Mt. Scott herald. (Lents, Multnomah Co., Or.) 1914-1923, July 22, 1921, Image 2

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mi Scott herald
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Editor of th. Herald—Nut being
Mitatled with vvur answer as to what
constitute, a REAL statesman olease
accept mi version of a atatuaman: A
high public official who lava awake
Proprietor nights, thinking of what he can do for
the people
Not to be confounded
with a i\»l ITI CLAN. who lavs awake
night* thinking of how he can do the
—C. H.
. ♦
Published Btv.ry Friday at Labi,
¡station. rortl.nA, Oresoa.
1 Gso. A. McArthur
We handle
New and Used
- 1 - ■
We agree with the correspondent,
11 50 a year and further respectfully submit, that
as regards the former, we can only
sa>. as slut the old farmer who gazed
1*11 Ninety-second Btrssl
upon a giraffe in a circus, for the
first time, “there ain't no sich ani­
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w •» >. •
r ? r r » »
Nowaduis when a fallow begins to
«peak of the “best sellers" the thirsty
Will the invitation of President immediately forget everything else
Harding to the power* of Europe re- and begin to mill around In a desper­
suit in international disarmament ate effort to locals the entrance.
and universal peace ?
Or will it merely serve tn impress
upon the minds of the American peo­
ple the hopelessness of the uiuiertak-
(engross appropriates the money
, mg and the necessity of preparing necessary for conducting the affairs
, for the next war?
of the government of the United
These arv the all-absorbent ques­ State*. That money comes from the
tions of the hour, and no man is w is. l<>cketa of the people.
enough to answer them.
The president ha* the right to veto
The world is weary of conflict, but •in appropriation bill a* a whole, but
no nation rvally
trusts another, he can not veto -m objectionable item
therein lie* the great danger of fu­ of expenditure in that bill and yet ap­
ture explosions.
prove the remainder.
The tinal result will depend entire
I'reaidenl* are often called upon U>
ly upon the attitude of the foreign approve appropriation bills that con­
delegates when they arnvc in Wash­ tain item* of expenditure that are
ington in response to the president's ver> obnoxious to a great claaa of
people, item« which they consider pre­
If they come to us with the expec­ judicial to tile welfare of the country
tation and willingness to give and a* a whole, that serve but little pur­
take in a sincere effort to arrive at a pose, and that are forced into the bill
just and equitable status of int.-nia at the last minute upon demand of
tional relation*, then we mas hope •vine powerful politician who haa an
for peace and eventual disarmament axe to grind.
But if they come a* they went to
If the president disapproves the
the peace conference in Paris, deter- bill because of the one objectionable
mined to wrest every possible a !'
U ,-u
,, opardiaM the affair* of gov
Reduction on all styles and sizes
tage for their own respective gov­ erninent. for without fund* the gov-
ernments, regardless of the rights of emment cannot function.
other peoples, then we niav look for-
On the other hand, if he apnrove*
ward to nothing but an early resump any portion of the bill he must ap­
tion of the war that ha* just ravaged prove ail of it, including the objec­
Europe and paralyzed the commerce tionable feature.
of the world.
While we are changing our budget
The peace conference at I'ar h..s system we should advance ev*n fur
turned out to be something of a farce, ther ami exiiand the veto pen.gative.
except that M i* a breeder of dis­
The president should not be held
trust. hatred and jealousy, while the i-. re l V PMBOMUlB for condition*
¡eague of nations has cease,! to lie that arc above «and beyond hi* con­
muck more than an empty name
There is nothing in the present
situation to prevent future wars
The women's »rganixatione of the
There is much to stimulate and fan country are taking an active interval
the smouldering embers into flame.
in the creation and maintenance of
Having seen the folly of a grasp­ lietter country road*.. If they pro­
ing spirit, through the outcome of duce definite result* in thia one field
the Paris conference, it is possible alone they will have jualifled their
and devoutly to be hoped that Eng­ enfranchiaement a thousand fold.
land. France. Italy and Japan will
6702 Foster Road
see the wisdom of applying the gold­
The Filipino* are anxiously await-
en rule to their deliberation* in Wash, Ing the day w hen the United Stat« * Business AuL 610-79............... PHONES ............... Residence Maio 3369
ington, to the end that a fust. I*»t- will j-runt them their independence,
and binding settlement may be which lend* a fellow to believe thut
some people nrv never s<> contented r
Japan mav surprise the world bi­ a* when stirring up discontent. In
ller spirit of conciliation and conces­ '.•ixnlence for the Filipino« wi'l
sion. but to do so the must execute mean renewed strife, disintegration,
a complete about face and march in and Ona) annexation by some foreign
9111 Foster Road--Lentt Phone 619-13
the opposite direction, and unless she power.
for all kinds of
doe« this there will be no settlement
no peace, no means of preventing fu­
Danger In Unclean Dishes.
ture w-ar*.
Sheet Metal Work
Just how serious Is the danger of
Today Japan is arming herself bv infection from Imperfectly washed
Tin and Galvanized Wash Boiler«,
tremendous stride«, far beyond Da-
diShi's In cntlng places has not been
{Champion Chicken Founts, Hopper», Feeder», Metal Hen»’
need* of a country that does not Con
template future aggressive conflict, determined, but the high count of
lNe*t*. Trap Nests, Brooder Canopies. &c. Stoves, Pipes ud
and her actions are viewed with sk.-n hm-terla left upon restaurant utensils
Elbows. I can save you money on Furnace«.
tic ism by many deep thinker* and euegest* unpleasant possibilities. In
profound students of international af the Investigation of Roy 8. pearstyne.
