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Subscription, $1.50 the Year.
MARCH 31, 1922
VOL. XX, No. 1 3
Barbur Addresses Lents B. M. C.
* Two
Lenta Baptist Church Ñatea.
Sunday school, 9:46. . Preaching
and communion service at 11; subject,
"The Christian Sacrifice."
Junior rally at 3. Old folks* home
service at 8, led by pastor and Willing
Workers* class.
Young people's prayer meeting.
6:30. Hear the young people’s or­
hong and praise service, 7:30;
theme, “How to Be Happy Though
The Willing Workers and the Young
Men’s class met at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Flier Monday evening
planned work for the future,
thing in the near future will be ten-
nix and volley ball courts.
The men of the church are plan­
ning a club for the development of
community life.
Dr. George H?Young met with the
church Thursday evening and helped
to plan for the future of the school
and chureh.
The regular meeting of Mount
very interesting basketball
I games were played in the school sudi-
Scott circle, No. 595, Neighbors of
torium *Mt week. Wednesday ufler-
Woodcraft, was held last Friday eve­
ning. Guardian Neighbor Ward pre­
noon the seventh grade played the
City Commissioner Barbur was thcltofore. Speaker after speaker among
sided. Organizer Neighbor Betzel, of
principal speaker at the meeting of] the I anta bu*in«M men stated co-op- eighth, the score led ng 1« to 30 in
Mount Hood circla, was present and
favor of the eighth. Thursday after­
tha lanta lluslneas Men’s club, Wed elation was the needed requisite in
gave a short talk.
noon the sixth play«! the seventh,
nesday night, in lants Grunge hall. Lents
’ community life.
A number contest was a feature of
the seventh winning, Il to 18.
Mr. Barbur told Lents plainly the
As an outcome of the meeting it is
tike entertainment which followed the
Miss Billtneyer, school nurse, in­
only way to get any improvements, likely that the committee to be ap­
regular session. Neighbor W.’ght re­
spected the pupils Monday afternoon.
any police or fire protection, street pointed by President Davis to work
ceived first prize and Neighbor White
She found several pupils with ade­
lights, or anything at all from the with the Mount Seott Improvement
second prize.
noids ami very bad tortile.
city government is to go to the city committeemen, IU>ss and Harrison,
Izincheon was served, consisting of
Mr. Pyles, a member of our school
heli and ask. and ask, and ask again will uncover something of interest in
hom<--baked beans, sandwiches, coffee,
board, waa a very pleasant visitor
for them. And the only way to ask the proposition to pave a connecting
cake and pickles. Neighbors Hubler
Monday afternoon of this week.
is to have a big Lenta liuainea» Men's road betwen Foster road and Powell
and Allen were in charge of the en­
Rebecca Simmons, Clover Simmons,
club represented at the city hail by Valley road east of Sycamore; the
tertainment and luncheon.
Abram Eno, Glen Rohdi, I Yank
as many ami as energetic men as pos­ paving of a road from the end of
Next meeting is April 14, mem­
Rohdi, Jacob Enn and Clara Mole­
sible. And further, that these men Foster road into Boring, Damascus I
bers take notice. Visitors always wel­
maker are new pupils enrolled in the
should work with the tried and found anil Estacada; the location of a police Ian week.
progressive und energetic members of booth In the Mount Scott district,
Mrs. Bridge, who spent the winter
The fifth grade pupils are turning
the Mount Scott Improvement club’s adequate fire protection, more street
in California, has returned to tier
out some fine watercolor maps. They
committee. Two of these men from lights, an automobile park in the
home, 64.32 Eighty-first street.
are also assembling their language
the Arleta district wore at the meeting southeast section of the city, the
Mrs. Sarah Dickson is about the
work for the year into books which
Wednesday night, President Marshall partial filling of the children's play­
house after several days’ illness.
still have attractive coveis in water­
of the club and Committeeman Rose. ground in Lenta, the desire of the color dcugns.
Mrs. M. McCay is recovering from
They showed their fighting progres­ Arleta district for a children's play­
her recent illness.
Some very intrusting composi­
sive spirije and a number of times ground.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Harris en­
tion» on the subject, “The Care of the
Lents Parent - Teacher association tertained
Commissioner llarliur held them up
It was announced by Commissioner Teeth,” are being handed in from all
a few guests at din. *»- Sun­
had a splendid meeting at the school ( day.
as the kind of men who get things for Barbur that the unsightly dump at grades above the fourth.
their community at the city hail.
