The Redmond spokesman. (Redmond, Crook County, Or.) 1910-current, August 11, 1910, Image 1

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: VO L 1.
N»t. 6
D .I.& P .C o. May Be
j Able to Resume
Jteo rganization uf Company
Said To Have Been
Agreed Upon
------------------------------------ 1
840 for the entire state, an in
crease for 1010 o f 6003. The rate
apportioned a year ago was $ I. XT
for each child of school age withuj
in the state, us against $1.015 thin
Crook county's uiiisirtionment
is: Number o f children, 2,1530;
amount pro|iortioned, $1,0X0.00.
K I w ih m I sm l T o m K»>M*rU w r n t t<J
ft••• 1 1 •ml X u iiils y on ■ buaincaa v
W o rk on t h r i r new aaw in lit la |iru g ri-*a -
ih g r»(H illy am i th e y e x p e r t to have the
plan t in w o rk in g o rd e r am i !><-gm aaw
lo g lu m b e r in ab o u t tw o w ee ka.
h a ve a la rg e am o u n t o f lu m U -r c o n tra c t
eil fo r aheaii.
Krank Mrl'alfery ami a party o f |:i>
were over from Redmond Sunday amf
hail a rhlrken dinner at Uni Slab ra Ho­
John Dvnnla, the real eatate man
thia plaev, report" receiving a numb«
o f mi|Uirie" from outanle |>artiea re
ganllng lamia In thla aartkm.
in-» /.umwalt ami wife o f Kmtmoml.
a r.- v i a . l i n g f r i e n d . h e r e t i n "
w eek
iioh Jordan ami wife, who live on the
Iniwer Dcaert, vialta-d in Redmond Sat
unlay ami Sunday with Mr. and Mra.
Krank /.umwall.
K H. Home, after vlalUng in tin»
aerUun for a few daya returned to «•-.I
Mr. Carlaun. a recent arrival, hi
Indications an* now favorable
taken a contract to clear It acre*
for an «•iirlv adjustment of the the
Cary place for Krank McCalTery of
if airs o f tiie I Letichili«* Irriga- Keilmoml.
lion & Power ( ’<*. which is now
|n th** hands o f a receiver.
For some time |»ast a rtorgan- S P E C I M E N S
l/ation o f the company has been
I i I hiuks I on lines that would Is-
itisfactory to all parties inter*
t*sted. and at the present time
the details o f the ivorgani ration Redmond Commercial Club
%cheme are being worked out.
Desires to Makes Cred­
It is stated that the money nec­
essary to cum píete the company’s
itable Exhibit
prrigation project can Is* secur­
'd from J. (i. White JSt Co., well
mown engineers and construc­
The Redmond Commercial CluH
tion contractors o f New York
rity. who are thoroughly conver­ is desirous o f getting samples oj
ti with the project and who grains, grasses, vegetables am
iill have charge of the work if other omducts grown in the Rod
the deal as now contemplated mond District for exhibition pur­
poses at the moms o f the cluo on
roes through.
It is understock that the east- E street. Fanners and ranchers
m bond holders of the com|ian
i»anv are requested to bring in samples
in favor o f any plan that will o f anything they have grown that
put the company on a sound fi- will make a creditable exhibit,
annul liasis, and the proposition ¡ These samples can be left at Th»
rv v - at the Oregon
f the White penult* sesma to Spokesman «"»•
Huh office or with K. R. Ticiie-j
eet their approv
From information gain«*»! from nor. secretary of the Commercia'
vliahle sources it now looks cer- Club.
Arrangements have been madt
i ain that within a short time the
angled affairs o f the company to take the samples that nr«
. sill be adju*t«*d and active work brought in and make • creditahk
resumed on the irrigation project display o f them at the Club
lo as to have the lands o f the rooms so that strangers coming
*ompany in condition to sell by to Redmond can sec what is rais-
The lime the railroads get into ed in this district
F.xhihits should he Lagged »*•,
this section next spring.
