The Redmond spokesman. (Redmond, Crook County, Or.) 1910-current, July 27, 1911, Image 1

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    The Redmond Spokesman
Published at the “ Hub City ” of Central Oregon
VOI,. 2.
Nu. :i
accredited agent o f the company
ami entitled to receive the com­
missions for i he sale o f the road
machinery, but that one D. D.
France who lives in the Powell
Untie district, step|s-d in and got
the money, asserting he Intd wild
the machinery to Commissioner
Hay lev and Jt Ige Kllis for tin
Mr. Judge objects to this part
of the transaction tierause h<-
transacted all the business per­
taining to this deal in the pa.“f
year, or more, with County
Judge Ellis o f Rend. And BO far
as the transaction was concerned
between Judge Ellis and Mr.
Judge, the regular agent for the
company, there was at no time
any understanding between them
that Mr. France was to purchase
this machinery, or that any one,
whatsoever was to receive any
commissions out o f the deal.
This Reach Manufacturing Co.
is the same concern that got in­
to a mixup with the mayor of
Vancouver a short time ago
where it hail been printed in a
Vancouver |«»| rt concerning a
bribe that had lioen given for
the purchase o f oil sprinklers,
for that city.
Mr. Judge intimates that be­
fore the matter is finally thresh­
ed out in court some interesting
developments will be shown re­
garding who the commissions
Suit I n Filed in Multnomah were cut up with.
Consorting with lewd women und
living off their earning*.
lie said it was n disgrace for
any city to let the parasite« pa-
rude the streets and Haunt their
vice in the face o f decent |>eoplc.
That the offense could be stopped
if the |ss)ple would demand of
their elected official* that the
nuisance I*- ulut'ed.
During the course o f his ad
dress Mr. Hazleton made a strong
pleu to mothers and parents to
look more closely after the mor­
als of their children, and bring
them up in the way they should
go. He cited a number of in­
stances that had come before the
attention o f the officials o f the
Louise Home and the Portland
Commons, und told his audience
how to guard their children from
getting into the primrose puth
a Strong Tulk Tells of t ht* that would lead them downward.
At the close o f his remarks u
Pitfalls I .ml for Both
was taken up for the
Hoys and Girls
fund for enlarging the (jirl’ s
IsHiise Rescue Home, und a good­
ly sum was sutMM-ribed.
Portland Man Tells How
Pc*opIe Can eliminate
the Parasites
T J. Haxleton. secretary o f the
Cot. irnonn I’ risun la-ague o f the
■tat' and also representing the
Pot u n i Cnmniimi Girl's Louise
R » e Hum«', 'w as in Redmond
i?ral days hist week.
s he observed condition* in the
and m an address Sunday
for- in s>n at the M. E. churrh
■ta*''1 i t hat he w as surprised and
■hO' ked to se«1 the moral condi­
tion» that obtained here in allow­
ing parasiti'H fn>m the restricted
dint net t»i remain in the city.
|le point«sl out to the people
hov this evil could Is* remedied,
and told them if they wanted to
i H their town o f these undeair*
abl. the right way was to go to
the city council and make their
00(1 >plaint. If that 1**1 v did not
tak e action then to take the mat-
tar ip with the district attorney,
and he would lie compelled to act
in the matter, for there is a
■tn ngent law on the Oregon
statute books in regard to males
County by C. I*. Judge for
W . C. T. U. Meeting
Commissions Alleged to
Tomorrow Afternoon
Be Due Him for Road Ma­
chinery Sold to County
A suit has been tiled in the cir­
cuit court o f Multnomah county
by C. F. Judge ugainst the Reach
Manufacturing Co. o f Portland,
for commissions he alleges are
due him for the sale of the road
roller and other machinery to
Crook county.
Mr. Judge claims he was the
The local W. C. T. U. will meet
tomorrow, Friday afternoon at
the residence o f Mrs. Herrick.
