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    Subscription, $1.50 the Year.
Th* drive for Community Chest
fund* opened auspiciously Monday
morning and to going forward steadi­
ly, but not quite so rapidly as the
officials would like to have it
"Over confidence Is one of th« most
dangerous element* in any campaign,"
•aid K> C. Sammons, general of th«
men's division. "For that reason it
to a tiling that I hop* everyone will
guard against, particularly the work­
er*. 14 ts only through the constant
and combined efforia on the part of
every solicitor to cover hia or her ter
ritory thoroughly and consctonttousl y
and Unprrasjng upon th» contributor
th* nreeetity ef making hia subocrip-
tian mi the monthly basis« that suo-
oeen will be attained "
Mr. «nd Mr*. Fred Johnson at-
temtod church at Kern Park Bunday.
J F Meadows from Lenta Junc­
tion waa calling oa old neighbor* her*
Mr. and Mr*. Wagy same home
from Tillamook Monday, where they
spent the past two months.
Fred Johnson had hie house painted
las' aeok. F.ameet Ramsthal did the
Mr. and Mr* J. O. Wilsoa moved
from Troutdale to their property
here on Hinkley sreuue a few day*
Oils Spur and wife visited friends
at Wuectatock last Sunday.
Born November 20, 1922, to Mr.
and Mrs. Kay, a son.
Mr. and Mr*. P. A. Swan from
Lento attimded the dance her* Satur­
day night
The Parent • Teacher asaociatioa
held a very , successful meeting
Wednesday. Mr*. Menan’s room won
the use of th* new picture the first
month by having more mother* la st
tendance that day than the other
room*. The contract for th* new
book esse wa* let to Mr. Troian.
Mr and Mr*. Albert Worthington,
who hav* spent meat of th* summer
hare with Mr. Worthington’s parents,
moved to th* Rex Arma apartnvstta
In Portland a few day* ago.
Mr* RDey Uyd visited friends tai
Sellwood Tuesday afternoon.
Mra lee Falkner waa shopping in
Portland Monday.
The Harmony chib will give a dance
at the clubhouse Saturday night
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Grim* and
daughter, Anna, earns hors a few
day* ago, from Gettysburg, S. D.,
to spend the winter. They coms for
the benefit of Mrs. Griesa's health,
and to visit her sister, Mrs. Wllltam
Gladys Loyd spent th* week end
with her parents, returning to Port­
land Sunday evening.
Mr*. A. W. Stewart visited Tues­
day afternoon with Mra. Ulan on
Eighty-second street.
The Harmony chib women met for
their regular meeting Wednesday,
with Mrs. Ella Clark, th* president.
Mrs. D. Barlow of Sixty-seveuth
street to very Ui al the Portland Sani­
Born to Mr. and Mr*. E. K. Krueger,
of 3816 Sixty-seventh street, on No­
vember 16, a daughter.
Mra. K. O. Shepherd will go to
Vancouver November 11 to attend a
missionary meeting.
A »on was bom to Mr. and Mr*.
H. Bufton, of 3732 Seventy-first
street, on November 10.
W. R. Inks, of 35 j 5 Sixtg-
eighth street, left Sunday for a
week's surveying trip in Tillamook
Billy Bundy, of 3812 Sixty eighth
street, suffered a very painful injury
last week, when he fell off hia little
sleeping cot, and broke his shoulder.
The little dog I'uppo, cherished
pot and property of Rev. E. O.
Shepherd's family, came to a most
pathetic ending last week. A savage
bulldog attacked him, and before they
could be separated, little Puppo was
ao badly broken and torn that he
had to be shot
Th* Parent-Teacher association met
on Tuesday at 3 o'clock. Mia* Snook’s
room won the box of candy for the
largest attendance of mothers pres­
Every club and organisation of the
Franklin high school will take part
in th* so-called "country fair" on
December 8 and 9, given through the
effort* of the Hi-Y club. Thia fair
i* considered one of the big feet events
of th* year. An interesting program
is in preparation. Th* proceeds win
ba. turned over to the athletic fund.
The community and students of ths
Franklin high school are putting up
a big fight for the much needed and
widely discussed auditorium. Mon­
day a mas* meeting was held for thia
purpose, Mr*. G. G. Root presiding.
