The Redmond spokesman. (Redmond, Crook County, Or.) 1910-current, November 23, 1911, Image 4

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    The Redmond Spokesman
l*\it<liwti,-,t cvrrv Piur».u> t*x
II. II » e. u »•*' UKH
rrrrrn r
xi ki I'woxe. <>Ki«i«
St US« U l f l H 'N KA I t s ;
S tn ell) m Atlisi'i**
One \ r.r ,
$1 s' I'hnv month«. .«X-
Six imiith».
Single »1»*|>n-», •’»'
A liy KK I IS I\ «; K A IK S iniklr known
u|*on »ppInalnHi
Make «Il mone)!« pa\»t<U' »ml «.Hr«-»»
.11 t'ontniunie.iion* !«• Il It i «' ■
I'.lnn r, K<-lmol>>l. Ou gon
Hume «'x iv rii’nce. ami as stalexi
hntrrtxt Mj* ns-on.l i 'I. mi m.ller Ju«v
Then »hr-» her own bos».
II. pun .1 tin- I‘.»Iorti». Kt K«'<linon«l. ;ils>x«‘, ill«1 onlv wa\ l«> * mona
Utegon. unilor llu- Act >'l M> t« X Is,'* the «lead l«eat is to ««rgamre a
business mens«'iati«,n t«*i
Redm«>ml. t>r«*gen, \’ox.
sx'lf pr««l«‘ct ion.
going bogging lo hubby loi $10
when »he wants a now hat.
Malicious Gossip
»he makes money also.
C a p i t a l , $ 25 , 000.00
I f y o u a r e g o in g : t o n e e d a n y k in d
o f S tove
th is fa ll
w ill pay yo u to see
m atter.
w in te r
m e a b o u t t h is
I h a v e a ll k i n d s
when thoir account is presented.
The ne\v*|<*per busmen* is one
of the plaee* when* the dead
U*at shews up to a great extent,
A newspaper gets a large list et
names en its tsmks. et presimi
ably gissi res|iensible |ss>ple. and
when collection time comes for
getting monev for advertising
ami souscriptions it Isgms to
find eut that it has a numU-r of
jjeceunts that are Wertili« '-
t,ll.«T business lmus« s hav c the
a n d can
s a tis fy you .
Everything in H ardw are and
Farm Machinery
Dispatches from Lincoln ( ‘en­
ter. Kansas,
where a schxml
teacher was taken to a Windy
sjmt and tarred and feathered by
several men. stat«* that the out
rage vx as the outcome of gossip
by a lot of women who vhtc
je a lo u s of the school teaeh«*r. and
urged their men folks on to com­
mit the crime.
The school teacher's reputation
was above reproach, but the old
women gossips could not leave
h«T alone liecause she was bright
and vivacious, and they wanted
to have "something done to her. "
Something was done to her. and
now about a dozen of the promi­
nent men of Lincoln tenter are
up against the law for listening
to i«lle and malicious gossip of
women folks.
Every community has its old
women gossips and men g»s-
sip«, too and it is a pity the law
cannot reach this class of jieople.
There is a state law Ml the Ore
gon statutes that makes it u
crime for malicious gossip, but
it is alw ays» hanl matter to get
a conviction.
Gossip does mor«* harm in u
community than the liquor traffic
anything else*.
It splits
friendships, estranges relations,
and plays havoc generally.
An E lectric Eine
The South 6th St. Hardware Man
While |>xs«pl«’ in th«' east and
middle west are trying to keep
from freezing and utv fighting
Wij<JlPlU this section of Oregon
rnjovi|||l n,jUJ wr„ h e r
I h«-
I vx «vk thè vxeather bus la*en
like spring. Only eri«- iwld snnp
so far tlus sx'asen, ami tliat last
,*«I Init «me night. lf >«*u want
tu timi thè l'est chinate out doors.
come t«i Red moni! ami thè Ilei
memi District.
People m tli«- east and mnldl«‘
west do not want to Imar s«>
much a l.nit the apples grown m
Oregon as they do to find out
at.ait th«* general farming «i>n
dit ions, and vx tint land can !.•
bought for that will make a g«..l
living in agriculture. I here an­
nuir«1 peuple interested ill gen«"i
al agriculture than there are n>
fruit growing.
H"Kh- dairying, P"'1' ' '
**to«« and vegetable« * j
- th«
Pr,nc,l*«l ""lustn.-s ... this see-
tion in • short time. llu- eout
trv '* peeuliarlv adapted f>*r tin­
»bove, mul th«1 farmer* mid
ranchers are I.‘ginning t*i turn
their attention almost wholly t«>
this industry.
