The Redmond spokesman. (Redmond, Crook County, Or.) 1910-current, December 07, 1911, Page 6, Image 6

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    O rd in a n c e N o .
i'onthiuctl fix»m page •
dinance. both principal and inter­
est, shall have l*een fully i«ai«l.
satisfied and discharged.
Section 8. Phut the common
council of the city of Roqmond
shall, at the time and in the
manner provided by law for the
levying of other city taxi's, ratify
Cheap Meat
create a sinking fund f» r tlu*
payment o f the thive Iwuls ma­
turing November 1. 1926. then?
shall bo levietl in alto year 1*925.
on all the taxable property in and carry out the provisions of
said city, in addition to all other law with reference to the levy­
taxes, a direct annual tax suffi­ ing o f taxes, and shall require
cient to produce th«* sum ot tour the officers o f said city to levy,
thousand tvvo hundred sixty d*>l- extend and collect such taxes in
lars [$I.2*«0.0*M: that in order to the manner provided by law. for
raise the necessary funds with the purpose o f creating a fund
which to pay the interest due for the payment o f the interest
May 1 and November 1. 15*17. upon and the principal of said
promptly and as the same accrues, bonds, and the said taxes, when
and to create a sinking fund for so collected, shall he kept for and
the payment o f the three bonds applied only to the payment of
maturing November 1. 1927, said interest and principal o f
there shall lw levievl in the year said bonds, as hereinbefore sjuvi-
1926. on all the taxable property tied; but nothing herein contained
in siiid city, in addition to all shall be so construed as to pre­
other taxes, a direct annual tax vent said city from applying any
sufficient to produce the sum o f other funds that may be in the
four thousand fifty dollars 1*4.* city treasury and available for
1*50.00]: that in order to raise the that purpose to the payment o f
necessary funds with which to said interest and principal as the
pay the interest due May 1 and same respectively mature, and
November 1. 11*28. promptly and the levy or levies herein provid­
as the same accrues, and to cre­ ed for may thereupon to that ex­
ate a sinking fund for the pay­ tent be diminished, and upon the
ment o f the three bonds matur­ payment o f the principal o f any
ing November 1. 1928. there o f the bonds issued hereunder in
shall be levietl in the year 1927. said manner, or by the use o f
on all the taxable property in the sinking fund herein provided
said city, in addition to all other for. the levy or levies herein pro­
taxes, a direct annual tax suffi­ vided for for the payment o f in­
cient to produce the sum o f three terest may to the extent o f the
thousand eight hundred forty interest o f the bonds so |>aid be
dollars [#8.840.00]¡that in order to diminished.
raise the necessary' funds with
And the sums herein provided
which to pay the interest due May 1 for to meet the interest on said
and November 1. 1925), promptly bonds and to discharge the prin­
and as the same accrues, and to cipal thereof when due. are here­
create a sinking fund for the pay­ by appropriated for that purpose,
ment o f the three bonds matur­ and said amount for each year
ing November 1, 1929, there shall shall also be included in the an­
be levied in the year 1928. on all nual appropriation bills passed
the taxable property in said city, by the common council o f said
in addition to all other taxes, a city in each year respectively,
direct annual tax sufficient to i Section 9. All ordinances, by­
produce the sum o f three thous­ laws and regulations o f the city
and six hundred thirty dollars o f Redmond in conflict with this
[#3,630.00]: that in order to raise ordinance are hereby repealed.
the necessary funds with which
Section 10.
This ordinance
to pay the interest due May 1 shall be and remain irrepealable
and November 1. 1930, promptly until said bonds and the interest
and as the same accrues, and to thereon shall have been fully
create a sinking fund for the paid, satisfied and discharged, as
payment o f the three bonds ma­ herein provided.
turing November 1. 1930, there
Section II.
