatlr oy«r thw cood
l i n e mad«, and tnrr«aa«<l Inler-
» aa tak«n In Ih« event. and plana i . \ ics . i -: c i t o \ » n » t t k n h *
1« for a b « ll« r and l a r c « r ahow
th« routine y«ar.
a«rond ahow waa h«ld on Or
i : , 1 ! ■
o . A. C. H R S HltKAKH T H K
»»om en
am i
K lllln e
O v e r IHN»
N K \ lt
M A H it AM
llu tin lee W e r e k i l l e d
H u nch o f H u n t e r «
In hal
h a > T h « yoluni« o f exhlb lta waa ao
that Ih« ra p a r lt y of th« hall
^ | n * 7 ü f««l
waa ta««d to lia ra
Horn« o f Ih« exhib it« from
ahow w«r« takwn lo lh« rounly
|r al P rln av llle, h«ld Hi« follow-
* » « « k . and look 33 Aral p r« ii-
T h « a tte n d a n c e al thla «v«nt
i lare «r than
Aral, many
pl« ro m ln e lone dlalam-«a lo a««
hat Ih« li«dmond and Powell Hutte
a trlrla and (hla pari o f C en tral Ore
>n rould ahow In Ih« way of prUe
k I ii h 1 11 if potatoes
I'll« am . • ■»» of Ih.
Inond allow enlhuaed the people In
lila aertlon to aurh a d e c re e lhal
hey planned to m a k e the third on«
I record b re a k e r and. workln e alone
hese linea. II haa been ««tlmutrd
hat Ih« exhib it« Ihla year will be
wire aa l a re « aa laal year. In ord er
to C«t aultlrlent apare for the exhibit«
t h e «tore room fo rm erly ocrupled by
Khret IIroa , 6 0 x 7 6 f re t, haa been eli-
Thla year th e ahow will be held
three daya. and alread y aaaiiranee«
have been received from different
towns and lo ralltlea In th e rounly
that lare « delegation« will be In al-
tend anre.
F o r picturesque and IntereatliiK
acenery. the cou ntry surroundin g
llrdniond cannot hr brat In any part
uf Oregon, and Is worth going many
mil«« to a««
Kor an e qu itab le and
healthy c lim ate Ihla section haa all
oilier portluns o f Ihe I'nlted State«
barked off the map
S t ra n g e r s coming lo Kedmontl and
thla section of ihe couuly a re always
loud In t h e ir pralae of Ihe healthy
clim atic
They are especially pleased with Ihe
cle ar, sunshiny daya that obtain here,
con trasting them with the rainy, dis­
agreeab le daya lo be experienced In
other portions of (he atate. especially
in it.*- fall
T h e scenic views from the city a l­
ways appeal lo I h e s t ra n g e r coming
In. Fro m (hla city ran distin ctly be
seen «even anow-capped mountain»
all the year 'round
Ml. Je ffe rso n ,
T h re e Fingered J a c k , Mt. »»'aah lng-
lon North
Middle Slater.
South Staler and Snow d u tte - an In­
teresting and awe Inspiring view.
Fro m ih e rl l y reservoir «lie on top
of Fo rke d Horn d u d e a view o f the
surroundin g cou ntry for 76 to too
mllea In all dir ections can be seen
T h e W a rn er m ou ntains near I.ake-
vlew ran be seen distin ctly.
view gives an ad equ ate Idea of the
Immensity of the Iteduiund district
and shows c le arly the eontour of the
Redmond's healthy c lim a t e and
arcnlr wonders a re bound to appeal
lo people «««king a locality where
atekneas la little known, and where
the c lim ate pula new blood and life
into them and Invigorates their
whole ayatem ao they " w a n t to do
thing s "
It » l l l t l I
d ic it k
Sut-crrt l
of Ih r l.lltle P e l «
T h e rabbit drive that took place
In ih e vicinity of L a m e n t s laal Sun-
day brought out a nu mber of hunter«
from all aectlon« of the county. R e d ­
mond waa wall represented and the
total number who went out to e x ­
te rm in a te the troublesom e peat» wa»
estim ated al nearly 3»0.