Arleta would be filled, largely ns a
The sixth grade defeated the eighth 1 tions were provided by pupils
Cb-operation was the keynote of result of the activity of the Mount
in a spelling match last Friday.
from Mrs. BarnaH's and Miss Chap- ’
the meeting. Preaident Roy L. Davis Scott improvement club.
Rooms No. 2 »nd No. 3 have been
'nan’s rooms. James E. Brockway,
emphasized it tut the foundation atone
Among the people who made Wed* studying Holland and have had very Boy Scout executive, spoke on “The
Sunday the following Su-iday school
of the I .on la Business Men's club;
neaday nigttt'a program Buceeurful interesting work on their sand tables Home," giving many helpful sugges­ officers and teachers were elected
President Marshall declared it was
were Mr. Smith of Smith's Print Shop,
for the year: Superintendent, Jasper
tions to parents.
the sec ret of the aueeeas of the Mount
The pupils of room No. 2 are now
which donated the meeting notices;
Mrs. William Fehrenbacher urged Ballon; assistant superintendent, E.
Scott Improvement club; Commis­
Dr. Lundberg, Clarence Tillman, the taking up the study of birds.
the necessity of securing local club R. Tampiin; secretaries, Phyllis Upte-
sioner Barbur said it was the only
The girls’ sewing class entertained
caterer who fed the multitude; Officer
leaders for the poultry, garden and grove and Nonearl Lamb; beginners’
way thia community would ever got
the mothers and teacher» Wednesday
the thing« coming to It and which Anderson, Elmer Morterud, lister after school. Ice cream and cake canning clubs, which .were organized teacher, Elizabeth Mann; primaries,
by Mr. Kirkpatrick at the school last Goldie Tampiin; class 3, Elizabeth
the community has not received here- Nick and Kenneth Forte.
Braithwaite; class 4, Albert Erskine;
a—---- —---- - -- were served. Miss Calkins, the county week.
leader, was present snd gave an in­
The first prize for having the most class 5, Dorris Mann; class 6, Mildred
Buffalo llill*» Tomb.
Fenton Building Three Honses.
teresting talk on “The Boys’ and mothers at the meeting was won by Hancock. The remaining teachers
F. R. Fenton has authorised Claude
Pthaaka tepee, the William F. Cody Girls' Summer School.”
llnnn to proceed with thrre houses on Memorial museum on Ixiokoiit moun ener for the Gilbert school grounds Mrs. Long’» zoom, while the second will be announced Sunday—home de­
partment superintendent, Lura
Ninety-second street, betwen Forty­ tain, Cbloradb, ha» taken rank by ner for the Gilbert school grounds was a tic between Miss Evart’s, Miss
Thomas and Nettie Littlefield; cradle
eighth and Fory-mnth avenues. They reason of its attendance as the mast ha» the ground in good condition and
The visit to the Pacific Coast Bis­ roll superinendent, Elizabeth Mann.
will be on two, 60x196-foot lota and popular single tourist attraction in »•ill begin planting shrubbery soon.
The women’s Bible class met at the
cuit company will be made Thursday,
one 66xl95-foot lot. One four-room the west. The total number of visi­
Mrs. Calkins has 250 baby chicks March 30, instead of Friday as home of their teacher, Mrs. ittann,
and two fire room houses will I m * built, tors at Pahaska tepee from June 17 und three incubators setting.
planned. Parent-Teacher association Wednesday at 2 o’clock. Several
containing all modem conveniences. to November 1, last, was 200.000 per­
We arc glad to note that Mrs. members will meet at Ninety-second- ladies were absent, consequently those
Waverley Mason and Johnny Gentry sons, coming from every state In the Beyer, who has been very ill with
who were present had two dishes of
finished seraping on the first house’s United Stales, territories of Alaska pneumonia, is much improved in street carline at 12:30.
Mrs. J. S. Howe. 8920 Fifty-sixth ice cream and more cake than they
foundation this wook.
and Hawaii, the Philippine islands health.
a venue, will receive subscriptions for could eat
The Indies' Aid of Bennett chapel the new magazine, Oregon Parent-
and the canal zone and about 40 for­
The young people will have charge
An Old Purse and 15 Cents.
eign countries or their dependence» to had a silver tea, Thursday afternoon, Teacher, at 10 cents per year.
of the evening service at 7:30, Sun­
On the editox’s desk, as he writes, stand beside the grave of the great at the home of Mrs. I^nox, of 1-enox
Patrons of the achooj are invited I day. ATI young folks are invited. Mr.
is an old puree containing 15 cents scout, frontiersman and shoteinan, avenue.
to visit and inspect the lunchroom, Graham, from the N. P. E. I. of Port­
and a chain. Perhaps it belongs to Buffalo Bill, and to examine the
Oliver McBee is building a bunga­ where about 100 children are served land jpll give the message.
some man or woman, old like itself. wealth of personal relics in Cody mu­ low on his acre on Buckley avenue.
hot lunch each day, under the super­
Perhaps the owner needs the pennies seum.
