The Redmond spokesman. (Redmond, Crook County, Or.) 1910-current, March 14, 1912, Image 3

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Physician ami
Office in
Wuenix Building
Redmond, Ore.
F. H. Rodemeyer
Physician and S u w o n
Kyet T m ìm I. (
Properly Kitted.
Office in Klirrt Ifroe. Klock.
Redmond, Ore.
D r. J. B A R R
J o h n s o n
bu m
Law yer
Practice in all courta
Land < M&M
R e d m o n d , O re .
W a tc h m a k e r a n d
J e w e le r
l’*i**t<>fiicr Building
Redmond, Oregon
Competition in Value Giving is Honest
•panlty of Por* Need Nevar Bt ■ Do­
t t r i n i lo a Cordial Invitation
to SII al Tabi# With
the Family,
It waa Mondar noon Old Martha.
«rumbling. » a » hanging the laat of tha
»»■ h on tha lino Him really «njoyml
washing, and would hav« l.««n Inaultad
bad li«r inlatraaa suggested a«ndlng It
out. bul bnlng of a Jioaaliiilatlc tern-
paralumi, ah« gruiublad upon prlnrb
!n tha houaa, MUa Bllmbath and hat
niara Murtal, who waa viali lug bar.
W ouldn't you Ilk . In ba
wafa atilt lug (ha lunrhami oli tha I »
A hol.t.r.m a boy Ilk . me.
bla II waa a "pickup" luneboon Mon.
And leap end run
Just fur fun?
Mlaa Kllial.cih explained, a. aha
oal two p lo ra of custard pia and a
W ouldn’ t you Ilk . to akala
■mirar of anow pudding on the aida
A f t . r achooL so lalal
board Murtal no.)dad. Tha family to
<>r play .now ball
T ill m o lb .r'a call?
which aha belonged knew all about
pickup” limala Hut euddenly a look
W ouldn’ t you Ilk . to ao
of conatarnatlon aw apt acroaa b«i
A-hunrlng through lb . .now
I lk . Indian wild.
¥ « ( Jual a child?
Aunt Klllabath
■ha criad, "Il
Imre Un't n »U llor gelling out of a
Ah. y«a. ! I..| you would
carruga' '•
II* Ilka me If you could.
MU. Kllfal.rth looked over Muriel'!
And one# you w . r . Jual oo -
lo n g time ago'
•houldar. " I la Mr*. Htacajr Head!"
■ he declared " p i l l the Ira on Iba la
ble, child I II bring her right out."
••ring ber ouf? Mutici repeated;I
I II bar nulli » .a air.-ady op.-nlng lhe Mtmorlilng Llttlw Rhym. W ill Cnabla
door, and Muriel. In an agony of rro
Ona to Know Day of W t.k Flrat
barraaammt. knew that aha had nol
Day of Month Falla On.
• t«n takm off h*r green checked
Of course you have »ran the large
apron Him gave a hasty glance over
the table A 11111« warmed oyer frlran number of ralcndara that are given
■ead chicken, left from Hundays din­ away every year, and you may have
ner. and m m . guinea prreerve from admired lha little pocket almanaca
■upper, bread and butter and dried •-hat bualne.a men give your father to
b eef, radlahea and tea and tha two •tick In hla waistcoat pocket.
piece, of ru.tard pie and on« portion here la one that you can »tick In your
of .now pudding* If could hot be that head
Klr»t of nil learn thla little rhyme:
Aunt KlUal.eib would bring a vlaltor
out! Hut .ha waa Interrupted by
Tim e F ile« Fast.
Aunt Kllrabetb a voter, cordial aud full
Men Wisely Hay.
of pleasure
Men Tillnk. Alaa!
"Coma right out. Mr# Head. Wa
T im e » Fooled Away.
were Juat alttlng down to luncheon.
The capital letter» beglunlng each
Thla la my niece. Muriel llaatlnga. word aland for n day of the week. T
Muriel, will you gel Mra Head a la for Tuesday and T il for Tburaday.
8 1» for Katurduy and A for Sunday.