Som e of
the hu nters had gun*, though It was
the Intention to have but a limited
num ber of guns used, the purpose
of the drive being to herd the ra b ­
bits Into a corral anil kill them with
T h e women folk« were well
represented and did Ihelr share In
the day'« campaign o f exterm in atio n
II 1 « estim ated thal the total num­
ber of rab b its killed was 2 , » » 0 . over
80 » being killed In Ihe corral
One of Ihe pleasing fe a tu re s of
I h e ’ day. and to which all did Jus­
tice. was Ihe satisfying dinner served
to (he h u nters
It waa a great feed,
so one o f the hunters said, consisting
o f different kinds of m eat, chicken,
T h e rabbit« had becom e auch »
peal In the L am o nta district that It
Was absolutely
for Ihe
f a rm e r s' protection to kill off as
tunny as possible, ami Sunday s work
will go a long way toward relieving
Ihe alluatlon.
Another Hrlve
tl la stale d lh al an o th e r drive will
he held In the s a m e locality on S u n ­
day. October 28. the rabbit« lo be
driven from an opposite direction
than In Ihe fo rm er drive.
T h e O. A. C. ro l le e « hrn that a t ­
tracted world-wide atte n tio n by lay-
Ine 99 egg« In l o » days haa broken
the world's record of 2M2 « c e a In »
year by havlne laid 2MS nine daya
before the year expired, say« » re ­
le n t Corvallis dispatch Him•« Sep
lem b er 18 ahe haa laid an egg every
day. and the prospects a r e lh al ah«
will con tin ue to ilo ao lo the end of
the year for which the record la kepi
and o th e r hen« In the sam e Aock
may e<|iial her record before Ihe «nil
of the laylne year. T h e lilebeal « c e
" W o m a n , ” growled the villain,
record In Ihe United Htalea previous­
ly recorded waa made by a hen «I — the crim e la on your own h e a d ! "
••|a II on s t r a ig h t ? ” anxiously de­
Ihe Missouri alatlo n that laid SNt
c e e s In one year. T h e previous rec- manded . I h e vlllalne*«.
Total Resources.
D A M 'K S
$ 62,731.97
20 per cent
112 per cent
12 per cent
The people of this community are to be congratulated upon
the fine showing which they are making. The reports from other
sections of the country are almost if not quite as encouraging as
the above. Don’t knock about the hard times, but devote your time
and attention to your business and you will have no occasion to
knock. Besides, if you knock and complain about general condi­
tions or the other fellow you lay yourself open to suspicion that
there is some inherent weakness in you yourself.
If you are discouraged, if you wish business counsel, if you
are in doubt about a proposed financial deal we want you to feel
free to call on this bank and to feel that you are at home here.
All the resources of this bank are at your disposal.
dially invite you to come in and get acquainted.
silo»» »NH PAIR WRRK
| One of Ihe most unique fe a tu re *
of Ihe P o tato Show will be the
" B a r n D a n c e " at the S p a r k . T h e s t e r
on Frid ay evening. O ctober 24 Mrs
S p a rk * la m ak in g big preparatio n«
for thl* novel event, ntid yesterd ay
received a fear sheep, pigs, e l r . and
ihe hall will be approp riately dec-
old " f a r m c l o t h e s " and c o m e lo Ihe
go***l old fashioned dunce
S aturday
evening. O cto b er 25. a n o th e r dance
will he held at Khret'a had.
le ctu re on " T h e Value and I'aes of
M anures " We have not a sufficient
nu m b e r of slides completed to m ake
th e o th e r le ctu re an illustrated one
In (his connection It o cc u rs to us
. . . . . .
«•»*« r » “ "tig ht b* Interested in mak-
Ing use of our moving picture dim
on poultry raising, during the potato
show. We could send th e dim over
by pro fesso r Hyslop and you would
have lo a rr a n g e with a local picture
h o . . » <» have the dim run
We also
have a s h o rte r dim, " A T o u r of the
' »nipus . to which you will
be welcome If It will add to your a t ­
t ra c t Iona.
Very tru ly yours.
T h e f l i t t e d S t a l e s Consul a t A ber­
deen. S cotland , th in k s thal American
m a n u fac tu re rs may have a c h a n c e to
" W h y a r e you In such
compete In furnishing staves for dsh
T h e r e has been a recent for the new c u r r e n c y ? "
staves front Sweden and Scotland.