G. H. Harvey and family hâve vision of Mrs. Hollenbeck.
A West Virginia darky, a black-
the purse contains. Perhaps the old
Buffalo Bill no longer sleeps alone moved from his former home on Foster
smith, recently announced a change
puree has memories, aye, even price­ on the summit of Lookout mountain. road to Gilbert road.
in his business as folows: “Notice:
less ones, for the searching owner. On October 20 his widow, Mrs. l-ouisa
Mr. Pyles is having an addition
Charles Zerzan, of Fifty-secund and
De eo-pardnership heretofore resist­
This old purse, too, would be glad to
M. Cody, died in Cody, Wyo.,andin
be lx»ck in the right pocket. If some­
dent of the Portland American-Cseeho ing between me and Mose Skinner is
accordance with her wishes the vault doing the work.
hereby resolved. Dem what owes de
one has lost a puree, with 15 cents in the solid granite of the mountain
Mr. and Mrs. Rhode and family, Slovak chkmbcr of commerce at the
firm will settle wid me, and dem
in it, will they come in and describe
top, which holds Colonel Cody’s bodj,
it, and receive It?
William R. Gray, 6718 Eighty-third what de firm owes will settle wid
waa opened and that of his wife placed neighborhood
native of Scotland, will ’earn, Mose.”—Virginia Law Register.
lies ide him.
To Go to Church Assembly.
;June 15, whether he is to receive his
Thousands of small rocks were car­ tion to his house.
Miss N. Quinlin of San Francisco! ; final citizenship papers from the
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Gordon, 4824 ried from Buffalo Bill’s grave as sou­
The readiest and surest way to get
Ninety-second street, plan a visit
venirs, each visitor placing another is visitng with Miss Anne E. Quinlin United States as will Charles Hanna, rid of censure is to correct ourselves
throughout the eastern states in May
this week
brother of Sam Hanna, Arleta grocer. —Demosthenes.
rock on the grave in place thereof.
and June. Mr. Gordon is delegate from
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Van De Itogurt
One wornyi, after registering her
the Portland Church of the Strangers,
name, made the notation that she had are expected here from California
Dr. Earl Du ltois, pastor, to the gen­
first read of the Cody museum while next week to visit with Mrs. William]
eral assembly of the church in Cam­
residing 11 miles within the Arctic Simmons.
bridge, Ohio, May 12-17.
circle. From far off China 30 vizi
Dr. Du Bois also will attend.
Ex Post Facto
tore left their names in the register
From Cambridge, Mr. and Mrs.
In South Carolina they tell of n
England and all her dependences wcr
Gordon will go to Newcastle, Pa.,
By E. S. Hewitt
concerts, news bulletins, market re­
represented also. Arabia sent a visitor lawyer name Calhoun White, who
their home town; Beaver Falls and
Q. What is radio?
ports, weather reports, sermons and
during the course of a suit tried in
Butler, Pa. They also will visit in
A. Radio telegraphy is conducted casted by the many licensed broad­
The Mayor of Boston
other eastern places.
quent references to "the ex-facto-, by means of electric waves, or vibra­ casting stations now operating all
James M. Curley, whom certain post-hole law.” At last, the judge, tions in the ether and these electric over the United States, so that no
Fourth United Brethren Notes.
Boston bluestockings airily refer to with a quiet smile, set him right.
waves are generated by alternating matter what part of the United States
Rev. B. R. Evans’ 11 A. M., Sunday, as a “lowbrow”, a "roughneck”, and
"You mean, of course,” he said, currents. In actual practice these you may be in, if you have the proper
topic is “The Great Preacher”; 7:30 a "jail-bird”, waa sworn in the other
waves are of a very high frequency, receiving set you can “tune in” some
“the ex-post-facto law.”
