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VOL. XIX, No. 20
News Happenings of Lents
and Surrounding Country
Social Affaire Are Source of Pleasure to Manyil’ereonal
Items and l/ocak of Interest to Herald
Readers Tersely Told
Mrs. Herbert Dllly, ’ -who pass 4 1 All hats greatly reduced at the
through a serious operation last Parlor Millinery, Mrs. 1. W. Rich­
week, is reported to be doing nicely. ardson. 6004 B8th St.
The ladies of the G. A. R. will
. Miss Dauric«- Tilden, residing near
McMinnville, is visiting her rrand hold a rummage sate May 23. 24 and
mothcr. Mrs. Geo. A. McArthur,
“ '
at 25 in a room of the Julian building,
corner of 92d street and carl ins.
9419 Gilbert Hoad.
Lento Parent-Teacher association
Mr. and Mrs. Holt und Ion James met
In regular session yesterday of-
of Montavilla, alo chicken
______ _______
dinner tomoon (Thursday), too late for a
with Mrs. Hull's aunt and husband. report of the mooting in this week’s
Mrs and Mr William Kelly on 89th Herald
a travi.
Fred Kelly of Portland, brother of
There will be a banquet supper this C. Selttemoter, has bwn elected edi­
(Friday) evening at Central M E. tor of men’s athletics for the 1922
church, under the au«pices of the E~- Heaver Anual of O. A. C Satem
H. P. Ameat will Statesman. Fred Kelly is the son of
worth I.eague
Mrs. Olive Kelly of 89th street and
is well and favorably known in this
Mra. Fred Hillman from lllinoia. la «Mnoranitv. He Is a graduate of O.
visitine ber «laughter. Mra. Herbert A. C. and during the war was on a
Orton, on K9th Street. Mra. Hillman ■ub-chaaer.
la dellghted wlth Oregon and mav
decide 1« locate herr permanentiy.
luist Fri<tay evening about 30
young people attended the Epworth
Miss McAllister of U. of O. la vis­ League rally held at Centenary
iting with Mrs. Eileen York on 89th church. Bishop IxKinard rave a very
street. Misa McAllister is a daurh inspiring address and at its clo»e
ter of l’rof. McAllister of V. of O. ■bout a hundred young.people dedi­
and a former schoolmate of Mrs cated their lives to Christ in life ser­
York at the university.
vice. Sifodav evening Bishop Stunt a
of Omaha spoke to a targe audience
D. Guyer, brother of Mim Effie at the church. Fifteen young people
Guyer. 6028 41st avenue, who was joined the church.
raoanMy seriously injured at a log­
Among 150 eon test ants at the bib/
ging camp near Astoria, is vet in a
hospital, but reported rapidly recov show last Tuesday evening, little
Bobby Swan, with nis manlv deme in-
or and cute curls, carried off first
The transfer man who hauled the prize, 1(M> per cent perfect. Th«
household goods and piano for E. W photos of the contestants are on ex­
Hutt, from McKay avenue and Fos­ hibition at Powers Furniture Star-.
ter Road, on May 4th, 1921, will be Third and Yamhill, and us soon as
rewarded by addressing P. O. Box 8h released a photo will grace the pagei
Portland, Oregon
20-It of the Herald. Bobby’s parents ary
Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Swan, who re*
Hart A Klauder hsve recently op­ cently purchased a home at 9226 53!
ened up an establishment at 800*> avenue, where they now reside
36th avenue, near K2nd anil Powell
Valley mad, where a line of Ever­
lasting Concrete posts, also clothes CHAUTAUQUA COURSE IS
line posts, will be carried.
Mra. M II. Young. Mrs. Ashlor
and Walter Young and family, of
Dallas, drove down Saturday and
remained until Sunday afternoon
with J. M l^-itch nnd family on 89th
street. Mrs. Young is Mrs. Iwitch’s
City Auditor Funk han received s
bid of >8014.40 for the Imprnvem-nt
of 94th street, from 67th avenue 'o
Woodstock avenue.
This proposal
was suhmitted bv John Grieder A
Co., and was lower than the engi-
neer’s estimate.