This ordinance,
shall be levied in the year 1929. immediately upon its final pas­
on all the taxable property in sage, shall be recorded in the
said city, in addition to all other book o f ordinances o f said city
taxes, a direct annual tax suffi­ kept for that punmee, shall be
cient to produce the sum o f three authenticated by the signatures
thousand four hundred twenty o f the mayor and recorder, and
dollars $3,420.00; that in order to shall be published in Redmond
raise the necessary funds with Spokesman, a newspaper o f the
which to pay the interest due city o f Redmond, and shall be in
May I and November I. 1931, full force and effect thirty, (30,)
promptly and as the same accrues, days after such publication, un­
and to create a sinking fund for less a referendum petition against
the payment o f three bonds ma­ this ordinance shall be filed with
turing November I, 1931, there the city recorder in accordance
shall be levied in the year 1930. with law.
on all the taxable property in
Passed and adopted this 7th
said city, in addition to all other day o f Nov. A. D., I9II.
taxes, a direct annual tax suffi­
J. A. Willcox,
cient to produce the sum o f three
thousand two hundred ten dol­
Approved this 7th day o f Nov.
lars [$3,210.00]; and said taxes, A. D. M L
when so collected, shall be ap­
H. F. Jones,
plied solely for the purpose o f
paying the interest and princi­
• »
pal o f the said bonds, respective­
A classified advertisement, car­
ly, and for no other purpose
rying a message o f any import­
whatsoever, until the indebted­
ance, will almost always bring
ness so contracted under this or­
“ the answer” .
It doesn’t p ay to buy cheap ware that soon peels, cracks, leaks,
tarnishes, rusts, or wears out. Even at a lower cost such wear
is the most expensive because it is dangerous to health and
unreliable in service— doesn’t last.
“ 1892” Pure Spun Aluminum Ware
is g u a ra n te e d for 15 years. There is practically no wear out to it
and scientific investigation proves it the most sanitary cooking
ware made.
Particles can’t chip off and cause chronic troubles
nor spoil the food. Germs do not breed on its smooth surface and
od o rscan not be absorbed by it.
You'H have bettef fool and sav«; trouble, time and fuel by using
only 1892” Pure Spun Aluminum W»/e. Look for trade mark
on every piece.
1 K L * in It« Itnoad k pL
Redmond, on
If vou want to buy MEAT at WHOLESALE PRICES
let us know by Phone and we II supply your wants
l'humiai I
and Surgeon
W e are delivering Beef, Pork, Mutton,
Veal, Chickens and Turkeys into Red­
mond, to consumers, at wholesale prices.
F.vrw I riled
erl) htud
Outer t„ |
Hard monti,
Owing to our low prices we will not sell
any beef in less than 2.”> lb. lots, veal not
less than quarters, mutton not less than
sides, pork not less than a quarter.
Ih-sd th*
Everything must he strictly cash.
K K I 'M i 'M i
Call us up on phone and save over 20
i f you \vant to i*|
paste« I <>n what a s
ing in K«i|n»«J «
per cent on your meats.
Deliveries of Orders will he made Wednesdays and Saturdays
INI' !\ M
II '*i-|«rrjiar
in advance
H A R V E Y J. HARRIS, Manager
n o t i «
i n>* mue.
lh-|vtaf trr.r * * f iLr 1-Urar {
U mw I ulft« e •( U . !»•:«% 1
cftllarr #*lh. Ill 1
NulKr .a t >
#fff* K
litn N Ss»#r- *W 'S o/
S»*t. I‘•lu.
r« [ I ■
MlUlh. fltttfr 11 « Ml *t
MMt. hu nlol
l* l.
claim t < lH» I
Iw ftffr
•n m rf,
gtm. «m thr
r U lln t fl
Jim ra A
I*. IltnrrII,
l Irrgtxi
I i»
l _ !(
£.r-t *Uy ol I
f âme« M «lll
Ihnkcl, J$nèl
J« - v )
i' w. Usas
First jubiK *t**i
r | i ^ ï-Lr L ry L r i TJ-r l T J-
T h a t is the O N L Y kind w e do.
If you want your printing to look right,
let us print for you.
W e can print anything for you, except
]L - L J ..
* * "* r t«x »c
ltvuertmr. t t tti* tries*
la m i IMIWr *i TV Iwss
Novrmtier. fil., tWlI
N otte« à* | k *
A. II. 1 M«'. .*f Hills—
on July I
t«» '4-1
«*■!«. H
•hip 14 »"UIh r »"i* I-
lameltr M-fvl *- Ras
(riit»..<i tu ruât.
lo >-stal>ll,li
*» *b« r
ii«orrilnil. t» f
B L ®
( otnnila*«.« er »1
O rvg.i'. «si l'i» I —b • !
•m lâr. 1*11
Claimant namo a»
A II l kt| i * J
Kotamar.. l..n V.'kfc».
