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1. Films - Eastman and Defender.
2. Foto Supplies Paper, develop-
sr, hypo, etc.
3. Finishing The equal of any
and aupertor to many.
4. Free Esch day our dnrk room
will select the l»est negative
appearing during the day and
make a 10-lnch enlurgement
free of charge.
Bring your foto work to
Curreys Pharmacy
Rail Chief Declares Freight
Charges Not the Cause
of Stagnation,
Business Depression and Lack
of Demand the Real Trouble.
Waahlngton. D. C.—In testifying be-
fore the senate committee on interstate
commerce, which is conducting an in­
quiry Into the railroad situation. Juli­
us Krultocbnllt, chairman of the board
of the Houlbera Pacific Company, went
ita ali right or your money back
Into great detail as the effect of freight
rates on produce shipments, foreign
and domestic. The main points be
made In this part of bls testimony
were: First—That business depres­
SUMMER CLASSES BEGINNING sion Is not tbs result of high freight
Hecond—That the real cause
45-Mlaute Ixaaons 81
of stagnation In produce ehtpmeoto la
Pupil of Lillian Jeffery. Petri
Auto «14 94
4710 52nd St. 8. E. lack of market or profiteering. He
said. In part:
a widespread propaganda I» being
carried on to arouse public sentiment
against exist lag freight rates, whereas
the tact la that even since the rates
have been advanced the coot of trans­
Cor. 92ml and Woodstock Ave.
porting commoditise la tar lees than
the toll taken by the commission mer­
Phons 628-75
chant end the retailer for buying and
aelllug them.
People Misled As to Situation.
People are misled and conclude that
high rates have stopped the movement
Call AuL Lents 2011
at a large amount of freight and that
Eagle Garnge
the railways would make more money
it they would reduos ths rates and
Local or Lona Distance Hduling
thereby revive the traffic. There la
the etrvngeel reason to believe that the
very great reduction In traffic haa
been due almost entirely to general
business conditions that are world-
731» Sixty-Ihkd Si.
I hens Taber Ml
wide In their effect, and that would
Hcdd/nu Plants, Cut Flowers
have come If there had been no ad­
(or all occasions
vance In freight rates.
FtiiHrtl Dssilnini •
Prices of commodities reached their
maximum In the first half of the year
l»20 and thereafter fell with great
rapidity In France, the United States
and the United Kingdom. The tall la
the United States began in May. and
Slab and Block Mixed
was rapidly on Its way downgrade In
biiç/rifk Hr
8<pt<-uib«r, when the advanced rates
truck, appn.xi AU /
took effect. Nevertheless traffic did
mately 1 ’-i, cords ..
• * **
not drop for at least four month«
Slump Not Caused by Higher Rate«
Phone Tabor 8544
It was a general deflation and fall
Leave Orders at 5104 8Hth Street
In prices from the heights to which
they bad been driven by war condi­
tions that has caused a stagnation of
buslunas throughout the world. That
it is not caused by the coot of trans­
portation is convincingly shown by
______ A. C. CON LEE. Prop.
Lents, Ore. the fact that stoppage of buying has
caused an oversupply of ships, hence
ocean tonnage rates have been recently
at the lowest points tn their history,
Notwithstanding these
ocean traffic shows as great stagna-
tlon as rail traffic, and millions of
tons of ahlpptng here and abroad are
The Kind You Like to Eat
rusting away In Idleness Many com-
Our kitchen fr clean and Banl-
modules would not move even If the
, Our food la the sama
freight chargee on them wore abol-
i serve you a good meal and
Islx-d entirely, because producers can
ltrs you rood terries.
find no market.
__ cooking
The tost of all
oooklm. lg L tn L the
That th<* decline In business is not
- ----------
Tert ua
ua day
day ar or night.
due to prohibitive freight rates is
I shown by the following examples:
In January of this year ths total
N. W. Cor. 92<i and Foster RoadJ
Grays Crossing
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Mt. Hood Icc Cream Parlor
A. D. Kenworthy & Co.
Service Given Day
or Night
Close Proximity to Cemeteries
Enables Us to Hold Funerals
at a Minimum Expense
Phone 418 21
Lenta Sta.
5802-4 »2nd St.