P. M., "Some Things That Have Not day us mayor of the Massachusetts
Whereupon Mr. White assumed an known as radio frequency, usually far of these concerts. It is a simple mat­
ancient seat of culture, says the Lit­ attitude of great dignity and re­ in excess of 20,000 cycles per second, ter to install one of these sets in your
erary Digest, Curley’s election, tes­ plied:
which is a higher frequency than the home and as to the pleasure to be
Is lieraid Subscription Agent.
tify newspaper correspondents with
“I begs the pardon of th' co’t, but human ear wU1 I'e,P«’nd to> therefore derived from it, it is practically un­
Mm. George E. Hoyt, wife of the connections sufficiently
far from yo’ honah cerfn’y is lame on th’lwe n,U8‘ havt‘ ¡«^rporated in our limited. After the first cost of in­
former manager of the l^nts L. T. Back Bay to prevent any personal
receiving set an instrument that'we stallation the operating cost is practi­
Lewis groqpry store, in an authorixed bias in the matter, gave Boston the meanin’ of that term. Why, gentle­ call a detector.
cally nothing. Another feature is that
subscription agent of The Herald. shock of its life. "It jarred the very:
The simplest detector is the crystal a portable set can be built so that
She will I m * glad to take new orders, foundations of Beacon Hill and the|
type, which is a piece of galena, the tourist or camper can carry it
post is set”
collect upon old subscriptions and re­ Back Bay”, in the words of a staff:
silicon, iron pyrites or other crystals with him on his trips into the moun­
ceive advertisements.
correspondent of the Brooklyn Eagle,
tains, and pick-up the world’s news
The stork called at the home of known to have rectifying qualities, in plain, ordinary, every-day, under­
“the more so ns Curley carried on a
lone fight against tremendous odds.” Mr. and Mrs. Amos B. Johnson, 4826 which has a “cat whisker” or piece of standable English.
Chapman Concert Postponed.
His language is at times extremqly Sixty-first street, Wednesday, Mareh phosphor bronze spring wire coming
The Pauline Miller Chapman con­
Q. Is it expensive?
as well as forceful. A 2!), at 6 p. m. and left an 8-pound in contact with the crystal at its
cert has been postponed indefinitely,
A. Complete receiving sets can be
on account of the illness of the artist. prominent Buck Bay resident was
most sensitive spot. This spot can be
once quoted as having said that Cur­ parents are congratulating them upon determined by feeling out different purchased from $10 to $250, depend-
ley would never havF been mayor if the arrival of their first child. Mrs. points of contact. This crystal de­ ing upon elaborateness of the set and
New Greenhouse Finished.
the signal strength desired.
Johnson is the daughter of J. H.
* W. H. Wood has just finished his his ancestors had not been driven ov­ Smoke of Mount Scott and Mr. John­ tector rectifies or changes these radio
Q. Where can this apparatus be
modern, semi-iron constructed green­
son is the son of a prominent farmer frequency currents into an audible purchased ?
land. This was Curley’s reply:
frequency that can be heard in the
house, consisting of about 10,000
"No land was ever saved by little of Lebanon.
A. There are several radio supply
square feet at 8687 .Fifty-sixth ave­
telephone receiver.
clubs of female faddists, old gentle­
houses in Portland at the present
nue. The cost was about 111,000. He
men with disordered livers or pessi­
A seven-pound son was left at the
time, the nearest of which is the
is graving hothouse tomatoes now
mists cracking over imaginary good home of Rev. and Mrs. B. R. Evans. phony ?
Porland Radio Supply company,
and will put in flowers about July 1.
A. The radio or wireless telephone located at ill 17 Woodstock avenue,
old days and ignpring the sunlit pres­ 6231 Seventy-second street, Monday
ent What we need in this part of at 18:55 P. M. Rev. Mr. Evans is transmitter is composed of apparatus near Ninety-second street, in Lents.
Where’s Edward Smith and Family?
America are men and mothers of men pastor of Fourth United Brethren that generates high frequency oscil­ This firm carries a complete line of
Grandmother Forsyth, 83, of box and not gabbing spinsters and dog­
church, Sixty-second avenue and Six- lations or vibrations, which are inter­ radio receiving instrurqrtrtts, mostljt
388, route 1, Turlock, Cal., writes The raising matrons In federation aasem-
ty-ninth street. The baby has been rupted or varied by a microphone of their own manufacture. They are
Herold to ask where Edward Smith
transmitter in the circuit which varies open every day until 9 a. m. and the
name«, Frederick Ross Evans.
and efamily are. If anyone known,
the oscillations or vibrations gen­ public is cordially invited to drop in
will they let The Herald know?
