The Redmond spokesman. (Redmond, Crook County, Or.) 1910-current, September 01, 1910, Image 1

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    The Redmond Spokesman
Published at the “ Hub City ” of Central Oregon
VOL. 1.
I iouhc with hi* humorous a|teech,
and the "W oman's Rights" dia­
logue kept the audience in a
(broad smile.
The singing hy
Messrs. McEwing and Aldredge
was well received, und the organ
solo by Mi*.s Brown was greatly
I appreciated. Mr. Kemper's mon­
ologue was one o f the interesting
I numbers o f the evening.
Mamie Pratt pleased the audience
with her vocal aolo, and Mr. Mc-
Carl Shuholm, president o f the
Ewing’s singing o f "The Toll o f | Advance Construction Co. of
the Old Church Bell" wa* good. Portland, that owns the brick
The concluding number by the yard near Redmond, informs The
mixed (juurtct fittingly concluded Spokesman that the company is
the musical and literary part of preparing to burn their second
the evening's program. Miss M. kiln o f superior brick. This kiln
E. Simmon* played the accom­ will contain 2 fX ),(X X ). The first
paniment* to the songs in an ac­ kiln burned was 130,(XX), and the
ceptable manner which added whole amount ha* been disported
much to the effectiveness of the of.
Mr. Shuholm, who i* an ex­
At the conclusion o f the pro­ perienced brick manufacturer, i*
gram refreshments of lemonade very much plea*ed with the
and cake we;e served.
The la­ brick clay found in thi* section,
dies o f the Aid realized some- stating that it i* much Huperior
thing in the »eightjorhisid o f $(X» to that found in many other
und wish to thank the general part* o f the state. The brick
The ent*rtainrm*nt given I ant public for their patronage and in­ made from the clay here are
Friday night at the school bonne terest shown in the entertain­ nearly us hard and tough a* fire
brick, and buildings built with
by the M. E. Lidic* o f thin city, ment.
Following is the program ren­ the Redmond brick will L»e in no
» a * well attended. In fact, the
nchool hnune wa* •,jacked, and dered :
danger o f crumbling or show
Vocal Duet - Messrs. McEwing traces of alkali in the brick after
even la n d in g room wa* at a pre­
and Aldredge.
being exj*<sed to the weather
Recitation — "Caleb’s Court­ for a few yearn.
The program as originally pre­
pared had to 14' changed on ac­ ship," Mrs. C-olgrove.
Organ Solo—Mina Brown.
count o f tome o f the participant*
being unable to represent.
The , Recitation Mm. Greet« Sher-
program rendered wa* a surprise wood.
From advance figures from the
Vocal Solo Mis* Mamie Pratt.
U» the audience, for they had not
assessor's office it is learn­
Recitation Mr* G. M Hutf-
expected to find anch an array o f
ed that the town o f Hillman has
talent in Redmond and vicinity. man.
tx-en assessed at $100,<MX) on the
Monologue Mr. Kemper.
. .
. .
,, ,
Every numl»er on the program
valuation o f the town lot* Mad-
was good, and it is needles* to
The recitation* and Con vention." Mrs. C.reeta Sher- ™ “ aiwe^ ‘d at ^ J 000 and
monologue* hy Mr*. Greet* Sher­ wood. M is s e s Covert, Brown and Uidlaw at $2s 000 . Th*
or wd‘ begin assessing Redmond
wood. Mr*.
M. Huffman, Mrs. Whitney
Colgrove, Mm. Harader and Mis*
Ifessie Harader were o f u high
V«»cal Solo Mr. McEwing.
order, and showed a degree o f
F in ish ed
Humorous Speech L. A. Hunt
elocutionary perfection neldom
Recitation—Mrs. Harader.
j The new city jail is finished, or
found in a place the size of Red­
Mixed Quartet.
practically so. The building is
mond. All o f the numbers by
Mis* M. E. Simmon*, accom- 12x11. built o f native stone, and
these ladies were enthsiastically
is located in the rear o f McClay
S|M>ke*man for job printing.
& Templeton * livery bam.
L A. Hunt "caught” the
250,000 IN NEXT
Redmond Brick Yard Will
Soon Have Plenty
of Brick
M. E. Indies Aid Realizes
Nice Sum From
the Event
Fruit Grown in This Section
Appeals to the Prine­
ville Editor
New Jail I»
We have lately received and put on sale the
most complete and up to date line of
Men’s Clothing and Furnishings
Staple and Fancy Dry Goods
Men’s and Women’s Shoes
Wool and Cotton Blankets
Ladies’ Auto Veils
Prineville E d i t o r
Says Redmond Is
Good Town
and a number o f other articles in the General
Merchandise line ever brought to Redmond.
We invite you to come in and inspect this
stock for we feel assured we can please you
both with goods and prices.
