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P«g> Four
ThuratUy, Jung 28, 192.1
Every Day, In Every W ay, th^ Klan G row s Bigger and Better
stucles with antagonistic or domineering fofct's. The divine will}
does not fight wrong; it transforms wjrong, It works in silence'
and serenity, but goes so deeply into the eltoicnts o f things that
|it undermines the very first causes o f all afversc or detrimental
rt ttAu nw m
wit «
« m i
conditions. It does not resist the MirfacBjbut goes calmly be-
Pabllxhed Woeklj hy *
neath the surface and transforms those undercurrents from which
The W etten Aaerlcaa PabUshlo# CaWfOttj
conditions proceed.
| »'
" *
Publk-atioa Office« 4S7-446 PUteck Block. P orttu d, Ore»««
To live the life o f God, think the thoiyht o f God, und will
Phone Broadway IW Ì
i m r with the will o f God— that is the secret patfc to the highly (Level-
' oped individuality; and it is such an individuality that becomes
a master mind, a son o f the Most High. When the, individual
H 1» th* M riM lIy hdOitttd m n iu i* i w o i .i t ... O“ " ' —'* . — — —
. . . .
■ " “ ^ ‘ «¿ du X m o& mind
- - declares,
- -
* “ rec-
«2 »?._th?
“ —
Will be done* consciouBnoss
must fully
ognize the presence o f Supreme power, and must realise, with
s u b s c r i p t i o n . POSTPAID: ¿altea staue. Panama ca n a i ¿»importo Ri«j. depth o f thought and feeding, that Supre*» power invariably'
H awaii and t h . PhtUpplnaa. tit a >*ar In advance
Canada and « u r o ( * .. *».M
a yaar. Renll by chati, draft, poetai or axpr^'œon*y oASîr?V*?«l«^l««*r- leads to higher g r o u n d — the W orld o f freedom a n d S u p e rio r
When Governor Pierce, State Lecturer o f the Modern Wood-
,nen Df America, or anyone else, solicits you to join a fraternal
By N. S. Sodmnthar
insurance society, qsk him this question: Are your available
assets one hundred per cent o f the required reserve? In the ease *
>1|r .
uf the Modern Woodmen o f America, according to the last avail- I
1(r'j0 m# wltb ,h0’
able figures, they had eight and four-tenths cents for every dol- |loUU#a lUal h„ lt * -r»aalar he-man
lar o f the required reserve, or $«.40 for every $.100 o f unset«
Tborafor», th« laitor from
they should have had on hund. This evidently means that the »hi» preacher if'»*«"*
Modern^ Woodmen and many other fraternal« will have to pro-.and 1 am solas m * r“ *’ •>»'' • M,#r<
vide f o r t h e future by making increased nsseesments and r o n - ; ^
. . .
' * 4
tinuing to make them until they get into the hundred per cent
tJ like jticachera.+Pw lUiuunh Uuue
class— the point o f insurance saiety.
j w« arc n> » »^ Anj^«< ».jwu if «>»“»•
Many o f the fraternal« arc financially all right. These
wtti unTy if.W M e r e r thrtr
elude the Woodmen o f the World, the Knights o f Pythias, the
,n ,h,lr work* ,ur *
A merli’ » catino» go wrong.
“ " Ä S ® » OF*I'nPRESS: Tb* add rasa of au boeri bora can Do «•'atWjd as oftao e x i s t e n c e ,
aa deal red In ordering a chame, please Rlv* both the new^ a n d th e ^oid addreoa
Manuscript should bo aovmpanied by postan for Tenirw if umTaiiab o Courte-
The good that is inherent in others is infinitely greater than the Natiouai Fraternal Society for the Deaf (if you happen to be rn o M a K 1 .ANHMAN?__ Hi) UkCl.l.M
our attention and painstakln« care will be «Ivan to all contributlona. PubUclty^ m a-
* *
tertal o f eonatructivo value to The Klan and Ite fnenda will be P ^ d for at the a j| ( h e i r faults, s h o r t c o m i n g s . O r i n i p c i 't e v t M h a ; t h e r e f o r e . WO C « n
minimum space rate o f X a column. A d communications should bo addressed to tos
Society, the Polish Association o f America, and others listed in
P tttoek S tock. Portland. Oro.
• J r —
readily .forgive them for all o f these. Tnere is more in man than
another column o f this issue.