Three courses are ««(am to the
small merchant, to udvertise in
the liest U-nl newspa|ier m»
aggressively, so interestingly,
that hit little store will grow big.
to coniine hi* advertising lo the
t«.r-usual “schmnes'' and thus to
r«‘main little with ever diminish-
ing Chanel’s of survival, or to
fail t«i advertise at all, and thus
fail entirely t«> build up a jarrma-
nent store,
One of the best public utilities
that could lie given this section
of the county would la* an elec-
trie line from Ke<lm<>ml to Sis-
ters an«l Hrineville.
This wonl«l
make a triangle loop and tap a
rich section, which, with the in-
troduction of an electric line,
would settle up fast by farmers
on small tracts of laml.
There is plenty of power going
to waste at Cline Falls, four
miles west of this city, that could
be harnessed and used for all
kinds of electrical power, and it
is hoped the company now con­
trolling the Cline Falls project Best E n tertainm ent of Kind
w ill soon be in a position to util­
Ever Presentiti to Red­
ize tlu-ir holdings and get them
mond People
in such a condition that an elec­
tric line, as stated above, could
be constructed, and also furnish
The Mencly Lyceum Bureau
the different tow ns around here says:
w ith a 2-1-hour service for lights
"N o company of entertainers
and |s»wer.
handled by th«* M«-ru*ley Lyceum
Bureau during th« last five years
D ead B eats
has given more general satisfa«-.
The dead beat is about the tion or escaped with less adverse
most worthless asset any corn- criticism than has this family of
munity can have, ami it is always genuine entertainers,
a hard matter to get rid of him.
"The company consists of two
This class of people are found in sisters ami three brothers, all
every community, and Redmond artists each in his line. Miss
is no exception to the rule. The Marie Ricketts and Miss Myrtle
dead lieat preys upon th«1 busi- Ricketts are a flutist and violinist
n«*ss men and by his unscruptil- respectively. Both are pianists,
oils ways gets into debt w ith Master Clyde Ricketts, first vio-
every concern he can. He is linist and Mr. George Ricketts,
lavish with promises and protes- cellist, never fail to make friends
tations. and that is as far as his with their audiences. They are
paying up finalities go.
Ixith fine soloists.
The only way to head off and
"Mr. G. L Ricketts, imis-rson-
eliminate the dead beat is for the ator and manager o f the com-
business men to establish a pr<»- pany, is well and
tective association, with strong known throughout the country
ami rigid rules ami regulations having traveled with the Menelev
• for th«> guidance of the memliers. (juart' tte for eight y« ars.
F« v
By thus doing the man who fails readers have Is-en s«i enthusias-
to pay his just debts becomes tically received hy the public as
black listed ami no business man has Mr. Ricketts."
will trust him.
This is the second of a series
The dead Is-at injures the man of five entertainments that will
who wants crtslit and will pay I k - given here hy th«* Lyceum
his debts, for business men, aft«*r people, under the auspices of the
being stung time and time again R«*dmond Commercial Club, and
by g«ssl for mithing, lying cus- promises t«i Is- a notable event in
Uim«TS, logins to g«-t chary o f musical circles. Tickets arc bo
extending credit to anyone wh«*m «•«•nts. Kememlier the date Sat-
they are not |»oeitive will pay up unlay evening. Dec. 2.
C a fe R o y a l
Sixth and F streets
carries in stock
that are handled in all
first-class cafes.
C o n tra c to r and B u ild e r
Plans, Sjiecifications and Estimates furn­
ished ror all clases of buildings.
Office one block east of Jackson's Hardware Store,
It .
I M M K I,u>
Lumber Yard
C arrie» a Com plete Stoeh of
Lumber and Building Materk
Bustie and I Siding
I'louring. Headed ( riling
kinds of Rough and I inish Lumhc
let m«1 tigvirv with \«*U on xmir nrjt
fumlx-i bill.
Estimate* fiirnuhnl
five for all classes of building
h r d s on Fifth Si. betw een C and l) streets
Phone I * ¿ 0 2
R K IiM O X D , q
Jos. H . Jackson
“(juick M eal" and “ I'nivcrsal Kan.
“0. V. B." Sewing Machines
“ The M otor" and “ Adam s" Was
Carborundum Tool Grinders
Oliver Blows, ( anion Plows
Peter Schuttler and other First-dis
Lines of Wagons
and all kinds o f Eirat-class
.Joseph H. Jackson, w
B. S . (Book & e
R e a l lis ta te a n d C ity
P ro p t
O f f i c e n c . t r / L in k o f (? < tn im c rc t
W a rre n
& Woodward
Civil Kngineers
hrttimatcfl FurnÌHh«*<l on power Plants*
^ Emv»* tiii«I |0 yi-arn’ *XfM»rtrrt<*t*( t ivtlirm io^ lH
tlVIl «•OKIfn-iTJl ^ & fi. Rank «.f r.immrrre Bldg.. P. 0. B«.i 2W HKD
Of Course
AN e carry the Beat o f everyth in g in ourli**'
Rrty, Grain, Ground F
Flour,Wood and
Poultry Food
Redmond Feed & Fuel C