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Every Day, In Every Way, the Klan Grows Better and Better
Last waek we told the publio that Preacher Gilbert, chairman
o f the Committee o f Ten in Astoria, had OK’d »nd recommended
I the payment to his church o f $104.16. approving the claim as
chairman, for a tot o f dishes and tablewara toansd by kis church
v««U7 kj
I for use in feeding destitute people after the conflagration o f De-
The Woo*Ml iM r ie u riM U iH Ccmpaay
l cember 8. The charge seemed so unneceaagiy
witoi*. consid­
Bleak, Furtiuud, <
ering the wealth o f Gilbert’s church, which had sustained no lass,
that we demanded the return o f the money to the relief fund.
litte r
Instead o f meeting this desnand. Gilbert aad his associates
A. D e r e r . .. .. .
• E41 t«r u rf X*
T. S u rfen .
| have been trying to fix the “ blame” for the leak, to find out how
& n C u ic m -
1 we obtained the official documents in the ease. We «obtained
1 them in a legitimate manner through the watchful service o f a
1 good citisen who is not eoaaeoted in any way with public affairs.
The Committee o f Tea should resign and to* the Astoria eity
[commission attend to its own business. The Idflef fund should be
11 ■ •
our Mtcntton and ■ palnatakm*
c o r« —
w b* ilvMi to ell contribution» PuMlottr mo­
: turned over to the city authorities, but this tke committee refuses
du« to T he KJon
eonatrurttv« Talua
an and t«a
M» «toa
«* • # d • a Intended
S * * ÎSL
tor tha Editor
n rata o f
b E3T¥ m ^ ? Ora. Addraaa all eom- ! to do. The public complaint against the conuattu*. which has no
racardlna ¡¡id ¡^ t £ ú > ¿ i‘ '~and‘ - »dTerttW m enu to tbo Mana«to,
: legal standing or authority, without the cooperation o f the mu­
, Portland. Ora
nicipal government, is caused by such acts as the charge o f $104.15
advorttaad In Tba WU»TUHN
Tfca Pubilahcre ouarantaa that aU mi
for the Presbyterian dishes, etc., at a time when many women and
A M gU ICAN M M a d 'll H ito A and l i â t a
« a y . All «ton d a of Mita
n a n tn i o r d r ma at scad i «■atattow for hawa^y a
are in need o f food and clothing, and further caused by
aad ureed to e * « « « t a a our
the committee’s high-handed usurpation o f municipal authority,
led by “ Great Caesar” Fulton and Preacher Gilbert. The follow­
a r o d t o aaro«*.elaaa^m attor A t o d t 1, « i
ing letter, a copy o f which was obtained from Pendleton through
Hootlon moda ta «a atmaaaar at Astoria for 1
at Port land. Ora.
The Western American’s secret service, ilhmtostas the cause and
meaning o f this complaint:
ic r ic tm
December 22, 1922.
My Dear Mr. B a rr:
Even before the Executive Committee meets, which will be at
3 o ’clock today, I wish to axtend to you, to behalf o f otfr grief-
t trie ken eity, now in ashes, our heartiest appreciation o f the won­
derful spirit o f Pendleton and her people and o f the very substan­
tial aid rendered in this emergency. We b«ve received from many
cities substantial aid and encouragement, but from no city has
come such a remarkable letter, indicating the magnificent spirit
o f the community and such readiness to assist her sister city in
distress. Will you express to j® ur people tin;, high appreciation
^ ------ .'ii — ^
o f our Executive Committee?
The funds will be placed at once in the Junds o f Mr. C. R.
Higgins, Chairman o f our Finance Committee, consisting o f the
bankers o f Astoria, through which committee our funds are han­
dled. It w ill be used wholly at t$e discretion of the Executive
Committee o f Ten and / assure you will be a timely aid te assisting
Astoria and her people.
Our problems o t rehabilitation and reconstruction are tre­
mendous .but the spirit o f our people is unbroken and we will rise
again. We are confrojiting a long hard winter but our relief is in
hand and there is no acute suffering. -
Thank you again.
Yery respectfully,
While raisin# a hullabaloo about Dr. Grant, an eastern
Episcopal clergyman who is combating the antiquated notions
o f orthodox churchmen o f his sect, the press should not overlook
the far better prospect o f a sensation by examining into the
acts and records-of the bishops, notably Sumner o f te Epis-
and Christie o f the Catholic church— twins as to type and
-in the Portland district o f Oregon.
