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Form s and Dangers of This ANsctlsn
of the Heart.
The th e «» as l i i n From • Reserved
Front Seat.
By "endocarditis” is meant an
■ h fl,« m tu«. I um of tin- endocardium
•<r IMi inliraii.- lining tile ruvilii-a of
Mu lii'ii rt. It is is o »rd by the prea-
I desire to announce to the
■‘hrr of | hiii > iiiii )U i > niHltgial, usually
of living germ«, in Ilia Munii and ih
people of |{edmoml and vi­
lili Ti-fiiri- iiio «I
often »»»ociateil
cinity that I have opened a
•«uh or h consequence of some gcu-
•• ruI disease, Mill'll ii m rheumatism,
store on South fith street
tv plionl fever, scarlet fever, «tifili-
and will carry a stock of
iberni or plieiiiiiiiina.
There «re the muni two form*
rotimi in mo»t diseases, acute and
i brome. the bini following upm the
lìr-1. mid there are also the more
important division* into *iui|>lu and
inulignmit emloca rdit ii .
In the >uii|ilf kind the lining
membrane of the heart preieut*
numerous point* of inflammation—
little red urea* with a tuft or trail
of fibrin, or clotted blood, in the
renter. These inflamed »[»ots are
not large, mid the clot* attached to
them lire alao »mail in the iirnple
form. Mot in mulignant endocardi­
ti» the area inflamed i* much more
extensive, and the clot* are larger,
-onietimea uliim-t filling the cavity
and solicit a share of your
<>f the heart. In *oine case* of ma­
lignant endocarditi*, then called al­
terative endocarditi*, the inflam­
mation i* »o acute a* to cause ulcer­
ation of the affected part*.
The danger* of endocarditi* «re
twofold danger to the heart it»elf
ami danger to the brain or lung* or
one of the other organs of the body.
The danger to the heart i* from in­
jury to one of the valve*. Thi* al­
inoci alwsv* hapia-ni except in the
mildest form of endocarditis, be-
cauae the inflammation most often
affect* the «'dge* of the valve* Even
when the disease subaidc* without
giving any ngn of valvular injury
at first, thi» ofteu appetir* later
through a fibrous thickening or
m-arlik«- contraction of the part
originally inflamed. Tin* interfere*
with the complete closure of the
valve, and the result u a heart per­
I will Hell at Public Auction at
manently crippled hy valvular du-
When there i* actual ulceration
of the valve* injury is inevitable.
The danger to the brain or other
orgun is from detachment of the
little blood d ot from the inflamed
»[*«( and it* carriage into the gen­
eral circulation, where it plugs one
of the smaller arteries.
If thi*
happens in the brain it gives rise to
symptom* of aiaiplexy.
at 10 o'clock a. m. sharp, the following property:
The first principle of treatment
is ahoolute rest in bed, and this in­
1 mat, lif<l tram of Mays, 8 years 1 Kxtra Fine May Horse. 8 years action must l»e insisted upon long
after the patient feels well and is
Old. weight 2750.
old. weight 1550.
well, and for the rest of life any­
1 matched team of Mays. 8 and 9 1 May Mare, 6 yrs. old wt. 1550. thing that mav cause heart strain
years old. weight £100.
must lie carefully avoided.— Youth’s
1 Gray Mare. 9 yrs. old, wL 1500. Companion.
1 mat1 ned team of (¡ray Horses,
Three 31-inch Schuttler Wagons.
^Weight 2960.
1 Buckskin Horse, 8 years old. One 31-inch W'eber Wagon.
Tha Firs« Law af Natura.
Two Irish soldiers stationed in
¿w e ig h t 1325.
the West Indies were accustomed
One 31-inch Winona Wagon.
1 Pappte (¡ray Horse. 7 years
to bathe daily in a little bay which
Wagons all in good repair,
was generally supposed to he free
^BLold. weight 1350.
from shark*.
Though on good
1 In» ' ¡ray Horse, 6 years old. with stake rack bed.
terms with each other, they were
8 sets of Heavy Team Harness.
P weight 1450.
All sums o f $2.r> and under, cash. Over that amount
• Credit o f 8 months will he given on approved bankable
paper bearing 10 per cent interest.
