Mt. Scott herald. (Lents, Multnomah Co., Or.) 1914-1923, June 16, 1922, Image 2

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    mt. Scott herald
Little Helpers
and judgment Surely “100 per cent
Americana*' are not afraid to do that Sweeping and washing the dishes.
—From the Riverside Press, River­
Bringing the wood from the shed.
side. Cal.
Ironing, sewing and knitting.
Publish,-»! Every Friday at Lent* Sta­
Helping to make up the bed.
tion. Portland. Oregon
A Dangerous Fad
Taking good care of the baby,
W etching her lest she should fall—
Ours is a day of psychological fads.
Vanity is tickled by a supposed abil­ We little childien are busy;
Oh. there is work for us all.
Entered a* »econd-ciaaa mail mat­ ity to talk about subjects rightly or
Helping mumma.
ter February 14, 1914, at the post­ wrongly labeled psychologcal, and
office at I«nU, Or.. under act of con­ vanity is a prolific source of delusion
gress, March 3, 1879.
and harm. Self-knowledge is a very- Work make* us cheerful ami happy,
Makes us both active and strong;
SubecnpUon Price - ->1.50 a year useful and important part of one’s
equipment fur life, and no one thinks Play we enjoy all the better
W hen we have labored so long.
of questioning the legitimacy of a
5812 N i net j -second Street
science that endeavors honestly to ex­ Gladly we help our kind parents.
Quickly we come to their call;
plore the phenomenal laws and
sources of our conscious life. Grant­ Children should love to be busy,—
There is much work for us all.
ing all this it is none the less true
Suppose it is assumed that the Ku that at the present time there is a
Helping papa and mamma.
Klux Klan promoters are right about vast amount of fraud disguised as
the things they seem moot interested science and movement* are fostered
¡ft. Suppose it is really for the best that are hill of danger.
in tercet* of the country to prohibit
We do not imagine for a moment
further immigration, limit the activi­ that many of our readers are in dan­ “Virgin and Mother of our dear Re­
ties of foreign-born citizens, keep the ger of being made dupes of these
negroes down, wage war as Henry faddsts, and probably few of them All hearts are touched and softened
at her name;
Ford has done, against the Hebrews, have any acquaintance with psycho­
and proscribe Roman Catholics as far analysis or have any desire to become Alike the bandit with the bloody hand,
as public life is concerned. This looks, acquainted with it. Still, that man- The priest, the pnnce, the scholar
and peasant.
to any intelligent and broad-minded sixed word is the vogue today, and i
American, familiar with his country t •carcely a paper or magazine is with­ The man of deeds, the virionary
history, like a pretty big and dubious out some mention of it As the label
But suppose the Klans- of a paricular group or school, it is Pay homage to her as one ever present!
men are right in principle.
a term full of danger and a most
Is it proper, then, or necessary, to sensible and timely warning against And if our faith had given us nothing
bend together by a secret oath and it and -vhat it stands for has been
mumble a foolish ritual and disguise uttered by a distinguished French Than this example of all womanhood
themselves m absurd costume and physician now visiting Amtrica. Hi» So mild, so merciful, so strong, so
seek their purpose under cover of words are directed paritcularly to
women, to those who are handicapped So patient, peaceful, loyal, loving,
This is a free country, with a free by having too much unoccupied time
government, with orderly political and those who crave distraction after This was enough to prove it higher
and truer
methods for the accomplishment of work; and to both types he holds up
any public purpose, and with con­ the warning hand of danger. Knowing Than all the creeds the world has
known before.”
stitutional guarantees of fair play. If whereof he speaks, he says very
the Klan, then, seeks to accomplish plainly that the fad of psychoanalysis
an "American" purpose, let it avail is easily and frequently made a cloak,
itself of this American machinery- a pretext for licentious mental inter­
“John,” said the wife, “you’ll have
Let the Klan come into' course. The rex idea is at the bottom to take that ball away from baby; he
the open, if its aims are so important of the whole thing and the plausible , hit sister on the head with it.”
for national salvation. Let it organize terms of science»cannot take from it |
“Yes, dear,” answered the husband;
a political party, with an avowed plat­ the very real moral danger insepara­ “but you should have seen the curve
form submitted for public discussion ble from iL— Western Watchman.
the little cuss had on it”
A teacher was conducting a lesson FOR SALE Two barn*. Cbuld be
matte into garage*, «tore», or even
in history.
“Tommy Jones.’* she aald, “what
homea. One at 9lat and Gilbert
was there about George Washington
Road; one at 87th amt Foster Road.
which distinguished him from all other
Inquire Rev. J. P. O’Flynn, 5731
famous Americans?”
87th street, Phone 619 49.
21 tf
“He didn’t lie,” waa the prompt
FOR RENT OK SALE l-arge bam.
four lota. 87th at. nial 57th ave.
