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Published at the “ Hub City ” of Central Oregon
VOL 2.
No. 82
Secretary Xyrider of the Central Oregon Ir­
rigation Co. W ater F m - i V Annociation.
FurnixheH The Xpokeaman With the Com­
plete C ontract That Max Bern Signed by
the Irrigation Co. and hexert Lind Hoard
Mupplcnicnlsl a g r e e m e n t « D i r m i
lulu b> ami lie lw r e n Crut t a l O reg on
Irrigation C o m p a n y . all O r r g o n n.r
por al Inn.
h rrrliiaflrr
I b r D ear ri
Ijin d
Hoard o f
O regon. a rt I n « fo r
on behalf of I b r Miai« o f
hvrrlnaflrr ' all» d Ilia Hoard, a l l
VAIioiraa. I h « r o m p a i t ) lia*
Ilio la and Ulular Ilo» l a a a o f
• " H « d Miai.-« and o f I h « M ia i« of
< Iri'ian
Wliaroaa. *ald «»m irarla,
p r i v i l e g i * ami r i a m i l i * . * h a t « becn
purtlally • »iiiip l«i«»l ami exerclaed li>
•al»l i « n l r a l iIre gon Ir i l a a t l o n C o m ­
and Ila prede.... » » o r *
In lui -
» ri al, a» lina for ami un hehalf
i l i « Miai« o f Oreg on In Irrigating
segregatimi llala N o» M ami III un-
•l«r i l i « « o n lr a i'l of Junr 17. I | ( 7 ,
inailo I») and b « t w « e n III« l ) « * « t i u t « »
Irrlgatluu and P o w e r l 'o u i p a n ) ami
I h « Miai« latini lioard o f I II « * t a t «
<»f Or«Kon. and proeiirlng a o l l l «i i i «n l
• »il III« aulii« iim lrr III« prot l»l»ma of
»al>l ..... l i m i and »»f I II « ao «a llcd
I a l » ) \. l ami Ila mui'IlilMIIilla
putì), and lo «nahl« ili« Company io
mah« «o|li«- 1 Iona of nion«>a alroudy
•In« frinii aoill«ra and for III« Miai«
io pronir« pallina for ««rtaln landa
Inrliidod In aald contrae!; and
Wh«r«aa, Ih « Company haa no*
mai!« arrana«m«nla lo pro«ur« an
amoiiiil of moli«)’ anffl«l«nt lo hnlld
Iti« Nortb Canal dlv«ralon dam, and
Ih « «aliai leudlng Mi«r«from to a
Juni’llon «U h
U nii« Canal, upon III« i«rma, «ondi­
and provlalona herelnafter
N o» therefore. In ronaldaratlon
of ili« pr«mla«a, and of Ih« mutuai
agreementa and i-ondllloiia berci naf-
l«r » lu i «il. Il la agreed b) and hc-
I « « « ii ilo- parli«» li«r«tii, aa fui-
\\ !o*i «il a, 11 . « l i m i pali) lui* I m *»* i i - lotta
un ald« uii i I i t «v is i log r o iid ll lo n a lo
Tli« Company lo rata« or ar-
mah« r o l l ì i tIona for niuinl«nan»'«, m r « h) iHina fidi- aubacrlptlon on
« « « d i d m n,,. rim ir a r la o f i h r I d * ami ii pon rimira» la a l i l i * « l t l « r * . or
or lo-for« Manli 1, 1» 12. Ih « aum
r i m i r a Irtlc all u n ami P ow e r
rum - lo t a l » « m o l i « ) uthcrwiae, In
ali of tlbV.OOO.OU for Ih « purpoa« of
p a n ) . Ili respect In 11..- In Inalimi i.f •minimi * ii ff tr l «n l lo
III« «•mal rnctlng a dlverslon dam
arid lamia In i nxik r liun t ) . Oregon, lo n ip lv ll o n of aulii cuu tru it»
wlih mndulla, «liti III« ultimai« raparli)
litada a l i l i i l i « (ortlirr Miai«
(.and I h « H a i « , aud
of noi l«aa t li a n I O aeeond f««t of
Hoard o f ilo- Miai« of Oregon. and
W li n e a * . Il la non aa ar) fo r I h « « a l« r , froiu Ih« linrliulini rlrrr lo
lia* alao »m ..«.| ..| Io II.«
rlrlil*. »111» raion duni of i l i « N or lli Canal a |Miliit » rossi ng Hi« l'ilot