The program of the Yeager thea­
ter for the next ten days is to be
found in the theater's «pace on past
three of the Herald An interesting
lot of movie plays are promised bv
the theater management for the
days mentioned.
You may not desire anything New­
man’s Exchange advertizes at the
present time, but you no doubt will
later on
Remember the place and
the number. 6605 Foster Road, whrr
Cou are looking for bargains Read
is ad. top column, page two.
Earl Goode, son of Rev. Goode
former pastor of the Evangvlicil
church of this place, has been ser­
iously ill as a result of being gassed
difring the war. and his parents hav.<
ronA with him to the coaak where it
is hoped his health mav improve
The ice mnn has commenced to
make his rounds again. A. C. Conine
has had his display window curds
and books printed at the office, this
week and will have books for dlstri
button to his customers tomorrow
Ice. - Co.
morning, Call ths Lonts —
when you want ice. Phone 633-60.
_____ and neighbors of Miss Su
■lc Woody enjoyed a very ^¡easing
piano recital last Saturday afternoon
given by her at her home. 8239 49tn
avenue. The fact that Miss Woodv
ia bound to an invalid’s chair does
not seem to hinder her ambition to
filay; rather does it tend to aid her.
n that she has mure time to devote
to this subject, with the object of
teaching in view. She ia a pupil of
Mrs. Mnyme Boyle, 5634 3«th avenue.
Archer Place.
Arthur Fisher haa purchased the
four-room house at 9233 51st avenue
from Robt. Reynolds. The sale was
made through the agency of D. J.
O’Connor Other aalea Made through
the same realtor were iota 1 and 2.
block 8. Arleta Park Ne 2. Mary E
Holcomb to Winslow A. Dimick:T
E Gilkey’s restaurant at 6099 92nd
street to Hugh Jones, who wilt be
assisted by his wife in conducting a
first-class restaurant. Mr. O’Connor
has also sold his own place aK.9fi*!
53rd avenue, to Sarah J. Havea.
I Julies of Shiloh Circle and Com­
rades cf Reuben Wilson Tost—Mem­
orial Sunday service will, be
Fvangrlieal church on Sunday, May
29, at 11 a. m., for those two pniers
or anyone who belongs to -the Indies
of the G. A. R. or Relief Corps or
any civil war veteran, Sons of Vet­
erans. Daughters of Veterans Over
rphj » Veterans. Spanish War Vet^raps
or Boy Scouts All ar* ewHaHyJ"-
vited We will meet at Wiley* office
at 10:30 so that we can be at the
chureh at 11 a. m.
John Walrod.
Six young college men wanted for
manufacturing development work
Need not have technical education.”
Pay $:.'«> a month to start. Apply to
Ed'aon. West Orange. N. J."
Perhaps if the Cornell graduate
and his five companions who an­
swer»! the above advertisement had
taken the Chautauqua rending course
for the current year they would have
made a lietter record in the rx.iminu.
tion submitted by the electrical wiz­
ard. At all events, members of the
l-enta circle are sure they could have
made better than a fifty per cent
Thia reading course covers a wide
range of subjects; not only are the
required books of the course read
and discussed, but allied topics, as
the history of the places, or the biog
raphy of the people mentioned in the
study; and stress is laid on current
Some of us had long been separ­
ated from our school days, had lost
much of the ability to concentrate,
and had what has been aptly termed
a “sieve memory.” Along both these
lines the reading has proved of im­
mense benefit.
Highbrow? No. How I detist
that word!
There mav be other
words more offensive, but few more
Does one prefer a mod-
erately pure English to the Intest
styles in slang, or a concert to a
vaudeville he is a highbrow Rut th-
C. L. S. C. is not “highbrow.” Come
and see.
Carl A. Harlan, a woodhauter em­
ployed by the Lents Fuel company,
was almost inxtanly Idilsd TMsdav
■bout 11:30 o'clock, when be was
■truck by a falling tree white getting
out cordwood near the iJrerdorf
rood, elose to Mt. Scott, throe miles
east of Lenta
Th«- unfortunate young man was
working with a team of hones and
a sled, and several fellow employes
of the Conies brothers sPe reTv’-te«!
to have informed him that a tree
was about to fall in close proximity
to where Mr. Harlan was working.