Afraid <5 Him?
’ “Do you know what a verdict is'” erated by the vacuum tube oscillators and listen to the concerts, received
and these variations in frequency are
"You are not afraid of me, are asked a lawyer, challenging an Ark- picked up and recorded by the receiv­ on the company’s set installed there
A program was given Tuesday eve­
for demonstration purposes.
ansna colored jurvman.
ning by the Welfare club of Millard- ¡you?” yelled th%,lawy ver nt the wit-
ing set.
“No. shh.”
( neas who had been aci nred speechless
Avenue Presbyterian church.
Q. Who can enjoy radio? What
“Did you ever see one?”
Sydney Ijimb, Fir land barber, now by his cross-examination.
( Editor’s Note—Mr. Hewitt will be
may they enjoy?
"N-o, n-o,” muttered the witness,
lives at 7242 Fiftieth avenue.
to answer any questions sub
in my life.”—Oklahoma Law Jour-
Peter Larsen, real estate agent at and tho lawyer had saved the point
to The Herald.)
I in the record.
______ __
Kern Park, is seriously ill.
Questions and Answers on Radio
Wichita Station Gravel Pit Works
Twelve Men Steadily
The industrial development of th | “bank” or “pit” sand and gravel
eastern suburbs of Portland is given: around Portland where the output is
impetus by the addition of some mod­ washed and screened to exact coni-
ern mechanical equipment to the al­ mercial sizes, its product is much
ready extensive plant of James A. C. sought after for high-class concrete
Tait & Co. at Wichita station. There I work. Several carloads were shipped
is being installed a large electrically into the state of Washington last
operated derrick and bucket for dig­ year for road work though at a con­
ging sand and gravel from the pit siderably higher edat than local ma-
and delivering it to the washing an J I tenais, on account of the superior
screening plant
. qualities of the Wichita product.
Product Shipped Long Distances.
Large quantities of this material
This plant is located on the Esta­ are used each year in pavements side­
cada line of the Portland Railway, walks, curbs and gutters in the city
Light & Power company, which makes of Portland.
the product available for shipment by
The plant gives employment to
rail as well as for truck hauling. The about 12 men and is in operation
sand and gravel produced here has ne-rL. the year around.
been tested and accepted for all
On account of its being the nearest
classes of concrete work by the city available supply of high - grade,
of Portland as well as by the high- washed, concrete material, and the
way departments of the states of consequent lower delivery cost, much
Oregon and Washington, and has been of this plant’s product is used in the
shipped long distances for concrete, permanent improvements and house
road construction on account of its ■ building in the Mount Scott district,
superior qualities for paving work.
James A. C. Tait is president of
More than 5000 cubic yards of sand James A. C. Tait A Co., 315 Haw­
from this plant was used on the new thorne avenue. In a recent inter­
Bull Run dam built last year for the view Mr. Tait impressed The Herald
city of Portland by the Hauser Con- representative with the fact that in­
itruction company.
creased facilities and modern equip-
Only One of Its Kind.
men means higher efficiency and bet­
This being the only deposit of ter service to the public.
New books at Lents Library are:
(Collins) Easy Lessons in. Wireless;
(Morgan) Expermental Wireless Con­
struction; (Northrap) Science and
Art of Grafting and Budding Fruit
Trees; (James A Sanford) Govern­
ment in State and Nation; (Hawkins)
Certain Succ ss; (Russell) Where the
Pavement Ends; (Hawkes) Wilder­
ness Dog; (Hawkes) Hitting the Dark
Trail; (Gibbons) New Map of Asia;
(Arene) Golden Goat; (Hemon) Maria
Chapdelarne; (Grimshaw) Conn of the
Coral Seas; (Vachell) Whitewash;
California Garden City Homes.
Radio Supply Company in Lents.
The Portland Radio Supply com­
pany has taken the store in back of
Julian’s 5-10-15-eent store, Lents, and
is demonstrating the wonders of radio
telephony and engaging in the busi­
ness of making, selling and installing
radio telephones. The firm members
are: S. W. Ostrom, Eighty-fifth and
Forty-ninth avenue, and E. S. Hewitt,
8594 Sixty-seventh avenue. Both are
experienced men in their line. Hewitt
was with Axel Kildahl, Lents garage,
for some years.
Each afternoon and evening Mount
Scott people may hear radio mes­
sages, concerts, reports over the Port­
land Radio Supply company’s set.
Each Sunday afternoon at 11 o’clock
school boys are invited to attend the
code class in the company’s store.
