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Rules and Regulations—
Costs Nothing to Try!
Everyone Wins!
Enter Your Namejn
the Race TODAY!
j The Plan In Brief-
1. Content opens officially Monday morning, January 8, and will extend over a period of nine ,i *nr The big opject of this prize distribution is two fold; primarily torinerease the already
large subscription list of The Western American; to collect arrearages and advance subscrip-
weeks only-—closing Saturday night, March 10.
payments from present or old subscribers, and at the same time to afford our friends and
2. Any »nan, woman or child residing in the Northwest is eligible to enter this contest and
waders an unparalleled opportunity to profit, and in a big way, through their spare time
compete for a prise. Nominations may be made at any time* during the contest. .
during the next few weeks. So, it is a plant hat works both ways audio the ultimate good
i^of all concerned. .
’ 1
3. Nip employe! or near relative of any employe of The Western American is eligible to
' t -------
enter this contest. The Western American reserves the right to reject any. nominations.
: JL. F In order to gain this end quickly and advantageously, the most valuable and attractive
of prizes ever offered by a local newspaper in this section of the country has been made
4. The winners of the prises will be decided by their accredited votes, said totes being repre­ ,T.list
for distribution among those who participate most heartily, Ambition and energy
sented by ballots issued on subscriptions, and advertising cards, and by coupons clipped from
only requisites for success.
the papers.
The plan adopted is the fairest and most imppartial conceivable. There will be no
5. Candidates are not confined to their own particular town or community in which to ob­ redouble
vote” offers, extra prizes given or any other inducements whatever inaugurated dur*
tain votes anil subscriptions, but may take orders anywhere in this section; or for that matter,
competition. ' The plan of the campaign is straight-forward and simple, and is fully
anywhere in the State, or United States. *
outlined in this announcement
' .
.. ,, 7 .1
6. Cash must accompany all orders, where votes are desired. There will be no exceptions, to
Let it be understood at the very outset that this is not a ” beauty” nor “popularity” con-
this rule. Fandidatea will be allowed to collect back subscriptions and renewals as well as
bilt a strictly legitimate competitive proposition ^ enterprising men and women, hoys
,entirely new subscriptions, and votes will be issued on both alike. __________
ami gü ls and one into whiah no «lément-of chance enters. One feature of this competition is
7. .Votes ar® free, It costa the subscribers nothingjjxtra to vote for their favorito. Sub­
the fact that there will be no loser*'i* this race.
~* lt*----
scribers should ask for votes when paying their subscription, otherwise they waive this priv­
ilege. Votes will not be issued on receipts covering past payments.
How to Enter the Content
8. Votes cannot be purchased. Every cent accepted through the ooutest department must
represent e subscription. Votes will not be issued on subscriptions for lass than one year,
The first step, in order to become a candidate and compete for a prize, is to clip the nom-
nor for more than ten years in advance for any one candidate.
tion coupon appearing opposite; fill in vour name and address and mail or deliver to the
9. Votes are not transferable, (’andidates cannot withdraw -in favor of another candidate.
Ign department of The Western American, Room 429 Pittgck Block, Portland, Ore. This
Should a candidate withdraw from the race his or her riVtds will be cancelled. Neither will
ymvor the person whom you might-Jipminate to 5,000 FREE votes. .These votes are
tie. Votes
it be permissible for candidates to give or transfer subscriptions to smother
iven you as a starter, and speeds yon on yoyr way to win. Only one such nomination coupon
iod of the
on such transferred subscription will be subject to disqualification at .the
li be aceepted
'? > I
^ for each candidate
I »
-- J \
The next step is to call on or write the campaign . _______
10. Any edTTnsMh nñ the part of candidates to nullify competition, or any other combination
(consisting of a special receipt book, list of present subseriBehs In ^
to the detriment of candidates Of this newspaper will hot be tolerated. Any candidate, or can­
¿of the paper and other information relative to launching jkn actitè campaign.)
didatos, entering into or taking part in such agreement will forfeit all rights to a prize oí*
Thus, equipped, you have but to see your friends and neighbors, relatives and aequain-
have them clip .thp free columns from their papers, and pay up their subscription to
11. AH ballots issued may bo held in reserve at the discretion of the candidate. The printed
American through vow. THAT1» ALL THERE IS TO IT! However, you will
coupons, appearing from week to week in the paper pkpor must be voted before the expiring
mdees yoü make the start, and, while it will not be a vety difficult matter
date appearing thereon.
to capture one of the big prizes, nevertheless it will be no child’s game. You must plan out
your campaign the same as any successful man plans out hiß work for a season, and, above
12. In the event of a tio for any one of the prizes, a prize identical in value will be given
everything else, let no one discourage you, but stick to It to the finish. Anything worth having
each tying contestant.
is worth striving for! Nine short weeks and vou mav be riding in vour own automobile!