C. W. MUMA, Owner
C. F.
Bartlett, Auctioneer
(«. M. Slocum, Clerk
Mange Tout
The 4-year old Chestnut Sorrel, weight 11*50. Belgian
tallion. sired by Walther No. 3T>53tt, dam, Olga de !a Hail
'ainte No. 41881, will make the season at the lollowing places:
Monday and Tuesday at Woods’ barn, Redmond
Wednesday and Thursday at S. 1). Mustard’s
place, Powell Butte.
Friday and Saturday at Allen Willcoxen’s place
at Powell Butte.
Will make regular stands after April 1st.
TERMS OF SERVICE Season. $16.00. payable at time
of service. Insurance, $20.00, payable when mare is known
to l>e with foal. Insurance of colt to stand up and suck $25.
A. H. R O H D E , M anager
Powell Hu tie Belgian Horse Co., Owners.
Joh Printing
Seed Oats for Sale
. .
1 have good clean white oats
U t U* d"
next ordt r " f for sale at 2 cents a ,s»und at the
mmercial job printing.
High granary.
ide work and prices satisfac-
Albert Hornbeck,
y. The Redmond Spokesman.
Sisters, Ore. ,
not what might be called fast
One day as they were swimming
about 100 yards from the shore
Pat observed Mike suddenly mak-
ing for the land as hard as he could
without saying a word. Wondering
what was the matter, l ’at atruck
out vigorously after him and landed
it his companion’s heels.
"Is there anything wrong wid
ve?” inquired Pat feelingly.
"N othin’, nothin' at all,” replied
the other.
“ Thin «hat did yon make such a
Middint retrate for an* lave m e?”
continued Pat.
“ Modad.” answered Mike coolly,
"I «pied the tin ar a big shark about
twenty feet ahead, an’ 1 thought
while he »as playin’ wid you it
would give me time to reach the
The tornado of Australia is re­
lated pretty nearly to the same
phenomenon h i this country. It is
on the land what the typhoon is in
eastern water*. The storm of wind
and rain is preceded by an unnat­
ural stillrich* and silence of tlist ele­
ments. Sensitive [«erson* and uni
muls are aware of the approaching
storm. The author of “ Purts of
the Pacific,” who colls himself “ *
peripatetic parson,” experienced one
such gale when he was at the house
of a friend in the northern part of
Australia, very neur the equator.
Ilis account is humorous os well us
By and hy there came across the
night air a distant roaring noise.
The stillness of the slumbering
hours was broken. Something ter­
rible was at hand, as hud been fore­
told hy the clerk of the weather.
The wind Ix'gan to moan, then to
whistle, then to liellow. The roof
rattled, the trees shrieked, rain
rushed and hissed, lightning biased,
and thunder crashed and boomed.
All the household wa* busy hold­
ing on to goods and catching things
as they were hurled off hy the vio­
lence of the storm. The roof was
ripped up and carried away. Shut­
ters and doors, walls and 'furniture
— off they went, and jieople raced
after them to the rescue. All were
at work, myself included.
1 had a had leg coming on, and,
considering the bed to he the most
valuable article in any part of the
house, 1 right manfully lay in it and
so held it down. From the com­
fortable bed I watched the roof go
off, piece by piece. From it 1 saw
the slab* and boards go— I saw
everything go until there was noth­
ing left at my side of the house but
tne and my noble bed.
Together we weathered the storm
bravely. Together we remained in
the torrents of rain and in the
blinding lightning, littered with
broken timber, hornets’ nests,
oranges, hits of furniture from the
next room, pomelos and guavas,
houghs of tree» and sundry other
1 had never before witnessed a
tornado, and the kind bed gener­
ously afforded me a front seat on
the brow of the hill, from which the
whole show was seen splendidly.
Moreover, as you do uot always re­
quire a roof over your head in that
country, it was a mere trifle being
left without one on a night like
When the storm ceased and day­
light forced itself in a measure
through the still inclement weather
it was strange to see the river a
long way up the lawn, spreading
its turbid waters over the plain
which we hud traversed only the
day before right up to the foot of
the mountain. Two trees out of
every three were blown down, and
no leaves were left on any. Water
was running everywhere, and the
bright, [«careful scene of yesterday
was now an ex|«anse of dull gray
and wholesale desolation.
