The Redmond spokesman. (Redmond, Crook County, Or.) 1910-current, March 02, 1911, Image 4

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    At Handler's order Smith summoned
the callers. Doyle making Ills #xlt
"The lieutenant governor," lamdcrcd
The State Bamk
off Redmonid
W. S. R odman , Pres.
of y o u r w o'111— M l You'd M t «
co m o to *oo u ie one* • m o n th fo r four
I grab you by mistake—on suspicion."
•To — with your' snarled A Tory,
turnlus away uu.l facing tbo warden
•Tvo S"t tl:o regular stuto allowance
for relonn-d prisoners oouilu' to mo.
ain't I T
••Vi's." answered llamllor. "nuJ yon
take It ami got out o f horo. you
crookl Horo. »Ign this" the »bowed
him a pnporl, “ If you oan write. If
you can't, why. make your mark " The
warden handed over a bill.
The departing man scanned the
greenback deproeatlngly.
“ Five dollars,“ he cried. “ and till*
suit o f clothes that n >ouutry ™n
(¡table could see tbo Slug Slug lag on
In the night! Pretty good for eight
years ami ten months' work, eh’ And
jon guys are my friends: For Uo>l'»
aake. let me get out o f here, where
there are meu who don't live on the
mistake« o f some one else.” He
wheeled toward the door and disap­
“There'» one more w e're got to keep
fraek of." commented Doyle
“ He’ll be at work In a week," »aid
Handler laconically
“ Yea. and I'll nail him and glre him
back to yon."
“ 1 don't want him." the warden put
In hastily. “ I Just might uiak* It
“The Palace”
B. G R E E N ,
P r o p r ie t o r
Corner o f Seventh and E S ts.,
llH E
( c o s t i s i k i >.J
C. B. H opley , Cashier
Fine Wines, Liquors
and Cigars
T ry a MONOGRAM 5 cent Cigar, or an
A Q U IL A , 2 for 25 cents—they are pood
goods and will certainly please you.
A Good Line of Lunch Goods
Carried in Stock
Everything of the Best
Dealer in ami
Manufacturer of
and Horse Goods
Mna w fB s T fu e i r n its , m o o r e o r t h e
o a t h o r H o r s n o c ic r r .
tough for him If be was sent back.
Whips, Robes, Blankets, Etc. thought he bad come to bis senses nud
Repairing promptly done
would help you against Valentine, but
South Sixth St.
formerly Banquet Cafe
Geo. L Wheeler, Prop’r.
Enlarged and remodeled
Table and counter serv­
ice the best the market
W e are here to stay—
come and see us.
Open day and night.
One door south of Oregon Hotel
Hobb’s Bakery
N ow
c o m p le t e
r u n n in g
ord er
t u r n in g o u t H i g h G r a d e B r e a d
a n d a ll
k in d s o f B a k e r y G o o d s , w h ic h a r e s o ld
on a C A S H
b a s is .
11 Loaves of Bread for a Dollar
Fresh Doughnuts every Saturday
I n c o n n e c t io n w it h t h e b a k e r y I c a r r y a
n ic e lin e o f S t a p le a n d
ie s t h a t I s e ll a t
F an cy
m o d e ra te
G rocer*
p r ic e s f o r
Y o u r p a t r o n a g e s o lic it e d .
WM. H. HOBBS, Proprietor
H e a d q u a r te r s f o r G ood T h in g s to E a t
S o u th 6 th S t.
he's Just a plain fool.“
“ And all alike—all blaming us for
their fall.“ The detective seated him
self as be spoke. “ He can't work uuw;
he's too old. The game as be knew It
was the yegg game."
Handler also had resumed bis seat,
and he leaned over his desk and said
significantly: “ So you're afraid Valen­
tine will get a new trial, eh? There's
some class to Valentine. H are a
smoke.” The prison master held out
a box of perfectoa, from which Doyle
gratefully extracted a weed.
“Thanks.” mumbled the detective.
“ This Valentine la the only high class
crook 1 ever knew that I couldn't
reach and pat avray for keeps. There's
something o f a mystery about him
ne'd get away with the Baffles game
lu high society In a walk. The swell
dames would go daffy over his good
look* and his tony maunerd and his
pleasing voice. Yet he has trailed
along with (be toughest gang In the
business." Doyle paused, then said,
“ Ami yet he says he is luuocent, I sup
“ Yes." put in Handler, leaning com­
fortably In hla chair, "»a id so last
time I talked with him. This prison Is
killing him. He doesn't like It. Ho
can't stand It. His nerves will «tick
out through bis skin If they jump
much more."
“ He's the one fellow f think this
life would cure. He's a wonder.”
“ A t safes, yon mean.” was Han­
dler's sarcastic rejoinder.
