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M. Brennan Injured
by Mob at Gresham
Mrs. L. A. Marshall, formerly of
l-ents, te making her home with her
daughter, Mrs. J. D. McFarland, of
5231 Fortieth avenue.
Mrs. 8. Cauthorn, Mrs. Mary Fish­
Michael P, Brennan, well-known G. Sabin, Selling building; A. E. burn, Mrs. Hattie Witeon, Mrs. Ward
Portland haberdasher, was attacked Rocksy, Steven* building; H. W. | flwo|>e and Mrs. Alice Mcl-aughlin are
by a mob at Gresham Sunday eve­ Howard, Journal building; William H. delegates to the »tats W. C. T. U.
ning and badly beaten. Blows on ths Skene, Stevens building; O. Miller
head rendered him UIWOMcioas; after Babbitt, Journal building; J. R. Weth­ convention meeting at McMinnville»
recovering consciousness he was erbee, Journal building;^Mward Allen October 10, 11 and 12, from the Arleta
Cirked up by a passing motorist ami Pierce, Stevens building; F. M. W. C. T. U.
rought to his home In this city. He Brooks, Stevens building; F. J. Zieg­
At a meeting of the Arleta W. C.
•till shows the effects of his en­ ler, Medical building; I. C. Brill, T. U. held Tuesday, October 10, at
counter in a blackened eye and a
Rush A Iuine building; G. N. Pease, the Arleta library work for the com­
badly injured hand and arm.
Mr. Brennan was present at a Stevens building; James F. Bell, ing year wm mapped out.
Mrs. K. I. Dixon, 760« Fifty-fifth
lecture given “to men only" by Elis­ Journal building; W. W. Black, Mo­
abeth Schoffen (Sister l-ucretia) in I hawk building; Albert Mathieu, Sell­ swrue, presented her husband with
which the lecturer singled out SL ing building, E. H. Strait, Medical a fine baby girl late last Sunday
Vincent’s hospital. Portland, as the building; 8. C. Slceum, Mohawk build­ evening.
special object of her attack. At the ing; Cheater C. Moore, Medical build­
Miss Elaine Handsnker held a birth,
conclusion of the meeting Mr. Bren- ing; M. K. Hall, Corbett building;
Elmer E. Anderaon, Journal building; day party at her homo, 5530 Forty­
Ralph M. Dodson, Selling building; fourth avenue, Saturday, October 7. I |
Carl T. R om . Stevens building; Harry Those present were: Mi«« Theona
B. M<x’re, Steven* building; J. H,
Wise, Selling building; Arthur L. Can- Newton, Manter Wilbur Newton,
. fiaid, 491 Dekum avenue; C. H. Master Billy Boon. Miss Kathleen
Wheeler, Medical building; A. D. Butler, Misses Nellie »nd Rhea Davis
Walker, Stevens building; G. W. Mil- and Miss Elaine Handsaker.
! lett, Electric building; Ralph C.
C. Morgan of Sacramento has been
i Walker, Stevens building; C. L. Booth,
Selling building; D. H. Rand, Mor- visiting his nieces, Mrs. Charles W.
puilding; Frank
McCauley, i Mowrey, of 4837 Sixtieth street, and
gan building;
__ _; Harold C. Bonn, I Mrs. Hopfor.
Stevens ' building;
Selling building; J. F. Dickson,
Little Edna Mae Hopfer has had
StuveQp building; Frank E. Smith,; her tonsils and adenoids out and is
Stevens building; C. J. McCusker,, getting along nicely.