Highest Market Price for Butter, Eggs and Cream
Everything in General Merchandise
productive acres is sure to bring from thi* point to Madras goes
is a fact, and the Redmond prop­ by way o f Shaniko now, and a
erty holder is resting the rest of letter to Culver R. F. D. for e x -;
the man who knows hi* own ample would require about five
mind and does its bidding.
day* under favorable conditions
"A s to the fertility o f the soil for delivery, while one day
in and about Redmond, much ha* should be quite long enough
been »aid. Grain*, gra**es, and Some kind of west side mail ser- (
all kinds o f garden produce, es­ vice is needed worse now than
pecially root stuffs such as pota- ever before, but it will perhaps
taes and carrot* cannot be excell­ not E>e had until the mail comes
from Madras to Prineville, for
ed anywhere.
"Fruit, too, is grown very sue- the postoffice department moves
cessfully in almost every part o f very slowly in these matters. I
the community. Kirk Whited,
who lives three miles out on the
Kouth is exhibiting apples grown jSjew
from four-year-old trees
4----- that
The new building of the Red­
cannot be E>eaten.
"Joseph H. Jackson has Yel­ mond Bank o f Commerce is near­
low Transparent apples that are ly finished, and the bank people
as fine as can E>e bought in any expect to move into their n ew !
market, and one o f which when
measured by the Journal man Some o f the furniture and fix- i
showed a circumference of tures are here, and a force of
twelve inches.
And these from workmen have been w orking;
seven days a week to get the j
three-year-old trees.
"Instances o f this kind are building in readiness for occu­
too numerous to mention.
The pancy. The building will t>e one
reports o f fruit raising come o f the most modem bank build­
The first brick buildinjf ¡n Red_
from all over the disrtict
The ings in Central Oregon, and the
country and the town are on the furniture and fixtures will be of mond wi„ ^ built by Ehret
jump, which shows that the peo­ the latest design.
Bros., pioneer general merch­
ple have confidence in their com­
ants o f this city.
The building
munity and their confidence is
will be on the comer o f Sixth
not misplaced.”
and C streets, 50x75 feet, two
stories and basement, and will t>e
Another horse race is schedul­
wired for electricity and plumt>ed
ed for Sunday, Sept 4th, at 3
for water. It will be a complete,
o ’clock, lietween "Bessie Green”
up to date building.
Lest you forget and put it off owned by Snell & Green o f this
floor and basement
until too late, register today. city, and "Sorrel Jack,” owned
by Ehret Bros, for
The time expires Septemljer 14, by Crooked River parties.
On the sec­
and every man who wants to vote race wili be a 300 yard dash, and
and three
at the coming election will have it is expected a large- number
suites o f offices have Eieen pro­
to be registered.
It is very im- will come over from Crooked Riv-
vided for.
portant that a full vote be cast at er to back their horse,
The Advance Construction Co.,
the November election, and every
-* * -
owners o f the brick yard at this
legal voter should see that he is
place, have the contract for the
entitled to a vote—so register
mason work, which they expect
The Redmond Commercial Club to have completed early in Octo­
has recently issued some return ber. Ben Gotter has the contract
postal cards for use in corres­ for the carpenter work, which he
pondence by the Redmond busi­ figures on completing atxmt the
Extra copies o f The Redmond
When com­
ness men. The card is a hand­ first o f November.
Spokesman, ready for mailing,
have one
some one, and the scheme is
can be secured at The Spokes­
unique. It should bring results ° f the l>est appointed storebuild-
man office each week at 5 cents
for every letter sent from R e d -1 inKS *n Central Oregon,
per copy. By sending a copy o f
mond ought to have one o f these
Tuesday morning carpenters
the paper to your relatives, return postals enclosed in i t
began work on the store building
friends, or anyone wishing in­
______ M______
(that W. A. Belcher is putting up
formation about this section, the
! ° n thf wef l f ide o f Sixthbetween
paper answers E>etter than a let­
E and and F streets.
This will
, J b e a 25x50 fo o t two story frame
------- «■» ----------
A jo1|y company assembled at buildi
dersLgrned for mere, „ .
Wh'te Rock.
«*•">“ £ « » - tile purposes. Janies McCoy has
son s home m Pleasant R id g e.l.,
, ,,
c, ,
, i the contract and the work will
Sunday, August 28th.
The la- ,
, , ,
/I ,
lie pushed forward rapidly,
E. P. Moro at Hillman is in the ,.
dies o f the company prepared a |
Redmond hospital suffering from
bounteous repast and served the j »
wounds received in an alterca­
gentlemen, after which the men j ‘ re
* e *|*ng
tion with some Austrian railroad
acted as waiters for the ladies in 1 M any C a ttle
laljorers Sunday afternoon. The
a very satisfactory manner. A f-
More than a thousand _ head o f
injured man is in bad condition.
ter dinner the American and Dan- steers will be fattened for the
Conflicting accounts regarding
ish flags were raised, and a pho- Portland market during the
the affray have been received,
tograph o f the entire party tak- coming winter within four miles
but they all tend to establish the
en. Those present were:
Gf this place by ow ners o f the
fact that during Moro’s trouble
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Chase and big alfalfa ranches near Prine-
with the foreigners he was badly
family, Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Tem- ville, says the Prineville Journal,
beaten with rocks and beer bot­
pie and family, Mr. and Mrs.