He had started away from the direc­
tion from which the danger would
come, driving the team, when the
tree fell, but apparently had mis­
judged the striking radius The us
ual cry of “timber** was gives just
brfiire the accident occurred, it is
Mr. Harlan was struck on the head
■nd his skull crushed. One arm was
doubled under his body and broken
in two places. Deputy Coroner Falk
went to the scene of the fatality and
took charge of the body, laveatiga-
tion showed the death to be purely
uccidratal and there waa no inquest.
Carl Ashley Harlan, eldest son ef
Ashley end Minnie Harlan, was born
at Holbrook, Nebraska, on June 14.
1897. Had he lived until next month
he would have been 24 years of age
His parents moved to Corvallis. Ben­
ton ounty, Oregon, in 1903. where he
attended public school. Later his pa­
rents moved to Alpine, in the same
county, where Carl graduated from
the public school. He enlisted in the
navy in 1918 and his ship acted as
a convoyer of transports to and from
He was discharged at Se­
attle. Wash.. Doe. 18, 1918. He ship­
ped as a seaman June 1, 1920, and
made a voyage to Japar. Hawaii.
China and Siberia, returning to th a
city, where he was married on Oct.
28. 1920, to Mias Mildred Barker.
daughter of L. A- Barker of the
Economy Furhiture Co.
Thev pur­
chased s home at 6006 88th street.
Surviving him are his wife, father
and mother, one brother and two sis­
ters. the relatives by blood residing
at Alpine. Oregon.
There are alao
oth.-r relatives
Mr. Harlan was a
member of Camp No. 77. Woodmen
of the World, Portland. Funeral ser­
vices were held from the Kenworthy
Sartors on 92nd street. Thursday,
lay 19. at 10:00 a. m
was in Mt. Scott cemetery, with the
Wo«<dmen in charge of the services
at the grave.
Ths deceaked was well liked by his
many friends in 'this locality. -• His
untimely demise was a matter caus­
ing n-uch grief to his employers and
the men with whom he was employed.
Indications are that promoters of
proposed .Huckely avenue water dis­
trict will gaain appear before the city
council soon and press their legal
rights to start a water district as de­
nied in a recent resolution passed bv
the council at the request of Com­
missioner Mann.
In an election held last Saturday
by residents in the district, which
extends from 82d street east to the
Powell Valley road, 153 voted for the
new district and twentv-two were
opposed. W. . C. Lawrence. L. S
Hobson and I. N. Skeie were elected
directors of the water district.
George C. Johnson, attorney for
promoters of the district, c-—’»—ds
that hie clients are entirely within
their legal rights as passed by the
legislature in 1917, permitting the
establishment of a water district
where twenty-five or more people call
an election and choose directors. Au­
thority is given to issue bonds and
construct maina In establishing the
“The Section lane Water Co. has
la-qn established seven years and is
serving but twenty-three homes.” Mr.
Johnson said. “The company charges
$¡00 to tap a three-quarter inch
We expect to issue bonds
soon for approximately $50.000 and
fight for our legal rights. I believe
’ At the southeast' section prelimi­ any court would set aside the city’s
nary-grammar school track meet hell ruling tn the matter."
on Franklin high school field on Fri­
day, May 13th. to select those who CLARENCE O’NEIL WINS
would compete at Multnomah field
on May 20th. the following bova anil
girls from the Ijmts school qualified
After a lay-off of several weeks.
for the finals-
Clarence O'Neil came right back and
Girls high jump. Anna McGinty.
Throwing the basketball. Bertha won the money in the trade-at-home
contest this week, with a total of
Tug-of-War, team conaiating of 296,750 votes. There were no other
Wm. Parr, captain: Clayton Hall. large amounts turned in which would
George Roth, Alfred Lytle, Frank change the relative standing of the
Batch, Francis Sundcrlin. Arnold contestants as published last week. *
For thia week's contest the name
Miehaelson, Benton Ryman. Robert
Fones, Ocie Moore, Richard Hubler. of G. A. Morrison Lbr. Co. haa been
selected, the letters going to make
Russell Huskey.