f i a m l i l o » * and |itlvlli<gis
*al»l tu I h * Imiurdlali l ) tmIII. In o r d « r lo Canal on Ih « Un« of III« pmpoa«d
ln-ari.ui«* lirtga llu n
power p r o l « « l III« rlKlila of III«
* « t l l « r a Sortii Canal and III« rtl«n»l<m
r .....p o n . a.»|ulr«d und«r *ul.l inn
n o « ha« Hip i o n l r a « l a « l i t i I h « «otti- Ilo' ».ini Sortii Canni; aald tral«r to
A GREA T 8c. and 9c. S A L E
We announce to the people of this city
and vicinity a Great S and 9 cent sale
Beginning Saturday, Feb. 17 and Ending Saturday, Feb. 24
Next Saturday morning we will open the greatest and most
novel sale of merchandise ever held in this tow n, and we
want every person in this county to visit us next week to
see w hat real bargains are.
Red price card throughout the store tell a tale o f price
destruction that you can scarcely beleive until you see with
your own eyes.
8 and 9 cents is the Mistic Symbol that rules the hour. A
dollar spent at the sale will pay you the biggest interest a
dollar ever brought.
Come and see how much goods you can carry away for it
.’16 inch Curtain Swiss, yd
Outing Flannel, yd
ltlcachcd Muslin, (Jood tirade, yd
Heavy Linen Toweling, Keg. 12 1-2
Men’s Sox
Children’s Hose
27 in Fmbroidery Flouncing, just the
thing for Summer Dresses, Regular $1.00
and $1.25, Every third yd ................... 09c
(ialloon, 12 1-2 to 25c .........................09c
All Wool Serge, Red, Blue and Black,
Every third yd
Head Rice
Corn Flakes
Cove Oysters
Crackers, pkg
Mt. Vernon Milk
Jelley (»lasses, 0 for
Fruit Nappies, 0 for
Tooth Brushes
Tooth Picks .....................2 pkgs for OSc
2 Boxes Hair Pins
Williams Shaving Soap
Crepe Paper, Roll ..............................OSc
Shield Bow Ties ................................ 09c
Sowing Machine Oil, 4 oz c a n ........... 09c
Bring u h your
Butter and Kggx
We always
Pay Market Price
11.50 PER YEAR
A new Victor-Victrola is here! A gam ine
ictor-Yictrola, bearing the famous V ictor
trademark, priced at on ly $ 15 .
Come in an<l see it and hear it. N o obligation to
buy. but after hearing it you won’t want to L i with­
out one.
Otlirr »tylet $25 to $250.
payments if Uc-aircH.
Victor» $10 to $100.
Victor Talking Machines and Edison Pho­
nographs sold on easy payments, $5.00
down and $5.00 a month.
All the Latest Records.
b« u»«»l In reclainuing lamia under Engineer of the Company
Ih « contract of June 17. 1907. made ed, however, that the Trustee shall
between the State and the l>c*- not pay out on such vouchers for
chuti-s Irrlieatlon * Power
Com­ the construction of said dam and
pany. The aalil money to be furn- said section of the North Canal, a
lahetl In Inatallmenta of not
l«aa sum of money which shall bear a
than 1« per cent per month
The greater proportion to the sum of
first Installment to be paid on or $150.000.«0 than the amount of
before March 1. 1912, provide! the work then done, as shown by tb«
Hoard at that time haa approved inspection report of the Hoard,
the plana and specifications of the , shall bear to the eutlrc work, aa
North Canal dam ami «anal to the shown by said plans and specifica­
Junction with the Pilot lintte Canal, tions.
