The Redmond spokesman. (Redmond, Crook County, Or.) 1910-current, December 29, 1910, Image 1

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    The Redmond Spokesman
Published at the “ Hub City“ of Central Oregon
VOL 1. No. 25
from this section has been pre­
pared with the idea of giving the
absolute facts as they obtain
here, and as soon as the Oregon
Trunk and Deschutes Railroad
get here in the spring the rush
of newcomers will begin.
Will Soon He a
Legal Paper
After next week The Red­
Exhibit Car Doing mond
Siiokcsman will he a legal Past Year Has Been
— Good Work for newspaper
that is, it will have
six months in
the State
Redmond, which the law requires
Redmond in the
I —
liefore a ne\vHpa|>er can become
of legal age and entitled to pub­
lish legal». Our friends are ask­
ed to hear tins in mind and
AWEALH TO PEOPLE when they have any legals for
publication we would like to do
the work for them. W’e will
make out tneir applications for
Ridniond Sur« to (k( Her ! proving
up on the land, free for
Share of Incoming 1 them.
a Progressive One for
Way of Advancement
and Building —One Hundred Thousand
Dollars Is the Building Record for Y ear-
1911 Will See a Great Gain Over 1910.
S et llera
To look at Redmond a year ago. country adjacent to the city has Nearly 100 tent houses have been
and then compare the city with been settling up rapidly, thus put up in the city during the
what she is today shows a growth furnishing a foundation for the year, most of which will average
Thousand* of wttlers sre
an outlay of $100.
that is indeed remarkable. It is growth of the city.
promised Oregon next year as
not exaggerating to say that With the coming of the rail­ Here are a few of the improve­
1 result of the work being done
progress has been made in roads in the early spring lied- ments made during the year:
now by the Great Northern ex­ New Corporation Will Take more
Redmond the past year than in mond will more fully realize on The city has acquired a water
hibit car, containing Oregon pro­ Over Columbia South­ any city or town in Central Ore­ the publicity work she has done works system that for the pre­
duct» F. W. Graham, Western
ern Contractu
gon; that more buildings have during the past year, for the sent has ample water to supp'y
immigration agent for the rail­
been built and more business eyes of thousands are turned the needs of the city for domes­
way system, has written Mana-
houses established; that more this way, and the only thing tic purposes. An electric light
- g«r Chapman, of the Portloml The State Desert Land Board new people have come into this that keeps them from coming system is installed and almost
_ Commercial Club, stating that held a meeting at Salem last locality than in any other section here now is the lack of adequate ready for operation, and the
1000 jtersons visited the car at wt»ek and. on application of the of Central Oregon. It is a fact. transportation facilities. The principal streets of the city have
Mason. Mich., the day that he
Fin­ Through the effort of the Red­ year 1911 will see such an influx been graded and put into good
joined it Everywhere there are Oregon-Washington-Idaho
Comjiany, that corporation mond Commercial Club and the of new comers desiring to locate condition. A fire department
“* axtSusive newspa|»er notices, and ance
was granted a six months’ ex­ unanimous working together of here, and capital anxious to in­ has been organized and fire ap­
^ the visitors flex-k to the exhibit, tension
of time on the prelim­ the people here, who have stood vest in our realty and business, paratus bought. A good musical
and marvel at the wonders of inary contract
to reorganize the shoulder to shoulder as a unit for that the most sanguine person organization, the Redmond Con­
the Oregon country. This tang­ Columbia Southern
cert Band, has been organized,
Irrigation the upbuilding of the city, the will be surprised.
ible evidence of what Oregon is Company. Representatives
above conditions have been ac­ During the year just closing and a lodge of Owls numbering
and can do is making a profound the campany assured the Board complished. All this has taken $100,000, at a conservative esti­ over 100 has been instituted.
Impression upon the people. A
the Irrigation projects in money, and plenty of it, but the mate, has been expended in build­ The commercial Club has in­
larg e amount of literature is re­ that
Valley will be Redmond citizens recognized ing improvements in the city. creased its membership over the
quested by the visitors, and is rushed to completion
oj>cned that in order to make money or There has been 33 business century mark, and a new news­
being furnished by the railway for settlement in a and
very short build up a town it was necessary houses built during that time, paper has been established here.
people, and everything |»«sil>le time.
to be generous in amtributing principal of which is the large The Redmond Spokesman.
is done to get bona tide settlers Different projects controlled for new enterprises and projects double two-story brick store of These are some of the import­
to come to the state. The car by this firm cover about 80,000 that would make their town a Ehret Bros., the Redmond Bank ant improvements and additions
was kept at the Chicago land
The board made a for­ place to attract new comers and of Commerce, the M. E. Church, made in 1910, not counting the
show during its session, and will acres.
allowing the Central capital. The tightwad in Red­ livery sales, and feed stables of many new business enterprises
be at Omaha during the land Oregon Irrigation
to mond has been a scarce article. Carl W’oods, additions to the that have been established here.
show there from January 18 to 28. sell lands under the Company
The |»eople have resjxjnded liber­ stables of Matt Kulesch, buildings All kinds of business is now rep­
In a country where snow is contract with the state providing ally to the calls made upon their erected by the Jones Land Co. resented in Redmond, and all of
falling and the weather is bitter­ the settlors’ notes were filed with pocket Lx)ks, and the result has on Sixth street, the Woodruff the firms are doing a good busi­
ly Cold at this season, the car the State Engineer for 75 per been that Redmond today is the building, the Jackson buildings, ness. The different lines of
- makes a groat hit. Mr. Graham cent
of the amount the company best advertised city, and has the postoifice building, Kendall trade are not overdone.
