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VOL. XIX, No. 15
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News Happenings of Lents
and Surrounding Country
Social Affairs Are Source of Pleasure to ManyJPersonal
Items and U>cais of Interest to Herald
Headers Tersely Told
Dr. J. H McSIoy recently
chased a i rnnklin rar.
Richard Ilea* has been confined to
hl« bad sevrral day« with mump*.
Charlra Austin of '.Hjth «treat pur­
Mia* Ida Kettig of 92ml «treet en­
chased a new Essex ear thia week.
tertained Mr*. McC-ormick at dinner
W. C. Grigg of 6130 83rd street la
very til at hi» home with pneumonia.
Mr and Mrs C. T. Trim visited
Bunday al the home of Bert Lymun
A. Mu ran« of Beaverton attended on f>9th avenue.
to business matter* In l^nts Mon­
Mr*. W. F. Thresher has returned
from Seattle where she was in at­
Mr*. Maud Sager of 61th avenue tendance at the passing away of her
I* entertaining Mr*. Calhoun of St. mot her.
Clarence Owen Swenson arrived
A boy was bom to Mr. and Mr* to make life happy for Mr. and Mrs
W. T Moore, 5736 85 th street, April Swan K. Swenson. 4923 86th Street,
13, Dr. Robinson officiating,
March 29.
At the la>nta library there 1« an
The Ihnta Realty Co. reports the
Interesting exhibit of picture« illui- •ale of a store and two L>ta on 88th
tratinp Dickens’ character*
»treet and 66 th avenue from
Mr*. Blainey, who ia now living on Lincoln to S. I). Azar.
a ranch near Oregon City, will re­
Mr. and Mr*. Frank Janachar of
turn to lent« a* «oon aa she can oh 6827 Hflth street and Mr. and Mr*.
lain a suitable residence.
S Miles of 6446 With «treet motored
Mr. and Mr*, Cha». Turner are to Oregon City ami Oswego Sunday.
adding a bathroom, Itutch kitchen
Evelyn lorinne Klingler made her
and other improvements to their initial bow to thi« old world on April
cosy home at 9V2t 71st «tract.
I in the home of Mr. and Afro Alvin
The Smith family, reaiding iuat Klingler, 6313 92nd »treet Dr. Mc­
south of Johnson Creek, arc ndding SIoy waa present and Assisted
a dining room, hardwood floor*, etc.,
Irene Stanley of Reno, Nev., wrote
to their already comnmdmu» real the sheriffs office recently that she
wishes to find her husband, George
Stanley, who left Reno three month«
Robt. A. Duncan, president of pub ago. We ia a resident of I «nt«, she
lie service recall committee, gave a •ay*.
talk >>n t.-lcphanc and gas rates at
the grange meeting held here Sat­ Mr*. A. H. Nelson of 6617 81st atre't
enjoyed a visit from her sister-in-
law, Mr* H. E. Rpanier of Surnr-
C. M. Kennedy recently traded a 3- villa, Calif., Thursday.
Mr. and
room house on 7l«t avenue, near Mrs. Ileanier are moving to Vancou­
Wataon station, for two lota and a ver.
5- room house at the corner of 85th
Mr and Mrs Bert Abbey of Hod
• treet ami 53rd avenue.
ley. British Columbia, are visi'ing
Mr* LilUaa II. VanScov of Mil­ their cousin. P. I. Trim, of 6901 84lh
waukie. Wisconsin, visited her niece, street. Mr. Hedley ia depot agent
Mt*. J. E. Updike, last week. Mrs at Hedh-v and has earned hi« vaca­
VanScoy waa accompanied by Mr*. tion.
Royal Bacon, of Kent*. Wash.
D. J. O'Connor har a patronage
Dr. OTxmnell, our gen*! tooth waiting to pure base small places on
repairing expert. is laid up with the »mall down payment«. If you want
mnmiMi and consequently unable ho to dispose of your property under
attend to hi« practice thi* week. He these conditions, get in touch with
him at Woodstock and 92nd street.
waa taken ill on Monday morning.
The excavation for the basement
of the six-room bungalow to be con­
structed for B. Munxer on 85th av
enue ha* l>een completed. Mr. Mun-
rer is employed by Lipman, Wolfe A
Co., aa electrician.
