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    The Redmond Spokesman
Published at the “ Hub City ” of Central Oregon
VOL 1. No. ity
Monday’s “Clean Up” Day
Beat the (¡old Dust
Twins’ Record
city, and today it would be a
hard matter to find any little city
or town in Oregon that shows up
to better advantage for cleanli­
ness. Incoming people will get
a favorable ¡repression of the city
by seeing the clean streets ami
alleys, and it is generally the
lirst impression that counts with
lieople going into a new country
It is the intention to keep the
good work up and see that no re­
trograde movement is made in
this matter, but to have all the
citizens work toone end to make
Redmond the cleanest and most
attractive appearing city it Cen­
tral Oregon.
Thin Record
NONE IN 1910
llarriman Lines Carry 49,-
491,000 Persons Safe­
ly During Year
A sure sign that winter is over
spring is here: Boys
If You Want to See a Mod­ going gentle
barefooted U» school, and Reports Received by Ix>cal
el City Come to the
Agents Show No
chickens catching grnsshop|s-rs.
And all this at Redmond on the
“ Hub C ity ”
14th «lay of March. Can you
find any country that will beat
this record outside of the tropics?
Whim tho
of Redmond
Installation of safety devices
start out to do anything they do
and the block signal system are
it right. At a n*«-«-nt meeting of
I cited for the record of the Harri-
the (Commercial (Club it wan de­
man railroads in carrying 49,491«
rided to have a public "Clean-
000 passengers in 1910 without
Up” day in the city, and Monday,
sacrificing a single life.
the ftth. wan art as the date. The vote on the new- city char­ The rcjiort was complied in the
Notice was publish« I in the l<x-al ter Tuesday was ve^y light, but office of Julius Kruttachnitt, di-
l>upert to that efTeet, and tin- 78 votes being cast. The regis­ r«-ctor of maintenance and opera­
way the citizens went after the tration of the city at the last tion, Chicago. It covers the
rubbish and ¡u*eumulation of can« election
business of the Union Pacific,
was about 140. The vote Southern
etc., in the street*, alley« and on the charter
Pacific and affiliate«!
was as follows: roads, a total
vacant Iota would have Tided an
of 17.9G0 miles.
army of "White Wings."
of passengers
It was a clean up that showit
carried on a mile basis is 3.000,-
Majority for
the citizens take a pride in their
000 , 000 .
The Harrirnan system carried
10 p«-r cent of the estimated 1910
passenger traffic. The figures
for most of the «>ther railroads
have not yet been cornplu-d by
the Government, but in 1909 the
numlier of passengers carried
was 29,000,000,000. Th<- figures
for 1910, it is said, will not ex-
ceed a billion more.
Many other railroads have gone
through a year without a fatality
to any of its passengers, but it is
said that no system has made
this record for such a large total
of passengers.
Results on the Harrirnan lines
are aacriljed to a campaign wag-
«-«1 by the management for years
to reduce accidents. The Harri-
man system now has more miles
of automatic blix-k signal protec­
tion than any other Bystem in the
world. Mr. Kruttschnitt hasdi-
recu-d special attention to the ac­
cident problem, and began sev­
eral yi-ars ago to bring out a re­
duction by giving complete pub­
licity to all forms of accidents
and their investigation, which, it
is belive«!, spurred officers and
employes to greater efforts to
safeguard lives.
In 1903-190-1 the number of ac­
cidents on the Union Pacific was
20 for 1,000,000 locomotive miles.
On the Pacific system of the
Southern Pacific the number of
accidents per 1.000.000 locomotive
miles was reduced from 29.5 to
10.5 in the same time.
Oregon Trunk Expects to
Carry 100 Carloads
During March
Coming of Railroad Does
Away With Former Sage­
brush Trip
Fully 100 carloads of cattle and
sheep will be shipped into Port­
land from the territory drained
by the newly-constructed Oregon
Trunk line before the end of
Two Ordinance»*
While officials of the new line
to believe that hand­
At a regular council meeting ling of reason
in large quanti­
Tuesday night two ordinances ties will be a regular
item of
were passed. One prohibiting
the running at large in the city freight traffic, they realize that
of stock and poultry, and the the heavy handling for March is
«jther prescribing the hours in not a fair estimate of what may
which bowling alleys shall run.
This ordinance provides that be expected throughout the re­
bowling alleys shall be closed mainder of the year.
from 12 midnight until 7 a. m. 1 Many farmers and stockmen
of Central Oregon have been
holding their cattle and sheep all
winter, that they might take ad­
vantage of the reduced freight
rates over the direct line into
Portland. As soon as this sur­
plus supply of stock is removed
the traffic will become normal.
However, it is expected that the
movement will be an important
Big Clean-Up
of Men’s Underwear
At Economy Price
A lot of odd and end garments, 50c to $1.25 values
Your Choice 70c
We invite the ladies to come in and see the finest stock in
this line ever shown in Crook county.