In the bnskctbnll throw Bertha up the words “G. A. Morrison” hav­
Herling easily carried off the honors I ing been omitted from the ads on the
The company is an
with a throw of over 70 feet, This contest page.
waa ten feet beyond the beat mark old-established firm in the Tremont
the build-a-home
of her nearest competitor.
Mrs. Alcorn substituted for Mia» movement on and decreased coats in
the building trades, is enjoying iti
Steinbergs in room 14 on Monday,
On Wednesday of thia week Mice share of patronage.
Watkins, art supervisor in the upper
grades, wax with us.
tai st week on Tuesday the girls of
the 8B class, under the direction of
Charles W. Wise, a resident of the
Mina Hart of the domestic science rural route three district, died Wed­
department served a luncheon to their nesday. He was a bookkeeper em­
ployer! In Portland and was bom in
On Tuesday afternoon and evening. the Rose City. The deceased was 28
Mav 24th, the pupils of the school years of ago and to survived by his
will give an entertainment In the as­ wife, Mrs. Lvdia Wise, besides rela­
sembly hall for the benefit of the tives by blood.
Funeral services
school fund.
Instead of having a were held at 3 o’clock
dock thia
thir ( (Friday)
Friday 1
general program, the rnmila will give afternoon and interment was in Mt.
under the direction of Mies Chspman Scott cemetery.
and Miss McDonald an operetta en­
titled "Florinda, or The Rose an-1
The Arteta Club will give a dance
Pearl.” This will be a real musieal
treat for our school patrons. The en­ every Tuesday night at the Arteta
6. W. Hall. AdmiMion 25c. Como
tertainments begin at 2:00 and 8:00
and have a good time.
p. m.
Logal entangtemento muddled the
city council Wednesday morning in
discussing the Foster Road trunk
sower and $403,000 Johnson creek
drainage system and caused a post­
ponement for the ’steenth time of
final decision on the issue.
Contentions by opponents of the
project that more than 22.61 percent
of the home owners in the district
were included in the remonstrance
■gainst the sewer aa figured out bv
City Engineer Laurgaard halted final
consideration of the matter which
had been definitely set for Wedne*
The Oregon State Motor Aasocia
tion, with headquarters in Portland,
is a naxca for tourists tarrying in
thia city, and had it not bus for this
organization, a lady and gentle man
passing through last week would
have been in dire straits, and as ft
waa, suffered no little embarrass­
ment from the actions of a couple of
motor cops and an underling at police
The couple arrived from Calitv.-
nia, enroute to the state of Wash­
At Sacramento they pur-
chaaed a new car
With the usual
red tape accompaniment, their num­
bers were delayed in issuance, and
they proceeded northward, and were
not molested until reaching this fair
city, where they were told by a cou­
ple of motor cope to report to police
A swell-headed officer greeted
them at the station with official os­
tentation. Although the unfortunate
travelers told their tale of woe and
produced'a receipt for a 1921 license
duly paid for, there was nothing do­
ing, sayeth Mr. Officer, who in­
formed them that the only possible
by which they could visit the num­
erous place of attraction in Portland
would be by purchasing an O-—>n
license. This dictum was accompa­
nied with insinuating and insulting
An appeal to the motor associa­
tion, of which the tourists mentioned
were members, fortunately, brought
quick results. Not from the swivel-
cnair bonehead, but officers Bigelow
and Irwin, learning the facta in the
case from the leading representative
of the association, the *NX K." ofi
Chief of Police Jenkins waa soon
stamped upon the visitors’ creden
tials and they were assured the free­
dom of the city.
If Mayor Baker desires to make a
clean-up of undesirables who are a
disgrace to the force and serve sim­
ply to give Portland a bad name
with the tourist fraternity, he should
make a shining example of this
smart Aleck at his earliest conven­
P. S.—The tourists mentioned re­
ceived their license plate Tuesday
and proceeded on their way rejoicing
but not overly inclined with kindly
feeling toward one or two offic­
ious officers, others than those men­
tioned. to whom they extend thanks
through the columns of the Her-ild
for courteous treatment.
lose opposed to the improvement
that . 1447
.¿.7 ____
home ______
had remonstrated against the project
in face of liou who voted favorably
when the postal card vote of proper­
ty owner« waa recor«ied several weeks
ago by the department of public
“I’m for this sewer, but I absolute­
ly refuse to vote on it until this le­
gal tangle is straightened out and
we’re sure the money will not come
out of the general fund.” said Mayor
Baker, after two hours of debate.