The church people should rise en masse and demand that
these two men be removed from the offices which they fill so
discreditably. Considering their ilk, « n o cannot help thinking
o f our Lord’s words: “ Woe when offenses come, and woe to that
m«n by whom the offense cometh!” Ah, but Jesus would have
been called “ radical” in this day and time. He would say to the
churchly grafter o f the relief fund in Astoria, and to his co-
worker o f the Episcopal flogk who helped fight the public school
N il: “ Woe unto you, hypocrites, grafters! How shall ye escape
the damnation o f hell!”
How disgusting the antics and pretense o f some o f these
preachers! ‘"They imitate humanity so abominably!” They have
convinced everyone that the only real religion is that o f per­
sonal service— the Golden Rule, which is well expressed by Sam
alter Foes in the following linen;
“ Let me live in the house by the side o f the road
Where the race o f men go by—
They are good, they are bad, as good and as bad as I.
You are under the eye o f scrutiny. The people are in no
Let me not sit in the corner seat, nor hurl the critic’s ban,
mood to tolerate inefficiency or aey kind of double-crosa. Great
But let me live in the house by the side o f the road,
will .be the political rewards, in the next few yean, fo r men who
And be a friend to man.”
are honest, uncompromising Americans, who dd their level best
By their grafting and hypocrisy unfit preachers have con to merit honor and trust. Trimmers, double-croesers and four-
vinced all that church property should be taxed, exactly like all flushers will be kicked into the discard. The people want real
churches and church property should be taxed, exactly like a ll: Americana in office, and white men— from President to village
other holdings. The value ©f church property in the United dog-catcher— and the national cry is, “ God give
M E N !"
States is $1,257,575,861—all exempt from taxation, and thus the
Do you think you could be re-elected tomorrow? Have you
a church tax upon the whole community. Out- acted fairly and honorably toward those who loyally worked for
rage! Nothing less. Unjust and scandalous outrage! But to your election, who won fo r you the honor and the profits which
return to the subject:
you now enjoy? Did you fawn and scheme for favors and sup-
The hullabaloo over Dr. Grant’s mild “ heresy” is laughable port throughout the campaign, and after election, when these
and ridiculous. The only article o f faith given to us by our Lord friends wanted you to “ tote fair” with the puklic, did you impu-
is that contained in the gospels— to “ believe on the Lord Jesus dently say, “ To hell with the public and newspaper men! It is
r.oBoSy’s business how I ’m going to vote” ?
Christ and thou shalt be saved.”
Did you preen yourself in public as a candidate unpledged as
The church should be placed in drydock, and the bull cleaned
o f the age-old barnacles, especially the Episcopal and Catholic to appointments, while all the time you were fixing things up
barnacles which are detrimental to the propagation o f religious with self-seeking grafters?
ideals as enunciated by our Lord. Bishops o f the church, like
Did you win your election through the generous and faith­
the pair above named, have done more in their ecclesiastical ful efforts o f a small group o f friends, and after election did you
capacity in the last ten years to hurt religion than all the Grants deliberately turn upon them and ignore their wishes and give aid
and comfort to their enemies?
and Briggses and other “ heretics” in the previous century.
Did you promise repeatedly to appoint to office only men who
I f one o f the “ saintly” defendants wants to challenge this
statement, we have some thunder material that will rumble from actively had worked for your election, and then stultify yourself
by appointing only men who had done nothing during the cam­
Portland to Kalamazoo.
paign in behalf o f your ticket? W E ARE NOT REFERRIN G TO
This is warning to several contemptible fonr-flushers, who in
It is natural that those who think shall govern those who
due season will be kicked into the discard, and who never again
toil, quoted a distinguished Oregonian Monday night in an ad­
will be able to bamboozle the public with fair promises and grand­
dress before a large Portland audience.
stand plays. -
True enough, indeed, but what’s going to happen when those
who toil also exercise their mental powers and begin to think o f
their wrongs?
