The Redmond spokesman. (Redmond, Crook County, Or.) 1910-current, October 26, 1911, Image 4

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    Central Oregon
S e lz Shoes
IJvo Wire System ( lollies
Land Board to Get After
The Irrigation
Is now roach oil via the IVschutes Branch
Oregon-Washinsiton Railroad & Navigation (o.
For ls>th Passenger anti Freight Frathe to ami from Madras.
other Central Oivgon points
Lv. Portland
The Dalles
Deschutes Je
Opal City
7:50 a.m.
Lv. Ojml City
10:00 a.m.
Lv. Metolius
12:40 p. m.
Lv. Madras
1 :30 j*. m.
Ar IVschutes Jc
5:15 p. m.
Ar. The 1'alles
6:00 p. m.
Ar. Portland
6:30 p. m.
8:15 a.m.
8:43 a. m.
9:00 a. in.
1:15 p. in.
1:55 j». m.
5:45 p. m.
Plans 1«» lie Made M hich
(¡ivo Settlers Need­
ed Relief
Sclz shin's arc I he easiest
Auto atvl r«-gular st», .* con n ection * t*> 1.» P in e. F o rt Rix-k. S ilvi-r la s «*.
I'rin.-Ml!.', Hurn*. K l»ni»th t Ali* »nit otn«*r miano point»
T!:. I>ir«vt. ijuiok amt Natural Rout* tvtw o-n Portlan.t amt A ll Point» i
Central Or*-g»>n
Call <>n am O. -W. R. JC N. Agent for »ny information >le»ir«*U. or **t«tr« i
W M . M c M l'R R A Y .
Genera! Passender A »rent. Portland, Oregon.
Redmond Steam Laundrv
wish to announce to the people of
vicinity and
rounding towns that I have start­
l'd a S T E A M L A U N D R Y in Redmond
on 9th street between I) and E streets,
and solicit their patronage.
Packages Called for and Delivered.
M R S . W . A . G O L D E N , P r o p ’r.
Tickets to and From the East
The Oregon Trunk Ry. agents sell through tickets to Spokane,
Montana j*>ints, Minneapolis, St. Paul. Chicago. Den­
ver. Omaha, Kansas City, S t Louis and
other eastern points.
Deposits are accepted for west-bonnd tickets to be furnished
jntrsons in the east.
Oregon Trunk
P ortland T ra in D a ily
leaves Opal City 8:00 A. M.; Culver 8:15 A. M.
Metolius, 8:25 A. M .; Madras, 8:33 A. M.; arrive
in Portland 6:00 P. M.
Through faaes, train schedules. and other de­
tails will be furnished on request.
B. R. Ness,
Agent Culver, Ore.
E. W. Twins,
Agent, Opal City, Ore.
J. J. Hoydar,
Agent, Madras, Ore.
T. A. Graham.
Agent, Metolius Ore.
Tum ATum Lumber Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers
Will give prices delivered at yard
or Roberts Bros’ , mill.
sh< H-s ill t h e W«»ll<l
alxmt them, because they artt
A dispatch from Salem snvs:
Two important moves relative to
I k * s I to wear.
reclamation and irrigation devel­
P m - i i
opment o f the state are promised
in the next few weeks. One of
The three lx*st things a'n
In clothes for Mon and Ikivs we are
these will be a meeting l«*tween
show ing Metropolitan Styles direct from
shoes ate style, lit. < a vice.
the Desert Land Board, the ( en-
tral Oregon Irrigation t'ompany
the heart of New York
is supreme in all things. (4
and settlers on that compiny’s
Live Wire System Clothes etnlaaly
lands to straighten out difficulties
sh**cs to know.
Styles that ate lo p NiMetiers Models
and listen to complaints. The
other will be a showdown on the
that are jierfection in l it and Values that
Columbia Southern project. The
cannot be matched
Oregon - Washington Idaho Fi­
nance Comjiany, which has un­
The Live Wire System enables us to
dertaken to take over the Colum­
save you from
to n > on a suit and at
bia Southern project has until
the same time gives you the kind of
November 1 to do so. or the con­
tract will I k * canceled.
Clothes you want the kind well diesati
complaints hnve
men everywhere are wearing. Come in
been received relative to the Cen-
ti'?l Oregon Irrigation Com|»anv.
and have a look at the swell new styles
This company took over the old
Deschutes Irrigation & Power
Company's defunct pn»ject near
Bend, nnd has been continuing
the work, but from the nature of
the complaints the company's
handling of the project has not
l*>on altogether satisfactory.