We cor­
Redmond REDMOND,
of Commerce
Madras P io n e e r: T h e rabbit drive « 1
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
In thla aertlon have started again, j
and last Sunday the party that got '
to g e th e r did great exeeullon In the H I W M T I.KSSON'H M I L L I l k <•!»■
section lhal waa hunted over.
seema (hat the peats have multiplied
very rapidly d uring Ihe past two
years, and a united effort will have
to I h * made to e x t e rm in a t e them ao
lh al the f a rm e r s may be ab le to sow P ic tu re « to Show “ Value and I ' m * of
t h e ir grain and harvest It them selves
M anu res" anti " P o u lt r y
and not lei th e rab b its do It for
R a i s i n g ." Ktc.
them . T h e hunt Sunday waa over at
Ihe Newell place* about six miles to
the east of Madras, and ( h e party
consisted of altout 76 persons, many i
o f them being ladle* who showed i
Hr. d a r r o f t h l * city, one of the
t h e ir ability with the nhootlng Iron*.
. executive c om m ittee o f the P otato
bringing home t a d l e , that som e of
m , nd F „ r hft. r w „ , Ved , he fol.
the men would hav e been proud of ,ow)n|{
fro m th„ E * t e n . l o n HI-
In all thal were killed, front the vision of the Oregon A gricultural
count o f the Individual m em b er*, ov­
College at Corvadla In regard to the
er 9 0 0 were laid low, with probably F a r m e r * ' In stitu te s to be held here
half a * many m ore that would event- durl(|(|
, how.
ually die, afte r being wounded Some
Corvallis, Ore , Oct. 11th.
of the Individual scores ran up
Hr. J . d a r r . Redmond. Ore.
around Ihe 70's , which Isn't lo be
Hear S i r : Replying to your favor
doubted front the way the dring was
of October 7, please be advised thal
going on all the sam e as a young P ro feseo r Hyslop will be prepared (o
Fo u rth of Ju ly .
Illu s tra te with stereoptlcon slides his
Amount of
Total Deposits................$.»2,181.57
Total Cash ....................
In the aprine of 1912 0 A Hrad
ley. who la tarm in e north of Ihe
city, brn uehl from Iowa a reelalered
l>uroc J e r s e y sow
Soon afte r hla
arriv al ahe had a Id le r of I I plea
T h e At« malea from Ihla llller were
aold In ih e fall for 126 each, or
1 1 2 6 for Ihe lot
T h e alx female« of
Ihla I d le r were bred lo Klne lt«eua.
a re e la'e re d Huroc Jeraey hoar from
Ihe Itoaa Clark herd of McMinnville,
i >r«e«n
T h e proceri y of l hese fe-
malea now nu mber 9k
Thla week Tu ««day Mr dradley
by express a resistere*!
Huroc Je rs ey boar, nine moniti» old.
lh al took Aral prise at the S i a l e Pair
al Salem , and cam e from the P r i m ­
rose herd on the J »» Krull ranch
al Itrooka. Oreeon
Thla boar was
b ro u eh l to head Mr llradley'a herd
of Hu roca
I'poti coniine here Mr dradley
alati b rouehl with him Iwo Imported
(iuernaeya. and he has sin ce (hen
been Increasing hla dairy herd
haa an ambii Ion to aoiue day own
the Aiie«' ilalry farm In C en tral Ore-
11« believes lhal hoe ralalne
and d alr ylne C» hand In hand, and
l h a l this com bination can be auc-
ceaafully carried on with leas expense
and risk In Central Oreeon than In
any o ilier aectlon of the country
October Hh,
August 9th,
lit e l 'ounly
How ' » hftt
i * III«’
»i. «1*1#»
for holding flip
t 'o la lo Hlm»
Third £ nuual K
f • m 4 V i
d m « « near Ot (t»l»er M ,
I r ) i I ( I»«* of liilor**«! lo
14« • §
I ml«l»
of Thn S|mkr«iiiitii to l«*arn
tig of t h r history of the «ho«
I it h«|>l>nhrt| to be ro»Cfl»Pt|
tnbrr 3u, l i l t , w«« "K a il*
t> Ijr'* for Hpftmond, * h « A th r
of thr* two railro ads to the*
c ele b rate d
* « r »1
ttiadr a gala day and many
It » .