When You Want to Move
Phone 622-22
and Eiprcss Auto Truck
9649 Foster Rd. Lents, Ore.
MwmmnRMsuumwwwrrwwwi «»WWW
| “No Sign too Large or too Small”
Try Me
I Globe Sign Co.
I I’hen, Cel. Ml
713 Burliegtan St.
Otegoe't Higher Inquuiion of
Eight School«; Seventy Deperimenti
Fot mlermMiM write le lhe X»«»l- ar
Oregon Agricultural College
Modern Rallresdlng Has Been Lifted
to a Sphere Little abort sf the
Stem Old Mon ef Long Ago Had
Silly Idea They Could Prevail
Against Dame Fashion.
I Irene reformers uf the present dsy,
A cycle of railroad history has re­
who deplore the abbreviated skirt and
volved before our very eyes. Three
epo. llsl golden splkee (at least) have peek-a-boo waist, may be astounded to
leant that even In the gyod old puritan
been hammered In by (at least) three
times the lore of Dame Fashion bad
glided eledgee—and all within the span
a bewitching effect mi the young men
of a little more then half a century.
and maidens.
Wbat fr probably to be the last greet
Researches Into the ancient laws ef
“trunk rellroed" tn North America fr
being built by the United States Io the Massachusetts Buy colony have re­
Alaska. This "government railway" vealed that the fathers had their owe
bad Its first spike, a gold one. sledged troubles with their offspring, who rec­
ognised a snappy style when they
on April 21), 1917, by Martha White.
Another gold eplke was driven on saw IL
In 1884, Just tour years after the
that momeutous day, May 10, 18flU.
near Ogden, Utah, when the transcon­ arrival of Governor Winthrop's ships,
tinental Union Pacific line waa com­ the apparel questlou had becouie so
pleted, uniting beyond question of pressing that the lawmakers tried
chance the fortunes of the Atlantic their bauds aa fa«tiloo molders.
Here fr the statute placed on the
and Pacific sides of the republic.
The gold spike custom (or habit as books tn Ito original wording;
“The Court, takelng Into considera­
It came to be with the irrepressible
builders of the contlueut) began In tion the greate, auperituous and un-
1852 to assume significance. For upon necessary expences occasioned by rea-
Christmas eve, not only the natioo’s e--o of some r>ewe and Immodest fash­
but the world’s first ’Trunk line" was ions, as also the ordinary w earning at
completed at a Uttle forgotten hamlet silver, golds and alike laces, girdles,
near Wheeling. W. Va., Hoseby’s Rock. hat bands, etc., hath therefore ordered
Tiie romance of railroads I
Who that no person, either man or wwnan,
that lies him down to slumber In New shall hereafter make or buy eppareli,
York Intending and expecting to arise el liter woolen, alike or lynnoo, with
refreshed in Chicago, can dare affirm any lace on It, silver, golds silks or
that railroading fr a business, a com­ thraed, under the penalty of the for-
mercial enterprise! It la, rather, a Cacture of such doatbes.
“Provided, and it to the moaning of
miracle an
Alladlnlc phantasy I—
tlito court that men and women shall
Christian Science Monitor.
have liberty u> wears out such ap-
parell as they are awe provided of,
the Immoderate greate sleeve«
slashed apparoll. Immoderate great»
Deeds ef Modem Greeks Similar to
rayles, long wings, etc.
Theos of Their Ancestors of Many
"This order to take place a fortnight
Centuries Ago.
after the publishing thereof."
Greek b are reported to be cessing
ov«r Into Asia Minor to resist the STUDIOS ON WALLS OF ROME
forces of Mustaphg Kemal’s army and
take possession of the territory given Practical Plan to Provide Housing fee
them by the treaty of Sevres, an expe­
Artists In the Confines oi
dition which recalls the memorable
the Eternal City.
crossing of this people 8,000 years
ago, the subsequent siege of Troy, and
An attempt to being made by the
the story of the wanderings of Aene comnyune of Rome to remedy the
as, the historic founder of the early studio shortage—which Is only one
Roman race.
phase of the general housing ertoto—
About an hour from the see. near by the original plan of allotting some
the Dardanelles, the ruins of the an­ of the more habitable towers snd tur­
cient city of Troy stand upon an emi­ rets in the ancient city walls to vari­
nence looking out over the plains ous artists
where her Immortal sons fell in her
Many of these old towers caa be
defense. At Its foot the Seamander made i>erfectly habitable, and when
winds to the sea, says a bulletin from fitted with electric light and comfort­
the Washington headquarters of the able furniture will provide large and
Nsttonal Geographic society.
plctureaque studios for a number of
Excavations on the site have re­ pa In tare The “master of the walla,"
vealed nine cities, built one upon the Signor Franceeco Randone. has insti­
top of the other’tn times past. Ttie tuted a school of educative art for
sixth from she bottom of these is the children In the tower ef Belisarius.
