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Published at the “ Hub City ” of Central Oregon
VOL 1.
No. 31
route, ami this celebration will *T
I k - the grandest event ever held !
in the state.
Already ulans are boimr tier-
fected and committees appointed
to take hold of the matter and
get the alliuir well under way ho
that there will Is* no hitch in the
Portland people
have signified their intention of
lending u hand, and other cities
in the Willamette Valley will do
their share.
It hus not yet been definitely
settled whether it is advisable to
have a two or three days’ cele-1
brntion—that will Is* decided on
later. But one thing is assured,
and that is that all who come to THIS SECTION TO BE
THE DETAILS NOW Redmond, the Hub City, on In -;
dependence Day will be royally
entertained and will get the best
then* is in the house.
YEAR OF 1911
Redmond to Have
a Monster of a
tricL These publications were
sent broadcast over the United
States, and results have |>een oh-
The opening of Geo. L. W h al­
er's Oregon Cafe, formerly the
Banquet Cafe, last Thursday
night, was attend«*d by a large
number of Redmond people, ami
many from adjoining towns. A
free dunce was given by Mr.
Wheeler to pro|»erly celebrate
the occasion, and there was a
good time enjoyed by all from 9
until 1:30. Everyone went to
have a good time, and they had
it. Mine boat Mr. Wheeler ser­
ved lunch during the evening and
did everything to make the oc­
casion one to I k * remembered by
those who attended.
Redmond will have a 4th of
July celebration this year that
will eclipse anythin)? ever given
in the slate o itside of the large
cities. The Oregon Trunk lane
road uml the Deschutes Hail road
will have reached Redmond by
that time and the celebration will
be to commemorate the release
of the vast interior of Oregon
from isolation.
All interests in this section are
combined for a monster celebra­
tion. and when Redmond starts
• ut to do things she never does
i by halves, but goes the whole
The S|*okesman'8 Job
Printing pleases.
ly to the above advertising.
This year it is the intention to
more than double the publicity
work of the organization, and it
is not a question of money with
the executive committee of the
club, but how to g»*t the best re­
sults, and they have decided on
the magazine idea of publicity.
The New West and The Sunset
Magazine, the Coast publications
of large circulation, are two of
the mediums through which the
advantages and attractions of
this section of the state will bi- SOMEONE WILL GET
set forth.
The Rcdrnond Commercial Club
has, since its organization, been
progressive and pushing, and in­
Widspread Publicity Cam­ terest among the members has Excellent Music Has Been
not lagged. The club is com­
paign to Interest
Provided for This Hol­
posed of live wire business men
of Redmond and the surrounding
iday Occasion
country, and they all pull for one
end the upbuilding of Redmond
ami the Redmond District.
At a recent meeting of the
Posters are out announcing a
Redmond Commercial Club it Organize a Band
Valentine Ball to be given by the
was decided Ur inaugurate for At Hillman
Redmond Concert Band at Ehret’s
the year 1911 a widespread cam­ The town of Hillman is work­ hall on the night of Tuesday,
paign of publicity to reach near­ ing toward the end to become February 14th. The hand is
ly every part of the United States. metropolitan as fast as possible. making preparations to make
The Club has made arrangements The latest from that town is that this dance one of the most pleas­
for advertising in several maga­ a brass hand has been organized ant dancing parties of the season
zines of wide circulation, and the there, and a full set of instru­ and those who attend will be as­
results obtained from these scores ments received. It is understood sured of having a royal good
are ex$K*cted to I k * large.
there are several good musicians time.
Last year the chib expended in living in and around Hillman who A “ Valentine Postoffice” and
the neighIsirhood of $4,0n0 for are desirous of getting up a good valentine booth will be in the hall.
publicity work, and issued some musical organization.
At the “ postoffice” all kinds of
excellent publications treatingon
valentines will be on sale, and at
Redmond and the Redmond Dis- Spokesman for job printing.
the booth the prize valentine will
be on exhibition. The purpose
is to give the elegant prize valen­
tine to the young lady in the hall
receiving the highest number of
votes. Between the buying and
selling of valentines, the selling
of chances on the prize valentine
and the dancing there will be
something doing the whole eve­
The music for the occasion will
be furnished by the full band of
sixteen pieces and a large orches­
tra made up from the band.
Everything will be done to make
visitors welcome at the dance.
Supper will be served at mid­
night at the Oregon Cafe, which
has been remodeled and enlarged
and Mr. Wheeler, the proprietor
of the restaurant promises a
spread that has not been equaled
in Redmond. Dance Tickets are
one dollar, and supper extra.
The whole country side is in­
vited to come to Redmond and
have a good time at the Valentine
Dance. Do not forget the date—
Feb. 14th.
