The Western American. (Astoria, Or.) 1922-19??, January 18, 1923, Page Page 8, Image 8

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    THE^ W E S T E R N
T h u reda^ J a^
E very Day, In E very W ay, th e K lan G ro w s B etter a n d Better
P a U b M Weekly %y
1 The Western l u t r k a i Publishing (out peut
Publics doa Offices W -M t Pttteck Blech. I'ertUad. Oregon
Phene Bread* aj f i s ;
t’ a M State«. Panama Canal Zon*. Porto R*e«s
U»«rali Mtid th* PMUpnfn**. t t M A y*«tr tu adviuwe
«'anodo and « u re g e . 9AM
a y*ar R«mit t v cfcecA. draft. postai o r rx p n o o m o n o onUr. or t*«l*l*t*d wtt*r.
ItlnCl* copi««, t conto
^TCHAXtìK o r ADDRR88: TU» aMmia of eulwrrlh. rs can bo ch«n*«.l w otte*
a* Amired. In ordartac a chatrc, ploaao r i'« t*»b th« n«w and thè oUl addrea*
lianuocnpt atwald bo acoompanlod bj puatajce for return ir unavallabtr. Courte-
our attantkm aad palataklnc cara wttt bo rlvon to all rontributkmo PuhIUlty «a -
tarlai of conatnarttro raloo to Tba Klan and ita irte rute alll ko »ald for at t£*
minimum «para rata of M a ratuma. AU communkatlor.a Inwnded for thè kdltor
almald ba ad<trenard to film, ttt Pittoefc Bkak^Portland, ore. Addrma all com-
munlrattona recardln* aubarriptlona aad adiVM.ninent* to thè Manager. in
Plttock Block.' Portland. Uee.
mattar A ueuet 1. I t t i , at the peetoftlce at Astori*.
Oregon, under the Act el March V tar».
— ——
Application mad* t* p«itme**tr at Aatarla far transfer of second-class oriVUs««
No member o f the old original Ku Kluv Klan, which did such
splendid work fo r white civilisation immediately after the Con-
federate War, was ever convicted o f violating any law. The old
Klan, like the present and permanent one, was devoted to the
loftiest ideals. Its methods were militant, necessarily,' but the
results were beneficent, altogether.
No member o f the present Ku Klux Klan has been convicted
o f violating the law, because Klansmen are under the most sacred
oath to uphold and defend the Constitution and to assist in the
enforcement o f all just laws.
There’s an incessant yawp, on the part o f alien enemies and
their sympathizers, concerning the use o f the .mask. They know,
as all do, that the mask o f the Klan is me&ly part o f the lodge-
room regalia, retained as a matter o f sentiment instead o f utility,
because o f its association with sacred memories.
Concerning-its operations and methods, which are altogether
good and wholesome, the Klan maintains strictest secrecy, of
course, as do all other secret societies. As to its pripciplesj pur­
poses and practices, however, it has nothing .to conceal. It is
proper to state the fact and ,to let it be known that the Klan Is do­
ing charitable work upon an enormous scale throughout the coun-
tty . M i it would he a grass breach o f Klan law to let the public
know the who-how-why-end-where o f this service. True charity
is the ideal, “N on silba Bed Anthar” — not fo r self, but for othets.
When anv jperson, high or low, states that the Klan is teach­
ing or doing anything wrong, or that it is shielding criminal mis­
conduct on the! part « f anyone, that person is a liar and a slan­
derer. The
is the noblest and the greatest o f all the patriotic
fraternities, strictly American in its membership and program.
Answering a Klansman, who wants to know the age o f mod­
em Freemasonry: We first hear o f it in France in 1725; in
1729 in Ireland; in 1731 in Holland and R u ssia;in 1733 in Boston
and other American settlements. On April 28, 1738. Pope Clem­
ent X II published a papal bull (document o r order) condemn­
ing the Masons and forbidding them to assemble in Rome under
pain o f death. They’ve been meeting quite regularly ever since.