All Work Giuranteed. Repairing a Specialty.
henlth offlcfal of charlotte, V <X, the
It is possible, of course, that the
very environment of Washington, the uten-ll* were from six eating houses,
cradle of liberty, mav exert an ele­ of which one used a modern electric
vating effect upon the delegates tn dlshwnsher. The bacteria on hand
the coming conference.
washed coffee mugs from different
But in any event, having taken the Innrh fuirri ranged from 2S.OOO tn
initiative, it is the duty of the gov­ 3X>,nno; on water glasses, 23,ix»> to
ernment of the United States to go 130,(XX); spoon*, 3,400 to 70 j * j O;
he limit in an effort to restore the knives. 1/4X1 to 20,000; fork*. 1.000
world to a condition where justice
and right will prevail in international to 11.01») With the cleanly nin'hlrw-
washing, the coffee mugs had S.WW)
Then our own hand*, at least, will bacteria. no other utensils more than
lie clean, though we find it necessary
to stain them with the blood of other
nation* in future wars.
5114 Ninety-second Street
ft Is said that American manufac­
Buying expensive clothing does not turers are now In the position of he
always constitute being well dressed. Ing able to supply the toy demand of
Neatness, tastiness and harmony in
the country. This Is a large and
blend are more essential than price.
Important Industry; In fact, there
are millions In It. and these millions
lllV T lllVI
One Way from Portland toLents
Would you like to have your boy formerly went to Germany which had
turn out to be a real 100 per cent man the practical control of the toy mar­
We Can Move You Out of the Muddy Street
physically a* well as mentally?
ket. That the buslues* of supplying
Then don’t shut him up in a hot­ the children of the nation with neces­
8822 Foster Road
Phone 612-69
house of roses and keep him there sary amusement Is now In the na- 5-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
until he breaks away of his own ac­
tion'a own hand, la a fact gratlfyln»
Roses are a delight to the eye and nt once to national feeling* and u*- f
the sense of smelt but they do not tlonal pocket*.
j develop the muscle or add to the
breadth of mind.
Get him a ball and bat. a pair of
STATEMENT—Of the Multnomah
boxing gloves anti a punching bag.
Bank of Portland. County of
Give him a couple of Indian club* State
Every housewife is interested in the question of
Multnomah, State of Oregon, showing
and teach him to swing them.
the amount standing to the credit of
Encourage him to run and jump every
depositor July 1, 1921. who ha*
and wrestle and leap fence*.
made a deposit, or who haa not
L*t his hours of recreation be not
any part of his deposit
healthful and vigorous, and not of the withdrawn
(commercial deposits), principal or
and especially in the matter of price. Every house­
pink tea variety.
a period of more than
wife should be vitally interested in the meat that
Teach him to fear God. to be lov­
ing, respectful and obedient to hit said date, with the name, last known
we sell, for the matter of price is given special at­
parents and mindful of the rights of place of residence or postoffice ÍS-I-
tention by being reduced to the minimum without
other people, and you will develop an dress of such depositor, and the f.nct
lowering the standard of the meat It ia through
adult who will be "some man.”
of hi* death, if known.
this means that you win us as a customer and k
H. J. Ames, Arista, Oro., I
you permanetly as one. Try our meat for all 'roi
know-n, $0.16.
India A. Hadden, Lent*. Ore., not
known, $0.15.
E. W. Phillip*, Lent*, Ora.. not
Congresswoman Alice Robertson of
Oklahoma some time back :ippealod known, $2.27.
to congress to "stop talking and save ■ Cha*. Thoma*, Lent*, Ore.. not
known, $0.16.
Total. $2.74.
Right—a dead center shot.
There must be a great surplus of positor a* required by the Droviaiona
wind in congress when a woman of Sections 10160-10163, inclusive.
deems it expedient to appeal to the Oregon law*.
men to talk less at the expense of
their countrymen.
Subscribed and »wom to before me
The congresswoman estimates that this 12th day of July, A. D„ 1921.
C. E Kennedy.
one week of congreH-ional talking
Notary Public for Oregon. My
costs the country nearly ten thousand
dollars in pririting bills, and that only commission expires June 22. 1923.
State of Oregon,
covers a part of the expense.
An<l yet there arc two sides to even
County of Multnomah.
this question.
I, Sherman Harkaon, being first
If our distinguished congressmen
were not talking ua poor in Washing duly sworn, depose and *av upon oath
ton they might be talking us to death that I am the Cashier of the Mult­
at home.
nomah State Bank of Portland. Ore­
We hate to part with our money, gon, County of Multnomah, State of
but we are determined to cling to life. Oregon; that the foregoing statement
is a hill, tme. correct and complete
Let ’em talk—in Washington.
Htatement, showing the name, last
If exercise, is the road to rood known residence or Ooatoffice ad­
health some of us ought to live n dress, feet of death, if known, and
the amount to the credit of each de-
thousand year*.
Subscription l*ricc
give tire mileage
at the lowest eost
in history
30 X 31
$15.00 $22.00 $27.50
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Known and Honest Product
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