13. No statement or promise made by any solicitor, agent or candidate varying from tbe
rules and statements published through the columns of this newspaper will be recognized by
the publisher.
How Votes Are Obtained
14. In case of typographical or other error, it is understood-that neither the publisher nor
It takes votes to win, and votes are secured in two ways: First, by clipping the coupons
the campaign manager shall be hold responsible, except to make the neefeaiary correction
appearing in cadi issue of The Western American. Begin gathering them NOW while they
upon discovery of same.
are worth 100 votes each. After next week these coupons will be reduced to 50 votes: the follow­
15. Every candidate is an authorized agent of The Western American and as stich may collect
ing week to only 10 votes, and after that they will be discontinued entirely. The only restric­
arrearages and subscription payments
tion placed on voting these coupons is that they must be deposited at the campaign department
-’VC’ from present subscribers as well as from new subscribers.
16. Jt is distinctly understood and agreed that candidates will be responsible for all moneys
of The Western American on or before the expiration date printed thereon. Get your friends to
saving these coupons for you—they all count.
collected, and that they will remit such amounts in full at frequent intervals, or on demand, to
the campaign department.
The other, and faster w*ay, to get votes is by securing new and renewal subscriptions to
17. There will be eight prizes awarded besides a 10 per cent cash commission to all ACTTV E
Western American and sale of advertising carrds. On each subscription turned in a cer­
non-prize-winners, but it is distinctly understood that in the event ANY candidate becomes
tain number of votes are issued,"the number varying according to the amount paid and during
INACTIVE, failing to make a regular report, he or she will, at the discretion of the manage­
which “ period” same are received ai the campaign department. (See schedule of votes be­
ment, becomes disqualified and thereby forfeits all rights to a prize or a commission.
low.) So, you see, the more subscriptions you secure the more votes you get and the better
\your chances are to capture the grand capital prize.
18. To insure absolute .fairness in the awarding of prizes, the race will be brought to a close
under a “ sealed ballot box” system, and will be under the personal supervision of two or more
judges selected from the Advisory Board. During the entire last week of the conest, the b o x -
Early .Start Means Easy Finish
locked and sealed—will repose in the vaults of a local bank where candidates ami their
friends will deposit their final coUectious and reserve votes. And not until the race has been
The advantage of an early start are manifest. Not only do you have the FULL NTNE
declared closed, will the seals be broken, the box unlocked, and the judges, iu the presence of
iu which to secure the winning votes, but now ami up to and including Saturday,
candidates and all other interested parties, beginthc final count. In this way no one, not
5 you will receive the maximum schedule of votes on subscriptions. Then, too. the
even the campaign managin', can possibly know the voting strength of the respective candi­
field will undoubtedly get the “ cream” of vote and subscriptions, while those who
dates, which precludes any possibility of favoritism and insures fairness to the minutest
until a later date will have to take what is left.
Don’t lose valuable time waiting to see what the other fellow is going to do, but pitch right
19. The Western American reserves the right to amend the rules of this contest, if neces­
and show the “ other fellow” how toxlo it
sary, for the protection of the interests of both the candidates and this newspaper.
20. The .Western American guarantees fair and impartial treatment to all candidates, but
should any question arise (he decision .of the management will be absolute and final.
The Advisory Board
21. In accepting nominations candidates agree to abide by' the above conditions.
It is the sincere aim of this newspaper to conduct this contest, from start to finish, in a
fair, honorable and impartia manner. Every precaution has been taken to safeguard the inter­
est» of participants, and absolute houestv in all dealings is guaranteed.
For complot « information call, telephone
However, not all wisdom lies with any ohé man or institution, and for that reason an Ad­
or write
has been decided upon, whose functions shall he to decide any question of suffi­
cient moment that might happen to arise during the competition, ami from which a committee
shall be selected to act as judges and count the votes the last night of the contest. The per­
C o n test D ep artm en t— Frank W. Cameron, Campaign Manager
sonnel of this hoard will be announced later.
Room 407-408 Pittock Block, Portland, Oregon
All of these gentlemen arc well kuown to everyone in Portland and surrounding territory,
and the final results, as given out by them, will he beyond dispute.
________ _
- 1
* u