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S ix
they sneak out of their holes, or e x -,
tend themselve* part way out. to zee
' what * Koinit on In our wonderful old
world It la then that the Early HIM«
nab then. Have you over Keen thU
In laiwnadale
Square’ “ Not only the ftsh love these ^
Night Prowler».” said one of the men,
perhaps mendaciously, “ some folks
make meat plea of them, and use them
to glee tone to slews.” It was gratl-
KJux K la n
o f f the grass signs to Interfere with
this profitable pastime and th«t no!
license was required to hunt the Night
m isin o F o e to E veryth in g
T h a t Is “ R e d ” .
Western American Special.
RT. JO S E P a MICH.. April 11 «-
Foretnost In their program against
present law enforcement agencies,
“ Hqnldation of the KU Klux Klnn. in­
voking criminal conspiracy laws n>
prosecuting all persona connected with
that organisation.” leads the agenda
agreed upon by the Communist party
"p f America, according to e»idence
brought out here in the trial o f Wil­
liam Z. Foster- and other radlcalt who ;
— —— —
p 1 iu
lirtl ».»
ttr Avdirthrnw
vwvi tn ivw
! C a p p er T e l l. A l th e P a p ist
C on stitu tion M ust Be
Foster, it la said, realised that the
Communists never would get far. with
the Ka Klux Klan growing by leaps
and bounds, as it has been during the
last flTe years, with no signs of stop­
ping even now.
Backsd By the Pope
Poster, with his radical party, has
the full and free backing of the Cath­
olic chnrch In America, as is evidenc­
ed by the fact that Frank P. Walsh,
one Of the leading Catholic laymen in
America, is hit chief counsel and the
“ Rev.” J. H. Ryan, a priest, who la
chairman of the educational commit­
tee o f the National Catholic Welfare
Council, is one of hit closest advisers.
* It is confidently believed that Cath­
olic money Is being poured into the
defense of these men. who plotted to
deliver this country Into the hands of
the soviet government of Russia. It.
however, is believed the Moscow au­
thorities would never have had any­
thing to any; as the Catholics were
planning to wrest control from Foster,
under the guise of "rescuing'* the
country when the proper ntoment
Klan Is Foe to Rede
It has produced n distinctly favor­
able opinion here, when it became
known that the Reds were against the
Ku Klux Klan and numbered It among
their blttereet enemies. It Is taken
here that anything the Reds ftgh t^
a Pretty Good Onset.
The Klan Is classed as among the
“ capitalist” organizations by thin Ok.
which has ooly two classes for any­
thing—either 'capitalistic” or “ work­
Take your choice!
S u prem e.
Western American Special.
WASHINGTON. D. C . April 18.—
Senator Capper of Kansas has written
a letter to Governor A1 Smith o f New
York commenting on the resolution
recently passed by the legislature of
that state, petitioning Congress to
pass an act modifying the Volstead
law so as to permit the use of “ light
wines and beer.”
Referring to a statement In the res­
olution that national prohibition “ has
resulted in widespread contempt for
and violation of the law and Illegal
traffic In liquors, and in official corrup­
tion.'' Senator Capper contended that
“prohibition statutes, enforced, instead
of tending to increase crime and offi­
cial corruption, afford one of the surest
methods of reducing them to a mini­
mum. Declaring the proposal to lib­
eralize the prohibition law was “ in­
consistent and impracticable.” the
Kansas Senator asserted that thoae
who are demanding a modification of
the enforcement act will not be satis­
fied eicept with a beverage which la
intoxicating in fact. Sale o( such bev­
erages. he insisted. can_he legalized
only by amending or. restdnding the
prohibition amendment
Light wines and -beer, in the Senat­
judgment, would “ only tend to in­
grease Mm difficulties of lew enforce­
ment by perpetuating the alcoholic ap­
petite. which la the cause of the pres­
ent violations o f the law.”
Such a
modification, he declared, would prove
unsatisfactory to the “ wets.” who
would insist upon further concessions.
Enforcement of the present prohi
bition law is the only solution of the
liquor traffic problem, Senator Cap­
per stated, adding that nothing could
be gained by compromise measures.