After much diseutaion it was de­
cided to present petition* and go in
a body before th* school board. Thia
was done Wednesday. As a result
of th* presentation of these petitions,
a special meeting has been called for
Thursday evening in the gymnsaium.
Various member* and repreesntatives
of the school board will be present.
Both glee clubs and the special
quartet will sing. All person* la­
te rested ahould attend. This district
represent* approximately 10 per cent
of the school nttendanee of the city,
and should be entitled to their share.
The Commerce club of Franklin
will give a dance in the school gym
nasMan Friday evening. Art Barter's
peppy orchestra will furnish the music.
Par**« -Teacher Aaseriatiea's Bazaar
The bazaar held by the Parenv-
Teacher association at the Joseph
Kellogg school last Friday evening
was a decided success« both socially
and financially.
A splendid program was rendered
and each of the numbers was enthu­
siastically received. Mrs. Dustin and
the girls* canning class offered a
pageant, Miss Carrie Adams played
several numbers on the piano and Mr.
Hunter and his juvenile orchestra
rounded out the program with or­
chestra selections.
Among the many things sold, candy,
art, needle work and cooked food were
most in ds ma no.
The whole affair was an agreeable
surprise and even those in charge
were much elated over the succees
The Bonnett church is holding a
bazaar and rummage sale at 5614
Ninety-second street today and to­
morrow. Among the many articles
offered for sale are plain and fancy
aprens, fancy work of all kinds, vege­
tables and homo eooking. The public
is cordially invited.
desiring to contribute
The Elks ladies of No. 142, Port
towards the rummage sale will please
land, of which Mrs. G. O. Branden-
bring bundles to above address.
berg is president, will hold a bazaar
on December 1 and 2, at Elks’ Temple,
Woodmere Community Dance
The community dance to be held Broadway and Stark streets. The
tomorrow evening at Woodmere entire proceeds will go to the Elks’
school promises Ito be one of the Chriitma* tree fund, for which the
most enjoyable events scheduled for Elks have become quite prominent
the pre-Thanksgiving season. The among the more unfortunate children
Parent-Teacher circle, under whose of the city.
auspice* th* affair is to ba held, has ■ Among the many features of the
spared *• pain* in providing all of bazaar will be a contest for a beauti­
the essentials, such as good music, ful hope chest. Mrs. Frank Currigan
refreshments, etc., that will aid in of Lents and Mrs. E. L. Dimmitt
affording those attending a moat have charge of this feature and Mrs.
pleasant evening’s enjoyment. Such Currigan has been soliciting aid
funds aa may be derived from the ad­ of th* t^nts business houses the past
mission charge of 35 cents are to week in making the event a success.
Nothing need be said of the won­
be devoted to giving a Christmas
party to the 750 pupils of Wood- derful work ef the Elks' lodgea tn
mere school. Th* dancing party to­ spreading sunshine to unfortunate
morrow evening la a community waifs, especially at Christmas time,
and this year they hope to surpass
affair and all ar* invited.
all their former records of generosity.
Mrs. Currigan would appreciate
Would Like to Know Wank Melvin
very much any assistance from the
Mrs. T. E. Melvin. 9133 Forty-
Mount Scott people and she would
third avenue, would like to hear from
be pleased to explain the hope chest!
Frank Melvin, Portland attorney, for
contest to anyone interested.
the reason that she receives num­
erous telephone calls for Mr. Melvin.
To Hold Annual Baiaar
Sometimes they are long-distance
The annual bazaar of the Lenta
calls and she feels that they are im-
portam and that Mr. Melvin would Methodtart Episcopal church will be
appreciate knowing that hia calls are held in the lent» Grange hall Tues­
being delayed because he Is hard to day, December 5. Dinner will be
served at A2 M. and at 6 P. M.
Park Chris-
The women of the
, tian church held a issionary tea at
y afternoon
the church on W
wer* given
Mrs. D. Barlow of Sixty-seveath
Mr*. J. F.
street is ill in the Portland sana to th* Chinese nt
Ghormley told of
»a been carried
Ariel* Baptist church to holding the mission which
on among ’ the Chinege
of Portland for
special pre-OiristM** services every
30 years, and
Mr*, ward Swope spoke
Wednesday night.
to “The Future of the Mission."