John Wachowitx, formerly propri­
etor of the Mt. Scott bakery, re
turned recently from Alaska and 1»
-pending a few days in lent* pre­
paratory to leaving the
States on a business trip to Prussia
The Modern Woodmen gave an in­
formal social dance for their mem­
bers and friend« Wednesday evening
at Woodmere hall, which waa largely
attended and thoroughly enjoyed by
all present
These socials are held
•very month.
Mr*. Edith Reinhardt, of John
Day, Oregon, waa appointed state
president of the I «-ague of Honor
Protective Society at the convention
held last week.
White in the city
Mr*. Reinhardt visited her cousin
and family, Mr and Mr*. J. E. Up
Mr. and Mr*. DePew, recently
from Chehalis, Wash., have eatab-
lished themselves upon an acre home
on 71st avenue, near »2nd street,
known aa the Daley place.
are making material improvements
on the premises.
As Oliver N. Kenworthy pursued
his way leisurely up 92nd street last
Mondnv morning, everybody rubbend
and some of his nearest friend*
failed to recognise the genial gentle­
man The discarding of a mustache
worn for year* makes a great change
in the personal appearance of any­
A representative of the Herald
caught a piirloiner of newspaper*
right last Monday morning. The cm
barrassment of the culprit was worth
the price and the energy expended
in the moral lecture, delivered in
“French." We don’t believe the in­
dividual mentioned will ply hi* pil­
fering tactics in thi* locality very
soon again.
Mr*. J. H. McSIoy served a cottage
luncheon to a few friends at one
o’clock Wednesday.
To paraphrase
Mr*. McSIoy, In plain English a cot­
tage luncheon means a boiled dinner.
Those favored by her hospitality
were Mesdames Robt. Reynolds,
Walter Tvler, J. M. Hawkins, Coff-
mnn, Hamilton. Donaldson. Mr*. Mc­
SIoy and Marybright McSIoy.
Williamson Bros, moved from 84th
street to their new location on 70th
avenue and 82nd street this week.
They have enlarged their wnrehoua*
to meet the demand« of their increas­
ing business and the additional floor
space devoted to their general mer-
chundise store will aid greatly in ar­
ranging the display of stock.
firm has been engaged in the grocery
business for five year* and is well
known in this part of the city.
For the first time in many moons
rain was welcome last Tuesday morn­
The continued moisture that
Jupiter riuvius doled out in this lo­
cality the last past winter had be­
come irksome, even to the old-time
webfoot, but a cessation of rain for
several days convinced the newcomer
in Oregon that a whole lot of wet
was necessary for the welfare of the
The downpour Tuesday
came as a great relief to very parch­
ed earth that waa becoming dry anil
hard as a bone. Owner* of gardens
especially welcomed the rain with
T. C. Connell, 8704 68th avenue,
who has recently undergone an oper­
ation to remove a particle of steel
from his left eye> ia improving and
expects to resume his Work with a
Portland department (tore within
the next fortnight.
Mrs. Finley McGrew was hostess
•nd Mr*. J. S. Howe assistant hostess
to the members of the Laff-n-Ud
and 0. E. 8. club Thursday after­
The party was given ns a
farewell to Mrs. McCord, who will
leave soon for her new home at
Brighton, Oregon.
D. J. O’Connor report« the follow­
ing sate« this week: Mrs. Updike's
house ...i I ’»-acre in Midland's addi­
tion on Gilbert Road to R. J Houle
of Montana; house at 8836 56th av­
enue.. G. W. Hartfelder to Mrs. A.
Pritx; five-room house and one lot on
85th street to P. J. McGinty.
Heavy gains in building, largely
due lo u readjustment of wages paid
In 'he building tHuies, ar* expected
to <ieliver a knockdown blow at un­
employment. Ad<i«“l to this are mil­
lions for labor In highway eontracti.
no leas than 82,000,000 In e«ntract>
having been «wanted during the
past ten days alone.
The city ami county, moreover,
have enacted pledgee from contract­
or* making successful bids on public
work not to delay their varioua pro-
jreta In ortler to await more favor-
«ble weather, but to commence act-
ive work at once.
“Unemployment in Portland
the whole state I a becoming
ucutc gradually," said Arthur W
Jone«, director of the public employ­
ment bi/n-au this week.