Corbett building; U. Cl Cue, 8tevens ,
Mis« Hasel Nelson of Spokane te
building; F. H. Dammaach, Steven»
building; Ernest F. Tucker, Medical visiting her ateter, Mrs. William Jes­
building; A. W. Moore, Stevens build­ sen of Sixty-first street.
ing; Edward Allen Pierce, Steven*
Mr. Raniking te home after being
building; M. J. Jones, Morgan build­ out of town several weeks.
ing; Charles R. McClure, Selling
Ben Iwabo« formerly of Forty-fifth
building; H. C. Blair, Electric build­
ing; W. H. Watson, Journal building. •venue and Seventy-sixth street
recently was injured when the rail­
NEIGHBORS OF WOODCRAFT EN- road speeder on which he was riding
near Knappa, O., collided with another
vpeeder coming In the opposite di rec -
The last meeting of Mount Scott tion. His wife also was on the speeder
nan distributed circulars bearing the
names of 50 or more non-Catholic circle, i No. 595, Neighbors of Wood- nt the time of the accident, but was
physicians and protesting against the craft, i was a very pleasant and : not injured.
calumnies which the lecturer is in
S. L Barnett, of 6804 Forty-sixth
the habit of repoating at her meet­ snappy ' affair. Many neighbors from avenue, left recently for Weston, Or.,
ings. Having finished his task he other circles were present, among
started down tho su*<ri and entered them being several from Royal, Or.; Where he will visit hte mother for a
a store to inquire when U*e stage Mount Hood and Multnomah and two few day*.
left for Portland. While there four from I-oe Angeles,
Mrs. Hitchcock and son, John of Ta­
men, apparently the advance guard
coma, have been visiting Mrs. S. D.
A short program consisting of
of a mob which was now forming in
Briggs, of Forty-ninth street and
the street, entered the store and de­ games, under the direction of Neigh­
manded that he leave town. He ap­ bors Ward and Allen, was given at Thirty-fourth avenua.
Rev W. C. Driver, residing at
pealed to them for protection which the close of tbe regular session.
Sixtyyfifth street ami FiftyvAighth
they refused; one of them saying to
Royal circle then invited all to the avenue, underwent a serious opera­
him: "You can run, can't you?" One
of the four was a fellow-member of banquet room where they had spread tion Tuesday morning. He te getting
the American l*agion to whom Mr. a luncheon, consisting of salads,
Brennan specially appealed, but w<th- sandwiches*, pies, cakes, pickles, along fine and hope« for a speedy
recovery are entertained.
out effect, leaving the building he
had gone but a short distance when wafers and coffee. Mount Scott cir­
Sidney Bresure, of 5617 Fofty-fifth
hs was struck from behind by a blow cle gave a rising vote of thanks to •venue, left recently for southern
which knocked him down. As he got Royal circle for their kindness. The California.
to his feet he was again struck on the ■ext meeting will be Friday evening,
I-ast Friday afternoon and evening
head nnd
unconscious. October 13. All members are re­
an exhibit was made at Creston school
Spectators are reported » «aying
that he was kicked and beaten after quested to be present. Visiting neigh- of all the work done by the pupils
be went down. He has n<> further bora are welcome.
during the summer months. Among
racolletrion of tile event until he re­
the things exhibited were canned fruit,
covered cunsciousium in an automobile
cooked articles, sewing, radio ap­
on his way to Portland. The driver
paratus, carpentry and products of
said he picked Mr. Brennan up in a
dated condition about two mile» this
The Parent-Teachsr association of the gardens of various pupils.
side of Gresham.
William Woodham, who recently
Marysville school met Wednesday
Mr. Brennan ia a member of the
his hardware store at Kern Park
firm of Brennan A Whalen, haber
dashers and is prominent in musical pleasing program was presented by and who is in ill health, is visiting
circles and has taken an active in­ Miss Baker, chairman of the pro- friends and relatives in Tacoma.
terest in the American Legion. In­ gram committee.
School Daze, the paper which made
dignation te general among hia ac­
first appearance at Franklin late
quaintance« at the wanton and un­
onatration was given by Miss God- last semester came out for the first
provoked attack on him.