.... i
Answering a Lady o f the Invisible Empire, who wants a
In Russia for many years the great Count Tolstoi patiently theme fo r # cinema
persuaded Ivan the Peasant to THINK. The result was the revo­
! Visualize the planet Venus and the wondrous beings who
lution. Those who can work and won’t, should not be allowed- to
probably inhabit it. Suppose them as vastly superior to the
eat, said Tolstoi. Each person who is able to work should be re­
earthlings, but terribly warlike and turbulent. They are divided,
quired to produce at least as much as he consumes, he said. This
as on earth, into races and tribes, groups and clans, each with
won the peasant’s approval. By logical steps, Tolstoi and his co­
its king and chieftains. In addition to the faculties which hu­
workers awoke the mind o f the serf, and the result was a new
mans possess, the Venusian’s anatomy includes electric organs,
birth o f freedom.
with modified muscular tracts and nerve connections, by means
The revolution in Russia still is in progress. Out o f it may of which they give o r contact or can project to quite a distance
come, within two decades', a nation o f orderly government, pros­ a powerful electric shock. These organs center in the head and
perous and progressive.
I chest region; and encase the entire body through taterul lines
Those who think now- govern those who do not think.
under the skin. The electro-motive force is under
the influence
God endowed man with brains, so that he might rule the1 o f the central nervous system, and the nerve* supplying the
world. The purpose will be achieved. Education is expanding deadly organs are enormously developed.
everywhere. Within fifty years, without devastating wars, illit-1
Suppose that a turbulent Klinflan king raised impious war
eracy will be reduced to the lowest possible minimum, and the on Venus and were “ hurled headlong, flaming, with hideous ruin
toilers will be doing their own thinking.
| and combustion,’ down to our pretty little planet, landing in
• cabbage patch in Oregon. He recover* hi* strength and 1*
taken in charge by kindly people. He teaches u* how to acquire
and develop the bodily electrie system o f offense and defense,
how to increase it to maximum by practice, ae with muscles,
and how it is weakened by misuse or neglect.
The Venusian weds e charming Oregon belle and their
children are electro-physical wonders. Let twenty years elapse,
and we have a tribe o f them— and then— and then— they keep
to themselves the secret o f their power and they readily conquer
the world.
That’s the way— visualise something fantastic, grotesque,
preposterous, improbable— free the reins o f fancy and go the
limit. This is what most o f us want in the movie*— pictures
to amuse and delight, to thrill and astound. When time per­
mits, we will write fo r amusement a sample scenario—but not
for the Shylocks who pi-rate the writere’ art— no, thank you!
By William Lloyd Clark, Milan, III.
“ What does it profit us if we win Democracy for all Europe,
and Sacrifice our own Freedom to Papal Despotism! Read the
following facte, and then roll up your sleeve# and get in action
A fter pointing out that practically every department o f gov­
ernment is headed by Roman Catholics, he continues:
“ Under the present (Democratic) administration, over two-
thirds o f »the Ambassadors appointed to foreign countries ere
Roman Catholics.
“ Over 70 per cent o f the appointments o f President Wilson,
ere Roman Catholics.
“ Ten States have Catholic administrations.
“ Thirty-one States now have Catholic Democratic committees.
“ Twenty-one Steles have Catholic Republican committees.
“ Roman CathoHca are in a majority in the eity councils of
15,000 towns end cities in the United States.
“ Twenty thousand PUBLIC SCHOOLS have one-fourth Cath­
olic teacher*.
“ Six hundred PUBLIC SCHOOLS now use Catholic Readers
and teach from the Roman Catholic religion.
“ New York, Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia. Buffalo, To­
ledo, Cleveland and St. Louis now employ over 76 per cent o f
Catholic teachers in their PUBLIC SCHOOLS.”
It. is a waste o f lather to shave an ass. This is 8ur answer
to an esteemed Klansman who asks us to comment on the rav­
ings o f a Portland “ magazinist” who has bean printing a mas*
o f dirty lias about the Roman inquisition in Louisiana, charg­
ing murder and other crimes against the Klan. The pestiferous
little scaramouch- gets paid his regular weekly pie-card for his
abominable drooling. He i* beneath notice and the contempt o f
honest man. Ha recently eulogized a Portland Jew, who once
killed a woman te an outrageous and dastardly manner and es­
caped justice, as his “ prince,” etc., showing where he gets his
oats. “ The ass knoweth its owner, and the ox it* master’*
sta ll”
Did you know that tha Jesuits had been banished from Rome
by mandate o f the outraged people? It is a fact. You know, o f
course, that the Jesuits are swarming over the United States like
a pest o f locusts in the land o f plenty. The Pope, the Jesuits, and
the black-robed Knights o f Columbia have determined to make
America Catholic, thus to establish %orld-wide dominion. This
being true, it is justifiable to prophesy that the battle o f A r­
mageddon will be fought in this country.
‘l i s t / doubt not through the ages
One increasing purpose runs.
And the thoughts o f men are widened
With the process o f the suns."