“A lesser
number of persons are without work,
r.unpaiwl with a short time ago. We
are not now worried about unemploy­
ment in On-gon. As the soaaon ad
vane«», the situation
progressively better.”
A building boom in and about
Portland, and the same condition is
noted generally in other part« of the
state«, seems already to have start­
ed. since new home« are springing
up everywhere throughout the resi­
dence districts.
lent* and Arleta
have their share of new dwelling*
under constriction, and all the wa;
into the heart of the city, over Di
vision »treet, new house».of a desir
able type can be s'en springing up.
Not since the pre-war days have
there been so many new dwellings
under construction» aa at preaent. it
is said
Reduction of building coats by a
cut of ten per cent in the wages of
uorktmm in the building trades will,
it is declared, boost building opera­
tion» tremendoualy, since a substan­
tial saving will be effected In the
cost of all buildings, however small
or large.
The regular nueting of the parent-
teacher association will be held in
the a>aombly room of Lents school,
Friday, April 15, at 2:45 p. m.
nations for the election of of-
fi.-< r* for the coming year will be
made. The election is to take place
in May. All member* are urged to
be present, as thia is an important
Th«1 room having the largest num­
ber of mother* in attendance will be
given five pound* of *alted peanuts
ar first prize and the room having
tho next largest number will be given
a pott«»d fern as second prixe.
Mr*. Graham, dean of the Girls’
Polytechnic school of Portland will
give a talk to the mothers, after
which the pupils of Mias Mitchell’s
room will entertain the audience with
a song eatitled “Garden” and
a concert recitation. “The Raggedy
Man,” by James Whitcomb Riley.
Jack Hamilton, 70-year-old bridge
watchman at Oregon City, whose
wife and daughter live at 77th street
and Powell Valley road, was killed
on Thursday of last week while per
forming hi* duties in the Clackamas
county city.
Mr. Hamilton had arrested William
Schmitt of Oregon City for violating
traffic rules on the Oregon City-
West Linn bridge. The aged deputy,
after halting the car, jumped on the
running board and ordered Schmitx
to drive to the sheriffs office. As
the machine left the bridge Hamilton
was seen to fall from the running
hoard to the pavement. Schmitx de­
ni«*! knowing of the man's fall until
passersby shouted to him. Mr. Hani-
ilton's skull was fractured, resulting
in death.
The bridge crossing the Willam­
ette at Oregon City has been in an
unsafe condition, through long us­
age, and an officer has been sta­
tioned there for some months to pre
vent auto traffic endangering the
structure. The voters npproved of a
bond issue which would have provid­
ed funds for a new bridge but the
supreme court ruled th«1 measure a*
having been passed in violation of *
section of the constitution.
Mr. and Mr*. A. B. Short, former
old-time resident* of I-cnts. are re
reiving congratulations on the ar­
rival of a bnbv girl, born April 4th. WORLD WIDE GUILD GIRLS
Thi« is the thin! child, two iittje boy*
welcoming the baby gtrl. Mrs. Short
will be remembered as a song leader
The Arleta chapter of the World
in this district. They are living in
Wide Guild Girls will present John
Kenton nt present.
Frederick Mason, reader, impersona­
L. A. Smith, proprietor of the Pnn- tor and humorist, in recital at the
nma grocery store on 82nd stix-et nt Arleta school, Saturday evening, Ap­
70th avenue, is a recent arrival from ril 23, at 8 p. m. Mr. Mason will
North Dakota.
Mr. Smith is thor­ give readings from Riley, Adams,
oughly familiar with the grocery Cooke, Kipling and others. His Im-
personations are very clever and
business nnd ■ sblv nsalsted by Mr»
Smith. They have been nt their pres­ well worth hearing. He will be as­
ent location four months and «re en­ sisted by Mrs. Ethel Iewellen at the
thusiastic boosters for southeast piano and Miss Elanor Stockton will
The admission for adults will be
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Goggins were 35 cents and for children under
visited by Mr. and Mr*. Fred Nel­ twelve years 25 cents. Tickets may
son of 37th and Alder streets Sun­ be secured at the door or from the
day.. Tn the afternoon they all mo­ W. W. G, girls.
tored to the ranch nenr Sandy in
which W. E. owns half interest. Mr. MRS. JACOB COVER IS
Goggins ia giving much thought at
present to his thoroughbred Poland
China hogs and to other fancy stock
on his place.