Next Tuesday at 10 o’clock was set
by the council aa the time for hear­
ing City Attorney Grant's opinion on
legal tangles involved in the ease
Commissioner Barbur and Qty Engi­
neer Laurgaard will work witn Grant
in making a re-check of the remon­
strances against the project.
The usual hullabaloo and hurling
of inelegant innuendoes ¡between o->-
ponento and proponents of the plan
enlivened the meeting.
"I tell you it is bad business dur­
ing thia industrial depression to sad­
dle on the people this improvement
which may mean the confiscation of
property,” said N. G. Hedin. repre­
senting several property owners op-
praed to the project. “Mr. Mayor—
aa a business man in the face of this
opposition you wouldn't authorize the
improvement in the face of this re­
monstrance. I don't think you should
do it aa a city official.”
"Two-thirds of the home owners
will oe ruined unless we get this im­
provement,” fired F I. Marshall. “M'e
naven't any educated gentlemen to
come here to plead our case. We ask
for justice and a chance to progress
In our district.”
Commissioner Bigelow asserted
that he would not vote on the pro-
ject, ____
either ___
for ___________
or against. unless it
was assured that the street railway
company would agree to move tracks
along the road to allow for the pav­
ing nf the thoroughfare laurgaard BUNCO ARTIST
explained that It would taka six
weeks or two months before the citv
would be readv to let the contract
for the work, if the time and man­
Marshall Fraser and his associates
ner ordinance was passed.
in the organization of the ' Trans-
portatiem Marketing company. Inc..
were bound over to the grand jury
by District Judge Deich Tuesday on
charges Of violating the blue sky law.
With his casket draped with the Fraser is president of the concern.
colors for which he died and banked With him the court held to answer
with beautiful floral tributes of his Charles Ohlson, vice-president: J. W
friends and acquaintances. Private Maddox, secretary-treasurer, and A,
Ronald E. Smith had rested at his Maxim, director.
home, 5527 72nd street, since Mon­
From evidence produced Tuesday
day. On Wedneaday. at 2:30 p. m.. it appeared that only stock certifi­
he waa buried at Mt. Scott cemetery. cates for $500 were issued and that
The services were in charge of Fin­ they were sold with the Guarantee of
ley A Co., and conducted bv buddies jobs with the concern, which, it was
of Private Smith. The pallbearers said, intended tn open a chain of gro­
were boys who were in his company: ceterias in Portland. Many working­
F. A. Betteridge, H. E Smith. Ver­ men already had invested savings in
non Livell, Roscoe Williams. Roy the company, it was further asserted.
Shane, and Henry Weller. The fir­
One of these “grab-it-and-beat-it"
ing squad in command of Otto Mein­ stores was scheduled to open in this
en fired the salute and taps was locality, on Woodstock avenue near
sounded by Milton Smith. Chaplain 92nd street.
The negotiations for
McCormick of the American Le-^on the lease of the building sre«c con­
read the last rites and officiated at ducted through the local agency of D.
the services.
J. O’Connor, realtor. The latter got
The flag which draped the casket his cash in advance and refused to
and came from France with the body, buy any grocery tickets at a discount
waa given to Ronald’s mother, and when urged to do so bv the promot­
also the laurel wreath, the only ers, it is said. A few cheap stands
flower allowed to rest on the
and counters were procured and a
Two beautiful solos by Mrs. Thiehoff canvas streamer hung across the
accompanied by Mrs- Myers, were building, proclaiming the advent of
sweetly and softly given. . . _
the company to local mercantile cir­
Private Ronald E. Smith of Co. A, cles about May 14. Before that date
2d machine gun battalion, was kille«l the promoters were in limbo.
at Soissons, France. July 18. 1918. He
Fraser was in the limelight recent­
enlisted in Co E. 3d Oregon. March. ly by reason of his prosecution on a
1917. Left New York with the 162d charge of defrauding the public ir. a
Infantry in December of the same company called “Your Transporta­
year. He leaves to mourn his loss tion Co.. Inc.” While this ease was
his father, who is blind. E. C. Smith, pending tn the courts the grocerteria
and his mother. Mrs. Ella Smith, alao scheme was inauguarted.