e th lb lt*
of a g ric u ltu ral
war* K
I •. root rro|»a. «ti* , to show th«*
It may be of interest to the people in this community to learn
how the district surrounding Redmond has progressed in a finan­
cial way during the past few months. For your information we
be# to draw a few comparisons between the last statement of the
Redmond Hank of Commerce, dated on A u g u s t 9, 1913, and our
statement at the close of business on Saturday, October 4, 1913.
I 'nsurpuK-sed — Seven S n « *
n * -oKni/ed lin One of Crook
A bank’s deposits and the volume of business transacted by it
make the best barometer you have by which to judtfe local finan­
cial conditions in the territory which the bank supplies.
l'Ilo » IN
TM » I I T I h 1 - 1(01 |T WII.K
Sime Until Now It
rn Growing in Import-
i y '»
( limutir ( 'omlitions
ON OCTOBER 2. 1911
Are Drli|(hlril With the
C o
A Sign of the Times
old Is almost exhausted.
a hu rry
S T t K ' k l N(J
d rad ley
Sch uld
I N S T A I , I.K.H
M A M K A H t R IN ti
T h e Handy “ J u i c e " T a k e s P la c e of
d o th S e cu re New Prize
Old F a i t h f u l (¿asoline
Winning Stock
F a r m e r s In this section of Cen­
tral Oregon who are progressive and
re a l li e that the best re su lts In hog
raising and dairying ran only be ob­
tained by improving t h e ir stork are
adding th e best reg istered breeds
they can secure.
T h is week O. A. d rad ley. who has
a hog and dairy fa rm Just north
of the city, added a registered Huroc
J e r s e y b oar to his herd. T his boar
took first prlxe at the S t a t e F a i r at
Salem , and cam e from th e P rim ro se
herd on th e J . W. F r u i t ranch at
drooks. Oregon. Mr. d rad le y intends
to head his herd o f Huroc J e r s e y s
with th is new boar.
Albert Sch ultx. o w ner of the J u n i ­
per R an ch, a few m iles east of this
city, shipped In by express Tuesday-
night a registered Holstein bull that
took tlrst prixe at the S t a t e F a i r at
Salem th is year. T h i s bull will be
one year old In !>eoember and now
weighs 8 0 0 pounds.
cornea of heavy stock, for his fa t h e r
weighed 2 ,8 0 0 pounda when four
years old. and his m o th er 1 .8 0 0
pounds when four years old.
m o th er has a record o f 30 pounds of
b utter, and averaged between 28 and
29 pounds of milk during the year.
Mr. Sch ultx Is largely engaged In
stock raising and Is m akin g a s atis­
facto ry success.
Ilia ranch Is well
Improved and ke h a s 2 6 0 acres in
a lfa lfa .
K lectrlc m otors are fast ta k in g the
place of gasolin e e ngin es in Redmond
since the installatio n of a 24-ho u r
service by the Oeschutes P ow er Com­
pany, who have an e lec tric system In
Redmond. P rtnevllle, Culver. Madras
and Metollus.
At th e present tim e
nearly all th e m a n u fac tu rin g e s t a b ­
lishm ents and con cern s using power
are coupled up with t h e e lectric
company and use motors.
T h e following co n ce rn s hav e mo­
tors for power purposes:
Redmond F e e d & Milt Co., 15
Redmoud C ream ery Company. 7 *k
G. W. Davies, wood and Iron
works. 3 horsepower and Is horse­
T h e Spokesm an, two motors, one
2 horsepower and one 1-3 horse­
Oregon Hub. 2 horsepower.
Lynch A Roberta, for coffe milt,
Vk horsepower.
W hile the gasolin e engin e was
good enough In Its class, electricity
Is so much c le an e r, handler, and
saves Insurance
ri sk
that many
users o f power have discarded the
engin es and gone In fo r the " J u i c e . ”
O ther power uaers in the city a re
con tem platin g
the Installatio n of
motors at an early date.
S po kesm an
for good