The women of the Arleta Baptist
church surprised Mrs. Jacob Cover
The Jolly Lot club met at the horn■> with a handkerchief shower at her
of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hodge Wed­ home on 64th street Tuesday after­
nesday evening to play five hundred. noon about 2:30 o’clock. Mrs. Cover
Mr*. Walter Baker nnd Clyde Cox was 69 years old Tuesday.
were the first prise winners. Fra
present were Mrs. Barnell, Mr*. Cov­
Hartwick and Carlyle Cox winning er, Mrs. Day. Mrs. Ixwkwood, Miss
the booby prizes.
The cut prixe Crow, Mr*. Miller, Mrs. Campbell,
was awarded to Mr*. Geo. Dilly. The Mrs. Torpling, Mr*. Spriggs, Mr*.
club will meet next week with Mr. Brindley, Mrs. Taucly and Mr*. Jen­
and Mr*. Walter Baker-
- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
/Social happenings at
Arleta and Kern Park
Many Affairs of Interest to Community Related in En
tertaining Way by Correspondent
of the Herald
Word comes from Read-
uarter* that the Community
Chest drive ia in danger >f
falling short of the goal that
has been set as the mini­
mum. If it does, ou will be
called upon again during the
year to
1 make up the aelic-
iency. . Why not do your
part now and have it over
with. "Have a Heart.
Mt. Scott Meatal Caltare Clab
At the Mt. Scott Mental Culture
club on April 21, in the Arleta libra­
ry, Wm. Elliott, president of the
Audubon society of Oregon, will give
a stereopt icon lecture on “Birds."
Anyone interested in the subject 1«
cordially invited to be preaent.
Blue Bird Chib
The “Blue Bird Club” ia the name
chosen by the giria of Mim Strang’,
interm<-diate giria of Millard Avenue
Presbyterian Sunday school.
girls organized recently, using the
above name and took “Others” as
their motto. The “Blue Birds” meet
every Monday afternoon in their
classroom, from four to six. The of­
ficer« of the class are: President.
'.Audrey Douglas; vice president, La-
tona Kimball; secretary, Charlotte
| Cobb; treasurer, Carolyn Griffith.
Once upon a time E. F. Stout was
a parachute jumper. That was some­
thing like 30 year* ago. He has since
“settled down” and the settling place
happened to be out in the Mt- Scott
district. The pioneer made his first
public «peech Wednesday. It was on
the occasion of the Foster Road
hearing before the city council. He
is an ardent advocate of a drainage
sewer along the roadway. When he
asked for permission to speak he did­
n’t at first appear to be much of an i
And no one remotely sus­
pected he was a humorist.
But Daniel Webster and Henry
Clay and Patrick Henry and Arte­
mus Ward all rolled into a composite
talker couldn't have made more of
an impression than did this fiery,
droll citixen from the suburbs. May­
or Baker got up and shook hands
with Stout in the middle of his talk
and the galleries set up a deafening
“Wa are certainly in the mud out
our way,” declared Stout at one point
in his speech, “and we need that sew­
er. Why. the only thing you can
drive through Mt. Scott in the win­
ter time is a snake and tha’d have to
be a water snake.”
“Will you give us a balloon ascen
sion if you get your sewer?” asked
Commissioner Mann, with facetious
intent, as Stout concluded his argu­
“You bet I will,’’ was the quick re-
tort, “and I’ll take you up with me
and cut the rope."
—Portland News.
Free water service for gardens
on t vacant
„_____ ____
lots, _____
the. war by the citv water bureau,
will be entirely discontinuexi this
summer, Commissioner Mann an
nounced this week.
Abuse of the privilege by water
u*ers in the
__ _____
main _____
reason advanced
by Mnnn in announcing the discon­
tinuance of the service.
He states
that during the past three years hun­
dreds of resident* on a flat rate
used water morning, noon and night
on vacant lots, while those who de­
sired the same privilege under the
meter system were forced to pay for
all water used. Mann point out that
it would necessitate the employment
of several inspectors in the water bu­
reau to check up on residents if the
free service was continued.