EDITATING, alone with con­
science. an evening or two ago.
upon a bench In Lownsdale Square
“ where every prospect pleases and
only man Is vile," the writer’s
thoughts were interrupted by the
spectacle o f two men and a boy In­
dustriously hunting something upon
the greensward n few yards away
Each o f the men carried a flashlight, S q u a b b le O v e r P etty Jeal
with which he searched carefully
ou sies G iv e* A id and
every yard o f the grass over a wide
C o m fo r t to R om an s.
area o f the park. Every few moments
each man would nab and pluCk at
something in the grass, while the Western American Special,
boy, carrying a pail, received the j WASHINGTON. D. C.—April 18.—
"Angels and ministers of ’ Certain propaganda Is already at work
grace, defend us.” quoth the watcher, in the United States to make capital
wondering whether these were a trio of the dispute at Atlanta between Im-
o f escaped ones from the nut house. perlal Wizard Evans and Emperor
He watched them with greater inter­ Simmons, and to use It as an entering
The two men, moving about wedge in the campaign toward the dis­
on their knees, accompanied by the integration of the Klan.
handy boy with the pail, were catch­
Thaw Hearst newspapers carry a
ing ’em. rapidly. Whatever it was. story from San Antonio, Texas, pur
When they came closer the - writer porting to be an Interview from George
asked them to satisfy his curiosity, j w . Keel, "grand kleagle” for the Lone
“ what do you men think you ■ a r e ' star state. In which Mr. Keel Is
doing?" “ Huh, catchin’ halts,” was the quoted as saying Lone Star Klans
reply. "W e've got nearly a gallon of , men would secede from the Imperial
Night-Prowlers. Finest bait in the , body if Simmons wins, and stating it
world.” Watch me now and you'll see J will stand aquarely behind Imperial
something." The writer watched and, Wizard Evans.
in a moment, the man—flashlight in
A high official of the Texas realm
left, right held at ready—pounced | who is in Washington for a few days
upon osmething which he saw in the ' gays he does not believe any such
grass, and by firm but gentle pulling statement was made by Mr. Keel, espe-
he extracted from mother earth a : daily before a decision had been
glorified , angle-worn about seven 1 reached at Atlanta. He pointed out
Inches long—a wonderfully fat and that the KJan'e big aim Is a unifica-
Juicy one. It was almost big as a | tlon of the white gentile Protestant
snake. It had a well defined head but thought and personnel of the country
no tail. The nether end was stubby and that It would be the last in the
and the body was banded, here and country to start a secession movement,
there with thick gristle or muscle. U f 4t is pointed out here that the i t
coiled and uncoiled, squirmed and fairs of the Klan ara in tho hands of
wriggled like a snake, hardened itaelt ths members and what they aay goes
at a touch, as IF fearing the hook, and if Simmons la In control and tho mem-
made ready to escape at the first op- bert do not like his administration
portunity. “ NlghyProwler,” said the they can change IL Likewise, if the
man. “ a regular he worm, grand-daddy Evans regime peeves unsatisfactory it
o f the angle-worn tribe, and Oh Boy, likewise can be speedily removed and
how the big fish love ’em !” It seem» one more satisfactory instituted. The
the Night-Prowlers stay In their winter Klan le bigger then any man or aet of
hole# until the warm showers com#, men In It, end It la here to stay, re-
untll the treee begin to bud end tha gardleee of petty jealousies, Tester
Ooweri bloom: then, sfter ntfhtfhll, | day, Today and Forever.
N ew spap er M an
o n Tour.
0 •* I
the waist wll
red, white ttnd
blue, with n
fsstened over
her heart,
grant an In-
tervlew durll
moments that
remained Ul
ay started,
ller heed dl
band of red,
white and
letters U 0.
K. in
[owlny veil of cot
hair. Conceal-
the lower
her face was n
heavy white silk
i* '
In the course of
Interview, (he
tlrand ^Counselor, in answer to the re­
porter's questions, nil of which had to
do with the doings of the Ladles of the
Invisible Empire |a Paterson, ex
plained that Betsy Ross Council, which
U n co m p ro - U K *• note that them were no keep r ccj R i g * , , S erve a* E scort
T h u rsd ay, A p r il 19, 1923
WOMEN OF EAST ARE BUSY » has th* a -nemhershtp in ^ the hundreds
with mud. ilval this w»a nest to Im-,
possible in the darknasa.