Priced reasonable
Tillamook Cheese, the BEST
25c per pound
Lowest in Price, Highest in Quality
$1.50 PER YEAR
Reduced Prices
$30.00 Suits cut to $22.00
27.50 Suits cut to 20.00
25.00 Suit»* cut to 18.00
22.50 Suit« cut to 16.00
18.00 Suits cut to 13.50
17.50 Suits cut to 13.00
12.50 Suits cut to 10.00
Boys Knee Pants 90 c and up
25 per cent off on all Boys’ Suits and Men’s
Summit Brand all wool shirts, regular $2.50
Special $2.00
Ore. Woolen Mill all wool shirts, Reg. $2.25
Special $1.75
Complete line of Ladies Shoes at Portland
“The Head to Foot Clothier.” Redmond, Or.
to handle this class of freight in
large quantities. Special double-
deck stock cars for handling
sheep have been sent up the Des­
chutes Valley.
Facilities for loading stock
have been provided at Metolius.
Madras and Meca. Large yards
have been built, feeding bins I Located at Fallbrid?e He
have been provided and gang­
Will Meet All O. T.
ways leading to the boxcars have:
Line Trains
been constructed. At Maupin,
Sherar and U’Ren accomodations j
for handling sheep and cattle'
have been established, but ex­ Harry Kennard of this city,
tensive yards have not yet been has been selected by the Commer­
built, improved facilities will be
established at all these places, cial Club to represent Redmond
and as the line is extended south and this section of the county at
similar improvements will be Fallbridge, Wash., on the North
provided at all stock-loading Bank road where the Oregon
Trunk Line ferries across to the
Oregon side. He will meet in­
coming colonists and see that
are well informed about
Know all men, that at a special they
and the Redmond Dis­
election held at Redmond on the trict
14th day of March 1911, for the A quanity of literature will be
Thi* is one o f the best paying newspa­
per properties in Oregon. Owners have approval or rejection of a Char­ available for his use, and he will
other interests that demand their at­ ter, submitted to the legal elect­
see that it is placed where it will
tention. Reasonable price. For further
particulars call on or address The ors of the City of Redmond by do the most good. The colonist
Spokesman. Redmond, Oregon.
the Common Council and filed in travel began the tenth of this
the office of the City Recorder
and from advices received
item in the road's business every January 10th, 1911, in accordance month,
railroad offi­
month and that it will grow with the provisions of Section 2 cials it is different
expected this section
gradually as the country develops. of Article 11 of the Constitution
will be visited by a large number
The first car of sheep was ship­
ped into Portland from Madras of Oregon, and amendments i of homeseekers during the next
Monday, February 20. before thereto: a majority of votes hav­ three or four months.
freight traffic was inaugurated ing been cast in favor of the j
for the purpose of letting
regularly. Several other cars adoption of said Charter as the It is prospective
have been received there since
by the canvasing of said know what a splendid
then and traveling freight agents shown
of the new line are now soliciting vote by the Common Council at we have that a good live, ener­
the shippers for additional car­ a meeting held on the 14th day j getic publicity man has been
load lots.
of March 1911.
at a point w’here he will
Reports have been received in Now therefore, I, H. F. Jones. placed
the incoming land seek­
the general freight offices that 75 Mayor of the City of Redmond.
cars have been booked for ship­ Oregon, do hereby declare and' ers, and point out to them where
ment before the end of March. proclaim that the said Charter they can find the best irrigatad
It is expected that the 100 mark was dully and legally adopted by section In Central Oregon. Mon­
will be reached with ease.
the electors of the said City of ey sufficient to meet all expenses
Most of the stock coming into Redmond. Oregon, and that the of this publicity work was raised
Portland is ready for slaughter, same is now in full force and ef­ in a short time here last week by
public subscription, and within
but some of it must be fattened fect.
before going to the stock yards. Dated at Redmond this 15th ! the next ten days or two weeks
it is expected to see a large in­
Now that the railroad has ent­ day of March, 1911.
flux of new comers into this
ered the Deschutes Valley, stock-
H. F. Jones,
raising is expected to become one
Mayor. , section.
of the principal industries of that
section. Heretofore farmers
were discouraged in preparing
cattle and sheep for market be­
cause of the difficulties in placing
them on the railroad. It was nec­
essary to drive them msny miles
across the country and the trip
had a damaging effect on the
stock, causing the animals to lose
many pounds in weight.
Now it is possible to place them
on cars one morning and have
them delivered in Portland the
We have just received the fin*
following morning over the Oreg­
on Trunk and North Bank roads.
est line of the above goods
This will perclude the necessity
of unloading the stock for feed
ever shown in this section, and
and water, and will reduce the
cost greatly. Farmers thus will
we would like to have you
receive full market price for their
products and will benefit by the
come in and see these goods.
sale of full weight instead of
suffering by shrinkage in sending
Everything for the Toilet.
stock across the sagebrush to the
Many Central Oregon farmers
have expressed an intention of go­
ing into the stockraising business
i on a large scale because of the
advantage in transportation they
will have. While the day of the
big cattle ranch is over, it is be­
lieved that more stock than ever
will be produced in proportion to
the acreage.
The Oregon Trunk is preparing
The Redmond Spokesman
Plant for Sale
Toilet Articles