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    The Redmond Spokesman
VOL 1. No.
Published at the “ Hub City ” of Central Oregon
men that a road will la* construct­
ed into Prineville within the next
year or 18 months is equally
It was stated by members of
the delegation that the full
amount of $350,000 needed to
build the 85 miles of road is avail­
able from Crisik county people
•lone, but they would much pre­
fer to have some of the trunk
line roads build the new branch
rather than to finance the project
as an independent proposition.
Up to the present no definite
assurance has been had from
either of the two big systems
hut an effort is licing made to se­ EXPECTED OTHER
the construction of the line
a syndicate of capitalists
who are closely identified with
, the Hill interests.
John F. Stevens, of
Prineville Citizen» Keel (’on- the President
Hill Oregon lines, said that Influx of Settler» to Cen­
tident They Will
tral Oregon Un­
the matter hud not been consid­
ered in an official or formal way
Secure Road
1 by the interests he represents
and said the pro|K»sition was still
very much up in the air. He is.
A delegation of citizen;« from however, impressed with the ac­ Special trains on many lines
Prineville. headed by C. Sam tivity and enterprise the Prine­ will carry colonists from the east
Smith, cattle king and cx-tdicriff. ville people an* showing, but ex­ to Portland on several dayH with­
was in Portland last Thursday pressed regret that he can give in the low fare period which the
pursuing an effort to induce eith­ no definite encouragement at railroads have announced from
er the Hill or Harriman systems this time.
March 10 to April 10.
to build a branch road into that When he made his recent trip The Great Northern and Union
city from some advantageous into Madras, he was met by a , Pacific roads have announced
junction point with the two roads ¡delegation from Prineville and he their intention of operating extra
now bom# constructed into the gave them a lengthy hearing, trains from eastern points and it
hut he takes the position that is likely that other roads enter­
The committee is confident that there are so many other projects ing the northwest will do like­
a favorable answer will bo given which demand more immediate wise. Because the exact volume
to its ap|M-al by one or the ether attention that he cannot consider of business cannot lie forecasted,
systems within a short time, and the Prineville branch as a feeder the numlier of special trains can­
the confidence of the committee­ for the Hill system at this time. not be arranged at this time.
Want Harriman or
Hill to Build
a Road
Union Pacific and
I 6« N. to Run
Announcement has gone forth
from the office of the Great
Northern at St. Paul that a spec­
ially conducted excursion will be
organized in the Mississippi Val­
ley and that a special train will
1*.* operated through to the coast.
The Union Pacific has arrang­
ed to operate special trains out
of Omaha on the first and last
days of the colonist period.
These trains will consist of tour­
ist sleeping cars entirely and will
operate through to California
and north Pacific Coast points.
On account of the greater inter­
est in Oregon it is likely that
most of them will have their des­
tination in this state.
The first Bpecial will leave
CLOSE TO $500,000
Omaha on Saturday, March 11.
Others will follow on March 12
and 13. April 8, 9, 10 and 11 al­
so have been selected as dates Purchaser» Represent Day-
upon which specials will leave
ton, Ohio, and Ore­
Omaha. The trains are schedul­
ed to start from the Nebraska
gon Capital
city at 5 p. m. and will arrive in
Portland at 11 a. m. on the third
day following their departure.
They will carry all the tourist
cars delivered to the Union Paci­ Sale of the entire townsite of
fic at Omaha by eastern roads, Bend, Crook county, together
excepting those cars that are with
affiliated properties at
taken on the regular trains. A that the
to a syndicate com­
fast schedule will l>e maintained,
as the trains will not stop to posed of eastern capitalists and
take on passengers west of Oma­ Oregon men, for a consideration
ha. They will operate on the reported to be about $500,000, is
Union Pacific. Oregon Short Line
to be closed, says the Ore­
and O.-W. R. & N. line into about
of the 4th. Agreements
Portland. A feature of this spe­
cial service will be the meals for the sale were completed and
which will be served on the din­ signed in Portland yesterday,
er carried with each train. Reg­ and it is expected that the de­
ular a la carte meals will be of­ tails of the transfer can be com­
fered the tourists at greatly re­
duced prices, and virtually the pleted and the actual conveyance
Bervice as that on the regular made in less than 30 days.
The properties affiliated with
the Bend townsite are varied
and extensive, including a saw­
mill, some 3000 acres of timber
land, 2000 of agricultural land,
1400 acres adjacent to the town.
1300 platted lots, and the wa­
ter, power, and lighting plant
situated at the town. Valuable
water power sites on the Des­
chutes river are included in the
sale, together with some water
rights for irrigation.
These properties are now held
by the Pilot Butte Development
Co., the Bend Townsite Co., and
the Bend Water, Light & Power
Company. , A. M. Drake of Bend,
holds the greater part of these.
Frank Robertson, of Portland,
having an interest in the last two.
The Bend Company is the name
of the purchasing corporation.