Another "Inylsible empira" happen
tug of Saturday *•» the performance
of the last rites of the Ku Klux Klan
at the grave of ll-’Ury M. Earl In
Laurel Grove cemetery in the after»
noon. This was the Klanamen’s first
public appearan.y at a funeral In I’at
eraon. Masked and «Hired lu their full
regulia. 3- members of the Erickson
Klan of Paterson, marched over the
hill, in the form of a rose, just aa the
Rev Irving O. Starr aator of Calvary
M. E. church, had concluded the final
carried a large wooden
cross, an American tUg and a five-foot
cross of carnatyoa*. Their appear
ance came ns a complete surpriae. in
fact, two of the gray» diggers ran
away In fear. The impressive cere­
mony was concluded with the dropping
of white carnations mto the open
grave by each of the Klanamen, who
upon doing eo. «aid. ''Farewell, brother
meets regularly, but not. however, in
G ra v e D ig g e rs ‘‘ Beat It” place of Saturday erealng's initiatory
ceremony which was a special affair
W h e n K lan sm en S u d d en ­
Membership in tha organization. wMbh
Is now active In Ji Melee, she said, t«
ly A p p e a r in C em etery.
composed of native-born and hatur
allied 100 per cent American women
Western American Special
- a -
PATBRSON. N J.. April IS.—An ini­
Keep Scribe Blindfolded
WASHINGTON, i' 1'-. April IL —
tiatory ceremony of the Ladles of the
Another lnterruptktn uraj then the
Following execution oL Catholic pre­
on v : , , was w „
reporter, again bUndfowd.' was led
late In Moscow for placing church ’
nessed on Saturday night by a Call re­
from the building, over a cobblestone canons nbove state laws, newspapers
walk and Into another hulldlug. where here print dispatches from Paris say- j
The ceremony was. held in what ap
the handkerchief was Again removed tag prelate was lursured before execu
pet red to be a large abandoned- S lit ;
This lime' the room was larger and lion Same efiargo preferred at Mer
where the blindfolded reporter, es­
seemed to be an abandoned factory of Rougle Ku Klux may be accuaed.
corted by members of the Uoyal Riders
tome kind. Plaaka placed upon boxes
of the Red Robe, was taken in a motor
furbished seats for the gathering of
beautifully robed and relied mem bers, If yon are a real kl»n a*ae. If yea ,
Answering a phoce call Saturday
of the organisation present. , T h e r e ' base- the spirit uf n read American,
night."the reported was asked:
were four stations tor officers and in prove It by patronizing, eirltu ltrly ,
"How would you like .to attend an
the middle of the room stood an niur. the ad r erti sere In The Renter« Amer­
initiation o f the Ladies of the Invis­
upon which rested an open Bible. In ican. The concentration of onr bay-1
ible Empira?”
the far corner of the room stood a log power will bring the Pep# sad his
The reporter accepted the. Invtta-1
sott of tent, over which appeared tools to lime quicker than anything
else Imaginable. Don’t buy even a
tiou. “ Meet us in ten minutes at Lib
the letter». “ M. C..“ which, as the
toothpick, except from a White Man.
erty and Walnut streot“
Grand Counselor- anplained In her In­
Instead of meeting a delegation
terpretation of the services, stands for
from the Ladies of the Invisible Em­ Mother Counaelor ....
pire. as he had expected, the reporter
The Mother Counselor opened the
was greeted by four masked and •
I meeting with an order for the retire .
robed Royal Riders of the Red Robe.
meat of ail who were not entitled to -
The spokesman, who introduced
stay The reporter arose, bent upon
himself aa the Supreme Ragon of the
taking his departure, but was advised
R. R. R. R. In this state, and who
by the Grand Counselor that the order
wore two “ R's” Just over his heart
was not applicable to him. special per
Instead of the single "R " worn by the
-mission having been granted for him
other three hooded and robed men. to remain.
ushered the reporter into a waiting
Hear Mysterious Signal
automobile, asked him to submit to
Then after the password bad been
being blindfolded tor “ a little while,”
, taken up. a shrill whi-tle -was heard,
and then gave the command to start.
i and a moment later 1! ladles, known
The reporter sought to open h con­
as a team, formed a square around the
versation. but bis hosts sat silent
wants you to see the new spring
1 altar. Wearing what appeared lo be
throughout the long ride.