Little did the warden and the deter,
tire realize as they sat and schemed
to bring about the further and com­
plete ruin of Jimmy Valentine that
“ there'» a divinity that shapes onr
ends, rough bow them how we will,”
and this Influence Is not deuied to
those who languish forlorn and hope­
less In prison cells.
Little did they know that It might
bo Jimmy Valentine. No. 1280, who
was to teach them that the soul of a
man D an unquenchable spark that
not even year* o f oppression and
degradation can lastingly dim when
the spirit wills that they shall not.
And Just now there came a knocking
at the warden's door that portended
mneh for No. 1289.
The warden's secretary went to the
door opening from the office Into a
waiting room where visitors were re­
ceived. He refunied to tnoouDce.
'8«me meiulters of the Date of Hope
society, and they hare the lieutenant
governor and his niece with them '•
“The lleutenaut g o v e r n o r e ja c u -
Ufer Handler. ••Fay.”
“ Yes.”
“ What's the Gate o f Hope?” asked
"A gang of women tirin' to release
from prison convicts they believe art
Innocent," said the warden.
The detective smiled.
M ow
th r if t
tv H tm ctt
.. .
i th n t "IB ' ta l h im s e lf
M ian
lane a young girl «4 ■pe’ txlakable
charm and beauty, held close to U*r
uucle's side
-M r llaudler.” spoke Mrs. Webnler.
"w e come today with a fatuous tin
Fay." she pronounced, lu« lining In­
ward that official
•Governor." said the war«len. Ixiw
The lleuteunut governor shook
II indici a hand uu«l presented Ins
nhve. The imrty seated lb*u»a*lv««i.
facing the warden
"W e have < mui * here t.xlay." »aid
Mrs. Moore, "to again nak Hull men
I h > not foro-d to make confession»
while Imprisoned here Hint uiay l»'
used against them wlieu they leo\e
We understand that through
the pressure that can be brought to
b*«ar on the Inmates lu these InstilU
Ilona they cau I k * made willing to con
ks.« to crimes they ucier eonimltii'd
"What do you menu?" queried llau
•*Ob. we understand thnt by depriv­
ing prisoners of thoir proper allow­
ance of f«*sl and of small privileges
they are allowed, and by bullying con
duct on the part o f the men lu charge
of them the lumates can be Usl to
make false confessions
themselves or others. This informs
tlon Is used against the meu after
thi»y are released as well as against
meu who nr* at large whom the po
!lce ib-slre to Incriminate."
“ No one Is ever forced to confess
anything here, madam," protest««d
"But I know“ —
"Pardon me. Mrs Moore." Inter
rupied the lieutenant governor, rising.
" ! do not think that In your aeal you
realize what yon are saying" He ad
dressed the warden. “ It ««sons, how
#v«r. that th«we well meunltig ladles
have evUleme that a certain man tier,•
did coufeoa some offense to a a" —
“ To a stool.” commented Handler
“ Am 1 respouslbl«' for the delevllies
who hare men working iusldc the
prison for them?"
“ By a *»t's>l' you mean"—
“ A stool pigeon. a decoy. They win
the confidence of prlsouer* ami tell
what they learn to the detectives."
Mrs Moor# here went on to state
that in Sing Sing »lid In all prisons
were conttind uisuy lunoieut men and
thut lu any event released men slum! I
be etwourageil to live honestly, should
be given a chance They ought not to
be pursuetl aud houmled Into being
»plea by detectives anxious to make
a record for »«* nrlng con vie I ions re­
gardless o f the truth of the testimony
On* reason the woman ndvanceil for
her stand was that a mnu w ho be­
came n spy or decoy must assis-late
continually with men aud women of
questionable character. Huts rendering
It imiHiaalble to secure or much less
remain In honest employment
"Bosh!" exclaimed Handler as »be
“ Those folks we get don't
want to live straight, won't lire
straight, can't live straight wlieu they
get on the outside. First, they're all
laxy: second, most of them are lu
"Wlnit would you call a man.” con­
tinued the warden "who does *om »
thing the law forbids, doe* It wlieu
ever the opportunity offers without a
chance o f galu? What do yon call a
man who does a thing for the l<>ve of
it r
"A n artbt." answered Mrs. Web
“ Artlat! Then I've got a lot of
them.” laugbisl Handler aarraatk ally.
"W ell, to me they are luamie "
To Hose I .«He the adventure was ex­
tremely Interesting. Finally succeed­
ing In gaining her uncle's consent to
her accompanying him on a visit to
the great prison, she wns now seeing
a little section of the darker side of
life which appealed strongly to her
Imaginative nntnrc. Her cheeks flush
ed with the excitement of the ncea-
•Ion. this voyage Into this f a n e s
tomb o f llTlng dead men.
