The Redmond spokesman. (Redmond, Crook County, Or.) 1910-current, June 20, 1912, Image 1

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    The Redmond Spokesman
Published at the “Hub City” of Central Oregon
V O L 2.
No. GO
s f lf e tncASURE
Supt. Power* Given Talk No. 2
to the Fermera in Hrifiird to
Measuring W ater They Une
for Irrigating — Valuable
formation Given
The | r N l « r puri of (he lami In Ir
rlgnted Mellon* would Ite prartlcally
«e r i blesa wltboiil «alar «U h whlrh
te Irrigata It. y»i « e «Iva far Ics* al-
laalion lo «alar nieasurrmrnt than
te land menati re toent Land In thl*
aarliea «Ithout water uiay be am-ur-
ed al front f i lo I I * par arra whlla
thè valer koala ih# Brillar fruiti i 'i U
to MO per aera
No «na would
thJnk ef burlo« a Carta wllhoul hav
lag Ita boundartr* locai«-.I by a rum-
pota ni aaglnear. yn moai Irrigatore
aeoapt Ih* water «Ivan Ibaitt wllhoul
eweettoa, theogh II la »eversi limai
aa valuabla aa Iha land lo whlrh II
la appllad
Ha sbollili bava a work­
ing haowladga of Iha inaaauramant
of «ater la order io iha
righi rapaci'y of punip or pro|>ar
alea of laurei for Iha acreage In
Irrlialor should
laarn h o« murh «alar la uaa<| on
aarh partlrular flald ami crup In or-
dar to determini- iha «alar reqylre-
m#nt o f dlffnrent rropa and Iha moli
eronomiral uar of «alar
If avary
Irrlgaior would Inaiali a maaaurln«
dorica la bla haad dllrh and laarn
to messore wai.-r arruralely m i ha
Oenld Ull
ha waa «aMIn« Iha
mini of «a la r duà hlm. thrrr
would ba lana ronlanllon In Irrigat­
ati (llalrlrla
I oli» of Measurement
Tba prlnrlpal n u l l a i i m * i | In mesa
urlng «vaiar ara I I i Iha aerotid fool;
|i2) Mia inlnar'a Inch; and (3 ) Mia
arra fool.
Tlia »aromi fool la Iha haal unii
for Mia meMUremanl of flowing wa-
lar and la equivalent lo a rubli finti
of walar panelli« a gl van |iolnt aarh
The erroml fool than de-
llvara Al) ruhlr fari par minuta, or
.U'.ll ruble feat par hour, or klIAU
ruble faat In a day of approilmalaly
2! honra
Thla would rover an
arra approilluately Iwo faal ilaap.
Tba aecoml fool alio equals 7 S «al-
Iona par aerond, or 4 60 gallona par
A Minar'» Inali In Oregon la defin­
ed by law aa being Iha amount of
walar whlrh will flow through a one
Inrh orib e under a A Inch praaaura
II la an arbitrary unit for meaaurlng
walar by Ila flow through a presertb-
ad orfica
The aplllbark la a com­
mon arrangement for u^plnlalnlng a
constant haad above Iha opening III
Oregon to miner's Inrhea are legally
equivalent lo a acromi foot.
miner a Inrhaa with a 4 Inrh head la
approilmlaaty one accond foot The
term la borrowed from the minara
and la not a definite, satisfactory
One half minar a Inrh par
arra for 1 00 days equals I DA faal
deep on Iha land
The arra fiati simply moans water
enough lo rover uniformly I arra I
foot In depth, being 43.660 ruble ft
Three arra faal la approximately !..
000.000 gallons
The arra foot la
convenient for drflnlng large quan-
t It le» of standing water In reservoirs
The depth In arra Inrhea and num­
ber of Irrigations correspond to In­
rhaa rainfall and ran ba readily un­
The discharge of a stream Is al­
ways the product of Mia mean veloc­
ity In feet |>ar acromi Mmes the croas
sectional area In square faal. and
thla gives the quantity In ruble feat
OREGON, T H U R SD A Y . J U N K 20. 1912
par second discharged The velocity
must ha obtained by use of lloata.
with a current mater, or by formula
used In connection with a standard
or flea or weir.
Weir» anil Weir Mea»ureiiienta
The moat aecurate, practical ami
economical method of measurement
of moderate amounts of water yet
devised Is the weir
The weir la a thin notch of definite
shape which Mia walar la rauaed lo
flow over
The amount of flow de­
pends on Iha length of rrest or bot­
tom of the notrh and the depth of
water flowlug over the rrest There
are several forma of walra and con­
ditions governing their location are
Mia same, the only difference being
In Iha shape of notch and formula
used In computing the <1 lac liarga
The t'lppoleltl or trapetoldal weir,
whlrh la named for an Italian engi­
neer who perfected It. Is about the
most accurate and la becoming most
generally used In the weat.
wrlr la trapetoldal In shape with
straight bottom and with aides hav­
ing a run of I lo 4 of rise
A one
foot trapaxoldal weir has a rrest
width of ona fool and Is 1A Inrhaa
wide 8 Inrhaa above the creal. The
«•real and aides should ha sharp on
Iba upstream aide and the water
should have free spillway, fo r ex­
perimental work the crest la made
uf s h e e t metal to secure great accur­
When all conditions are met
carefully thla weir will measure wa­
ter with an error of less than one
per cent.