The meeting will be under the
direction o f the president and
general topics for the good o f the
order w ill be taken up and dis­
cussed. Members are earnestly
invited to be present and bring
some material for the meeting.
* »■ »
The Spokesman's Job
Printing please*.
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Capp’s Clothing
Future of This Section De­
pends l pon Above
Use Brains and Grasses to
Put Stock in Condi­
tion for Market
The future prosperity o f this
section of Oregon depends upon
the agricultural resources o f the
country. Heretofore the princi­
pal industry has been the raising
and selling o f hay, and a small
amount of grain. But the farm­
ers and ranchers have come to
see the hand writing on the wall,
and are graduaily getting into
the hog and stock raising busi­
Hog raising, stock raising,
poultry and dairying is the solu­
tion o f the future o f this section,
and the sooner the movement
become* general in this direction
the sooner the people here will
It is a far better proposition
to feed hay and grains to hogs
and cattle for fattening purposes
than it is to grow the hay and
grain alone for the market. It
has l**en ably demonstrated that
hogs fattened on the products o f
the farm have brought in a big
increase j«*r acreage over selling
the products outright
Quite a number o f farmers in
the Redmond territory have be­
gun to lay plans for extensive
hog ami cattle raising. On the
John Alemeter place five miles
north o f the city, 1(50 acres are
Iteing fenced hog tight and the
proprietor is going to put in a
large lot o f hogs.
l,ee Davenport at his ranch
southeast o f Redmond now has
altout 130 brood sows, and is in­
creasing his stock all the time.
F. M. White o f this city, has a
good size«! bunch o f hogs on his
ranch near town, and expects to
extend his operations in the hog
and stock line.
F. H. Swa.vne, recently from
Washington, 'is going into the
hog industry, and his father will
soon arrive here and also engage
in that business.
These are a few o f the ranch­
ers around here who have found
out that it is more profitable to
feed their hay and grain to hogs
and cattle than to sell the same
The Oregon-Washington Rail­
road & Navigation Co. has pub­
lished a book on hog raising that
every hog owner in this section
should have and read from “ kiv-
er to kiver" and get thoroughly
posted on this important subject
The books are free for the ask­
ing. Send to the Traffic Depart­
ment o f the 0-W . R. A N. Co..
Portland, and ask for the book­
let on “ Swine Raising in the Pa­
cific Northwest” .
Father Sheehan will celebrate
mass Sunday morning at 11:30
at Anker's hall.
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‘The Head
to Foot Clothier.” Redmond, Or.
1911 CROP OF
Cutting of First Crop Will
Show a Very Satis­
factory Yield
Cold Spring Does Not Show
Any Appreciable Ef­
fect On Crop
The 1911 hay crop in this sec­
tion promises to turn out equally
as well this season as in previous
years. In a number o f cases the
first cutting will go way ahead of
any other year, and throughout
the Redmond District the second
crop will be large.
Owing to the cold spring it
was thought the haying season
would be late this year, but the
excellent growing weather that
followed the cold weather early
in June has brought the crop
along in fine shape and only a
few days later than in former
years. Alfalfa and clover on the
whole, will make an exceptionally
fine crop this year, and the yield
will be largely increased over
that o f former seasons.
Samples o f the crop are being
shown in Redmond, and some o f
the best specimens o f grains and
grasses have been sent to the
exhibition cars o f the Great
Northern Railroad at Spokane to
compete for the prizes to be o f­
fered by that road.
All o f the practical farmers
and ranchers in this section are
well satisfied with the crop and
increased yield.
W. B. Chapman has some tim­
othy that it would be hard to beat
any where.
M. E. Landes’ crop is better
, this year than last, and only five
days later.
B. A. Kendall's clover and al­
falfa will go two tons to the acre
if not better, and is a better yield
than last year.
Farmers who have land plaster­
ed their land are getting a great­
ly increased yield.
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tain, or a dish of ice cream.
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