- writes that the throng is so obtained
made more progress in a year’s & Chapman's large store and two Every citizen of Redmond has
from the sale.
greu' at times that all cannot be
reason to feel proud of the show­
time than any place in the cen­ large lumber yards.
admitted at once, but the visit­ F.hret Bros, stated to The tral portion of the state.
In the residence district a ing the city has made during
ors stand in the snow and add Spokesman that they had an im­ This growth has been solid and large number of houses have the past twelve months, and by
wait ing for their turn to see mense holiday trade this year, substantial, nothing mushroom been built, many of them costly sticking together in the future
way ahead of former years. One abont it Property values have and substantial. The lack of as in the past, Redmond can be
what Oregon shows.
made the most important city in
[ The city of Redmond and the reason they assign for that is been held at a reasonable figure, lumber and building material has Central
Redmond District, w'hich is be­
thus enabling capital to come in been a draw back to more ex­ We take
off our hat to Red­
ing extensively advertised of everything in the line of holi­ here and go into business. The tended building in this line. mond and the
Redmond people.
through the east, will get her day presents, and further that
•hare of the newcomers. The they advertised the goods judi­
The Spokesman's Job
ature that has been sent out ciously.
Printing pleases.
i i f n
A Merry Christmas
and Happy New Year
We wish all our customers and friends
the compliments of the season, and
extend thanks to them for their lib­
eral patronage during the year 1910.
We shall endeavor in the future, as
we have in the past, to merit a con­
tinuance of your trade by giving you
the best goods for the least money
$1.50 PER YEAR
— ' -
We wish you all
and algo wish to remind you
that during the year 1911
we will carry a larger and
better stock of
than ever before shown in
Redmond, and we invite
your patronage in this line.
E. L. R A P P
“The Head to Foot Clothier.” Redmond, Or.
band members themselves by
giving dances, entertainments,
ect. A little over $100 was do­
nated by citizens for the pur­
chase of the instruments.
The band now numbers six­
teen members, and is under the
leadership and instruction of H.
H. Palmer, who ha3 used his
best efforts to bring it up to its
state of efficiency.
Best Organization present
The band is now rehearsing
selections, and overtures and
In This Section concert
pieces so as to be in read­
of State
iness to play open air concerts
on the street the coming season.
New members are being added
to the organization, and by
spring it is expected the organ­
IS INCREASING ization will have a membership
of over twenty.
Following is the instrumenta­
tion of the band:
Bb cornet and director—
Entertainments By Band H. Solo
Have Been Drawing
Solo Bb cornet—Ashley For­
Card This Season
First Bb cornet—Lee Zumwalt.
Eb clarionet—Wm. H. Hobbs.
Solo Bb clarionet—S. J. Ham­
Though less than three months Second Bb clarionet—J. A.
old the Redmond Concert Band Norwood.
now ranks as one of the best First Alto—A. J. Haney.
musical organizations in Central Second Alto—J. C. Williams.
Alto—J. P. Doherty.
Tve band began rehearsing in Third
the latter part of October. At Second Tenor Ray Miller.
that time nine of the twelve Baritone—E. R. Tichencr.
members were beginners, hav­ Tuba—H. J. Love.
ing never played a wind instru­ Bass Drum—Frank Zumwalt.
ment in their life. But by cons- Snare Drum—George Golden.
ant practice and frequent re­
hearsals the band has been J. H. Rederer has opened a
brought up to a positton where shop one door west of the Pio­
The State Board of Health Postal Department Refuses it now plays a class of music neer Meat Market where he is
Called Upon to Relieve
to Grant Patrons the that professional bands play. prepared to do all kinds of work
The band has a set of the best in the sign writing, and wood
Present Situation
Needed Relief
instruments that are manufactur­ and metal. His is a novelty shop
ed. which cost in the neighbor­ and Mr. Rederer can fix you out
of $600, and nearly $500 of with almost anything you desire
Dr. Calvin S. White, of Port­ Postmaster Norwood has re­ hood
is being paid by the to have made.
land, secretary of the State ceived notice from the postoftice
Board of Health, received a com­ department that there will be no
munication from Bend last week change in the present mail ser­
asking that something bo done in vice from Shaniko to this point
regard to the pure water problem and other points futher south, as
which is serious to the residents petitioned for by all the residents
of that territory. The Deschutes on the west side of the river.
River, from which Bend and Redmond and the other towns
other small towns and farms be­ that would benefit by a new-
low that place obtain their water routing of the mail will have to
We are showing the Largest Line of
supply, is being contaminated plug along with the present ser­
with refuse, it is stated.
Post Cards in the city, both local
vice and receive mail from one
On account of the rock for­ day to a weeks time late, as has
view and a general stock of the latest
mation in the ground and the been the custom for the past
designs. Come in and see them.
great depth to water wells can­ several years. The postoifice de­
not be dug in that vicinity, and partment is a great help to the
the only source from which the people—not When the railroad
Everything in Confection­
population can get its drinking gets in perhaps this section of
water is the Deschutes River. the state will get what is coming
ery, Stationery, Periodicals
Dr. White left for Bend this to them and obtain relief from
and Smokers' Goods
w’eek, and an effort will be made the rotten mail service that now
to have the sewers run the oth-' obtains.
er way and after being put; Severai times the needed relief
through a purifying process the has been promised, but nothing
refuse will be emptied out upon ever materialized, and now the
Postoffce Bldg.
the desert.
department has put the kibosh
Several parties from here went' on the whole thing.
to Bend Monday to seethe Bend- Vern Gist of Sisters, attended
Prineville football game and at­ the dance here Monday night
tend the »lance in the evening. given by the band.
Post Cards