Orwim .
i w Jloo** !
First pul'lirale* ■** **
B b ('iir n r ls i »
T w o high grade
Iw-Ht', xa»"* " I’* l
iab, icohl |*l»t«wl
r...r - r - r ' - ì ^ r
and low l iti
nets art* pr:«.-tirali}' n*«
will I h " olii lit *
For further infornai
V a ,i
Guaranteed 15 Years
•*><l SI'Rutili
The W are That W ears
W a a lth
f t a t h . c h il d a .
G r e a t « , t ot T h « m
A ll.
Although no man cun state the
«mount of the combined fortune«
| of the Rothschilds, it ia oatiinaU-d
that they are at least ♦ .',000,000,-
000. Thia, write* laaac F. Marcaa-
aon in Munaey's Magazine, ia four
timea the probable wealth of the
Rockefeller clan and more than «is
timea greater than the Aator p<*
•eatiion*, which form our largest
hereditary fortune. At 4 per cent
the yearly income from the present
RotliHchild fortune would !»e *80,-
000,000, or more than the whole
capital amassed by the original
None of the other great financial
families o f Europe approaches the
Rothschilds in prestige or posses­
sion. The Hirscli hierarchy is rated
as controlling little more than
$500,000,000. The South African
capitalists —the Bolt*, Barnatos, the
Wertheimer» and iho fried landers
— can scarcely muster a billion.
The great German home of Blekh-
I roder, founded liy that militant sol
i ^irr " ( capital on who*, breast the
old Kaiser Wilhelm pinned the iron
croas for his aid to Bismarck in
completing the downfall of Emm e,
i" hut a principality alongside the
Rothschild empire.
8o. too, with the ftnso.ns, called
the Rothschild« of the en-t, who
are the oriental caliphs of cash and
credit ; the fe re ires, long the rivuls
of the French Rothschild»; the
Sterns and Ooldsmida, financiers of
unhappy Portugal ; the Comorxhm,
hanker» of Iho Ottoman empire,
the Monteflores, who rule Mu, Au»
♦ raliiiri money temple*, and the R«l
li». Ioni» of the Levant.
Rothschilds out money then» all.
n u ire ut Sjs.k. !un*no*n
nation ot isierung to tnoac coma.
"Hpelman suppose!h it to take
Th e man w lm ha* • •J
• !*t name from the Katerlings, who
«•y to invent in »
came over and reformed our coin,
to lliat alloy—«if tin« opinion wua tienit o|K'tiing nhiHim |
Camden, feasibly in those times utl when he |«v*«ko.
a Peny v i . .wile,) « Hterlmg, with­
out any other reason than the use
A cia «iti«"I ¡l'b ''r* ' j
" f the time», i,« other name« grow, t irei «'MM work hunÜF. ■ ■
for tlm old Act of Henry III. tell«
u» that Denarius Anghee Sterlingus
«llcilur (a denarius, or penny) is
Th«. | m • r i*
' h" i*
c*Hc.l in English a Sterling, ami VV it II III' I " . • 1 f ' ir ^
becs.i»,. tin» * « , the root «if the
' mi ght be intf
: \
men -ore of »liver com therefore
• 1 ’’"'C®'** of the n o n «lloy n„,
hint through an ml-
• Iso called Sterling.”
Qui.t.u Th.m
H og It« w .k
' •l'1. a
her., is
„|,| . t „ rv ,,f Arthnr
Starling Cam.
an English actor, which il- mnn «tfflce anti g'*1 rT
The origin of -sterling” a« ap­
how s little presence o f “ Swine Raining
plied *° coined money is thus given mml may save lives. There had
Northw est".
in " A Short Treatise Touching
of fire in III,. 11,enter, for those who rain«
SherilÌH’ Accounts,” by Sir Mslthc*
" , * l”" '" ' seemed imminent The
lisle, 188.1 :
fo.,.ii*i,i. and
• J « m sl ..f Uw rsnlw ,« of
• r...s,, the sndlenee. ••Udtes
The woman who.
gold or ailver, with an alloy of cop
per, at lea«t from the time of Henri
''""p er do you think 1 ,*ia»r.« Uiirvlllll gill.
1 . and Hus alloy gave the denomi-1 rtliOUM Iff* IlfTf*?**