At the
the following brothers and sistere: time of the transporation company
W. D. Smith of Barton. Ore.. H E. fiasco Fraser ascribed his difficulti*-«
Smith of Seaside. Ore. Mrs. H U to the transportation “trust”, who. he
Ksmper. Mrs. C JLH»»*«-. Mc­ claimed, took that method of killing
Reynolds and Mrs. Lillie Berdmelle. off competition
Private Smith was cited for brav­
ery but was killed before he received
the word. The eopv of the citation J. H. KRALL OPENS SHOP
waa forwarded to his parents.
A new industry in the Mt Scott
AT ARLETA THEATER district is the cabinet and giasa shop
recently opened by J A. Krall on
Foster Road, near 82nd street
Patrora of Arleta theater will be
Mr. Krall is a first-class mechanic
delighted to know that Manager and for six years was —ith the Cen­
White has installed a new $10.000 tral Sash and Door Co., of Portland,
American Photoplayer, No. 45. which acting as out-of-town man for that
ia said by those who know to be one concern. As such he did and has vet
of the finest instruments made for to complete glass work on the new
motion picture houses. The machine, buildings of the state university at
which was purchased in Portland, is Eugene. Recently, when the compa­
the latest model, and on it all the ny decided to give up the glass busi­
soun* needed to properly inforo** ness. Mr. Krall took over the stock,
the films, are produced, including tile purchased the property on Foster
whistling of birds and similar notes. Road, and moved it out here. He haa
Onlv the very largest houses in Port­ in stock fancy plate, sheet and Flor­
land and the bigger cities can boast entine glass and will make a special-
of a better musical instrument than .tv of snn porches, a beautiful exam­
the one Mr. White procured and It ple of which woA is seen in the sun
assured his patrons of suitable inter- porch tinon his ’hwn house near the
prêtât I on of the pictures. The old shop. He is al*> a general carpen­
machine, which was very efficient in ter and cabinet »maker, and those
its scope, was disposed of
building and waAtinr built-in fea­
tures, or any carpenter work, are ad­
vised to see him.- His prices are rea­
The Arteta Men’s Chib will meet
at the Christian church Tuesday ev­
Come out and danee every Satur­
ening. Mav 24. Supper will be ser­ day night with the crowds at Cedar
ved at 6:45 and will be followed bv a ville Park, at Linneman Junction.
musical program and speaking bv Dr. Four-pieee music; dancing 8:30 p. m.
Ralph McAfee
to 12:30 a. m.
Ar/eta, Kern Park, Millard
Ave., Tremont, Wooamere
Many Affairs of Interest to Community Related in En
tertaining Way by Correspondent
of the Herald
Arteta Library Notes
D,CtUr* ot the Sulm"n
1. .
*n Ol*»°n and heard the
tert installment of "Peter Pan”, ■■
^«■ children’s librar-
brBnch librarv on
«Mdren'« librarians of
,th* city, with Miss Fox. head of
bsaneh work, and Miss Ewing of the
Central library,
Wedneaday mornmr for a
monthly conference at Arleta lib a-
n. Luncheon was served at noon in
adjoining the library.
Miss £toneman,
nurse for
--------- —— r visiting
this section, waa also a ruest.
This library is fortunate in haring
the Lippincott Home Manuals, edited
by B. K. Andrews. Ph. D. These are
“Housewifery," by L. R. Balderstoto.
a handsome handbook offering sug­
gestions on how to reduce tasks in
the home and how to save time,
money and energy.
Especially in­
teresting to women who do their own
housework. “Successful Canning and
Preserving,” by Ola Powell. This w
a timely publication on canning and
preserving food products, an import­
ant factor in household management.
“Qothing for Women,” by Laura I.
Bal it. A practical manual for school
and home, riving advice on pattern
making, selection of apparel and
choice of material. Another n w
book of importance is “Social Prob­
lems—A Study of Present Day Soc­
ial Conditions,” by E. T. Towne. “The
Bankside Costume Book for Child­
ren," written and illustrated bv Mel-
ieent Stone, is designed to give di­
rections for making children's p’ay
At Arleta branch library, the li­
brarians, with the co-operation of
the visiting nurse of this district.