The matter has been placed in the win, supervisor of music apprecia­ time this semwter during the past
hands of District Attorney Myers tion in the public schools. Miss God­ week.
who already has learned the names of win pointed out the need of a phono­
The Arleta Parent-Teacher aasocia-
a number of persona making up the
mob. The text of the circular dis­ graph to carry on thia work in music . tion will meet Friday, October 13, at
tributed by Mr. Brennan te given appreciation effectively. A fine Vic­ 2:30. A talk will be made by Mrs.
tor machine was furnished by one of Root on "Pre-School Work.” Round-
"We the undersigned members of the music stores for the demonstra­ table discussion on “Kindergarten
the medical profession of Portland, tions. It was decided to take imme­
Work’ will be held.
hereby voice an emphatic protest
In the absence of Roy Chiaholn,
against the campaign of vilification diate action to procure a good ma­
conducted by a certain woman leo- chine. An interesting demonstration who is on his vacation with J. C.
turer and her associates, directed was given by Mrs. Curtis’ class. Marie Mitcheltree in Tillamook. Mrs. En-
•gainst the Staters of Providence and Haugner gave an excellent reading. feed Olson, of 3820 Fifty-.second
St. Vincent’s hospital, Portland.
The association ia a live wire or­ street, is clerking in Chisholm*»
“Our daily contact for years with
the Sirtere and their hospital has ganisation and the patrons take an grocery at Anabel.
thoroughly familiarised us with their active part. Action ia being taken
Mrs. Robert R. Depew of Borin*
lofty standard of personal morals, through the Parent-Teacher associa­
their unimpeachable character and tion to procure many improvements is a visitor in Portland for a few
efficiency. Not being of the Catho­
lic faith, we have no ends to serve needed. After the meeting the teach­
H. P. Risner of the Alberta dis­
except the highest standards of our er» were at home to the patrons in trict has purchased the bicycle shop
profession; as medical men, we vahre the teachers' room. Light refresh­
at 9124 Foster Road, formerly run
our own reputation and Integrity too ments weds served.
by A. M. Elmer.
highly to be actively associated with
Eloise, little daughter of our prin­
any organisation or institution upos
C. L. England of Wilson station
which serious reflections could truth­ cipal, P. H Wyman, is recovering mixes his chickens with the China
fully be cast Therefore we regard from a very serious injury which she pheasants, so numerous are the lat­
this vilification of the Sisters and rereived when a skidding ear ran
their institution ss s reflection upon over her some days ago. We are ter on his place-
Tom Leahy, of 9715 Foster Road,
Very glad to know the injury ia not
“Ws denounce as the crudest and
is visiting at Astoria and Seaside.
meat malicious form of falsehood
A. C Kilgore, 3815 Seventy-second
statement» like the«»: That the Sis­
Little Helen and Charles Smith, of
has accepted the Mount Scott
ters are cruelly treated by their room 9. have moved to the west side, i
superiors; that they are analaved; Ws are very sorry te lode these fine agency for the Washington Pastry
that they are deprived of physical
Drop fruit flavors in 35 varieties.
liberty; that there are moral irregu­ children.
George Gratke, 53 Fourth atreet,
larities of any kind connected with
brother of the executive secretary of
their Sisterhood or their private
Indorsee Roas Island Bridge
the 1927 fair committee, and former
The Lenta Buaineaa Men’s club Astoria newspaper man, is the gen­
“The untiring labors and countless
benefactions or the Sisters of Provi­ unanimously indorsed the proposed eral agent for this line.
dence and their hospital (St Vin­ Rosa island bridge Wednesday eve­
Politics are. surely warming up. A
cent’s) during their long term of de­ ning and agreed to make a house-to- little woman canvassing I-enta in the
voted service in Portland—merit for house canvros to secure passage of interest of Judge Rossman, candidate
them the deepest gratitude from our
citizens. These should deprecate and the 11,600,000 bond issue. R. 11. for re-election as circuit judge was
denounce the libelous falsehoods and Wright, United States bridge engi­ in The Herald office yesterday. Judge
slanderous insinuations which the neer, was principal speaker. Speak­ Rossman ia a man who has climbed
above referred to "ex-nun lecturer” ers favoring the bridge will address the judicial ladder by virtue of a
(Lucretia or Elisabeth Schoffen) has the Oregon Civic league and Portland good record. He was appointed to
been disseminating.