______ ^ _____
tles. One eye was knocked out
with a
beaten to a pulp. After Eieating
Butts, J. R. Benham, G. T. Diz- » P r in ^ “ n ff
Moro into unconsciousness the
ney, Ed Swalley, Chas. Swalley, : Redmond has a street sprink-
Austrians fled and have not been
Rasmus Peterson, S. Christenson, 1er. The sprinkler was put in
J. W. Peterson, R. H. Johnson, commission last Friday after­
Deputy Sheriff Z. T. McC'ay
Daniel Greenhalgh and W. A. noon. Though somewhat crude
and City Marshal Mills went to
in appearance the apparatus does
Hillman as soon as the news of
— T-
the work required o f i t The pay
the assault was received here,
Considerable four foot wood is for sprinkling the streets is rais-
but sufficient evidence could not
being hauled to Shaniko from ed by subscription among the
be obtained as to the guilty par­
this place by freighters going out. business men of the city.
Z. T.
ties to warrant any arrests.
Last Saturday a numt>er o f loads McClay furnished the sprinkler
were taken ou t
and is doing the work.
Pleasing Program
Given Last Fri­
day Night
Hillman Is
Assessed High
$1.50 PER YEAR
The editor o f the Prineville
Journal was in Redmond last
week, and after looking the city
up one side and down the other,
went home and printed the fol­
lowing about the "H ub City:”
"Redmond, the Hub city, is a
town with a well in it. The pop­
ulation line up at the well regu­
larly three times a day and come
in goodly numbers between times
for their apportionment.
"N ot unlike the times o f old,
most o f the modem Rebekahs
and their brothers also, bring
water sacks or water Ex>ttles.
Not the pig skin variety, to be
sure, but the more modem can­
vas bag that keeps water cool on
a hot day and is convenient to
earn-. Almost every Redmond
home has one or more o f these
hanging where they are fanned
by the breezes, while the supply
for cooking, etc., is taken from
the canals which are in evidence
on every street o f this pretty lit­
tle town.
"Redmond has a well and a
good one. and it is proud o f the
fa ct It is the only water that
can I k * had. excepting the ditch
water, between O’ Neil and the
Deschutes, and between Trail
Crossing and Bend. Indeed, the
last three places mentioned can
give the traveler nothing letter
than Deschutes river water
which could E>e purer at this sea­
Thus the Redmond people
think they have something good,
and they have.
Later the town
will be piped and the water
which is now being pumped by a
big pumping plant into a tower
tank, will be installed in the
dwellings and business places,
but the present arrangement
could be and has been w-orse,
and the people are pleased, for
the water from the well is good.
It comes from a depth o f 450 feet
and is cold and pure.
"Redmond is easily three times
what it was eighteen months ago
in the matter o f population,
business, and business houses,
and the immediate future holds
even greater things in store, or
at least such is now evident
"You can buy a sack o f sugar
or a keg o f nails in Redmond as
cheap as they can be had in any
other interior town, and the
quality and service is good. The
business men are all busy tying
up bundles o f goods.
“ The Redmond booster will
tell you that the town will grow
rapidly and that several brick
buildings will be built within the
year. In fact Ehret Bros, con­
tracted a two-story store build­
ing 50x75 feet Saturday to Ben
Gotter, the price being about
$tXXX), and other buildings of
like substantial nature are in
A number o f wooden
business buildings are being con­
structed and cottages, too. In
fact many o f the present popu­
lation are living in tents.
"Whether or not Redmond
will I k ? a Spokane is not talked
here as it was two years ago,
but there is a good town here
supported by excellent irrigated
lands. The business that these
goon Be In Their
Ehret Bros. Have
Let Contract for
Brick Store
Work Begun On a Modern
Store Building for
W. A. Belcher
Do Not Neglect
To Register
Horse Race On
For Sunday
Commercial Club
Extra Copies of
The Spokesman
Hillman Man Badly
Beaten and Injured
“r £ mr *prit ! er Now
Open Their New
Stairs & Finn, proprietors of
the "Banquet- Cafe” expect to
have their place ready for cus­
tomers by the time this paper is
ou t They have a good location
in the building formerly occupied
by Redmond & Phoenix as a real
estate office. The building has
been remodeled to accomodate
the wants o f the restaurant peo­
ple, and Messrs. Stairs & Finn
promise the people o f Redmond
a restaurant that will be a credit,
to the city.
Postoffice Off
Map Again
Heisler postoffice, which has
been established and discontinu­
ed spasmodically for the past ten |
years, is again off the map, says
the Prineville Journal.
Our tables are supplied with the BEST
Eatables possible to secure.
We Lead in Prices and Quality as we
have no rent to pay.
Corner Sixth and F streets,