T h « Publisher« guarantee that all m ereban«!.« advertised In T h « W B S T tR N I the Undeveloped surface, and it ¡S this MORE that We Will TeCOg-
Why aren’t ALL o f the fraternals regulated properly and
nize, love and admire. When anything goen wrong, we will not,
, _.
f c 4 f 7 t . r u.TfV?nc*,nr-n i 9*- “ p**ron‘" #ur $ * * * * + t*te ,orm *
criticise or complain; we cannot criticise anyone without harming i rw>uirttd to mai,U“ " ' an udwluute rej,e[ v<i? J J *
W«M«rn Amontan Bureau.
ation profiting an concerned.
think tvell 0f : Hnswef is tlu»t the delinquent ones use the rabbitfoot o f influence
everybody concerned,
t w a ttiu tu , u
u i o c n c o i included
i i v i u w u , ; u
u i t can
a n we
« t liiim v n u i 'Jl ' .
. • .
1 ii
s u -a 1
Ivl » A KAI'JUrt.
l t ' i s la. . Jun* 37
' •
Entered m
t «econd-cie** g e t t e r August 1, 1« 2, at the p oeteftk g e t A etqrU,
without helping everybody concerned, ourselves included. ‘ »“ the leK‘8lutunj nntl stato lnau~ nJf ‘‘^»rtnum t, pleading tha i (ru K ^ wurd,. , k .. b miutotor.
under the Act of March $, 1» 7i .
. __
. 1U ää anyone
.they are fraternal^benevolent and all that kind o f buncombe. It burled • rh»ll<'Ug<> l«»t week, lo
Application made to «Postmaster at Astoria for transfer v
pecond-claae privilege
And everybody wants the best to happen to everybody.
post of Tics at Portlang, Oro.
i is a business proposition, purely. A man joins an insurance so­ «memi«« of lb » Ku KI ilx Klan. lo m oot
When we feel inclined to lambast some institution, or person,
ciety to get protection for his dependent family. 1J. is in his btiu lu u public dvbiUv. P r.u k Mil«'«,
or group, recognized as inimical to our cause, we should remember j
Mre to,ki
abwut thi8.
u b r .v « .otdiur, and wdllur ui Ibu lo w .
L cglon n .lro » h r.u k frt»u IU*> i.roep*<l
this sage advice o f Christian D .U r s o n :
„ Uie offid a l roporU o f valuations on fraternal beifefit
of lueellng . K lau»man on Ilio piai*
VSe should never try to eliminate evil. * To ------
*-* —
evil, *---------
to give
societies as o f December 21, 1921, are correct .showing that 74 form and rvfu*«d for Ml lb « toglou-
thought to evil, or to work against evil, is to give more life and
o f those listed are facing a deficit o f nearly a half BILLION Darle».
lrlE . K
jwwer to the very thing which you wish to remove. Overcome e v il, . . .
.. . . . .
for a nation-wide investigation, for this
For many years f o r k i n g actively as editoT; r ^ o r te r specUil
ith ^
but ^ n t array the good against the evil, thinking j wouId ^
£ , 'th‘ " ¿ ilistst graft and fake o f its kind on record.. E A S Y -M O N E Y S H A R K S
writer amt observer throughout
throughout America and a large part o f Ufe that overcoming implies resistance o r w arfare. To overcome is t o ! ^
------ 1.
l f an ingurance t.onccrn canhot ^ ^ G E T R IC H P IC K IN G S
H the writer has held tenaciously the idea that it ^ r is a O but
foreign world,
u t of, forgetting
f o o t i n g t)
the lesser by giving W h o l e o f life to the j
it ought to bL“ put out o f bu T ii^ i
W««t«rn American Bureau.
unscientific folly to recognize evil or the negative qualities in any greater, xhe purpose o f life is to grow eternally into the greater
:--------- _
.• „ •
tn m,L-« _ ,
, 1 ,
„ ,,,
. • „ ” '
, ” ,
t without partiality and without remorse, for it is monstrous to
NKW YORK. Jun« *7 — K»»y mon#y
form . Through all these years, at intervals, he has tried to make KOOd. Aim to fulfill this purpose and evil o f every description ,,
any outfit, fraternal or otherwise, to jeopardize the welfare Arti»!» bave Iwvn operatine lu <Plu»h-
others realize that the recognition o f evil and resistance to it is wiJ1 disappear. THERE IS NO WRONG IN THE WORLD THAT
Ins and other lulmrb«, ralllns «I
folly, » » d that it defcaU high p u n » * and
Th* * » d alono d « n * our
‘ " i ^ l Z T t “ i ' r m l ^ u r a Ihb «■ a y -h cro wo hav.