the circuit bench from the munic­
“Joseph D. Sternberg, Journal build­ Federation of Women’s clubs tomor­
ing; Rov McDaniel. Electric building; row noon and the Gneham grange in ipal judgeship. W. T. Vaughn is Ross­
man's opponent.
E. B. McDaniel, Electric building; C. the afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs E. C. Berry of St
Johns have purchased the American
service station at Eighty second and
Division streets, and are living there.
The former owner was W. C. Sulli­
The Star Electric company has
just completed installation of the 12-
kilowat electric bakery in the shop
of Herman Schrader, 680 iximbard
street. This company installed the
electric oven for the Dayught Bakery,
Kern I’ark, and through the good
work on this latter job were recom­
mended to Mr. Schrader.
When in Lenta roete rds y “Bob"
Lewis, of the Radio Service company
and the Retailers* Service Bureau,
accountants, announced that the for­
mer company, controlled by himself
a**d brother, had purchased the Wil­
lard P. Hawley Jr. radio broadeaxt-
ing station at Eaat Tkenty-second
and Tillamook streets, and broad­
cas ted Tuesday night tor the first
time from their new Station. Mr.
Lewis ia enthusiastic about the deal
which gives him the most powerful
station in Portland at the present
time. The Oregonian hs* announced
the purchase of a new Western Elec­
tric company set which will be more
powerful than KYG, the Hawley sta­
tion identification name, but for the
time being his company has the best
station. About the first of the month
Mr. Lewis will move hi' station to
the west side where he will broad­
cast in connection with a Portland
evening newspaper.
Off on California Trip
Mr. and Mrs. J. G. McDougall and
H. M. Bumham left Thursday morn­
ing by automobile for a several
months’ trip to southern California,
Nevada, New Mexico and Old Mexico.
W. H. Barker has succeeded Mr. Mc­
Dougall as driver for the Troy laun­
dry in Mount Scott. Mr McDougall
has been in the laundry business here
the past 13 years.
Lenta Methodist Episcopal Church
Sunday school, 9:45 A. M., R. II.
Calkins, superintendent. At 11 o’clock
the pastor, T. H. Downs, will preach
from the theme. “Christ the Wonder­
ful." The sacrament of the Lord's
supper will be administered after the
sermon. Epworth league services,
6:30 P. M., theme, “The Abundant
Life.” Evening services, 7:30 o’clock,
theme, “Parables of the Leaven.”
Midweek prayer services, Thursday,
7:30 P. M.
Parent-Teacher Association te Meet
Lents Pakent-Febeher association
will meet at the schoolhouse Friday
afternoon, October 20 at 2:45 o'clock.
Discussion of topics prescribed by the
Portland Parent-Teacher council for
September and October will take
place during the program hour. There
also will be musical numbers. All
parents are urgently requested to be
Charles Paton Glover Passes
Charles Paton Glover, 82, died at
his home, 5134 Seventy-second street,
last Monday. The funeral was con­
ducted at the home Wednesday morn­
ing at 9:30, by Rev. Mr. Ghcrmley.
The remains were taken to McCleay.
Or., to the grave of his wife who died
about 35 years ago. Mr. Glover was
an old resident of Oregon. He was
raised at McCloay, was a farmer in
Linn county for about 15 years, and
has been a resident of Mount Scott
for the past 12 years. He is sur­
vived by five sons, Samuel, Orange,
Wallace, Ralph and Ronald, and by
six daughters. Lenora, Laura, Nar­
cissa, Edith, Matilda and Mabel. All
hie children are married except
Lenora who has been her father’s
homemaker since her mother’s death
some 35 years agv.