Troy of which Homer and Virgil sang.
The new artist tenants of the tur­
Today there stands little to tell of the rets and towers will have to assume
might of the former Priam and Parts the nominal duty of keepers or cue
and ths splendor which the beautiful todtans tn addition to their rosponal-
Helen caused to be tumbled Into dust blUty as tenants, but this duty will
be only a formal one. Some of the
new studios, though they have the dis­
Saccharin Discovered by Aocldent.
advantage of being a little distant
Saccharin, 5UU times as sweet as
from the center of the city, will have
sugar, and much In dehiand during
fine views over the Campagna and will
the war, was discovered, according to
form extremely picturesque abodes.
the Basler Nachriditen, by an In­
A kind of summer house In the Villa
structor In Johns Hopkins university.
Borghese (the Hyde park of Rome)
The story runs as follows!
has been offered to a widely known
In the summer of 1878 the discov­
artist without a studio.—Living Age
erer, <1 Fahlberg by name, waa try­
ing to restore certain organic bodies«.
India’s New Capital.
At the dinner table at the close of a
What the relatively young United
busy day he noticed that a piece of
breed tasted uncommonly sweet It States did in founding Washington as
occurred to him at once that the Ito capital, and wbat the still younger
sweeluess came from his hands, Australia has undertaken In creating
though he had carefully washed them Its new capital city, Canberra. Great
before sitting down to eat He hur­ Britain to doing for age-old India by
tonnage of linos west of KI I'aso and
ried back to his laboratory and tasted building a new seat of government
Ogdon operated by the Southern Pa-
the glasses he had used In his ex­ near Delhi, says a bulletin Issued by
olflo Company foil oft St percent.
periments. One of them be found the National Geographic society.
The combined Intrastate freight ton­
In Australia the new elty to being
nage in Arlseaa and Nevada dec timed
exceptionally sweet. He analysed the
(0 percent although Increase In the
carved from a practically untouched
Intrastate freight ratea In
were a derivative of benxol. In 1884 wilderness; and In America Washing­
Statea haa been as pet authorised or
made effective
Thia decreaae em­
he set up an experimental factory for ton was laid down where a few fresh­
braced grain, hay sad live atoch. as
the manufacturing of waccharln tn ly cleared farms were hemmed In by
well as ores and other commodities
wooded hills. In India New Delhi to
jw York.
Cotton Unshipped for Laok of Market,
being built on ground where ctUoe
Of e Toxas cotton crop of over four
have risen and passed away through
mllMon bales, M percent rem el as un-
Felice File Baby's Picture.
the centuries, and about which are sit­
The average coat of rail
Kidnapers are going to have a hard uated beautiful and striking monu­
and water shipment from producing
time If they bother Paul Everitt Ool- ments of one of the world's moot pow­
point to Idvorpool haa been reduced
llns, three years old, of Denver.
about 11 1*S per >00 pounds la the
erful etpplres.
fa. " of whleb about one-half million
He climbed upon the stool tn front
galea of cotton leas than normal have
of the camera at the central police
been exported to IJverpool Obvious­
The Sport of Kings.
station the other day and was photo­
ly the freight rate la not responsible
Tennis was ever a distinguished
for the restricted movement
graphed. Then he thrust his fingers sport. It has been favored by the no­
Reptember. October and November,
into the recording Ink and Impressed bility. In the recent tournament at
1(30, 41 percent less rice, (0 percent
his finger prints for the Bertlllon rec­ Cannes the king of Sweden and the
lees canned salmon and 77 percent
leaa dried fruit ware exported than
ax-king of Portugal handled their rack­
during the aame months of the pre­
But he fr not a criminal Mr. and ets with skill and dexterity In mixed
vious year, Although the reduction
Mra. P. B. Collins, who recently doubles with Mlle. Lenglen and Mrs.