It la apparent to ov^ry latelUsont pciraon that
» ' * attention, and w l* « tho r o l m . i v « . 1 o o r attanUoa. , « i l caonol
|lM d
mull). U to u ^ d a o f then., and wo
is the greatest power in the u m verse-th e ^
an niore. Build tor the right; inspire every^soul with an shall
t ^
wool at 8hcarinR time, worth »> much m o n e y -
sion in toward all men, everything and ^ r j b o d j ^ h a t irresist.ble desire for the right and everything you do will add to wJthout considorini? Ule uucertainti« as to death, weather, wolves
contentment and kucc^s are impossible
power that makes for reedom. Think o f the good, speak o f ; and ^ woo, market< They capitalize on future wool and phan-
harmony with the Infinite, and the greater the harmonj, the the ginid, work for the good, live for the good, and the good o n ly .; tom gheep. KoolWl busineut Bad sheopherding! Like the good
greater the power and progress.
and your life wjll be a light « ’herein darkness can never be.”
old shepherd dog wc s »v B O W -W O W
‘ -
IU s one thing to know
W « « W p l A ¿ o p h i » learnedly about the beauty o f spiritual
Thi, old |ine companies are compelled to toe the mark with
ing among the warring elements o f good and evil, however, a n d ,thought, but that w ill serve ho purpose u n t e the truth that t* „dequatc reserves. I*t all the fraternals be required to do the
quite another to practice i,t in daily life.
'contained in our spiritual thought is stamped upon every word
. . . . . .
.same, for the protection o f everybody, and let them advertise,
We strivejow ard the ideal, but it is like walking— constant1
w - .. .
, H
e a rea IZ0
P°wer o f words; whenever we
any other open and above board business concern.
falling and constant recovery The sole trouble is that we donv .-peak-we send a life-current through every part o f the body; and
The Catholic Sentinel ri?ccntly commented dolefully on Klan
keep right with God. If we conscientiously determine to do what -f’ the words spoken are expressions o f material belief, we give
activities which it feared might keep the Brotherhood o f Ameri­
God wants us to do, and accept Jesus Christ as our guide, we can- conditions o f weakness^to the body, and at tones even disease,
can Yeomen from establishing in Oregon its proposed ten million
not fail in any undertaking.
| When we stamp every word, not with human thonght. but with di-
dollar home o f some kind. We replied that the Yeomen home
If the Ku Klux Klan, now great in numbers, is to achieve the vinc thought, every word will convey to the peatm the very spirit
would be welcome in our midst and we were for it, world without
vast good and reach tho^xaited gpaLjipori- which all hearts are 0f life, power and wholeness. • Through the powttr o t speech a per-
end. It now appears, from official figures, that the bulk q f the
rixed, it must have Christ?is the Supremo Imperial Pilot. —
son can bring upon himself every wronfc in the world; and through
Yeomen's insurance is in ¿he inadequate rate claaa, having only
The purpose in proclaiming this truth is to notify all c o n -. the same power he can bring upon himself every pood in the world. tVree and a 'half'cents for every dollar thev should have in the
tem ed that The Western American hereafter is going to make a Through the right use-of words, uttered or unexpressed, a person rc<juired reftcrve. or |;!.n0 for every $100; and that they had about
determined effort to live up to the ideal o f the Fiery Cross. This can attain or obtain anything. Words are living forces; they create thrc<? milUon dol|arg in u se U livuiiable for the payment o f future
means that there shall be no further recognition o f evil in any according to their nature, and they attract their kind. When we
death claims .against about a hundred and ten millions in benefits
form in the columns o f this journal, and that every effort will be become as scrupulous about our words as we are about our clothes ¡,romjHed
made to develop and encourage the good in all men There sh all. we shall become a superior race.
' ' We don’t want to do any concern an injustice, and our
not be another line o f malignant criticism. W hen it does appear,
0 ur purpose will be to develop faith among the K la n sm en - (.0,nmng ure opell for a discuMion o f thitl gubjw.t. Thig ig a ,,rol>.
the present editor s name will be o ff o f the masthead and another the kind that moves m ou m a .n s-to transform hope into faith.
; |em that re<juire, investigation and strict regulation by the State
man will sit at his desk. In making this decision the editor knows
' Every person iri the world, whatever his present position may authorities
well the task it may involve, and he contritely accepts the respon­ lie; can begin today, and through the power of faith, work himself
sibility for all the errors that have been made in recognizing evil, up into any attainment or realization he may have in mind. What-
in this paper, for the fierce and relentless warfare and bitter ever his goal, he can reach it, if he works in faith. ThiH may seem
Commissioner Dow V. Walker is making good. His
criticism which erroneously were designed to expose treason, pun- to be a strong statement, but Jesus Christ declared it was so; and
plan o f dividing the work o f the Board so that
ish treachery, and halt the progress o f eviL The motives were it is certainly high time that we begin to believe and practice the
have certain particular duties, for which he
good, but the methods were un-Christian and unscientific.