Buys Dave Nepom’» Store
Dick Noble has bought out the store
of Dave Nepom at 6254 Foster Road
and will take charge Monday. Mr.
Noble is not new to Chia vicinity. He
ran the store at 6254 Foster Road
prior to Mr. Blackman, who sold tc
Dave Nepom about a year ago. Mr.
Noble plans to run a butcher shop in
connection with hia grocery.
“Four-eyed George” was a by-name
conferred on General George Meade,
the victor of Gettysburg, Pa., on July
1, 2 and 3, 1863, by his soldiery, a
jocular allusion to the fact that he
wore spectacles.
VOL. XX, No 41
OCTOBFR 13, 1922
Through Misty Eyes
I Said, “Thank You”
Chester A. Lyon will speak in the
Lenta’ school auditorium, at 8 o’clock
Monday and Tuesday evenings, Octo­
ber 16 and 17, on "Boy Problems.’*
The meeting Monday night te open
but he feels and told his company’s
By L. D.
for boys to attend with their parents.
C. W. Davis, 6304 Ninety-fifth people so (I know just how kindly
Mr. Lyon will take as hte subject
"Boys and Dogs.” He will tell about street, thought he was my debtor Mon­ the old gentleman told them) that,
a shepherd dog he once owned and day morning when he called upon me. “in a way I feel I am fired.” I asked
the many good lexons he learned He paid his slight debt, but he gave Mr. Davis if there was any sort ot
from him. Mr. Lyon deciares, as he me a sermon that put.* mi in his debt pension or old age fund to which hs
looks back on the life and actions in far above my power to repay in coin. would be entitled. He said there was
Mr. Davis is a soldier. He can none.
general of this dog, makes him think
At the End of 32 Years
his family directly back to
of many boys.
Let me say here, not in particular
On Tu««day evening only parent:* George Washington. But he is an­
and friends are invited to attend. other kind of a soldier. He is in the criticism of the wealthy company for
which he gave 32 years of his man-
The subject will be "That Trouble­ ranks of Christ's army.
“God furnishes the love,” said Mr. hcod’s working days, but in criticism
some Roy.”
Mr. Lyon founded the Big Brother Davis, “and so I can love every human of the system,—that the system that
Farm for Boys at Lebanon, Or., ten soul. I cannot love the ways of some takes 32 years of a man’s life and
years ago and is the originator of the men and the Holy Ghost answered then, to be rid of him, demands that
he speed up, is un-Christian and un-
"preventive delinquency among boys”
movement, established in Portland in ; love the ways of some men by say­ American.
ing, 'I do not love their ways.’ That
"But,” went on Mr. Davis, “there is
September, 1921.
The Portland Lions club is backing settled it for all time for me. I a home for me to which I am not
Mr. Lyon in his preventive work in love all men; I do not love the ways entitled, but which I have been In­
the city. This club is designed to | of all men.
vited to share for eternity. He has
Hatred, Not Christianity
further education, enlarge social and
naked me to live with Him.
"Hatred and Christianity cannot
civic opportunities, support the laws,
The Davis Morning Custom
direct public counsels and in every live together. The person who hates
is a custom of Mr. Davis to
way make the lives of men, women, 'is not a Christian,” continued Mr. read the Bible, "even if only a few
boys and girls happier.
things in the Roman Catholic church, words,” before breakfast in the morn­
but I do not hate a Catholic. There ing. If every man, woman and child
SAYS CEDAR CREEK SOON TO are some Catholics, perhaps, who hate in Oregon would do that, beginning
me. They are not Christians, 'there today, the present political campaign
are some Protestants who hate me. would not be a bitter one. People
would disagree without hating; they
Stewart Campbell, state mine in- perhaps. They are not Christians.*
To my mind Mr. Davis has found would vote without religious or racial
spector for Idaho, after a tour of in­
spection has the following to say pf the proper solution to religious and
I Said. "Thank You.”