Among other things a settler
was recently arrested for break­
ing a head»rate. The settler said
he could not get enough w ater,
and took summary means to se­
cure the water. Mis case was
Other settlers are
complaining that water is insuf­
ficient. that the comjiany is not tion nnd 13*ill acres outside. IP*
taking proper steps Tor the con­ fore construction bad advanced
struction o f the north canal, as far it was discovered that the
provided for in a supplemental regular flow o f the water» of
contract, anil additional com­ Tumalo Creek was sufficient f. r
plaints o f varied nature an* be- the irrigation o f onl) al«>ut 2»sii
acres. The water rights were
' ing heard.
The meeting will Is* held to •add at an nierage price o f a lit­
hear all sides o f the story, and tle over $10 an acre.
The Board endeavored to have
some members take the attitude
that if all o f the settlers’ com­ the comjiany complete reclama­
plaints are true, drastic measures tion by a storage plan, but the
should follow to aid the settlers. company refused and a receiver
The Columbia Southern project was »|i|M»inted for tl»- company
has l>een hanging fire for years and the Attorney (ieneral direct-
and has gone through many trials ed to bring suit for cancellation
and tribulations, it is prolwhle o f the company's project. This
if nothing is accomplished by suit was decided adversely to the
November 1 that the Board will state. Since then the Oregon
LI MBER & PRODUCE ( 0 . an­
, immediately cancel all contracts Washington-Idaho Finance Com
and refuse further to allow coin- jiany obtained an option on the
jianies to take steps unless they com|»ny’s holding- and arrange­
nounce that (heir warehouse at j
can absolutely show that then* is ments were made in a contract
sufficient money in sight to finish between the company and the
the Oregon Trunk depot site is
f If
the work on it.
Board for financing the plan.
Under the proposed plan o f the This ex|iires Novemls-r 1.
completed, and they are ready
Oregon - Washington - Idaho Fi­
nance Company, that company Knights o f Pythias
to receive storage for anyone
desires a lien o f $<¡0 an acre, but
Organize Monday
agrees to reduce the lien to old
wishing the same.
settlers coming in under the new
A Knights o f I’ythias lodge
contract to $50 an acre. Then will Is* organized in this city
the company desires to reimburse Monday night. October 30th. The
all former contract holders not grand officers o f the state lodge
actually settlers. In order to will be Fieri*, and a numls*r of
We nill be in the market for *
raise the amount necessary flu* Rythians from I’ rineville and
plan is to furnish old contract Bend w ill assist in putting on the
all kinds of Produce.
holders preferred stock in lieu of work. There are a number of
cash, and aliout half o f these K. R. members in the city now,
holders have accepted on these and it is expected the lodge will
terms. If the company can suc­ start off with a grssl sized mem-
( ceed in handling this end o f the
l**rshij>. A banquet w ill Is* serv­
• plan, it believes, according to a ed during the evening.
* 4^
statement o f the Board, it will I h *
able to finance the balance o f the
L. A. Hunt and family have
plan through the sale o f addition­ returned from a visit w ith rela­
al lands.
tives at Portland and Rose burg,
This project embraces 27,000 and will liveon^heir ranch near
acres in ('rook county on the the city this winter.
west side o f the Deschutes River,
near Laidlaw. The segregation | If you
it high cW a j>rint-
was made on behalf o f the Three' ing vou can get it by having your'
Company, work done at this office.
R edm ond , O re g o n
which proposed to reclaim the
lands from the regular llow of
Tumalo Greek. The contract I**-
tween this company and the
.State I.and Board was executed
in December, 1902, and provided
Jobbers of
for a total lien o f $277,000. This
company sulisequently assigned
its interests to the Columbia
D- alors in Chop F e d o f all kinds. Baled H«y*
Southern Irrigation Company,
limothy. Alfalfa. Clover, Seeds and Srrd
which in turn assigned its inter­
(¡rain. T O L L C H O PPIN G DONE.
ests to the Columbia Southern
Irrigating Company.
Dray Line in Connection
The comjiany sold water rights
for 17,929 acres in the segrega-
W e have these Shoes ( j |
Men, W om en, 1 hildrn
and Infants
O u r Grocery D epartm ent has a lin e o f jjoods
th a t’ll please you. T ry a sam ple o rd e r.
Next door to Postolfic
r I ■ LX
□ LJLJ 1 1
i i:
McShcrry’s Feed Store
Roller Mill and
Feed Grinding
‘M a n u f a c t u r e r *
o f U r a lia n i