“The war is over and we must dis­
continue the service,” said Mann.
A charge of 33 a year will be made
hy the water bureau for vacant lots
adjoining a dwelling. Throe thous­
and five hundred applications for
free water were received last year.
Mann announced. Notice of the dis­
continuance of free water service this
summer was given last year, accord
■ng to Mann.
The Parent-Teacher* met yester­
day afternoon. The program was in
charge of the past presidents, repre­
sented by Mrs. Geo. Stoner.
Mrs. Wilson, dean of girl* at
Franklin high, talked to mother* and
eighth grade girls furnished music.
Mrs. Somer* and Mr. Walrod vis­
ited the school thia week.
Mr*. Thompson. Bruce Evans and
Rev. Sibley were guests at the regu­
lar weekly assembly Tuesday.
Evans talked to the children on
"Making Good” and declared he waa
glad to address the school that had
the beat ball team in th* section. He
compared California With them but
the children of Woodmere are very
sure that When Mr. Evana really
knows the people of Oregon he will
no longer talk California.
To the
children of Woodmere there are just
two classes of people, those who
know Oregon and those who do not.
Mr.. Evans advised the children to
choose a high ideal and hew close to
the line His talk was full of “pep"
and he ia welcome to talk to Wood-
mere pupils any time he Co^'se*.
The closely contested game be­
tween Arleta and Woodmere on Ar-
lets grounds last Thursday ended in
victory for Woodmere by a score of
On Monday the game with l^ents
on Lents grounds resulted 22-11 in
favor of Woodmere.
Shiloh Circle No- 19, Ladies of the
G. A. R., and Reuben Wilson Post
No- 38 are invited guests of Wood-
mere school Friday, May 2?, at 1:30
p. m., the occasion being the annual
celebration of Memorial Day.
Memory contestants are busy pre­
paring for the finals to be held Fri­
day of this week at the auditorium
at -3:30 p. m.
Classes from Woodmere will be
accompanied by Miss Gudian Brand-
Miss Spooner, teacher of the
eighth grade, was a guest last Tues­
day of Miss Manley at Etna school.
She reports a very interes.
interesting visit,
Miss Margaret Galligan, now of
the schools of Seattle and formerly
of Woodmere faculty, is a guest of
Miss Edna Galbreath.
Churches are uniting in a revival
meeting, under the leadership of
Bruce Evans.
The meetings began
Sunday night at the M. E. church,
with standing room at a premium
One feature of the meetings is the
double one—one for adults and the
other for boys and girls.
Tuesday Bruce, as he is affection­
ately called by all. spoke to 600 boys
and girls at Woodmere school. Wed­
nesday he spoke to even a larger
number at Lents school. Every af-
Urncon at 3:45 he speaks at ha Ba?
tist church to a large crowd of chil­
dren. These meetings will continue
all next week. Sunday he will speak
to the schools of each church. There
MR. AND MRS. FOSTER will be a mass meeting at 3 o’clock:
regular service at 7:45 o’clock Sun­
Thirty-five members of the O. E. day evening.
S. filled lunch baskets with good
things to eat Thursday evening and
gathered to form a surprise party at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Hay of 5515
Foster of 53rd avenue, who have just 72nd street
were called " to Vancouver
returned from their winterb sojourn last Wednesday, by the serious ill-
at long Beach, Cal. Mr. Foster is ne*s of Mr. Hay’s mother, Mrs. Ida
first worthy patron of the Mt Scott Hay, who was -----------
„ with
----- pneu-
chapter of tffe order and with Mr*. monia, and who died on Saturday.
Foster fully appreciated the welcome Mr*. Hay was 63 years old and waa
home party, which was a complete the mother of twelve children, nine
of whom are still living.
The evening was spent playing five services were held for her In Van­
hundred. Mr*. Arnold Eggiman won couver and the body was then taken
first ladiex’ prixe, a cream pitcher, to The Dalles and interred beside
and Walter E. Sander* first gent*’ that of her husband in the family
prixe, a razor strop hanger.
The lot there Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Hay
consolation prixe was given to Mrs. •re well known here, Mr*. H»y hav­
W. L. Hoff, one lump of cube sugar, ing a dressmaking shop on 72nd
tied with baby blue ribbon. Mr. Fos­ street near Millard avenue, and both
ter won gents’ consolation prize, a •re active workers in Arleta Baptist
match tied with blue ribbon.