Franklin high school finished its
George Jennings and Mita Iren*
regular sehechile by defeating Com­
Crow were marrtad Tuesday even­
merce high, 7 to 0.
ing at Mr. J<-nning'e home, 4711
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Smith and
d street Jtov. Owen T.
family of Myrtle Point, Or, are
Day of the Arteta Baptist church
visitor* in Portland.
Headquarters for the Community officiated. Both are popular young
people, are active tn church circle*
Chest drive for the Ariel* district
and th* congratulations and best
are at the Arleta library.
wishes of a host of friends are ex­
Mrs. K. R. Dixon, of Fifty-fifth ami tended to them. They will reside at
Seventy-third street to visiting her 4711 Seventy-second street.
mother et Forest Grow*.
The Joseph Kellogg Parent-Teacher
Mrs. Tucker, mother of Mra. Maury association met st th* school Tues­
and Mra. Hopper, is ill at ths lad- day afternoon. An addreee on “Good
tor’s home on Sixtieth street.
Books" was given ' by one of the
Mr*. J. Heuika, of 6622 Fiftieth librarians from th« main library. Mr*
avenue, fell own th* steps of her I'olworth gave a regort of the recent
house last Sunday morning and broke Parent-Teacher association state con­
vention at Eugen*. It waa decided
her arm.
A marriage license has been issued to have the ladies’ »id society of the
to Bart F. Smith, 4822 Seventy­ Third United Brethren church serve
fourth street, and Bertha M. Smith, hot lunches for the children of the
school who desire them.
4417 Sixty-fifth street.
The report that « marriage license
C. 8. Fuller, 841 Vancouver ave­
had been Issued to Georg* T. Jen­
nue, has been placed in the position
nings, 4711 Seventy-second street and
of manager of the Eagle garage by
Irene M. Crtw, 4807 Seventy-second
Mr. Cockerline, owner.
street, created an «Kcitment to sev­
Charles Wanan taker of Oregon eral boy* and girls of th* neighbor­
City la bearding with hie brother-in- hood who staged a noisy charivari.
law, Nelson I-awrence, and is doing After working for nearly an hour,
carpenter work in town.
Mr. Jennings and Mizs Oow came
Mr. Kuhnhausen ef the Electric walking up and announced that the
Service company is in the east on a jok* was on the crowd because the
business trip in connection with th* wedding had not been performed.
A. B. C. washing machine.
J. J. Handsaker, chairman of the
A. L. Pomeroy, the Laurelwood Portland school eommittee of the
shoe repairer, ha* moved into the Community Chest, addressed th.-
house formerly occupied by A. L. Lenta and Arteta schools this week,
reeeivnig assurance« of every co-op­
Hitt at 6929 Forty-fifth avenue.
J. A. Barney, secretary-treasurer eration from both pupils and teacher*.
Mias In** Porter« 4849 Eighty-sixth
of the B. M. and I. U. waa a busi­
ness visitor to Seattle. Wenatchee and street, received severe bruises
Wednesday, when the was struck by
other Washington points this week.
Mrs. Ward Swope, of 5329 Sev­ a car driven by William Weingart, cf
entieth street, is very busy lining up 4903 Seventy-second street. She was
th* W. C. T. U. women of th* whole walking down Fosfar Road at the
city for Community Cheat activities. time of th* accident.
R. D. King and ahildrea, who are
A full house greeted the Washing­ making their home with Nelson Law­
ton high play, “Duley,“ Friday, No­ rence at 4910 Sixtieth street, have
vember 17, at the auditorium. The all been quite ill. Richard, the S-
January (1923) class put on the play. y ear-old baby, hlh tern—lliil pneu­
The Mount Scott Mental Culture monia. AU are reeoveriag sow. Mr.
club met recently at the Arleta King lost his wife recently and much
library with a full attendance. W. D. sympathy is felt for th* family in
Wheelright used Japan as the sub­ their trouble and illness. -.
ject of hi* talk. *
An all-day missionary service will
James Hunter, an old resident of be held at the Kern Park Christian
this community, to dangerously ill at church today. The women have charge
his home oq Sixty-seventh street and of the morning service and the men
Whitman avenue. Mr. Hunter 1* past of the evening service. A Chinese
quartet from the Christian Chinese
80 years of age.