the Cedar Creek Mining 4 Develop­
Many things pressed on me for
disagree, dislike methods without
ment company, Ltd. :
time Monday morning. Over the Sun­
“Cedar Creek Mining 4 Develop­ hating individuals.
day holiday I had planned many
Lives What He Preaches
ment company Ltd. The property of
My visitor proved to me that he things. Yet, how glad I was to re­
this company, which ia located near
the head of Cedar creek, presents a lived what he preached. He told me, ceive my first visitor Monday morn­
very favorable showing and this without trace of bitterness that he ing, a few minutes after I had reached
showing te such that one te safe to had terminated his employment of the office and before I had delved
assume it will be cne of the new over 32 years with the Willamette into my work. Mr. Davis could have
mines of Shoshone county to come in Iron & Steel Works Saturday eve­ taken all my morning, had he <te-
during 1922. A large raise te being ning, He said he felt he had been siretj to do it, and I would have felt
I was spending my time to the best
run to connect the upper and lower fired. It was this way:
possible advantage.
Heart Not 100 Per Cent
tunnels and when completed a shaft
As he went out the door he said
He is not a young man any more.
will be sunk on the ore further to
prove its extent before the necessary Hia heart te not physically 100 per something like thia: "May God bless
mill te installed. New bunk houses cent. He te a ^00 per center in I you and keep you, and save you.” My
eyes were misty. I am a young man
and boarding houses are to be built, every other way.
T-ast week a boss came around and yet to live my life. He is an old
and a sawmill is to be installed to I
cut the lumber for three as well as asked him to speed up. Mr. Davis man who had gathered sweetness and
timbers for the mine. The affairs replied that he could not, that after love through his days. And he wished
and work of this company show every stooping over if he tried to speed up for me tbe greatest happiness that
his heart would not permit him. The one fellow-mortal could wish another.
indication of intelligent direction.
planned some other work he TTirough misty eyes, I said, "Thank
could not handle. So Mr. Davis left, you, thank you, Mr. Davis.”
Lents, Oct. 12.—(To the Editor.)—
I wruld ask the courtesy of your
columns for a reply to some questions
that have beer, asked me repeatedly
during the past few months.
First—Does the Catholic church pay
taxes T
In thia matter the Catholic church
is on the same footing as the churches
of any denomination. The taxable
property of St Peter’s parish consists
of its entire block, with rectory at
Eighty-seventh street and Foster
Road, and two lots with house on its
property at Ninety-first street and
Gilbert Road. The lot or lots on which
a church stands, Catholic or Protes­
tant, is exempt from taxation; the lot
or lots on which a church school
stands. Catholic or Protestant, plls
the ground used exclusively for a
playground, is non-taxable. All church
property must pay for improvements.
Second—Does the Catholic paro­
chial school receive state aid?
It does not, not a cent It is sup­
ported entirely by the generosity of
the Catholic people. Catholics there­
fore pay taxes for the upkeep of our
public schools and unaided carry the
burden of support of the Catholic
Third—Are Catholic schools inde­
pendent of state control?
All schools in Oregon are state con­
trolled and the courses of sttidy hi
parochial «chools are the same ns
those in our public schools. The pri­
vate school exists because thero are
expense besides paying taxes for the
public schools.
All parents have an inalienable
right to educate their children as they
think fit provided they observe the
law. There can be no danger to the
state in the education of children in
private and parochial schols because
the teaching is the same—religion is
an addition—and the state has the
power to regulate and inspect.
“I will admit I haven’t always lived
as I should, but I do lova your daugh­
Entertaias G. A. R. Ladiee
ter sincerely, and if ever I should
make her unhappy I hope I will be
Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Jiggar Sr., of
made to suffer for it."