Muriel let a plate for Mra. Head. M for Monday and K for Friday, w
Him could not talk. It alt »aemrd ao | la for Wedneaday. The twelve words
At home they would are for tho order of the twelve
have put olT luncheon forever rather month», three In each Una
than a»k anyone out ao Hbo waited
The capital letter, tell you what
In a torture of anxiety for her aunt'* day of the weak tha brat day of tha
•tcuaea. Then »lowly »ha began to month will fall on In 1912, ao that
realKa not only that there ware no ex­ you can tell your friends what day
cuse». but that both ladle« »renird to of the week their birthdays will fall
ba enjoying thamarlvr«
Aunt Kllik- on or what day will be Christinas or
beth only laughed when »ha offered Fourth of July
the gueit her choice of cuatkrd pie or
Take the Fourth of July. It la tha
gnow pudding.
■cvrnth month and the seventh word
That evening Muriel suddenly said; begin» the third lino of your ver»e
"Aunt Klltabeih. I never knew ona with an M If Monday la the l i t of
could have company llko that. Wa July Tburaday will be the 4th.
never do at borne “
Any day lata In the mouth may be
M l»» Klliabcth'» eye* dwelt kindly found by counting «evrn*.
upon tha young face, which already tnaa. for example; December 1 la a
bad It» Urad line» of worry. "Do you Sunday, ao the other Sundays are ».
IS. 21 and Christmaa must be on
like to ’put folk» out.’ Muriel?”
'Why, no. of cour»e not,” the young Wedneaday.
Thla rule will not apply to January
girl answered
"W ell, then," M l»» Kllxabeth an and February, because thla la leap
year. Tha versa gives the 2d for
awerad, smiling
"Hut It would work only with real them.
ladles." Muriel peralalrd.
-W ell, tb .n ” Mlaa Klltabeth an WHAT IS
» w r f c j again .— Youth's Companion.
Cincinnati Car Company Has Installad
Ingenious Attachment to Tall Ex­
Too Much.
act Haight of Children.
In pcr»us»lvo tones tha good look­
ing woman who had secured an Inter­
Tha Cincinnati Car company hax
view with tha taxicab mnnager triad
to convince him that tho company attached In all their car» an Ingenious
attachment which la known as the
owed her |2('2.
| "Something broke.” aha said, "nnd fare mark. Should a parent claim
I was held up for 4S minutes while that her child 1» entitled to ride free,
lha driver tinkered with tho ma- being under live year» old. and should
tha conductor have his doubts on the
1 china.”
II. r tnannar wa* ao Imprcaalve that matter, ha hustles the youngster to the
the manngi r waa on tha point of writ­ fare mark, and If ho or ahe Is over
ing out a check for tha money de-
manded. but b< fora doing so ho ro-1
C. A. Adam*. Propr.
"It certainly w as a ca«a o f o v e r I
[ charging. It wasn’t your fault tho cub
! broke down, and ha should not have
J churgcd you for tho time It took to
make repalra."
"O," said »ha. "ho didn't. It l»n't
overcharging I am complaining about,
lie made me lata for a bargain sale
that closed at I I o'clock, and when I
finally gut there I had to pay $4 for a
1,111 thi‘ M id d le mut K a a lc rn |Kir blouse that hud sold up to 11 0 ’cldck
It la the difference I am
" f Ih «1 I'n lt e d Hint.-a and Canada for $19*.
'• |x>lnla In lh a N o r th w e s t mi t h « fighting for.”
Then the manager closed hla check
book.— New York Time*.
The value of a »hoe, an related to its price, ia the true teat of
a »hoe bargain. Merely a low price on a »hoe you wouldn’t
want at any price if you knew the unvarnished shoe truth
about it, about it» slighted workmanship, its low grade of
leather— should not impress you at all.
This shoe store doesn’t sell the lowest priced shoes in
town. It does not attempt mere “ price competition,” But
it DOES sell shoes that in actual V A L U E G IV IN G , set the
pace for all competitors, and usually sets it so that competitors
prefer to talk “ prices” rather than values. Our line of SE LZ
SH OES connot be l»eat for value giving.
Your Dress Accessories Should Be as Classy
as the Clothes You Wear
Some one has said that the right kind of a tie adds 10 per
cent to a man’s dress, and the wrong kind cheapens it 50 per
cent. At a small price you may buy ties at our store that
will add more than 10 per cent to your dressed-up-ness. Let
us show these ties.