A college professor, noted for strict
Call Marshal 297, or Herald office.
discipline, entered the cla*»rooni one
day anti noticed a girl student sitting
with her feet in the aisle and chewing
2*i Republic Truck, expreaa body,
Will aell cheap
“Mary,” exclaimed the indignant excellent condition.
professor, “take that gum out of your fur cash or wrill trade. Call 610-57.
mouth and put your feet in.”
If you wish to improve your con­
versation and to have what you say
count for something, begin at once
to eliminate superlatives and mean
ingles* exaggerations.—Echo.
Hirshkind—Vnd vat may be the
price of this watch?
Jeweler—Ten pounds.
Hirshkind (to himself)—He asks
ten; he means eight; he’ll dake six;
it’s vorth four; 1*11 offter two.”
Classified Ads.
Advertisements under
this head­
ing 10c per line first insertion.
Minimum charge. 25c.
Count six
words to the line. Strictly cash.
FOR SALE—Protectograph.
writer. Call 622-28.
J. Burdette, our local dairy­
man on '.‘9 th it., write* that It
pay* to »ell milk of the beat
quality; that he not only get*
12c a quart for hia milk, which
ia from 2 to ,8 cent* above the
market price, but that he uaual­
ly ha* from 5 to 6 people on the
waiting liat.
It will be remembered that
in the semiannual contest end­
ing last December, in which 182
dairies were li«ted that Mr.
Burdette held the highest »core
in Raw Milk.
Mr. Burdette guarantee* hia
milk to keep aw vet at leaat -<«
hour» after delivery in rammrr
and 72 hour* in winter.
"< an vou beat it”-
Phone «32-87. 4918 99th St.
Baby Buggies
Kayser’s underwear for ladies and misses.
Kayser’bChumisette Gloves
Straw hats for men, women and children.
Summer hats for women and children
Special, while it lasts, Ladies’ White Ijiwn
Waist«, 79c and $1
Children’s gingham dresses, $1.49, $1.19 and 89c
Wise Bros. Dept. Store
(Suvreaaor to Kataky Broa. Stare)
21 -tf
FOR SALE—Dress suit, white vest, j
gloves, shirt, some dress collars. ■
Apply The Herald.
b »R a * h M
Wagon Repairing
WANTED—Clean cotton rags.
stockings or heavy garments. Five»
cents a pound. Herald office.
Hofseshoflikji Geo. BL k ksmilhlnq
9.-127 Foater Road
CALL R. HEYT1NG, phone «25-67,
for sand and gravel delivered at a
reduced price.
An advertiser la a man that wants
your bualneea. With the other fel­
low it’s usually immaterial.
Live» Here
Canned Goods
Hall Way Stop, ML
Scott to Portland
On the ntht, just west
of 60th at Division
We protect our custom­
ers by handling only such
brands of canned goods
whose makers have high
reputations to uphold.
( You've Seen K m )
Pat and Jeny
Give You Service
Authorized Foni Servie* Station
Phone Tabor &603
There are numerous poorer
Kades marketed which we
ive carefully avoided in
selecting for our trade,
though we might profit more
by stocking them
Tavelli and Mack
1M3 Divuion
Your choice of a splendid line all-wool suit,
tailored to meaaure for only
The prices of these better
grades are low enough to
suit all
or a Palm Beach for S18.75
Fit and aatiafaetioa guaranteed
Mathes Market
*>927 92nd Street
Experienced carpenter, millwright,
repairman, wanla work, factory pre
ferrad. Call Robert Hraa.640 15. 21tf
Auto 613-10
I call anywhere at anytime.
Phone «13-33
«703 Sixty-second Avenue S. E.
Railroad Travel Costs are Down
San Francisco
and Eastern Cities
Via the Scenic Shasta Route
We were introduced to the Laun-
Dry-Ette not long ago and liked it
so well that we went after the Laun-
Dry-Ette franchise. We were suc­
cessful and can now announce our
appointment as Laun - Dry - Ette
It is but natural that we, having
made this pleasant acquaintance,
should wish to introduce you also
to the Laun-Dry-Ette. It is demon­
strated daily at our store. Let us
show you this Washing Machine
That Does More—one that makes
it unnecessary for you even to put
your hands in water on washday.
Stop at our store or phone for a
demonstration at your home.
25 per cent Saving to San Francisco and return
Sale datez June 15 to 20 incl.
Final limit July 20
Summer Tourist Fares
East through California
Cost Much Less This Year
You may viait San Francisco, lx>* Angele* and San Diego, wonder cities of
the Pwiflc Coait; California'* Charming Seashore and Mountain Resorts,
Three National Parka and »core* of inviting pleamire place*.
Swing East this way and see more of the U. S. A.
282 Alder Street
Main 8443
Round Trip Fares
To Seashore and Mountain Resorts
Are the lowett in year»
For *ale date* and other particular* ask agenta
Plan now to make trip* thia summer and take
advantage of great reduction* in railroad fare*
For fare*, reservation», train schedule*, transit limit*, stopover
privilege« or beautiful folder* inquire of agent*.
i ,r e
JOHN M. SCOTT, Genernl Paiwenger A (rent.