...... -
mg the kind and variety of th4
product, tne approximate yieli
lad a Pleasant
l»er am*, name of producer am
rial Time
where farm is located.
It ia desired that early attenj V
The Christian Endeavor o f thia
fity last Thursday night had a lion he given this matter by thJ
leasant social gathering at the j farmers.
herwood place, a mile and a
uarter from R»*dmond.
oung folks went out to the place
arly in the evening and enjoyed
hemselves for several hours,
dr. and Mrs. Sherwood are roy - 1
J entertainers, and all present
■arried away a happy remem-1 District Attorney After th
jrance of the occasion.
Townsite Promoter« On
GETS $4,089.60
est Apportionment o f
Funds in His­
tory o f State
State Treasurer Steele made
he largest annual apportionment
f. the income o f tne common
chool fund to the several eoun-
ies that has ever been made in
he state °J * Oregon The amount
vas $329,744.64, which was so
^portioned that every county re-
eived $1.92 for every child with-
n its boundaries o f school age;
hat is, lietween the ages o f 4
,nd 20 years. The total numlier
* f school children in the state as
»•ported by the county superin-
endenta of the different coun-
ies was found to he 171,742.
On August ffrnt last year the
mount apportioned was $308.-
00.66, which was the larg»*st
um up to that time ever appor-
The number o f school
diildren a year ago, according to
he school census taken by the
ounty superintendents, was 166,-
Fraud Charges
District Attorney Cameron a
Portland is trying to fasten frani
charges on Cooper & Taylor, the
promoters o f the townsite o f Hill­
man, claiming fraud in the sell­
ing o f lots in that town. Attor­
ney Cenerai Crawford has taken
the matter up and called the dis­
trict attorney’s personal atten­
tion to the grow misrepreaenta-
tions made by the promoters
When the district attorney en­
deavored to locate the promoters
they could not bs found.
It is
said the base o f operations o f the
company have been changed from
Portland to Spokane
and $60,000 is
said to have been cleaned up by
Cooper & Taylor in selling lots
in the fake town of Hillman
where there is nothing but a
shanty built
The promoters
would sell lots to any one who had
at least $10 to invest
continue to bite at the alluring
bait thrown out by the promoters
in their literature o f the town of
Mr. Phillip« o f thia city, h»« the con­
tract for in« tailing tho fixture» in the
«tore room in the Jarkaon building *<«>n
to he occupied by K. L. Rupp with a
atock o f clothing.
G e n e ra l merchant!
Clothing «tore«, confectionery,
fruit or notion »tore« ..........
Ice cream parlor«
Livery and feed »table«
lardward »tore» .....................
feed or hay atorea............
yard« ...........................
Ncwanaprr office», harneaa »hop,
barber »hop», jewelry atorea,
Furniture »tore»
All other «tore» not otherwi»e
provided for
Annual Tax
Real eatate agent» ................... $
Auctioneer« ...............................
Draymen anti tran»fer men
We have recently received a new stock in the above line and
you are invited to inspect the stock—it will please you.
Additional Local.
Mr». E. R. Tivhenor, the milliner,
laat week received her long delayed
»hipment o f McCall pattern«.
Meadamea A. D. Parka and Albert
llnr|M-r who live near I null«», were in
Redmond Monday doing »ome »hopping. I
I. L. Oaborne ha» the contract for the j
interior wood work flniahing o f the Red­
mond Hank o f Commerce new building. I
Nothing but the beat o f everything en­
ter» into the conatruction o f this work,
Q T ) til/^IT A T
J 1
r\ 1 J
Lemon Cling, Solid Pack Peaches. These rt
are a big bargain at per can o n ly ...........
New arrival of a line of General Merchandise.
Everything to meet your wants at right prices.
Highest Market Price for Batter, Eggs and Cream
EH RET BROS. Redmond