In ooean rates wes substantially more
than the Increase In Inland rail ratea,
adopted him, were with him, and they Bemteh for partners. Mlle. Lenglen
so ibet the material decline In the
asked that these records be made to and King Manuel won the first set
exports ef these commodities wee la
Insure him against kidnaping. Both from Mrs Ilt-uilvh and the king of Swe­
the faoe of a leaa aggregate cost ft
said they feared some one might at­ den ; In the second King Manuel and
The Caee of the Fruit Grower«
tempt at some time to take him away Mrs. Bemlsh were defeated by Mlle.
The troubles of the California lemon from them. The records will be A1« m I Lenglen and the king of Sweden. Thus
growers have attracted much atten­ with the police at the county record­ honors were even In that each king
tion. He claims he is unable to ship er's office, they aald.—Rocky Mountain bad a victory, though Mrs. Bemlsh was
his product because of the increased News.
twice defeated.—Petit Parlsien.
freight rates A removal of all the
recent increase of the rate on lemons
Increase In Elk Herd.
Ships Long In Service.
would not help trim. He haa a rate
A good Increase from the survivors
The veesels of past centuries had a
by sea through the Panama canal of
leaa than half—41 percent—of the rail of the southern Yellowstone or Jack- career which seems to us moderna
rate, yet hie lemons are not marketed. son Hole elk herd Is looked for this year like the longevity of the patriarchs
The average price of a cantaloupe laid by officials of the bureau of biological The Princess Mary, which brought
doyrn in New York in the season of survey of the United States Depart­ WUllam of Orange to England, was In
1(20 was not quite 11 cents, as they ment of Agriculture, In view of the active service for more than 200 years.
were retailed at about 25 cents, there unusually favorable winter Just past. She was seventy-two years old when
Is a further profit to somebody of 14 Last year’s rains. It fr said, produced she arrived with the Dutch troops tn
a plentiful growth of feed on the Torbay. Under the name of Betsy
cents per cantaloupe.
The managers of ths propaganda for ranges, and aa a result the elk are Oxime she continued her labors after
a general reduction of freight rates reported to be in excellent condition, her two hundredth birthday In the
have lost sight of the fact that in Octo­ with the prospect of only a normal transport trade between Britain and
ber, 1920. 1.IM,221 carloads of coal death rate Instead of a repetition of the West Indies, foundering at last eff
were moved, being the maximum the mortality of the winter of 1919-30. the English coast at the venerable age
moved In any month in the preceding due to lack of forage and a severe of two hundred and fifty ^earn.
two years, although It was handlod at winter.
the advanced freight ratea, and we
Servants of the People.
have heard nothing as to coal being
Record for Brown University.
"I want to serve my country."
produced at a loos or of the coal mlns
Charles K. Hughes is the fourth
“A praiseworthy ambition !" com­
owners going out of buslnee« because graduate of Brown university to be­ mented Senator Sorghum.
"But you
of existing freight rates. The per­ come secretary of state of the United want to bear thia In mind. A coun­
centage of freight charges to value tn States. His predecraaora, who were try la likely to be tremendously fault­
he early part of 1931 la almost exacb- Brown men, were William L. Marcy. finding about the service and not •
•y the same aa it waa in 1914.
Richard Olney and Jahn Hay.
bit liberal when It comes to tips.’’
rati B!<1<
Phone 626 23
Lenta Station
Mr. and Mra, Rambo Return
on Furlough From the
Near East
■■ I III
O*flec Phone «15-10
Bishop W. H. Lambuth, in charge
of the Methodist missions In North
China, where 45.000.000 are faced with
starvation aa the result of a disastrous
flood followed by two seasons of
drouth, says:
“Their clothes are ragged and
scanty. Their only food to a gruel
made of weeds, leave«, chaff and ooru-
Ono cold night tn January lu
one refugee camp alone, one thousand
of "these starved, weakened human
creatures frose to death. What to to
be done must be done within th % next
five mouths, yes, within Ue next two
or three months Otherwise millions
will perish.’’