Miss Stoneman, will conduct a baby
day on Wednesday. May 25. at 10:15
a. m. Dr. C. W. Moore, babv spec­
ialist. will hold a demonstration on
babies and babies’ baths and wiH an­
swer all questions bv interested mo­
thers pertinent to baby's welfare. All
mothers of the district and of Lents
are cordi shy invited to attend nnd to
bring their friends. Books and pam­
phlets will be given out and a very
Instructive, interesting day is prom­
Girl Athletes Make Good
At the preliminary meet at Frank­
lin high school, several A rie ta girls
distinguished themselves. Zava Pow­
ell won first place in the hurdles:
Gladys Holterman won second in the
basketball throw. Twelve girls from
Arteta will enter the big field meet
at Multnomah field today.
Mra. Demeter Surprised
On Saturday evening. May 7. Mrs.
Chas. Demeter was most completely
and pleasantly surprised by a num­
ber of her relatives and friends, cel­
ebrating her birthday anniversary.
Six beautiful birthday cakes adorned
the table.
Mr. and Mra Glen San­
ders, daughter Zoe, of 6212 90th
street, came as a colored family.
Mrs. Sanders was a bride, draped in
blue cloth with a marvelous veil of
lace curtain. Zoe was the groom and
Mr. Glen Sanders the bride’s little
sister, resplendent in short dress, half
sox and all. A cousin, Leslie Dun­
can, was a typical fat Frenchman. He
proved that he was not genuin.-'y
fat, however, when the rooms be­
came too warm and he retired to re­
move the pillow from his clothing.
He was a scream, before and after
♦■king (the pillow). About 25 were
present and many beautiful gifts
were tendered Mrs. Demeter.
Arleta Gym Class Entertains
The Arleta gym class entertained
the Montavilla gym class with a
masquerade party at Arleta school on
Monday evening, May 16. . A large
crowd enjoyed the fun of the even-n-
and about fifty masked, there being
among the costumes a negro bride,
monk kids and a hobo. Delicious re­
freshments were served and the in-
stroctor, Mrs Hodgson, was present­
ed with a beautiful boquet of carna-
Arteta Theater
The following is the program at
Arteta theater for the coming week:
Friday. May 20. country store
night, June Caprice and Creighton
Hale in “A Damsel in Distress ; Ro-
lin comedy; Paramount Magazine.
Saturday, Dorothy Dalton in “Half
An Hour"; 2-rsel comedy. “Back
From the Front”.
Sunday. Zane Grey’s “The U. P.
Trail” with Roy Stuart and Robt.
Monday and Tuesday. ' Mama s Af­
fair,” played by Constance Talmadg»:
episode No. 4, “Velvet Fingers’’. „
Wednesday. “Two Kinds of Ix>ve .
ilayed by Breezy Eason. Jr: 2-reel
entury comedy.
Thursday, “Her Husband’s Fnend
with Enid Bennett; episode 11 of
“Double Adventure.”
Millard Ave. Chnrch
Sunday evening Rev. Henry White
will give his second lecture on Siam.
Added features will be a solo by Mrs
Geo. Cblvey and two solos bv Mr
laak«. who wr-U also conduct a short
Song service. Rev. White spent sev­
enteen years in Siam and is fully
qualified to tell many interesting
tilings about the country.
On Wednesday, May 25, the church
will be open all day to receive bun­
dles, toys, food or anything of that
nature for the near east relief ship,
which is soon to sail. The women’s
society will be in charge upon that
The junior girls class of the Sun­
day school, taught by Miss Thelma
Via, organized Tuesday afternoon.
Elizabeth pi Ilian was elected pfesi-
dent, Harriet Weddle vice president.
Alice Thomas treasurer, Margaret
Ormandy, secretary. The class nam-
is ‘Pollyanna”, their motto "With
God We Conquer”; Bible verse. “I
wae glad when they said unto mo. let
us go into the house of the Lord”;
their flower is the pansy and the
colors purple and gold.
The da»s
will meet twice a month and the of­
ficers hold office for six months.