which shall I k - submitted by
5. The Trustee is authorised
Company to the Hoard ou of before and directed to pay, for lateral or
succeeding maintenance. w ork done under the
monthly Inatallmenta to be paid on Pilot Butte and Central Oregon Ca­
or before the first day of
each nal systems, a sum not exceeding
month thereafter, until the full sum $5,000.00 In any
of 1150,000.00 shall hare been paid vouchers certified by the General
Said subscriptions and
payments Manager and Chief Engineer cf
shall be made to a trustee to be the Company; provided, that
agreed upon by the parties hereto. aggregate amount of such monthly
The services of said trustee shall payments shall not exceed $25.00”
be paid for by the Company
and the total amount of such pay­
Tlie Company to
or ments shall be charged
by the
cause to be completed, a diversion Trustee against the notes and pro­
dam and canal sufficient for the ul­ ceeds thereof deposited as security
timate delivery of aald amount of for such lateral work.
water to the Intersection with the
It la hereby agreed that the
Pilot Hutte ('anal during the year Company may continue the sale of
lands in approved lists Nos. 6. 13
2. As soon aa said trustee shall snd 10, and. upon each sale ot land
notify the Hoard that the said sub­ in said lists, notes eiiual to 75 per
script Ion lias been made and
the cent of the lien price, or its equiv­
first installment o f $15,000 00 paid alent in rash, shall be deposited
thereon, the Hoard shall turn over with the Trustee, and the
to the said trustee the cash now in and fuuds arising therefrom shall
the Guarantee Fund.
the be delivered and paid fo the Com­
fund accumulated under Article 15 pany by said Trustee when the lat­
of said contract o f June 17, 1907. eral work necessary to counect the
and the settlers’ notes in Its pos- lauds, for which the notes are giv­
en, with the main canals of tlic ir­
3. No money shall be paid out rigation system lias been done In
by the trustee until the plans and accordance with the
specifications for the diversion dam of contract of June 17, 1907, ex­
and North Canal to Its intersection cept those given for lauds In said
with the Pilot Hutte Canal have 1.1st No. 0, which notes sud the
been filed with and approved by the proceeds thereof shall be retained
Hoard. The Hoard shall notify the until the Central Oregon Canal I*
said Trustee' aa soon as said plana enlarged or the North Canal
have been filed and approved.
tended to a junction therewith, and
The Hoard shall, 'through a duly the lands reclaimed In accordsuc«
authorised representative, make a with the contract of June 17. 19*7
monthly Inspection and measure­
After the completion of the North
ment of the work done or caused Canal system, to Its junction with
to be done by the Company and re­ the Pilot Hutte Canal, the Trustee
port Ita findings to the Trustin' on shall, upon certified vouchers of
or before the first day of
each the General Manager aud Chief En­
month. The sum of
$.">0.00 per gineer. pay such sums as have been
month ahull be allowed the Hoard expended by the Company upon Ih«
by the Company to cover the cost extension of the North Canal sys­
of said monthly inspection.
tem. out of the proceeds of the
The funds held by said Trus­ notes deposited with the Trustee,
tee arising from subecrlplions. de­ except those arising from the s*l«
posits by the Company, dr by the of lands in said List No. K
Hoard, or payments on account of
7. The Company shall, prior to
settlers' notes In favor of the Com- the 1912 Irrigation season,
panv, or Otherwise, shall be used the main Pilot llutte flume In s
for the ronatruetion of the said di­ safe and serviceable condition; and
version dam and the North Canal, shall reconstruct said flume when­
and for the further purpoae of re­ ever such work shall appear neces­
claiming the landa in accordance sary to the Company and the
with the contract of June 17, 1907, Hoard, and In the event of the fail­
and tlila supplemental
agreement, ure of the Hoard and the Company
and for the maintenance of the Ir­ to agree as to the necessity and
rigation ayatem as hereinafter pro­ tlmo for such reconstruction, tbeu
vided. Payments for inch
work the Company shall cksow ona arbi­
shall he made by the aald Trustee trator. the Hoard one, and these
monthly upon the presentation of two. If they cannot agree,
proper vouchers duly certified to by
Continued on next png«
the General Manager and the Chief