They are, indeed, a power in Rome itself, while the Jesuits have
bfeen expelled from the ‘ Holy City” by mandate o f the people.
Pilate therefore went forth agaip and saietb unto them:
The Ex-Governor’s
By Mr», Irene McBrid»
Far and near the fie ft summons u;
Bids men hark to Duty’s call.
See thbm rally ’round their standard;
“ Not for Self,” they give their all.
Bx-Govdrnor Oloott wee very peeved.
He did not Uke the plea*
Of A— HnenIMng politics
By the eld of the Ku Klux Klan. 1
bo, the dark clouds hover ’round them.
He sought to crush this awful thing.
It scared poor Benny so.
He hardly got to »leap ft night
Por thinking ’of Ulta wt>e.
But no darkness can abide'
Where that fiercely burning emblem
Sheds its glow, sio cannot hide.
j * J
'••if • r-
The«« awful men utK>n cmr atmet#
Behind a mask of animila.
While «n awful «beck to Iff- O
To tome were no ao pusslln’.
Every hour adds td thy numbers,
Chpsen ones lopk to that Light
Which is calling you to battle—
- N ot fo r gold, but for the Right.
O thou flaming Cross-Dearth’s symbol
O f a light that ne'er will fade, ',
Preparing men for that Great City-d*
Invisible, and with hands not mqgt
Portland, January 7, 1923.
East Thirty-first street.
in Mr Oieott’i tear.
There is a Picce of bon ting.
And from this corner atretchlng out
There ere tome crirasop ban.
Do your work honestly and bravely, whatever It may be, re-
gardless o f ingratitude or applause, tit is hound 1 to proclaim your
oerfecte« formulae for worth in the end.
Professor Coue, a French savant, has perfected
mental “and spiritual practice which, his clientele declare, will
*— •
* f
bring the blessings o f health and contentment. Lay aside skep­
K n i g h t s o f t h e K . K , Kn r
ticism, when his teaching is revealed, and try i t It can do no
harm. It m ight do tremendous good. All the wise medicos are
I f you are a " Native Bom ” American Citizen .haring the best
for him.
interest of your Community, City, State and yilion at heart,
I f any little Word o f ours can make one life the brighter;
tu'ing no allegiance to any foreign Government poUtieal party,
I f any little song o f ours can make one heart the lighter;
sect, creed or ruler, and engaged in a legitimate 'piicufation, and
Let us speak that little word, and take our bit o f singing.
believe in:
And drop it in some lonely vale, and set the echoes ringing.
A great scientist declares, in a notable work, that absolute
control o f the physical body is the first requisite to mental har­
mony, which precedes and controls progress and true success.
To gain this control, he,says, one must utilize the power of
silence. Perfect silence, absolute repose, the banishment o f all
care, worry and fear, for a definite period every day or night,
is the exercise required by the universal law which governs the
mental and the spiritual world.
The Klan, the Royal Riders and theX adies o f the Invisible
Empire are Orders thoroughly American which o ffe r opportun­
ities and incentives fo r constructive and noble work. They appeal
to ambition, develop common sense, teach and promote persever­
ance, honesty, thoroughness, foresight, enthusiasm for progress
and co-operation. The members o f these Orders possess char­
acter. Their meetings and their daily lives are marked by cheer­
fulness, loyalty, courtesy, economy, sincerity and harmony. No
wonder that, by the constant exercise o f the positive qualities,
they prosper together, better and better, in every way, every
dpy. Get into one o f these Orders, and enjoy life. Admission
means the immediate winning o f hosts o f loyal friends.
‘Behold* I bring Hina forth to you, that ye may know that find no fault in Him.1
PrvTentlou of f l m and destruction of property by la if tat* el
The Tenets of the Christian Religion.
White Supremacy.
-*•—» -
Protetle* of oar pure womanhood.
Just Lnws and Liberty.
Closer relationship of Pare Americanism.
The upholding of the Constitution of the United Si
The Severelgnty of ear State Rights.