a cape of red. white and hJue. the
How They Made the Big “ R”
members of the tgtm were differently
The only comment the Supreme Ra­
atllrad than w a sw ^ v Members o f the
gon made to the reporter was that
organization. T ig guardian o f ,the
tho Royal Riders o f the. Red Robe
sacred book, one oj the four lending
bad planned to take him with them
officers of the couarU, ted in prayer
when they lighted the big "R “ on
after the team had pone through some
Garret mountain. The “IL” he said,
motions at tha altar.
was constructed by sticking Into the
There were no light* In the place,
ground and rocks a number of red
other than tha lights from a huge
lights, such as used in political par­
cross, studded with ted' electric lights,
ades, all of which were lighted by
as 42 candidates sere led by the
means of a fuse running from one to
Senior and Junior‘ Conductresses to
the other. The Riders left the scene
A large assortment to select
the station o f the Senior Counaelor.
from and capable aalsemeu to
Immediately alter they had lighted the
where, after the reporter had once
help you.
fuse, the Supreme Ragon further
again been blindfolded, some secret
stated, and then declined to answer
work was taken up. after which the
any of the other questions the reporter
handkerchief was again removed
They were then led .to one-aide of
The machine eventually stopped,
the room, where they were formed
the Ktansmen whispered to each
Into a line, facing tha altar and rigid
utber-and then the suspense was ,y
by #fMy m. mb<sr gf
112 Sixth Street
C iothlws
oroken when the newspaper man was* orf>|lUMloll pM#eBt. Tha « * * , . * ,
escorted into a mall and apparently
......................................................... !
were then led to the different stations, ‘
abandoned building, where the hand­
at each of which they - received In-i Q u in n s A u to M a ch in e S h op
kerchief was removed from hla eyes
«tractions as to the teachings of the
Cylinders bored U SO each in most oars
for the first lime. The room seemed
order. The singing of several hymns 1
to be an old office o f some kind, de­
by a women's quartet followed
void of all furniture, with the ex­
IIS E. killings worth Are.
R aL
Ceremonies in Tent
Near Albina
ception of several boxes and a broken
Meanwhile, the Mother Counselor
had retired to her tent, to which the
All in Good Humor
. candidates were conducted.
The Supreme Ragon, explaining that havlng been rpc<,|vpd by
there would 1«
time to wait." , Coun„ , or> tbi> randldale, mar, h„ d t0
asked the reporter if there were any the ¿ ,U r ar0UQd wh|ch th# team ha(, j
questions he would like U> ask.
, formed a
Th, „andldates
Laughter was tha only anawtr the kM lt
prtyer wM1(, , , olo„ t B0|t - I’hone Tabor 8 7 » 1410 E. Gllsan St
reporter received when be asked If he lmppeg. , Te,y gaus lhe
. ^ 8t,u ...
Broadway 8171
'• "~
still In Paterson. The Supreme
Then> fonowlnK gome degree work
Y o u n g ’ s D a iry Lunch
Ragon answered in the negative when by the team, the curtains of the tent
W. -H. TOUNO, Proprietor
asked If the Royal Itideh o f the Red were openwl and
Mother CoUDwl6r
Breakfast - Luncheon - Dinner
Robe is affiliated with the Ladles of stepped forward and delivered the oath
■eat Pie Maker# In City
Our C offee Brings Hundreds
the Invisible Empire or the Ku Klux to the candidates The flag wag then
Bet. 11th and 12th
Klan. He volunteered to explain that ralMd an<J th„ entlre assemblage 48 1 Utsrk S t
ill three are separate organizations, sang “ America,” therebv bringing the
Office Hours. 11 to
to I P. M
which work at aty-tigies In harmony ceremony, which was In progress for
P R . E. H . E A S T
with any 6Tn<Tre<n>o<Fy, and that at GO- minutes, to a close.
that particular moment the Royal
The Orand Counselor of the organl-1
Office: MZ-4 Pittock «look
Riders of the Red Robe were acting as zatlon explained to-qhe reporter that !