Bits of News Notes
Tom Hay of 5515 72nd street is
very ill with heart trouble.
An enjoyable ’old-fashioned school’
was held at Luckey cottage of . the
Laurelwood Congregational church
last week. Vera Pratton was teach­
er and the stunts delighted those
present. Lunches were carried and
served in paper bags. 6: About 25
were present.
Rev. Mrs. R. P. Stuart will sneak
on “Does It Pay?” at the ' Missionary
society at Luckey cottage.
Ijiurelwood Congregational church
will be open all day Wednesday. Mav
25, bundle day for the near east re­
lief. Coats, dresses, clothing and
gloves, bed linen, toys—anything in
fact that is serviceable desired and
will help the distressed people.
A meeting of the faculty and work­
ers of the daily vacation Bible school
will be held Tuesday evening at 8
o’clock in Luckey cottage.
Rev Henry White of Millard av­
enue church will preach in the mom-
in Sunday on “Anointing of Jesus at
the Home in Bethany.”
Miss Dorothy Witbeck of 5720 70th
street won a payment of $200 on a
lot in the Build-a-Home contest re­
cently. She is riot certain of what
disposition sba will make of it.
A mistake was by the re­
porter last week.
Miss Ewing of
Woodmere school was credited with
taking her pupils to Champoeg. It
was Miss Julia Spooner who did so.
Mutlnomah County Institute met
in the M. E. church, Fisk and Lom­
bard streets, yesterday A moat in­
teresting day was spent
The sub­
ject of the morning session was Tern,
perace and Missions, while in the
afternoon legislation and election
bills were considered.
Rev. Owen Day of Arleta Baptist
church, returned Tuesday from Col­
fax, Wash., where he has been visit­
ing his father. He will resume his
charge Sunday morning, preaching
on the topic, “Social Responsibility of
the Chnrch.” At the evening service
he will speak on “The Man Who
Made Good.”
Mid-week service on
Wednesday at 8 p. m; regular choir
rehearsal Thursday at 8 p. m.
Mrs. Brantner has returned home
after a month’s visit with her daugh­
ter, Mrs. F. J. Carpenter. 6835 55th
Paul Newmever, with his family,
have moved into the Pickens house
on 71st street near Millard
Newmeyer is a well known boys
worker and Mrs. Newmeyer is a
singer with a pleasing voice.
Col. Albert Hollingworth of “The
Hills’ made a short visit to his sis­
ters, the Misses Hollingworth. of «2d
street, Monday evening.
About 200 of the Whitney boys
will sing at Anabel Presbvtenan
church, 56th street and 37th avenue.
Sunday evening. These will include
our local boys and is of interest to
all in this part of th ecity.
The Fourth U. B. church again
won the banner at the institute a
week ago last Sunday, having 100
per cent present.
Mr and Mrs. Richard Joplin ac­
companied Col. Hollingworth in from
“The Hills” Monday, returning Tues­
day morning.
. _
Mrs. Geo. Colvey is again zt to
work in the offices of Drs- McSloy
and OtfFburv in Lents after a severe
illness lasting two weeks.
Dr J. R. Robinson, prominent phy­
sician and surgeon of Archer Place,
and his wife, left for
............ - They
Tuesdav morning.
- * expect to . be
gone several months and will visit
many places cf interest dunng their
Miss Alma Rabuek. daughter of
Mr. and Mrs Wm. Rabuek of 7401
62d avenue, was united iin man-iare
to Wm. Eggert of Roekham. 8. IL.
Wednesday afternoon at 3 okloelc
The wedding was held at the home
of the bride's parents. Rev. Henry
White officiating.
A reception was held in the even­
ing, with the following Present: Rev.
and Mrs. White nnd daughter Eliza­
beth. Mr. and Mm. Older and child
ren Mr. and Mrs. Allison. Mrs. Lan-
fere. Mrs. Moore^Mrs. Cram •"£ the
immediate wiembarv-pf. the brides
faMryimd Mrs. Egwrt rereived many
beautiful gifts. Thev *»ll lr»*e •°"n
for Rockham, where thev will make
their home Mrs Fggert w«l be
missed by her
. C'rr,t
who unite in
CLlde 1
happiness throughout her wedded