"Don’t let that worry you; shell 6131 Ninetieth street, entertained the
ladies of the Grand Army of the Re­
attend to that.”—Ix>n.lon Tit-Bits.
public at tea yesterday afternoon.
Mrs. Kawler -Do vou ever permit Since it was the anniversary of the
your husband to have his own way 7
discovery of America Mr. Jiggar put
Mrs. Stuart—Oh, yen, occasionally. out his flags and played patriotic
He is sure to make n fooboA himself pieces. George A. Jiggar is work-’
and that makes him easier to manage
ing at Cosmopolis, Wash.
next time.—Boston Transcript.
Anabel Presbyteriaa
Harold L. Bowman, pastor of the
First Presbyterian church, will speak
Tuesday evening, October 17, on hia
experiences in Scotland.
Tremont United Brethren
Morning service», “A Chalk Talk”;
evening services, “A Bad Dream.” A
full attendance is desired at the En­
deavor service® at 6:30.
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Heckel of Gil­
bert Road had a close call from death
when their car backed 30 feet down a
300-foot incline eight miles east of
Gresham Sunday about 4 o’clock. The
Heckels started up a steep hill, but
there was not sufficient gasoline in
their tank to feed until the ear
reached the top. Part way up the
Ford stopped and when Mr. Heckel
got out and cranked it, it started
over the embankment. He ran along­
side, seeking to apply the brakes and
did get inside, but the car did not
stop until it hit a tree. The top and
rear end of the ear were badly
smashed. Mr. Heckel sustained severe
bruises. Mrs. Heckel was badly
shaken up. ...............
Arleta Baptist
The revival meetings are progress­
ing and good audiences greet the
evangelist, Rev. August Hunderop.
The services will continue during all
Where They Go
next week at 7:30. There will be spe­
"Mother,” asked a child, “since
cial music at each service. The women
of the church held a cooked food sale nothing ia ever lost, where do all our
Saturday at the Bluebird Cleaners, thoughts go?”
at Arleta, from 10 till 4.
“To God.” answered the mother,
gravely, *who remembers them for­
Millard-Aveaue Presbyterian
“Forever!” said the child. He bent
Morning services, “God, the Source
of an Inexhaustable Supply of Riches.” his head, and drawing closer to his
Evening services, “Work for Every­ mother, murmured, “I am frightened!**
Which of us has not felt the same ?
one in the Church." Sunday will be
a great day in the church, 100 men, —Liguorian.
50 from the local church and 50 from
outside Presbyterian churches, among
“Pa, why do they say in the market
them Rev. Boudinut Seely, head ot reports that wheat is nervous ?”
the Presbyterian church in Oregon,
*1 guess, son, it is because it ex­
wilt be out canvassing for money for pects to be thrashed.”—-Boys’ Life.
the new church.
The highest point of Mont Blanc,
Kern Park Christian
the highest mountain in Europe, ia
It has an altitude of
Twelve women will make short in France.
talks at the morning services. The 15,700 feet.
morning sermon subject will be, “The
Farmer—See here, young feller,
Resurrection as Taught in Christian
Baptism." Evening sermon subject, what are you doing up that tree ?
Boy—One of your apples fell down
“The Fall of Babylon."
and I’m trying to put it back.
Laurelwood Methodist
Butler (in the absence of the Mar­
A fellowship meeting of the Baraca quis of Blank.<*hire,
shire, showing visitor
clasa, led by Rev. Mr. Anderson, will ___________
itral home)—That, sir,
round the ancest
be held every Thursdsy evenmg at te a bust of Marcus Aurelius.
Mr. Newrich— Indeed, an’ wot rela­
the parsonage, 4229 Sixty-third street.
tion might 'e be to the present
The welcome class had its business! Markis?—Passing Show (London).
meeting and social at the Blake resi­
dence, 4103 Seventy-ninth street,
A hole 70 feet in diameter and 226
Tuesday evening. Thirty members’ ‘feet deep suddenly appeared in •
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