The nation which controls the trade o f China is master o f
the world. In this fact lies the germ o f a future war, for which
America always should be prepared.
A y . J0 UV
New World
Bjr Juli» C. Urmjr
O YOU remember
How la tha old dar«
w » wur* uusbi
Thal dealsl »ad repreaaion
Wur« U m •ubsiaao» of religion?
Thai Joy wsa ihs devtle o*a device?
Thai ws abouid lira
Only to erspar« lor M ATH I
And 4« »»u rasllae
That th» world
la halos trenoloreied?
That oo oar aereen
And In our literatura,
T«S, even la our pulpiu.
The Uoepel of JOT
la bains preached?
Every thins mow teaches
Brery oell In the body toy*
■•Trepare to lire!“
Ufa has do llmttutlona
Bscept what we oureelvei set;
Health, ttappIneM. Prosperity
Are oar heritage.
“ 1 CAME. ' Mid lb# Mn.t.r,
"That y» might have life.
Lite n or« abundant“
As* ws may hava
A bandant, radiant Ute
Tha old world paaaath.
(Prom Tha Nuuttlua. Dacambar )
M. & F . Unfair Say
Portland Unionists
A trunks Da périmas!
■tern atilt Is «a liber'» saisir list
by essaimes* role of the Port.
Control Lsber t euurll, rap-
all the trade», Monday,
Bao. II. The rae»an» given ara
I ha» a, rhlafty t
Htenraliea warn« paid |#
empleyaa, mostly wa
Stria, who |»( th
mhilmam of N t week. It ws*
or ftrl, bo » ot or
• might
lu Pertieed. or
•u n rk pitifully »mell
Eueetten sf
te re .
fanal of J. Veter, allowed head of
til« d m , te Madder the*« p t e v
aa«ws «I labor with a view I«
um i ruhte adjustment.
Tbs tur*r*t part sf Ihs pairos,
age of Holer I Fresh, nmsnnt-
la* te militen» of dollars saaoul.
ly. Is said te reme from the »tea*
der parson of the poor.
Fer then* reaaeaa (be working
folk «f Portland har« See lured
Mater A Freak te he an fair, and
are tmpl«rta* a right-thinking
pablte te Madder their griev-
Here’« the laddar of » uccmi :
100$— I did.
»0% —! will.
I cun.
• «.,
T0%—I think 1 can.
*0%— I might
80%—t think I might.
10% -W hul 1« It?
*0%—1 wish I could.
20%—I don't know how.
10%—I don't
0%—I won't
By Frank Carleton Teek
(W ritten for The W estern Ajneriran)
I called the Boy to my knee one day and I said:
“ You’re just past four—
Tiny Tim, obaervlng hi» father try­
Will you laugh in that same light-hearted way when you’ve ing on hi» new lodge robe, waa asked:
“Well, «on. what do you think of l t r
‘‘I'd like to know it you have on panta
Say, thirty more?”
under that night-gown,” the wl»e
Then I thought o f a past that I’d fain erase—
young hopeful replied.
More clouded skies than blue—
And I anxiously gazed in his upturned face, fo r it seemed to y ;
The Klanemen accept the
I pressed my lips to his tiny own,
American-» ('.reed aa the beet
And I said to the Boy, “ Heigh-ho!
"We believe in the Ualted
Those lips are as sweet as the hay new-mown— ’
SUtea of Amerloa—a govern­
Will you keep them always so?”
Then back from those years came a rakish song,
With a ribald jest or two,
And I looked at the child, who wrong—
And he answered me: “ DID YOU ?”
! looked in his eyes— big, brown and clear,
And I cried: “ ©, Boy o f mine!
Will you keep them clear in the after-years—
Will you leave no heart to pine?”
Then back from the past came another’s eyes—
Sad eye* o f tear-dimmed blue—
Did he know they were not his mother’s eyes?—
For he answered me: “ DID Y O U ?”
ment of the people, by the'peo­
ple, for the people, whoee Juat
lower* tr* derived from the
coneent ef the governed; a de­
mocracy In a republic; • »over-
alga OAtlon of many aoverelgm
atates; a perfect union, one and
inseparable; established upon
tboie principle» of freedom,
equality, Justice and humanity
for which American patriot» aac-
rlflced Ibelr live» and fortune».
We, therefore, believe it la our
duty to our country to love U;
to »upport It» Conn tit nt Ion; to
obey It» law*; to reapect It*
flag, and to defend It agalnat *11