The death rate in Ue famine sec­
tion la estimated at 15,000 dally, with
typhus and other diseases beginning
to rage. The only hope of the despair-
tag millions Is tn food supplies pro­
vided In tremendous quantities by Uq
foople of Ue United States.
Oregon’s pioneer missionaries. Mr.
and Mrs. W. E. Rsmbo, formerly of
Baker, and for many years engaged
In mlaeloaary work in India and the
Near East countries, have returned to
the United States on furlough. Nsws
ef Uelr return has been received by
•tete Manager J. J. Hendsaker. ia
charge of Ue oomblned China-Near
East relief campaigns for Ue slate,
in a telegram from New York, where
the Ramboe landed a few days ego
Throughout the Near East, Ue me»
eng« etetes, everyUlng to "generally
amuck.” wtu little .■reepeet ct
provement until definite action It
taken by Ue Allies in regard to the
Tuft-rldden nations.
Conditions ta
Greece and the Caucasus are touched
upon, with details of the appalling sit­
uation at Batoum. where Ua veteran
get era)
months among the 16.090 Greek lefu
geos surviving from the thriving Cau­
casus colony loeated there before the
war. Che Ramboe were on their a ay
home last fall and bad reached Con­
stantinople. when the call eamq for
them to go to Batoum and eld the
refugees there until the latter could be
brought back to Salonika, where the
Oreek government to qndavorlng to
make some sort of provision for 8»
turning Grecian refugees.
Ia letters writtea from Batoum.
cently received by Mr. Haadsaker, Ue
Rambos tell of thousands of families
being huddled together la rain-soaked
tents and abandoned barracks, beset
with typhus and other diseases, halt-
naked and Starving “And 10.000 more
refugees ar* on their way here from
Kara," the letter ooneledea. •These are
now la Ue snow-covsrud mountains,
and aa many as can pull through will
soon be here What we shall do then
wo do not know. Everything hero to
unsettled and disturbing. It to con­
sidered certain that Ue Nationalists
or the Bolshevtki. or both, will soon
take the city and no one knows what
will result "
In a later letter they
speak of Ue arrival of a ship to take
beck a load of refugees for repatria­
tion and the Joy tt brought to Ua
camp, although the Salonika camp to
which they were bound could offer
Uttle additional la the way of food,
clothing or other relief.
Previous letters, written from the
Near East, tell of Ue enforced flight
"at Ue wlhrn of a Turkish official."
of Ue Ramboe and 200 little orphans
la their charge. They had to leave at
a moments notloe and la Ue dark,
trnveUng all night on toot and carry­
ing their own blankets, clothing and
everything else they possessed. They
were allowed no lights snd were told
net to epeak above a whisper, as mur­
derous Tufts were running riot all
along the way. Aftnr stumbling along
through water and over rocks for
hours, they reached Ue railroad sta­
tion at day-break, exhausted but with­
out the loss of oad of tf e 200 children,
but none too soon, for with the com­
ing of light Ue Turks discovered what
was afoot and began firing upon them
from the hill-side*. Ue Uttle caravan
of exhausted children and missionaries
making the last hundred yards through
a hail of bullets.
The Ramboe conducted Uelr 200
chargee, with many adventures and
hardships, to safety within the walls of
a Brttiab Relief station, and turned
homeward, stopping ever for a day
For rest at Adana. While Uey slept,
exhausted, the Turks tora up Ue rail­
roads leading to and from Adana, and
left them marooned in Ue hot, dusty,
besieged otty. They awoke to find
buUeto breaking through their walls
and wbiqtUng sU around them. With
Miss Grano, a young American relief
worker, they finally started from
Adana la a Near East Ford, joining
S refugee caravan and fleeing sou th­
ward. Thy were shot at repeatedly
and at a dangerous pass waited three
hours before daring to attempt the
run across an open space. At last
with Mrs. Rambo and Miss Grano
lashed to Ue running board of the
Ford, behind a barrteude of baggage
on the opposite side from the heaviest
firing, and Rambo himself at the
wheel, with baggage pUed high al)
around him to ward off Ue bullets,
Uey made the rush, “driving like Jehu
for two miles." until beyond the aim of
the bandits.” After many other stren­
uous experiences they made they way
to Constantinople, going from there to
Batoum for several months, thence
home to Ue United States.
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