Phone Beacon 4111
guards for the ladles. The Supreme be bad wltneased only the first degree )
Residence: IM 8- Mth St. Sooth
Ragon also explained that the Ridera or degreo of Light, and that there are • ________ Phone Tabor 7177
have been organized in Paterson for a two others, known as the degrees of
year and that, having built a strong Liberty and
which, she said, are
C. A- PTRCELU Proprietor
membership, Paterson will bear a conferred upon the mozt active mem­
Formerly Sliver Grill
great deal from them in the near fu­ bers.
Now under 100% management
ture. The membership of the organ­
Shs tben advised tha reporter^that |
ization, he further explained, lx com- he would not be permitted to remain
118 KliUngsworth
posed of foreign born, white, Protes- for tbe
inetructfcn. when the '
Phone Main 1U5
tant. American citlienH who, are organ- eigue, pane-words
peee-woiue aad
nag grip*
grip« were
lzed to combat evil and to «ealat at all given to tbe Daughters of ths Unseen,
F. E. B O G A R D
time« the proper law enforcement o f­ whereupon he was one« again turned
over to the Riders. wfc> blindfolded
All Kinds of Fresh and halt Fleh end
Grand Counselor Present
him and motored him back to tbe place
Poultry. Your Petrenage Solicited
At this point the Grand and Deputy
170 tecend. Near Yamhill, Portland, Ore.
Grand Counselors of the Indies o f the worse for hie weird experience but.
O A. Day
Rroadway 7211
Invisible Empire were uni-red in by nevertheless, still in doubt da tt> what
Kareful — Rican — Kompetent
two Riders and Introduced tty tho re-
porte.r. The Grand Counselor, who
Klanamen at Funeral
wag a small, alender person, with her
T b« reporter tried fo tet the lit <-nee
Wh„lr«Hl< l’ rodage Merchants
OrSsood Poultry Our Specialty
youthful figure dressed in a pretty (number of the automobile aa It drove |
118 F re et Street
PSrflend. Oi
«own of some illky material, tied s t ! » w»7. but tbs plate was eo covered
J. H. Rankin Co.
E lev en th S treet G arage
C. ‘ W. PKlOOB. Preprleter
G u aran teed A u to R e p a irin g
Sts4 ....... J
Mad ..........
**»«*> .......
n ,i . . . . . .
Those EAst M il
J. H. Rankin Co.
.................. i y.vx
«S u is ....... .. ...... U l
M a ts ------ -
40 00
888 East Eleventh Ht reel
tiny Toar fa r NOW
M B B . M . L . S O U T H , S a le sla d y
With Parlile Motor l Y
Bee. Phone: asrfleid MSS
Ml W aiSisiUs at.
Office Phene: Broadway rtlS
Phone East 1128
Commercial and Job Printing
Grand Ave. and Exit Stark
Porilxtnd, Ore.
F red A . A rm b ru x tcr
If you can't gel a man's attautlou you
can do nothinx. Lot mo ho your tailor
and you will get his attention.
443 Washington UL. near Thirteenth
Broadway M40
N. W. Welding and Supply Co.
Machine Work
Cylinder# Bored
Seasoned Over-Hlsr 1'Utoas t'nrnlehed and Ground te Given ftlsee
Welding Equipment Repaired
88 Firxt S t, Portland« Ore.
Brown Electric C o.
We are preparad lo do all kinds of eisctrioal work
In our new location. Let us figure on your next job.
100 per cent servie«.
Phone 598
33 Sixth St., near Axtor
»I 00
is. do
li to
A x toria , O re .
G et These
3 G reat Books
M . 2
Here they are—three great hooka for Klanx-
men. Each one a virile American story that
carries a genuine message to men who think
rightly and have the courage to stand up for
their convictions.
In these books there is x volume of xuthen-
tic information interestingly told that will
strengthen y0ur faith in the wonderful work
the Klan is doing. They will give x closer
and keener understanding of the high princi­
ples upon whioh our organisation is founded.
Send for these Rooks loday. D o AM wait. The
earlier you gst your copies the sooner you will be
able to mors eMecrtvtly carry on th# noble work to
which you have so eagerly and earnestly dedicated
PRICE: 92.00
E mpire P ublishing C ompany
4 9 0 C. 17TH STREET. N -
Smoke “RUMMY” Cigars
10 Coats and Two for a Quarter
1352 Franklin Street
Pilo driving
Phene 467
Attoria, Oregon
and bridge building. House
and moving.
91 WhM Bend Bt, Astori», Ore.