great truths this Master Mind proclaimed.
by the Board und the public, was
Jesus Christ is the Klansman’s criterion: The Western
Like the tempest-tossed ship at sea, the Klan is often beset
American is the official journal o f the Klan; it must be made, by the winds o f adversity, which mercilessly rage around us, and male effective June 27. With team-work now, progress and har­
therefore, as nearly ideal in purpose, contents and policy as hu- like the sailors o f old we sometimes fear lest we perish. There mony are assured. The one who refuses to co-operate will be
man ingenuity and devotion can make it. Editing a paper fo r the will be no fear and no peril, i f we keep the Christ on board, challenging a rebuke from the taxpayers.
The Walker system o f dividing the work and fixing respon­
approval-o f Christ, regardless o f the pulls this way and that way, Wherever we may be, wherever we may go, whatever we may do,
embodies the basic principle o f the commission form
crushing the human propensity to lambast opponents, is a tough | we shall be safe and the haven assured, if Christ, the Master, is
job even for a hfty-souled Christian, and many times more d iffi- with us. He will answer at our call, and the winds and the waves
cult for an ordinary, hard-boiled newspaper man.
will obey.
No apologies are due to individuals who have suffered criti-
We have found a perfect remedy for fear, because he who
cism in these columns; they deserved it and far more than they knows that Christ is always in the ship jvill fear nothing. To him will be an end o f passing the buck.
Commissioner Walker truly says that “ everybody’s business
got— now there we go again— do you see how hard it is to write no ill can come whatever. Though the approaching storm may
in the way that our Master would approve? An ideal journal, the sweep everything before it, its fury will lie dissipated into nothing j *8 no^ dy’8 ,’U8‘ neftH
The work was apportioned by Chairmun Rudcen as follows:
kind we have in view, ought to have an angel for editor, with when it comes to the ship where the Christ is awake. But the
1, bridges and highways, Chairman Itudeen; No. 2, institu­
cherubim and seraphim to guard him, and sometimes Michael with Chist is in every ship, and He will come forth in every ship and
and relief, Rankin; No.
finance and property. Walker.
his shining sword.
j utterlÿ put to naught the impending danger. Whatever our posi-
Rankin “ won’t play b f$ ”
Nevertheless, and notwithstanding all these"handicaps. The tion in life may be, or whatever we may be called upon to do, when
His friends are
Western American is going to be as nearly true to the Christ iwe know that the Christ is with us we may proceed calmly, peace-
he will
ideal, in purpose, contents and policy, as it is humanly possible to fully and the full conviction that nothing but good
make it. This is a'dangerons experiment, o f course, for the aver- will come. There will he nothing to fear. The turning o f the tide continue “ looking after ALL departments.” Any such attempt
age man doesn’t want that kind o f journal; even many o f the .may sometimes be delayed, even until the eleventh hour, but thé would be regarded as meddling with work for which others are
Klansmen may kick, though they worship under the Fiery Cross 'turn will come without fail. We must go to the Christ first; then held responsible. Team-work is what the people want.
Commissioner Walker didn’t draw the department which
and Christ is their criterion o f character.
He will come, to us and answer our prayer, whatever that prayer
would have been his personal preference— that o f in­
The divine principles upon which this decision is based are may be. We must place ourselves in touch with Supreme power
and relief, for which his experience has qualified him
set forth in many books of the highest worth, besides the Holy first; then that power will come with us; and when Supreme
but he amiably accepted the work o f finance and prop­
Bible. Readers who want the details should obtain a remarkable power is with us we have nothing to fear. When the power o f the
Mr. Rankin have the greater opportunity o f winning
book by Christian D. Larson, entitled “ The Pathway o f Roses,” Supreme is on our side, all things will be on our side ; and God will
which would be assured through efficient hand­
issued by The New Literature Publishing Company, Los Ange le#, lie with us the very moment we choose to be with God.
Cal., and obtainable in any public library. In this book, and in all
The Klan has great purposes to carry through; a sublime ling o f institutions and relief.
■ 1 ■
such works, these truths and principles may be found:
mission to achieve. It must keep TÎfeht with God. Christ must
When the individual mind is in such perfect harmony with be the Supreme Imperial Pilot. Otherwise we shall fail and
Angels and ministers o f grace defend us, but wc sure feel
the Supreme mind that the divine will can be given full and free meet disaster. We must cease giving recognition to evil, and “ mad,” sometimes. Militant publicity is the medicine for balky
expression, the will o f the individual mind becomes invincible.jeease warfare upon the resistance to evil. VVe must concentrate officials, a jd it ought to lie used when needed, f f we had our
The secret, therefore, o f developing a powerful w ijfis found here- all o f our energies upon the doing o f good, promoting the great way unrestrainedly, a number o f State gazabos, led by His Ex­
in, and here alone.
