The Redmond spokesman. (Redmond, Crook County, Or.) 1910-current, June 29, 1911, Image 1

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VOL. 1.
Published at the “ Hub City ” of Centra! Oregon
No. r»l
Delegate and Club Mem­
bers Leave Tomorrow
to Attend Central Ore.
Development League
Meeting at Prineville
Tomorrow. Friday, H. F.Jones,
dt'W-gatr from th«* Rrdmond Com­
mercial Club, and a number of
members of the club und busi­
ness men of the city expect to
leave for Prinevillve to attend
a convention that will lie held
there June .'10th and July 1st for
the pur|s>se of forming the Cen­
tral Oregon Development I-e a g u e ,
to lie composed o f all the com­
mercial clubs in the central part
o f the state. Other towns in the
county will send large delega­
tions, and Prineville is figuring
on entertaining 160 visitors.
Gov. West hus announced bis
intention of being present. The
secretary o f state, the state land
Isiard, and the president and sec-
| rotary of the Portland Commer­
cial club are also expected to Is-
there. Prineville is making prep­
arations to entertain the visitors
in a hospitable manner.
In forming the Central Oregon
Development league it is the
p u rp o s e to bring concerted ac­
tion lietween the different com­
mercial Issiies o f the county that
they may work more intelligent­
ly and to better advantage for
the upbuilding of this part of the
At this meeting some city in
the county will lie chosen for
headquarters for the Is -a g u e , and
the race to secure this plum is
exjiected to la* hotly contested.
Redmond is in a position to offer
substantial inducements to have
the headquarters located here.
The Spokesman's Job
Printing pleases.
the promoters and the farmers
and ranchers, and he stated to
The Spokesman that he would es­
tablish one in the city anil be
ready to begin operations about
September 1st if enough cows
could be secured in the district.
In order to establish a cream­
ery here it will tie necessary to
have the farmers and ranchers
guarantee the cream from 300
cows on the start. Lists for this
purpise are now at Ehret Bros,
and Lynch & Rolierts store for
signing, and it is urged that they
lie signed as early as possible by
those who will furnish cream bv
8apt 1st
The plan as outlined by Mr.
Meyer is to establish stations in
differeht sections where cream
H. F. Meyer, formerly o f She- can lie delivered, and the cream­
tsiygan, Wis., but now located at ery people will call and collect
Tacoma, was in Redmond this same.
week looking over this section of
the county to see what the out­
look and iswsibilities were for
putting in a creamery here.
Mr. Meyer is a practical cream­
ery man and from his oliserva-
tions w hile here is satisfied that
a creamery in this section would
C. H. Irvin and Miss Nellie
be u paying proposition both to Johnson, both of this city, were
For the next six days, beginning MONDAY', July 3. we will offer a special
bargain in each department o f the store, that for quality and price will be
the BIGGEST BARGAIN in that class o f merchandise offered in this
county. In case some o f the bargain lots are sold out before you visit the
store, we will immediately supply their places with new lots at cut prices.
This bargain event is to be the greatest month for business in the history
o f the store. And no matter what thy price quoted you'll find the qualities
dependable and worthy o f your patronage.
Shoe Def it.
Men’s Furnishings
All of our Men’s $4.0 0 Oxford.
Men-8 Wwrk Shirts, 60c quality
< It 45c
Ladies Furnishing
Knit Union Summer Suits, reg-
ula ir 50c kind
Dry Goods Dept.
All Linen Unbleached
regular 12V2C 3
it 40c
T o w e lin g .
at 9 c ya i*d
co me and see
Grocery Department
You will always find this department complete, and prices
right. Here are a few sample prices:
Cheese, per lb
Laundry Soap, 8 bars
3 bars Glycerine hand soap 25c
Good Coffee, lb ..................... 25c
3 can Fruit.............................50c
Tomatoes, 2 for .................... 25c
I have just received a large
shipment of these celebrated
goods in Spring and Summer
weights and styles.
I want you to see this line of
for I am certain you will be
satisfied with the goods, fit and
Better come in today.
All of our Indies’ $3. 00 Oxfords
Capp’s Clothing
An Kxperienced Creamery
Man From Wisconsin Is
Here Interesting Farm­
ers, Kanchers and Oth­
ers in the Project
S u m m e r B a rg a in s
at a n
11.50 PER YEAR
married Tuesday evening at 8
o ’clock at the residence o f Mr.
and Mrs. George Ehlers near the
city, by Rev. Lilly in the pres­
ence o f relatives.
Both the bride and groom are
well known in Redmond.
Irvin has lived here a number of
years and is now engaged in the
furniture and housefumishing
business. Mrs. Irvin is a sister
of Mrs. G. L. Ehlers and Mrs. 0.
B. Hopley of this city. She has
been teaching In the Redmond
schools, is an accomplished musi­
cian and well known in social cir­
Mr. and Mrs. Irvin will go to
housekeeping in their residence
in Ellinger’s Addition.
H. M. Meithe and Miss Eva
Hammond, both o f this city were
married at Prinevile June 22d.
They have gone to housekeeping
on their ranch six miles north of
town. Both Mr. and Mrs. Mei­
the are well known in Redmond,
and their many friends wish
them all kinds o f good luck and
E. L. R A P P
“The Head to Foot Clothier.” Redmond, O r.
other dry farming sections the
rain was e«pecia'ly beneficial as
the crop was badly in need of
Some o f the farmers
in the non-irrigated section were
feeling pretty blue over crop
prospects before the rain came,
but now they are wearing a smile
and congratulatingthemselveson
the improved outlook.
Soaking Rains Last Week
and This Insure Boun­
tiful Crops for Central Farmers and Ranchers
If you desire to have a
Part of State— Showers creamery
established in this
up on the lists
Were General
at Ehret Bros, and Lynch &
Roberts stores the number
of cows you will furnish
cream from Sept 1st Three
hundred will have to be se­
cured before the creamery
can be started.
The good soaking rain that fell
in this section all day last week
Friday and this week Monday
was worth thousands o f dollars
to the farmers and ranchers and Will Replat Into
is bringing the growing crops
Acre Tracts
along at a rapid rate, which will
Last w eek A. M. Collins bought
insure a bumper crop for Crook
through G. M. Huffman's real
From advices received by The estate agency the Kenyon Addi­
Spokesman the rain was pretty tion to Redmond that adjoins
general and covered a wide scope Eliinger’s Addition on the north.
o f territory.
As far north as The purchase price was $6,000.
Madras, east to Prineville and The land is now in 5 and 10 acre
for many miles west and south tracts, but Mr. Collins intends to
The Redmond Spokesman will reports have come in that rain replat it into acre tracts and
install a number of improvements had visited those sections.
have same ready for market
in the way o f labor saving ma­
In the Haystack country and about the first of September.
chinery the coming month. A
type setting machine that will
set six different faces of type
will be one o f the principal pie­
ces of machinery to be added to
the plant.
A large job press, a 30-inch pa­
per cutter,
perforating and
punching machine, a gasoline
engine and necessary shafting
and pulleys are some o f the oth­
er material that will be installed.
The cost of the new outfit w’ ill be
in the neighborhood of #3000.
We wish to call your attention
With the new material The
Spokesman will have the best
to the large and complete stock
equipped job and newspaper o f­
we carry in the above lines.
fice in Central Oregon, and the
We have an assortment from
paper will be enlarged and im­
the two bit kind to the higher
New Harness
Shop Here
priced goods. We can suit
your ideas in this stock.
E. Maher, the south 6th street
hardware man, has made ar­
rangements to put in a first-class
harness shop here. He proposes
to give courteous treatment,
good service and right prices to
his customers.