Mount Seott Business Census.
An interesting survey taken recent­
ly by a member of the Eagle staff
showing the number of business Adventist School “Health” Program.
The “Health” program to be given
houses from Laurelwood to Firland
within two blocks each side of Foster by the children of the Lents Seventh-
boulevard, and directly on Seventy- Day Adventist school, Tuesday, April
4. is as follows:
second street from Firland to Tre-
Song, “On Quest for Health”; reci­
mont, show the following figures:
tation, “Boy and His Stomach,” Earl
Groceries 17, bakeries three, aonfee-
Bratwright; recitations, “Jack Spratt,”
tioneries six, shoe shops seven, real
Lawrence Orey; “Little Girl,” Josephs
estate offices seven, barbers six, pool­
Bowers; “Mary Mary,” Frances Har­
halls two, plumbing three, dry goods lan; “My Black Hen,” Joseph
stores six, eltctrie stores one, meat man; “Doctors Six,” Violet
markets six, restaurants tow,exchange strom, Floyd Rice, Pauline Beien,
stores two, filling stations three, Lorraine Waterman, Kenneth hlair.
studios one, postoffice one, cleaners Alberta McConnell; talk on Teeth,’"
one, stationery one, theater one, drug James Wonack; song, “ ‘ i Clean Your
stores three, fuel dealers three, car­ Teeth”; recitation, “ ‘ ' Toothache,” Rob-
penter shop one, garages three, fire ert Waterman; song, “Mary Had a
station one, hardware one, variety Little Cold”; “Anti-Tobacco,” Dale
stores one, paint store one, accessories' Rice; song, Chew Y’our Food”; talk
one, feed store one, telephone ex-! on “Garden,” ” Lawrence Lock wood;
change one, lumber company one, fur­ song, “Johnny Jones,” Woodrow Belen
niture stores two.
and Richard Blair; playlet, by Beulah
Belen, Harold Blair, Alvin Butler,
Willard Stevenson; “Farewell,” Violet
Backstrom; song, “Good Night.”
Jack Goshea, of 110th street and
Fifty-fivth avenue, contemplates some
improvements to his residence and! C. L. White, the owner of the
i Arleta theater, is ill with the flu.
half-acre tract.
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Worden, of Kern
Many houses on East Gilbert Road
are connecting with the electrical Park, have moved to Walla Walla,
current. The pole extension is being •Wash.
Arleta library is still thiiM in the
Miss Marie Rathkey was home circulation of books. Arleta sent out
from the Oregon Agricultural college 7904 books in February; 2000 more
during the school vacation.
than in February, 1921.
Mrs. Dora Glaze, Oakland, Or., is
Mrs. Pearl Carlton is at the home
visiting her sister, Mrs. Coral Benge, of her sister where she is resting
Fifty-second avenue.
after her operation.
Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Erbes of Gold-
The Arleta camp of the W. O. W.
endale, Wash., have taken up a horn'* had an initiation last Thursday. Mor.»
in Kern Park.
than 25 new members were admitted
Donald Lockwood, 4504 Sixty-fifth to the camp.
street, is home on Easter vacation,
Mrs. C. F. Jenson’s Pi-year-old baby
from college.
fell in a tub of boiling water and
The Laf-a-lot club met last week: I scalded her back.
with Mrs. Sanders on Eighty-eighthj
C. H. Buckley headed the program
I held at the Kern Park fire station in
Miss Ruby Reynolds of Mountain ! celebration of St. Patrick’s day.
dale is visiting her sister, Mrs. George]
J. E. Updike visited his mother > Elizabeth Jane Martin Logan Dead.
At 620.1 Powell Valiev, March J8,
Mrs. Anna Updike, in Chehalis, Sat­
Elizabeth Jane Martin Logan, aged
Miss Clair McKinley, who has been 65 years, beloved wife of John Logan,
mother of Mrs. Mary Raeburn, David
quite ill, is recovering.
S. Wunder's mother and sister left Txigan, Margaret Medias, Bell an 1
I John Logan, all of this city. Funeral
for Buxton, Or., Sunday.
service« were conducted Tuesday.
The light of friendship is like the:
light of phosphorus — seen plainest! Up at our boarding house there are
when all around is djy^.—Crowell.
two children, a boy and a girl.
The boy is the living photograph of
The devil never tempted a man his father, and the girl is the very
whom he found judiciously employed. phonograph of her mother.—Ohio
Sun Dial.
—C. H. Spurgeon.
Local Happenings