Eastern lumbermen having large
interests in Deschutes timber
lands are furnishing about half
the capital for the purchase, and
the remainder is supplied by
Dayton, Ohio, and Oregon capi­
The only municipal water ser­
vice on the Deschutes river also
is at Bend—as good as Port­
land has. The sawmill has a ca­
pacity of 35.000 feet a day, and
there is 30,000,000 of yellow pine
stumpage going with it. A
flouring mill is under contract to
be completed within 60 days aft­
er trains run to Bend. A wool­
en mill and an ice plant are ne­
gotiating for sites and power
The contracts that have been
executed are between A. M.
Drake and J. M. Lawrence
for the Drake properties, and be­
tween Frank Robertson and A.
0. Hunter for the Robertson int­
erests. Neither Drake nor Rob­
ertson will have any share in the
new concern—it will be an en­
tirely new- deal.
BEEN BOUGHT Reduced Prices
Syndicate Buys All
Land and Bet­
Big Clean-Up
of Men’s Underwear
For all of Next Week
A lot of odd and end garments, 50c to $1.25 values
Your Choice 70c
Fine Stock Dry Peaches, 10c lb.
Clear Glass Sugar and Creamer, pair 15c
Tillamook Cheese, the BEST
25c per pound
Lowest in Price, Highest in Quality
$1.50 PER YEAR
Meeting of M. E.
Ladies* Aid
The Ladies Aid of the M. E.
church met March 1st at the
home of Mrs. Geo. Farris for an
all day meeting. Forty ladies
were present and much good was
accomplished at the meeting.
The next meeting will be held at
the residence of Mrs. E. T. Sher­
wood on March 15th. This will
| be an afternoon meeting, and a
full attendance is desired. The
Ladies Aid is planning a box so­
cial for the evening of March 24.
Jas. Dougherty left last week
for Newport, Wn., on a business
trip in connection with some
property interests he has there.
Mrs. J. W. Baker and daugh­
ter Melba went to Laidlaw last
w eek Friday to attend a mask
ball at that place.
$30.00 Suit» cut to $22.00
27.50 Suits cut to 20.00
25.00 Suit» cut to 18.00
22.50 Suit» cut to 16.00
18.00 Suit» cut to 13.50
17.50 Suit» cut to 13.00
12.50 Suit» cut to 10.00
Boys Knee Pants 90 c and up
25 per cent off on all Boys’ Suits and Men’s
Summit Brand all wool shirts, regular $2.50
Special $2.00
Ore. Woolen Mill all wool shirts, Reg. $2.25
Special $1.75
Complete line of Ladies Shoes at Portland
E. L. R A P P
“ The Head to Foot Clothier.”
Redmond, Or.
March 28th
Division No. 1 of the Presby­
Ladies Society have made
arragements to present to the
public “The Deestrick Skule” on
the evening of March 28th. This
Early Pioneer Rides Into j promises to be one of the best at-
; tractions presented this season,
His Country On
j The ca3t of characters will be
! published next week.
First Train
Election Judges
Col. W. A. Belcher came in on and Clerks
At a recent meeting of the city
the first train into Central Ore­ council
the following election of­
gon last Thursday, along with ficers were
for the
about 150 passengers who arriv­ special election appointed
called for March
ed at Madras on the same train. 14th, to vote on the proposed new
The colonel has seen his dream i city Judges
E. Dobson, H. C.
realized—a railroad into Central 1 Methie, C. G.
N. Ehret
Oregon. For the past five years Clerks Dave
Mr. Belcher, w’ho was one of the Mendenhall. Miller and J. H.
first settlers in this section, has
pinned his faith to Redmond and Moving Pictures
the Redmond District, always at the Rink
holding that this part of Central W. B. Cameron and Charles
Oregon w’ould see the first era of Barnes, both of this city, have
| formed a partnership for the pur­
of putting on a moving pic­
And the colonel’s predictions pose
entertainment four nights
have come to pass.
the week at the skating
From a sage brush waste the rink. The
other week day nights
colonel has seen this part of the will be devoted to dancing. Two
picture shows a night
county blossom forth into the moving
most productive section of the will be given.
Inland Empire.
B. E. Gregory, who has leased
Certainly, patience wins its the building on the corner of 6th
own reward, and Colonel Belch­ and E streets for a dry goods
notions store, expects his
er's many friends in this section tand
of goods to arrive here from
join with The Spokesman in con­ New York
about the first of
gratulating him on seeing his April. Mr. City
Gregory is looking
faith in Redmond realized.
for his family to arrive in Red­
mond this week.
J. H. Mendenhall now gets the
Oregonians by express from At the Commercial Club meet-
it was decided to
Madras. This brings them into ( ing last night
next Monday as gener­
Redmond a few hours earlier designate
than the mail. It is the purpose. al “Clean-up Day” for the city.
Mr. Mendenhall states, to have The date of the Owls dance -
the papers come in on an early i the costume ball is March 17th.
Preparations have been made to
auto in the morning so they will j make
this a gala event An aug-
be distributed before noon.
1 mented orchestra has been en-
Subscribe for The Spokesman. • gaged for the occasion.
Toilet Articles
YVe have just received the fin­
est line of the above goods
ever shown in this section, and
we would like to have you
come in and see these goods.
Everything for the Toilet.