Commercial Club is
Making Exten­
sive Plans
Redmond Invite« the Whole
Opening o f the
State to Come Here
Oregon Cafe
and Celebrate
Big Time Promised
for Night of
Feb. 14 th
For the better protection of Groceries which
are not sold in packages we have just in­
stalled a very fine
Come in and see the pains we take to
keep goods free from flies and dirt
Clean Food a t Right Prices
Unusual Coat Bargains
for Friday and Saturday
Ladies’ Capes, $10 values for
$ 7.00
Ladies’ Capes, $18 values for
$ 14.69
Children’s $8 Capes for $ 5.95
You cannot afford to miss this exceptional offer.
lowest possible and should not be overlooked.
The price is the
Lowest in Price, Highest, in Quality
* •
/ r • • * . •
■» • »
• •
• •
• -
$1.50 PER YEAR
Now is the Time
To Prepare
In time of peace prepare for
war. an ounce of prevention is
better than a pound of cure.
These axioms are applicable to
the sanitary conditions of any
city, and before the season ar­
rives when flies abound and and
impure matter is deposited on
the ground, thereby risking dis­
ease and epidemic, is the time to
take measures for the cleanliness
of the city. This can be done
by putting in Septic Tanks to
carry off the water from sinks,
toilets, etc. By the use of a
septic tank the water comes out
about 90 per cent pure, and there
is no stagnant and impure water
to attract flies. Several of these
septic tanks are now contracted
for to be put in early this spring.
The cost is reasonable, and the
healthful conditions that will ob­
tain with their installation are
House and Contents
Are Destroyed
At an early hour Monday
morning the house of Frank
Hensley, four miles south of the
city was burned to the ground,
and all the contents except a few
clothes and a trunk were de­
stroyed. No insurance. The
origin of the fire, it D stated, was
caused by some kindling wood
back of a stove catching on fire.
Read The Spokesman.
Reduced Prices
$30.00 Suits cut to $24.00
27.50 Suits cut to 22.50
25.00 Suits cut to 20.00
22.50 Suits cut to 18.00
18.00 Suits cut to 15.00
17.50 Suits cut to 14.50
12.50 Suits cut to 10.50
Boys Knee Pants 90 c and up
20 per cent off on all Boys’ Suits and Men’s
Summit Brand all wool shirts, regular $2.50
Special $2.00
Ore. Woolen Mill ail wool shirts, Ret $2.25
Special $1.75
Complete line of Ladies Shoes at Portland
E. L. R A P P
“The Head to Foot Clothier.” Redmond, Or.
Organization Is Started Off Proposed to Make This the
With a Satisfactory
Best Hostelry In
Central Oregon
Redmond Yeomen Homestead
No. 3049 was organized last Wed­
nesday night with 29 charter
members. The following officers
were installed by State Organizer
W. A. Bullock:
P. F .- J . C. Williams.
Foreman—J. A. Wilcox.
M. of C .-W . C. Walker.
Cor.—Marguarite I. Williams.
M. of A.—Lula B. Day.
Chaplain—Elsie M. Bateman.
Overseer—Doris C. Bartlett.
Watchman—John Anker.
Guard — Margaret Golden.
Lady Rowena—Docia McLal-
Lady Rebecca—Mrs. F. H.
Considerable interest is being
taken in the organization in Red­
mond and Organizer Bullock ex­
pects to add a number bf new
members in the next few weeks.
Mask Ball
At Sisters
H. K. Allen has out bills an­
nouncing a masquerade ball to be
given at Sisters on the night of
Friday, Feb. 17th. Prizes will
be given for the best sustained
characters, both ladies and gent­
lemen. Good music will be pro­
vided. and supper will be served
at the Sisters Hotel.
tickets are one dollar. The grand
march will begin at 8:30 prompt­
The Jones Land Co., owners
of the Hotel Redmond, contemD-
late a number of improvements
in that popular hostelry. They
have already placed an order for
immediate shipment of the
plumbing supplies necessary to
equip the house with bath rooms
and inside toilets, and as soon as
the material arrives the work of
installation will be begun.
It is the intention to have in­
side bath rooms all over the
house, and toilets on every floor
of the main building and annex.
Manager Jones stated that no ex­
pense would be spared to make
the Hotel Redmond the best
hotel in Central Oregon.
To Enlarge Wyatt’s
Billiard Hall
A. E. Wyatt, proprietor of
Wyatt’s Annex Billiard Hall,
stated to a Spokesman represen­
tative that plans are being made
to enlarge the room he now occu­
pies by building on a 30-foot ad­
dition in the rear. This will
give him the room necessary for
his increasing business. He in­
tends to put in another pool and
billiard table and rearrange the
interior of the place to make it
more convenient for patrons.
When the new equipment hi
placed in position Mr. Wyatt will
have 4 pool and 2 billiard tables.
If you are interested in Valen­
tines this year, we would like to
have you come in and see the
elegant stock we have in this
line. We have all kinds and we
are sure we can please you.
Better come before the assort­
ments are broken too much.