^— --------■'— ..............
constructive ideas which are awaiting executive action; centering cellency, would be visiting the newspapers and waiting in the
The true will is never domineering jaûf antagonistic ; neither all thought and all effort upon convincing the world, by our ante-room while they dolefully pleaded, with Uncle Remus: “ My
(lows it ever apply the force o f resistance. I f you are antagonistic,, works, that the Klan is a mighty force for good, with Christ as honey, my love, my heart’s delight, hit’s a mighty long way on
o r have a tendency to resist everything that is not to your liking, the Supreme Imperial Pilot, We must keep too busy proving by a rainy night— iem m ein!”
it is proof conclusive that you are not in harmony with divine will, works the goodness and benefits o f the Klan to spare any time
You arc misdirecting your power, and are forming obstacles and |for the contemplation o f evil. In the true light o f the Fiery
A tea-kettle sings when it is full o f water, said a pious friend,
pitfalls for yoursdlf.
^ Cross, darkness cannot be, and evil will dioapps*r when we estab- while condoling with the editor. After pondering his statement,
The divine will does not attempt to overcome evils and ob- li6h the good.
,he added: “ But who in hell wants to be a tea-kettle?”
home» and rull«<-tlnK nume) under th«
pretenae that »urh futid» were tielDf
uwm I In opiKNtlui the Ku Klux KU11.
It U M id they found «iiuajly coud
pi, ktiic» lu Knlshl» of ('illumini» and
Maounir luimrit
T W raid un III«
t'jseyi waa »polled liy j* Warning frutti
(ho KotnUh prie»» »Hu tulli hla parlati-
loner» lo »hut thv door In tbo face«
ot auch fakon.
Nutmcggerc Rally.
Weatern American Bureau.
MKItlDKN, Cotta., June 37.— Two
hundred and fifty were Inducted Info
the myitartee of the Klan at n roevnt
ceremonial Ju-re attended by tuora
ZofKI Klnnamen.
Busy in Delaware.
W»»t»rn Amarlean Bureau.
SMYRNA, D el. June 37. — A hlR
upon air caremouiol waa held bore on
June 13. under euaplcea uf Caeiar
Hòdu(e) Klau Nue 4.
Klan Gives Bread.
Weatern American Bureau.
KKWANKK. III.. Juno 37. -Thirty
five doten bun* vyer» donated to tho
Kowanue puldlc hoipllal by tho Klan
of tbli place rut-cully.
Sacramenten« Join
Weatarn American Bureau.
SACRAMKNTO. Cal.. Juno 37.—
Bovorol hundred now mutubure have
boon added In tho Klan horo In the
la»t few week», according to a report
Juat publlRhed.
Meeting Outdoors.
Weatarn American Bureau.
CAMIIK1DUK. 111., June 37. The
The find outdoor Klnn ccrvmonlnl ot
(he »cumin around hero ha» Ju»t boon
held by tbo Klan ot thli county.
Money for Pastor.
W«*tarn American Bureau.
MILAN, 111., Juno 27.— Fifty dol­
lars waa tho amount ot n donation
madn to tho Itov. John lotcklo, pastor
of tho MethodUt- church, by four
Klanaraen who recently appearod nt
hU church.
i-il Attending Church.
Weitern American Bureau.
KMR1CKVILLE, Pa., Juno 87. — A
Hundred and fifty allona woro nat­
uralized horo lust week nt a coro-
monlal which moro than 1000 Klan»-
men attended.
Naturalize Aliens.
Weatarn American Bureau.
ItALt.H, Tox.. June 27 — The Klan at
thin plaro ha» Juat naturalized moro
than 100 alien» at a bis ceremotrfal.
Michigan Awake.
Western American Bureau.
DKTKOIT, Mlcb., June 27. — Moro
than r»t>0 candidate» worn mtturnlibed
at a Riant open air ceremonial hero
on Thuraday nlRht of tho past week.
It 1» aa Id 10,000 attended.
Build Huge Hall.
W eftfrn American Bureau.
LITTLK ROCK. Ark., Juno 27 —
A Klüvern to ro»t 850,000 I» In con-
templalIon horo hy Lltfle Kork Klan
No. 1. The ronalnictlon of tho homa
will be flnnncod by tho aalo of aharn»
of »lock at *25 «sch . Tho Klavern.
when flnhhVd. wiU »eat 7500 peraooa.