As the warden flnlshed she exclaim
ed. "| once had an exi«-rl*-n<e with a
burglar, and ’—
“ Did he take your Jewels?" asked
Mrs. Moore sympathetically.
"No. I was lu the parlor car In day
light. | wns the only person In the
ear. and this man walked up and or
costed me | reached for the tell for
the porter. He «truck my wrist Then
he sat on the arm o f toy chair. He
wanted to talk to me. he anld.
scarcely knew what to do when a
younger man. evidently a gentleman,
walked In from the smoking comport
merit und. taking the man by the nrin
led him away.”
"flo w do von know the man was a
“ HE WAS T A I.L A ND H A t' B t."K t> t lA tU *
threw Ills sruis alxnil my shoulder»
anil again sal uu tin- elisir arm When
I rem bed for Ih* bell he struck my
I arreamed.
The gentleman
who hail t»k«>n him away before ran
Into the car, mnl they fought
I was
pettllti-il with frigid
The gentleuiau
was much Ihe »inaile , sud II seemed
he would surely I» * led «In 'll sud
ileuly I ) «.itile Irlcl *e sent Ihe man
crashing through the Pullman window.
I nsnl In Ihe |Mi|ier the lievi day lhal
a famous burglar was found with his
skull fmetured near tue tracks."
A strange light came Into llundler's
Was It |«>sxlb'e. lie thought,
that so strange a coincidence—
“ Divi that occur lu title stale?” b* quickly.
“ Yes.“ Ii*lncell Buffalo and Buche*
ter two years ago In June “
The warden compressed hit lips
“ Was the «lend burglar's name Cot
tin?“ he Interrogates! cartieatly.
"Yea: tluit» what the papera said.
Did you know him?“
“ Ilnd him here for tire years eoe#
Odd. but we heard he was killed try
log to get on a moving tmlu. And. by
Hie nay. Ids pirtlcular pal 1» now In
this prison doing let« safe I.nuking
Ills mime Is Valentine. The story you
tell Is a brand new one on us"
“ And you ueter saw agalli the gen
tleman who re»«'ll e l you?" queried
Mrs. Moor* o f Miss lame
“ Never." Imo the young girl's far*
rame mi expression of sweet
■css and regret
The woman's ques-
tl- n » to retire In tier Ilio mem­
orie» o f a voice and face mid a man­
ner and n pcrx'inallty which somehow
-he hud never Inen quite able lo for­
We sat and talked for a few min­
utes." «he Anally went on
He told
me that there were reasons why he
could not let me know who li* wns
sml that hr conili never see me again.
Hough I wauled litui to meet my fntnl-
ly to receive their Ihauks for what he
bad done. He was very nervous, but
be had amazing strength for one of
his build. » « his handling o f that ruf
tinu shownl
When he shook
with me 1 noticed thnt his limids were
very white nud smooth nud sensitive'*
The warden was now leaning over
his desk. Intent on the girl's words.
" I noticed that he hnd tile off
frequently pressing one limai uertous-
ly Into the other, and“ —
“ He wns tall, and he had blond hair."
Interjected the warden
The girl gazed at Handler In open
inoutlod astonishment
IT© BE C V N II. 1 L ID .J
P r in tin g
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Bowling Alley
Two Regulation Standard Alleys
th e
b u ild in g
Will 1 m * the first shipment to
A larjfe part of that car comes
to Redmond about the first
week in Mareh.
(¡et the habit of expecting to
here at home.
There will 1 m * something to in­
tercut everyone, but it can’t all
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Rooms 5 & 6. Rank of Commerce Bldg., I’. 0. Box 260 R E D M O N D
A ll K in d » o f
car oi
Mrs Moore and Mr* W ei»ter of tk ‘
society, middle seed women o f plea«
lug appears we, came ill. followed by
Hose Lane, the lieutenant governor's
Copyright. 1910 fcy A m w k u i P i » *
A u m u I mm
J oseph H. J ackson , Vice-Pres,
"I aoede, 1/
it h o s t
P lies.”
Novelized by
From the Great
Play by
A conservative bank
for conservative people
Interest paid on time deposits
burglar?" asked III* M#ulrnuul go#
" I Isten. I h«tl no mnri> than got n>T
b r e a th when l
i i i h i i ram* ba> h.
•••H all...
Bowling Alleys , Billiard
and Pool Tables. Every -
thing first-class. You are
invited to come in and
roll the balls.
F. M. W H IT E , Prop’r
Corner 6th and E St».,
th e
c o r n e r o f 6 th a n d F S U .
They invite the public to call at
their place and roll a game* of
Ten Pins, Nine Pins or “ Cocked
Hat” .
Paintersand Decorators
Novelties in Signs, Metal and WooJ
P r o m p t W o r k , S a t is fa c t io n Guarantee^