The Separation of Cksrek and State.
Freedom of speech aad press.
Closer relationship between Capital aad Amerleua Laker.
Preventing the ranses of mob violence aad lynching*
Preventing unwarranted strike* by foreign Inker agitator*.
The limitation of foreign Immigration.
The much needed local reform*.
Law and Order.
Do you know who made thia bannerT
And what Ita meaning It?
Op back a w%y.!n history,
It aurei y anawert thla.
Did you ever beer of the Mayflower
And why ah» sailed sway?
To found this free America.
And the price they had to pay?
Did yon ever hear of Washington,
In Valley Forgo, on bis knees?
Of the footprint* In blood the patriot*
And then, too—If you please—
It took strong hand* to bear that flag.
It took brave hearts and will.
But it atnnda for Liberty, Light and
And defend It we surely will!
The little red school house on the hill.
The very pulse of our land.
Shall never perish from the earth.
Though fought by a black robed
Our homes, our school*, our woman­
hood, -*■
We’ll protect to the bitter end.
And In this terrible Ku Klug Klan
We see our Nation’* friend.
Standing of Contestants
Following are aom« of the nominations sent to the Contest De­
partment of Tlw* Western American’s big subscription campaign, lust
starting, itch out your favorite candidate aad aaslat them In gsl-
ttag subscription*, for that to tho only way they can keep la th* land.
Mra R S. Had ley. Rout* 3. I.lnnton. O r a . ——- —
— »0.900
Mr*. Prod A- Armbruster. Cecilia Apts, Portland, Ora—
..... 111.300
Mabel! Jones. 117« Uladatone.. Portland. Qya.....
..... 101,300
Hoy R. McClellan. 446 Morrison. Portland. Ore..— ......-
— .104.300
A. J Newman. I.lnnton. Oregon
— .....................
Arvld B. Carlson.< f}0 Corbett 9 t . Portland. Ora - . —- . ,
Lawrence A. TunEyck, >14 Yale 8t.. Portland, Ora-------
Harry Feduraplel. 621« Powell Valley. Portland, Qr*_..~
W. R. Halley, 6624 70th a t . Portland. Ora....- ................
Logan Read. 601 Ra#tK«Tth St. Portland. Or*..—.- — . ,,
Olady* Oalchutt. 81 East Ix>mbard St , Portland. Ore...— ..... . 14.600
Mrs. Ida Mates. 378 C u t 48th St. Portland. Ore
............ 13,400
Eleanor McAllister, <18 Columbia Bird. Portland ..... —'...T 18,100
Zsrfha Rowe, Cooks* Union. Portland.'Or#
.... 1,8.900
D S. Ruckman. Viking Bakery Co.. Portland. Ore - ......... —- 15.400
Mr*. Susie D. Enouf, >6 C ut 74th N.. Portland, Orf*.... - ....... 11,200
A. D. Moutelth. 687 East 15th {f.. Portland, Or*...—— . - , ------- 11,00«
Mrs Olga M. Klettlng, Astoria. Dragon ...........
....—---------- 9.100
Ethel Howard. 1391 Tabor HL, Portland, Or*——— ———— . 9.000
C. W. Dasher, 878 Vancouver Ave.. 'Portland. Ore —........... .... .... 8.100
Marshall C. Fisher, *11 W. Lane St., Roseburg. Or*-— — . —. - 6.100
Mra. H. W. Hunt. 9842 66th Ava. Portland, Or*
Harley Slusher, Astoria, Oregon ....- ....