There was a great discussion in
progress among the members of the
faculty of a certain college. They
wrangled long and rai-ed their
voices to too high a pitch, each
eager to have the measure in ques­
tion embody his [«articular varia­
tion of the idea. Finally a pro­
fessor of large mind and calm voice,
who had been silent, rose and made
a tactful, conciliatory speech. As
the effect o f his words began to
show in the [«caceful quiet that set­
tled over the fidgeting members,
another professor, who also took
thing» calmly, turned to his neigh­
bor and whispered the line from
“The Palace”
»Special Attention Given to
Automobile Parties.
Come and see me When Hungry,
Cor. 7th and E St.».,
F. M. BUNKER, Prop’ r.
The line is open for passenger and freight Busi­
ness» at Metolius, Madras and points north.
Daily passenger train leaves Metolius 8:30 a.m.
Madras 8:47 a. m. stopping at intermediate
[joints, connecting at Fallbridge with the Inland
Ernpise Express on the “ North Bank Road",
arriving Portland 8:15 p. m.
leaving Portland 9 a. m., arrives Madras 7:15
p. m., Metolius 7:30 p. m.7
Trains carry parlor cars, first-class coaches and
LOW FARES March 10th to April 10th
During this period Low Colonist fares will be in
effect from the middle west to all points on the
Oregon Trunk Ry. From Chicago $33, S t Louis
$32, St. Paul $25, Kansas City $25, Omaha $25.
Other points in proportion, via Burlington route. Great
Northern or Northern Pacific Rys., the “ North Bank Road”
and Oregon Trunk Ry.
This is a good chance for your
friends to come to Oregon on about half fare.
R ound Trip F o re s
Homeseekers’ reduced round trip fares are in effect to
all Oregon Trunk Railway [mints the first and third
Tuesday o f each month from all points in the middle
Freight received from and forwarded to Port­
land, Spokane and other points.
R. Budd, Chief Engineer, Portland, Ore.
J. H. Corbett, Madras, Ore.
T. A. Graham, Metolius, Ore.
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T ilt oil c*n soothes the w orryin g cranks
When the speaker had finished
the more aggressive members took
The discovery of the gaseous na­ up the discussion again. Presently
ture of the nebulae came about the professor who had Kipling in
largely through the use o f the spec- mind leaned over once more and
troscope and spectrum anslysis. quoted the line from “ McAndrew s
Fraunhofer proved that the spec­ Hymn "
trum of an ignited gaseous body is Ami now the main eccentrics »tart their
"noneontinuous, with interrupting
lines,” and J. \V Draper demon­
The Alm anac.
strated that the spectrum of an ig­
The word “ almanac” is derived
nited solid is always continuous,
with no interrupting lines. In this from the Arabic “ aland manah,”
way it was proved that many of the which means to count and thus
nebulae are gaseous, illustrating the aptly applies to measurements of
In ancient days almanacs
process of development actually go­ time.
were employed bv the Alexandrian
ing on.— New York American.
Greeks, hut it is uncertain us to
when they were actually introduced
N o R s c s Su icid e .
There nrc many anecdotes o f ac­ in Europe. In 1150 A. D Snloman
tors and playwrights in the recollec­ Jarchus issued an almanac in script,
tions of Sir Squire and Lady Ban­ hut the first printed one was
croft. Some of these, of course, brought to Vienna in 115? hy the
originate with the always amusing great astronomer, Purbach.
II. J. Byron. To a provincial land­ most celebrated almanac maker was
lady he once bitterly complained of an adept in the so called black art.
Nostradamus, and since his time,
having been attacked by flea*.
“ Fleas, sir?” was the retort. “ 1 somewhere toward the middle of
am sure there is not a single flea in the fifteenth century, almanacs with
prediction* have been in vogue,
nty house.”
“ 1 ant sure of it, too,” was By­ and their pictorial prophecies and
ron's rejtinder. “ They are all mar­ weather lore have invariably appeal­
ed to a large number of people.
ried ami have large families.”
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