Bausch A Iornb Optical Co. of Roch­
ester, N. Y. This means that many
interesting hours *i'l be forthcoming
for ehikiren in its use with the story
hour, aa well aa the use with clubs,
etc., meeting at this library.
Story hours are now being held,
when the weather permits, out-of-
doors, in the garden There wes an
attendance of 81 children last Thurs­
day. The story teller. Miss Rice, ia
telling the story of Peter Pan, m in­
stallment«, last week having been the
«rot of the *ene«.
Together with
thia delightful tale other stories are
Arleta Personals
Mrs. Geo. CoIvey will sing a spe­
cial number at the morning service
at Millard
church Sunday, April 17. There will
also be a special number at the ev­
ening service.
Arleta Theater
Mr*. C- Guthrie, 3544 64th street,
Following ia the very attractive
________ entertained the missionary society
program for Arleta theater patrons at her home Wednesday afternoon.
for the week beginning Friday, April
“Cod’s Lesson to Us Through His
15: Friday, Wanda HawUy in “The Trees” is the subject for Rev. Henry
Snob”; Saturday, Ethel Clayton in White’s sermon Sunday morning,
“A City Sparrow”; Sunday, Pearl April 17, at 11 a. m. At 7:30 p. m.
White in “The White Moll”; Mon­ the subject will be “The Relation of
day and Tuesday, “The Devil’s Gar the Humane Society to the Gospel
den," with Lionel Banymore: Wed­ of Jesus Christ.”
nesday, Eva Novak in “The Tor­
The Mt Scott Improvement club
rent”; Thursday, Enid Bennett in
“Hair Pin»”; There will be the us­ met TtSesday evening and made plans
ual comedies, serials and magazine for a big meeting to be held next
Tuesday evening, April 19.
The Creston Community Club will
meet tonight (Friday) in the Cres­
How About the Park?
ton school assembly hall. C. E. Carl­
What and how much does anyone ton is prseident
know regarding the possibilities of
Richmond ball team went down in
the park at Millard avenue?
the city purchased the property ? defeat with the Joseph Kellogg boy*
the Kellogg ground*, by thé score
Are we to have a park and play­
ground? Will it be properly equip­ of 11 to 3. A game with Woodmere
ped and supervised? These are per­ on Woodmere grounds yesterday fin­
tinent questions it would behoove ishes the schedule.
Hie Handley Bible class of young
of this
the people c.
___ — district to inveati-
gate. Other ports of the city are people will meet at the home of Mr.
be ing taken care of but no one ever and Mr*. Kavanaugh on 60th street,
bothers about sleepy people. We had Friday evening, April 15.
better wake up and see where we
Donald Lockwood returned to his
studies at the univvaity at Salem
Sunday evening, after a week**
pleasant vacation at the home of hi*
Welfare Chib
Mr. and Mr*. W. L. Ormandy en­ parents. Dr. «nd Mrs. Lockwood.
tertained the Welfare club of Mil­
A daughter was born to Mr. and
lard avenue church Tuesday evening Mr*. Walter John Webb, 4321 63rd
in the basement of the church. A street, April 3, at which time Dr.
live, interesting business meeting Lockwood was present. He also of­
was held, during which
___ . the
_ _ __
„ ficiated at the arrival of a girl born
ing officers were installed by Rev. to Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hanna, 6360
White: President, W. L. Ormandy; Foster Road, on April 6.
vice president, Glen Sander*; secre­
Mrs. Parsons, 7820 55th avenue,
tary, Essie Strang; Treasurer, Elsie entertaining thia week her sister.
String. Following the business ses­ Mrs. H. Hankins and daughter, of
sion ice cream an dcake were served. Rainier, Ore.
Those who enjoyed Mrs. Ormandy*«
The Evening Star Grange drill
hospitality were Mesdames D. A.
._2 __
go to
Davis. Fanny Pawson, R. D. Arm­ team of 36 member* will
strong, Fred Reese, F. E. Crum, Butteville Saturday. April 23, to put
Misses Strang, Messrs. Armstrong. on the third and fourth degree work.