In order to prevent leakage under
or around the weir and add stabil­
ity the weir la often provided with a
weir box. and Mils must be large
enough In proportion to the notrh
lo eliminate friction and excess ve­
locity of approach. Thla requires a
box with a cross section of at least
seven times the area of the notrh
The dlatanre from the rreat to the
aides should he twice as great as any
possible depth of water flowing over
the rreat, and the dlatanre from
rreat to bottom should he three
times the depth of water that may
flow over
The weir plate must set
plumb, and the rreat level and thr
length of the rreat should he at least
three times the depth of water flow­
ing over II.
With the proportions
given there will he no appreciable
velocity of approach, not over A In­
ches per second. The hook gage or
peg for measuring depth should be
located at least three feet up stream
from the crest to avoid draw down,
and should read xero or set flush
with the water surface when the
water la on a level with the rreat
and Just ready to break over.
It Is not possible In this short ar­
ticle to go Into details regarding
principles and higher mathematics
Involved In the use of the weir. Kn-
glneers have experimented fur years
and found that under like conditions
the same depth always produces the
same discharge over a given sized
weir. The amount of water passing
through each second depends on the
area and the gravity head, also the
side slope, location of weir, contrac­
tion and cohesion
All of these are
represented In the formula which
has been evolved and which la:
Quantity— 3 367 x the length In
feel x the height In feet 2.
That lx. the height In feet or dec­
imals of a fool la cubed, and the
square root then obtained after
which It Is multiplied by the length
In feet and then by the constant,
3 367.
In order to save calculations a
weir table la usually employed which
gives the discharge for all possible
depths and various lengths, the
values having been computed from
the above formula.
A Krw Precaution*
Avoid setting a weir Just below a
curve In a ditch aa It causes water
to go lo one side.
l>o not set a weir close to or just
below a headgate where Is a high
B argain Opportunities Never G reater Than N ow
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interest to you. There are many needs for summer that by buying now
will save you lots of money.
We are going to make a big clean up in this
department, and in order to do so have lost the
regular prices, but we have made new prices
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In the Brick Building
Hoistiens, Ayrshirtss, Red Durham» and
government tested.
Also one Registered Jersey Bull, two grade Holstien Bull?.
See A L B E R T JOHNSON at the Redmond Ranch, a fourth
mile north o f the Redmond de-pot.
Oregon Hotel Office.
Continued on Page 4
Diamond C laundry Soap, 7 bars 25c
$1.50 PE R Y E A R
Non-Kustablc Royal Worcester Corset
Oregon People From AH Parts of Crook
to Attend
Wild West Officials and They
Will Return Later and Invest
West Shows— Big
In Property
Well Taken Care Of
Nearly 3000 paid admissions to
The Redmond District looked so
good to some of the officials of the the 101 Ranch Wild West that was
Wild West show that was here last here last Thursday proved that Red­
week that they will return later and mond was a good circus town— that
it was the logical center of Central
invest in land.
Owen Dowd, assistant manager of Oregon. The show people were ex­
the 101 Ranch Wild West, stated to tremely well pleased with the large
The Spokesman that we had the gar­ crowd, and stated that their faith in
den spot of Oregon right here, and Redmond was well founded.
People began arriving in the city
that this fall he was going to make
a trip back here and buy a chunk of the day before the show. Many
came in wagons and camped on the
He said he had some land In N. outskirts of the city, while other»
Y. state, near Syracuse, that all he pui up at the hotels and lodging
could raise on it was his hat. He houses.
And it was an orderly crowd, too.
has a 22-acre chicken ranch In Flor­
ida that eats up money, and he is Although a number of special police
next going to Invest In some of the were on duty there was little for
Irrigated land around here to see if them to do. Chief of Police McClay
can't even up on the losses on his stated that drunken and disorderly
men were very few. and there were
other property.
Other members of the executive no arrests.
Ample preparations has been tak­
staff of the show talked along the
same line as Mr. Dowd, and said en to house and feed the visitors and
they wanted to put some of their all were well cared for.
Owing to the lateness of the show
money in our gold dollar producing
trains reaching the city, all of the
performance could not be given, as
the »how had to pack up and leave
here as early as possible in order to
Terrebonne Oregonian. June 14: reach Pendleton In time to give an
Frank Carr, an engine tender In the afternoon performance the next day.
employ of the O-W. R. & N. R. R., To some of the people, those who
who had been up to Redmond with had seen the real wild west on the
one of the engines pulling the Wild plains, the show seemed tame, but It
West special, fell off the rear end of compared favorably with Buffalo
the caboose of the second section of Bill's Wild West, and the majority
the show train at Opal City about of the people were satisfied.
One point has been established,
3 o'clock this morning.
He was
badly bruised about the head and and that Is; That Redmond is the
body, but managed to crawl to the best circus town In Central Oregon,
Hotel Opal where he remained until and in the future this city will be
the morning passenger came along included in the route of circuses
when he was picked up and taken to when laying out their Oregon ached-
the hospital at The Dalles.
The department of agriculture at
Washington has Just issued its 1911
Agricultural Year Book, a bound
volume of several hundred pages,
containing much interesting and In­
structive information regarding ag­
riculture, horticulture, atock raising,
Kach senator and representa­
tive has copies of this Year Book
for distribution, and any farmer ran
secure a copy by Mndlng to one of
the members of the Oregon delega­
The new Baptist church that wa*
opened for services last Sunday will
be dedicated on Sunday, June 3tfth,
with appropriate services.
Dr. C.
A. Wooddy, superintendent of mis­
sions for the Pacific Coast and
Rocky Mountain district, wilt be
present snd preach the sermon of
Rev. Fred Parker o f
Portland, will also be present. The
full program will be given next
The Spokesman for good printing