They’re ties for people who itelieve it worth while to
wear the classiest that may be obtained.
No Deteriorated Foods at Any Price
It’s worth a lot, in way of p ea ce of mind, to know that no
deteriorated foods are ever apt to get into your house. And
you are positively assured of this, that nothing of the sort
will gtr. fnto your house T H R O U G H T H IS STORE.
Price concessions on deteriorated food products are mere­
ly one kind of a swindle, and one that ought to have its pen­
A g r ^ e r must K N O W his business, in addition to hav­
ing a conscience, if his patrons are to be protected in what
they buy for their tables.
Freeberg Brothers
Where a Dollar Does Its Duty
Next to Postoffice
II Orders Given Prompt
nd Satisfactory Attention
he Redmond Transfer
lonist Fares
rch 1 to April 15 , 1912
gon-Washington Rail-
d & Navigation Co.
•*m Chicago
St. liOuiM
‘ Omaha
Kansas City 25.00
S I. Paul
l»>rt Innately low fares from all
Direct service from
ll" Hi I’uul, Omaha and K ant«*
" V e r
the C
>Y AU TO M ATIC lll.o t'K Sill-
«>•• Can Prepay Karos
1" Ihcsu rules apply Westbound
I ••"'es mny he prepaid by depon-
value of the ticket wllh your
111 -'''nt, and an order will he lai-,
I in any address given. Alili
" f our v is! resources and
r'I'd op|Hirtiinltlea for home
[ 1
i i...i e. e
I I I i l l . ||
.III \ e l l e
w In 'III
11 I' »'U l 1 1 V iiddipsalng
I' 1' » 'ri, Portland, Iti cgmi
Osier’s Cura for Qout.
Since hla proposition that man
should ba chloroformed at sixty. Dr.
William Osier has been regarded more
or less as a grim monster by many
people, says "One Who Knows lllm.
In reality Doctor Osier Is a mild man­
nered man. with a fund of genuine
humor, as witness tho following cura
for gout which be once recommended
to a friend:
•’Flrat. pick a handkerchief from
tho pocket of a spinster who never
wlahed to wed; aecond. wash the
handkerchief In an honest miller’s
pond: third, dry It on the hedge of a
person who has never been covetous:
fourth, send It to the shop of a phy­
sician who never killed a patient;
fifth, mark It with a lawyer’s Ink who
never cheated a client; and, sixth,
apply It. hot, to tha gout tormented
port. A speedy euro must follow.
Redmond, Oregon
W e will sell part of our wagons and buggies at a reduced price in order
to make room for new spring stock.
of this sale if you want to get bargain prices on these goods.
Builder's Hardware, Doors, Windows, etc.
W e have a full lino of the above and will cheerfully*fumish estimates
to contractors and builders.
Kendall & Chapman, Redmond, Oregon
Swan Erickson & Sons
M e a su re fo r Faro.
that mark, than the faro hat to be
paid. It haa bean computed that the
average five year old la 41 Inrhea, and
on these line» the company base their
Non-Laughing Peoples.
There are whole peoples who can­
not laugh. Tho North American In­
diana. for example, are usually devoid
of humorous perception, and when
some of tho Veildahs of Ceylon were
asked why non« of their people ever
laughed they solemnly replied that
they never aee anything to laugh at.
On tho other hand, some envagra ap­
pear to have a more rnhuat sense of
humor than their clvlllxed brethreu.
Good Way.
"Yas; wa had a big homa wedding.“ Doctor IJvIngRton tell* of an African
trlbo who. when dressed In rlothea
"You say It passed off smoothly?”
"Yes; wo hired a llroadway director for the flrat time, "rolled about on
■nd ha staged It Just as If It had been the ground In uncontrollable flic of
a musical comedy."
You had better take advantage
Lamb Feed Co
Contractors and Builders
Plans, Estimates and
Detail Drawings Fur­
nished upon Applica­
Redmond, Oregon
Jobbers of
Roller Mill and
Feed Grinding
Dealers in Chop Feed of all kinds. Baled Hay,
Timothy, Alfalfa, Clover, Seeds and Seed