E. 0. Shepherd of the Third United mission will sing at the morning
Brethren church is holding revival hour.
services at Ropewell. During his
Methodist Episcopal Church
absence his pulpit will be filled by
Lents Mount Scott Methodist Epis­
Rev. B. E. Emerich.
copal church makes the following an­
Mr. and Mra. L. P. Cox and Vernon nouncements: Sunday school, 9:45
Cox of Jefferson, Or., are guests of A. M., morning worship at 11 A. M.;
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Mellor* of Lenta’ sermon theme, “Golden Character
Electric bakery. Messrs. Cox and From Refining Fire”; Epworth league
Mellor* are brothers-in-law.
at 6:30 P. M., topic, “Thanksgiving”;
Little May Jacobson, of Sixty-sev­ evening service at 7:30. The pastor
enth street, fell down the basement will deliver an appropriate Thanks­
rtairw at her home last week and cut giving sermon, giving reasons why we
her forehead so badly it was neces­ should be thankful. Midweek prayer
meeting Thursday. 7:30 P. M. You
sary to hav* four stitches taken.
are entitled to these services. “Come
Theo. Zehrung, 7105 Forty-eighth thou with us and we will do thee good,
avenue, has registered for th* older for the Lord hath spoken good con­
boys’ conference which will be held cerning Israel.”—T. H. Downs, pastor.
at Eugene. This will make the third
conference that Theo, has attended
Mr*. Gray's Stater Dead
and he expects to attend several more.
The death of Mrs. M. A. Barnes,
Among the new subscribers to The 67, at Baker, Or, Friday, November
Herald thia week are: Mr*. Fred 17, made th* second death in the
Ball, 9325 Forty-sixth avenue, mother family of Mr*. M. J. Gray of I-enta
of Mrs. W. L. Dingman of the same and Gray* Crossing. Miss Laura
address, and Mr*. John Brindley, 6804 Gray, Mr*. Gray’s daughter, waa
Fifty-first avenue, and James Ball of buried last week. Mrs. Barnes was
East Seventy-second and McCoy the aunt of Mrs. W. H. Heald, 5829
streets; J. A. Barney, 4803 Seventy­ Eighty-second street.
sixth street, and Mrs. Vanwart,
Ninety-sixth street.
Dill Will Be Yeungeet Senator.
Mr. and Mr*. C. L. Baker and three
Seattle, Wash. — Clarence C. Dill,
children have purchased a home at democrat of Spokane, whose election
6400 Ninetieth street Mr. Baker is to the United States senate Is indicat­
a house decorator who drove hi* auto­ ed by returns. wlU be the youngest
mobile from Los Angele* to Portland member when ho takes hl* seat March
last month. He plans to rent for a 4. Mr. DHL who I* 38 year* old, la a
time and then will look into acreage bachelor.
Besides Ernest Lister,
just outside the city's limits, where former governor, ho to the only demo­
he hopes to embark in the poultry crat te wta In a statewide contest tn
Washington since the populist wave
Hereafter ths first Wednesday noon
Turk* Warned In Curt Net*.
of each month will be the meeting
Constantinople. — The allied high
time of the Lents' Business Men's
club, it waa decided at a meeting of commissioners banded a note to the
the chib held in Grange hall Wednes­ Angora jovsrnmeat representative
day evening. It is planned to feature here demanding th* repeal of all
the noon meeting* with a luncheon to measure* relating to the customs, the
be given by women’s organisations of public debt and the sanitary aad other
lent«. At the noon meeting, Decem­ services which conflict with the cap
ber 5, ths election of officers will be Itulatlon* and stipulations of the
held. W. W. Knight was appointed Mudroe armistice agreement of 1315.
Wednesday night as the club's repre­
sentative at a meeting in the Benson
Let us not like children ba led
hotel, Thursday evening, to discus* away by what strikes the eye and
way* and mean* of holding a 1927 ex­ ear. The loudest names are not those
position in Portland.
of the world's truest benefactors.