It is of great interest to the com­
Reese, Crum. Malloy, Sanders. The
meeting adjourned at a late hour, to munity to know that Dr. Ixxkwood
meet next month at the home of has recently installed a new X-ray
machine in hi* office at 4504 65th
Mrs. Pawson, 7132S 55th avenue.
There are so few in the
community that this addition is a
Visit New Camping Ground
Dr. Lockwood and family and J- H. great convenience to those needing
Zehrung and family spent several the application of that class of ap­
pleasant hour* at the new camping paratus.
ground opposite Peninsula park Sat­
The Loyal Worker* of Kern Park
urday evening.
The park contains Christian church had an all-day
about ten acres and is being fitted meeting at the church Wednesday,
They entertained the
out with kitchenette, rest room, etc. April 13.
A rustic-covered fireplace where one teachers of Arleta school at dinner.
can cook meals is a splendid attrac­ A quit wa« tied during the day.
Mrs. Jolly, treasurer of Arleta W.
tion and convenience. Motorists in
this district will b* glad to take ad­ C. T. U., spent all day Tuesday in
vantage of this public camping spot, Canby, Oregon.
as it ia not far by auto and very de­
Mrs Ward Swope. 5329 70th
sirable. The city owns the tract and street, has just returned from Mon­
is putting in the improvements.
mouth, Falls City and Dallas, where
she has been on a missionary tour.
“Excuse My Dust”
Wednesday she spent at an all-day
“Excuse My Dust’ is the play to institute at Gladstone, Oregon.
be given at Joseph Kellogg school
Frank W. Whittelsey of 71st and
the afternoon ana evening of Friday. Cooper streets, made a flying trip to
April 22, by the demonstrator of the Corvallis Tuesday morning, return­
new moving picture machine the ing late the same evening.
school is thinking of buying.
Dr. and Mr*. Wm. T. Stout, 5503
children will be charged 5c aidmission
in the afternoon and the charges at 77th street, entertained Dr. Stout’s
night are 10 and 15c. The entertain­ family Sunday at dinner.
ment is under the auspices of the were set for twelve and a very en­
Joseph Kellogg Parent-Teacher as­
A “fellowship" supper, which in
the main was a potluck affair, wa*
held _ in Luckey cottage, Thursday
Arleta Library
Tuesday afternoon, April 19, at 3 evening, April 14, by members of tho
p. m.. a book review contest will be Laurelwood Congregational church.
held at the Arleta branch library. The quarterly business meeting fol­
Two contestant from each of the lowed.
J. O. I^ake is again back on his
three grade schools in the district
will compete. Judges, not connected job aa leader of, the choir at Laurel­
with library or school«, will deter­ wood Congregational church, after
mine the two best reviews given and an absence of two weeks, caused by
the winners will later give their re­ illness.
views at the central library, at which
“Growth of Faith,” based on the
representative* from different sec­ Book of Acts, will be the subject of
tions of the city will compete for a serie* of sermon« to be given bv
final honors.
The Arleta libraries Rev. Mr*. Handsaker beginning Sun­
invite teachers and principals of the day morning.
schools to be present, as well as the
Sunday evening at the Laurelwood
parent* of eighth grader* and other* Congregational
church there will be
interested. Each school will furnish a stereopticon lecture on India. The
a musical number for the program. purpose is to show the progress of
Arleta school anil be represented missionary work.
by Inex Hutchinson, subject: “Mill on
On Wednesday evening, April 27,
the Floss”, by George Elliott.
aine Stoke«, “Merchant of Venice.” at Millard Avenue Presbyterian
church, will be given an exceptional­
Joseph Kellogg school: Clarence ly fine program under the auspices
Gilroen, “Call of the Wild.” bv Jack of the Welfare Club. Details later.
On Sunday morning at Millard
iondon. Helen Miller. “The Casting
Away of Mr*. Lacks and Mrs. Al Avenue Presbyterian church Mr*.
Colvev will sing "Rest,” by Sheldon.
shine," Stockton.
Creston school: Names and title* Mr*. Halderson will sing “Enough to
Know”, by Clark. The latter has a
to be announced later.
The Arleta branch library ha« re­ voice of rare quality and is also of a
ceived a fine gift in the form of a pleasing personality.
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stereopticon manufactured by ths