Alice y. Osorge, 219 High St.. Eugwie. Oregon.——— — ...... 9.100
Itou Richardson, 181 N. 16th St., Portland, Or*-......——
— 6.300
Leon Uuchanan. *842 82n dS. B., Portland. O m •'-------- ------------ 6.100
Raymond H. Gaston, 8830 6th Ave.. Portland,*Or*...—
..’^----- 6.100
Bari Johnson, 1040 East 10th N., Portland. Or*-------- ------------- 6.300
Nelli* M. Tarkenbery, 406V4 4th St, Portland, Ore....... ............. 6JOO
Dr. R. O. McCall, Plttock Block, Portland, Ore--.....--------------- 6.100
Dan McDermott, Wasco, Oregon t—
—-------- — —
A. Roe*. Moro, Oregon .....- ---- ----------- —...... - .............— ------- 6,100
Frank L. Parker. Portland. Oregon ------------------------- t------------ 6,100
R. W. Brown, Ion*. Oregon —
.......— — -------------- — ..._ 6.100
George C. CMadden, White Salmon. Wash......................—...... - a — 6,100
D. F. McCutChan. Underwood, Wash. — ..................— ---------- 6,100
Jess A. Allen, Cascade Locks, Oregon - — ------——— ------ --- - 6.100
Harry Long, Blalock. Oregon —— — - —
; , 1,100
W. J. Crane« Lyle. Washington—
...... — ..........
John Duckwall, Odell, Oregon
.................. ............—
Dan Jordan, Parkdale, Oregon .....- ....- .......— --- ------- -
II. M. Ford. The Dalles, Oregon — ......—..... ...... j —-------- ---
Mr*. Lena MacKeF, Portland, Oregon ....... —— ...-.—
Lawrence A. TenEyek, 914 Tale BL, Portland, Oregon---------
B. B. Lane, Irrlgon, Oregon - .....- ---------- - ..................... .... .
H. W. Long, Arlington, Oregon — ----------- — .......... —__ __
Oeorgo A. Chaney, Condon. Oregon ............... ....................
H. J. Beesley, Grass Valley, Oregon .......... — __________
A. A. Dunlap. Kent, Oregon - ........ .. ................. .................. .
Thomas Rrlght, 911 Federal St.. The Dalles, Oregon - ..........
J. V. Horne, Hood River, Oregon --------------------------- ------------- 5,10«
George Marvel, Boyd, Oregon ......— ....... —
__________ 5,100
E. L. Nelson, Dufur, Oregon .......- ..........- .......- ............ ,............ 5.100
.. i
You are invited to become a member o f the most powerful aecret,
non-political organization in existence, one thatjhae the “ Moat Bo don’t be frightened, Mr. O.,
Do you wish to become familiar with the history and progress
T*ke e survey of your range,
Sublime Lineage in History,” one that was "Here Yesterday,”
And you’ll aee that the Dear People >f the Klan?
"H ere Today,” " Here F orever”
Decided to make a change.
Do you wish- your love to the Klan increased?
If further information is desired. Address —
P. O. Box 511, Portland, Oregon
P. 0 . Box '386, Baker, Oregon
P. O. Box 118, La Grange, Oregon
P. O. B ox 801, Enterprise, Oregon
Elgin, Oregon
Loetine, Oregon
"Oh, wad some power the giftie gie uaw to make the Christ­
mas spirit last throughout the year! “ Tw ould frao mony a
blunder free us, an’ foolish notion.” Margaret E. Sangster ex­
presses It: "A t Christmas-tide the open hand scatters its bounty
o ’er sea and land; and none is left to grieve alone, fo r love is REAL VER who** oaths are In viola to an wooded.
Heaven and claims its own.”
_________ TWTI WITSOVT ITA1 AIP WI R t o l VRUktMJ*
Ton took your little farewell trip
A* Governor of our State,
Mr*'Are glad we found out where you
Before It was too late.
Do you like more taste for good reading?
Do you wish to know what the Klan is doing?
Do you wish to become a well-informed Klansman?
Do you wish to assist in the works o f mercy and charity to
which the great Klan is devoted?
And though you met with governors,
Do you wish to help protect and develop the free public
Frcm north, west, south and #aet.
schools, and to make our country safe fo r Americans?
You oannot keep Old Oregon
From fighting th* Reman bust.
«né ,a
 . • 1 ••OkRtTtbtltOd
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