VOL. XX, No 47
Many Thousands Left Hungry
and Homeless ByTremblor
and Tidal Waves.
l. 0.1. L f. RAISE ISSUE
A beautiful silk flag was presented
to Marysville school Friday Novem­
ber 10, by Mm. Lillian L. Pointer from
George Wright, No. 2, Woman’s Relief
corps. An assembly of all the school
children was held for ths patriotic
exorcises Mrs. Pointer gave an in­
teresting talk on the flag.
Mr. Boyer and Miss Godwin, music
supervisors, visited the school and
held interesting music classes in each
room Friday, November 10.
All ths rooms sold tickets for the
benefit shew on Monday, and much
competition was shown in the work.
Miss Baker’s room sold the meet
tickets, having sold over one hundred.
Miss Lynns’ room was second wilh
almost an equal number. Ths Parent-
Teacher smoeiatioa will award a silk
flag to the winner
The poceods of the ticket sales were
3100, which will be applied on the Vie-
trola fund. Much credit is due to tlfc
parents for the donation of the home­
made candy and to the children in
different rooms for s»!!*ng so many
The girls' playshed is nearing com­
pletion and work is being started on
the boys’ play shed.
The A girls had candy sales at the
school Friday and Monday, November
10 and 13. About 37 was realized,
which fund will be used in purchasing
pictures for th« building.
Mr. Whitney visited the school
Wednesday morning. He gave the
8B class an interesting talk.
The benefit show given on Monday
night was a decekted success. There
was a record attendance at all three
shows. Miss Murrel White gave
three special dancing numbers which
were very much enjoyed. Mr. Fred
Dunford sang two special numbers
which were greatly appreciated.
The 8B girls had charge of the
candy sale. The proceeds for the
candy sales both at school and at the
show, were nearly 330.
Great interest was shown in Good
Book week, many school children read­
ing mors than the required book.
Some very interesting book reviews
were given in the upper grades. Many
of the lower grade children acted out
the characters they had read about.
There has been much absence the
past week due to cv'.i' and tonaolitis.
Paul Hartford and Francis Dobbs
have been quite ill.
Mr* Chris Srendsen is steadily im­
proving from the serious operation
which she underwent at St. Vincent's
hospital about two weeks ago.
1000 Boxcars Dally to Relieve Farmers
Washington. D. C.—Ose thousand
empty box cars a day In solid trains
will begin moving to the northwest
from Chicago within a few days, and
the movement will continue until the
demand tor equipment to transport
farm and forest products has been
Italy to Ratify Arms’ Agreements.
Rome.—All agreements reached at
the Washington disarmament confer­
ence will bo ratified by Italy, Pre­
mier Mussolini told American corre­
Formar Governor Lynn Frazier of
North Dakota was sleeted to Senator
McOumber's seat by a plurality over
J. F. T. O'Connor, democrat, that will
exceed 5000.
There was a majority of 33.151 la
favor of making the eighteenth amead-
ment to the constitution of tbs United
State* and the Volstead act statute
law of California.
Walter M. Pierce had a lead of 34.-
439 votes over Ben W. Olcott tor the
governshlp la Oregon. The compul­
sory education bill had an affirma­
tive majority sxoeeding 13.000.
Unofficial figures on the Indiana
contest for United State* senator
showed that Samuel M. Ralston, demo­
crat. defeated former Senator Albert
J. Beveridge, republican, by 35.5M
Returns from the election shown the
problbltioaUtt rolled up a majority
of approximately 175,000 against a pro-
posed amendment to the constitution
to permit the manufasture and sale
of wine and beer in Ohio.
Petitions for state-wide recount of
the vote for United States senator In
Massachusetts* were prepared by a
campaign manager for Colonel W. A.
OastotL democratic opponent of Sen­
ator, Henry Cabot Lodge. The latter's
plurality stands at 5435 votes.
Nebraska voted two to one against
ratification of a law passed by the
last legislature which would have
made it possible tor state conventions
to select delegatee to national nomi­
nating convention« of the various pol­
itical parties and to name national
We must be rsnolvtd to labor to
see, not only things as thpy are, but
ourselves too as we are. Where seif-
eriticism.i* lacking, whether in in­
dividuals or in social aggregate«,
decay and degeneracy inevitably must
set in.
Life is moot beautiful ' and noble,
not when its environment in most
splendid, but when it in nourished by
the highest thought and the purest