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    0 of O Lilriry
Subscription, $1.50 the Year
Al u »tag dinner given by the
Milluni Avenue Preabyterian church
Irwin H.
last Tuesday evening
Cone w us made temporary chuir-
man to a club-to-bi*, The speaker»
of the evening were Dr. Bowman
of the First I Presbyterian church,
Rev Boudenot Seeley of the Church
Extension bureau, und Rev. John
H. Garner.
Kigh Iileen invìi wen’ seated ut the
table, the Nerving for whom w a»
Arlington Crum, Avon
dons by
De un, and Ulurencc .Misenhiiner,
under Uie direction ot Mrs. Roy
Armstrong, ,*.»». r. h Crum, ami
the Aliases .Strang uud llolling-
I lie lutile» of tile .Millard Avenue
church held un all day meeting al
tlie home oi Mrs. ICoy it Armstrong
>2n<i avenue, lust
ul <01.1 .i bZild
delightful pot-luck lunch
day. A ----
wu» served
ary program was given including
Uie follow ing us purticipdiiU: Mrs.
William T.
J eun Mclxrnoy, .dr».
.Mr». F. E
.Stout, Mrs. tiickiing,
Glen .'»under»,
Crum, Mr».
Kuiibuil, .dr». Clark, Mrs. Dawson,
Mrs CoIvey, Mr». Urniamiy, Kulh
enne Driver, an«l little hsUier Ur-
niundy. Mrs. Armstrong, president,
An announcement
wua in charge,
wus inuiie of the Near I'.asl Relict
lecture to be held Friday. evening,
November 5, ul the Millard Avenue
rreaby tcriun church. A »ilver ol-
lermg will la- taken ut thu lecture
and tickets must be purchased for
the pumpkin pie and coffee which
in the
the Fndeavorcr» will serve
____ ____
dining buscmenl ultct
lue lecture-
, i neunng completion for
I'lans urc
u bazaar und
u.— dinner
-------- to be held in
Millard Avenue Presbyterian
church pailom Decomber 8. More
detail» will t»c given Inter
The Franklin
Community club
will give u Hallowe’en dance Fri­
day evening, October 29a in the
gymnuaium of Franklin high school.
Admission 30 cent».
come. The club gives dunces every
other Friday, Both old and young
attend these dances and they huve
been u decided »ucceM.
Election was helii last Friday
evening and
anil the following officer»
were elect«!:
Preaident, F. A. McKinley.
Vic« president, H. F. BlakeHlee.
to I !>••
Swretary anti
treuaurrr U
elect«! at next meeting
Executive committ'*,, L. L. Lev-
H. 8. Aaron,
ing», F. L. Muilory,
N nun«»,«,
Bonita,n. 1 Mias Daisy Thomas.
The plan for thia club i» to
plan »ociability and a »eri«» of en­
tertainment», «lance»,
dance», games
the community
etc., that
better acquainted
may become
--------- ----------
’ • amt
—1 civic
work together for social
At the meeting of lh«> I’arenl-
of I**‘
i««i..r», Tuesday
--------- - -
there wum
one of the lurKext ut-
tendance« in the history of that or­
ganization. The program waa ar­
ranged by Mia» Whorl, room 2. It
conai»ted of a aplendid musical pro­
gram and a lecture by Mrs. >'•’»'
/«•lie, chairman of the Purity. Lit­
erature organization; subject, “Con-
The teacher« of the Kellogg
school entertain«»! the principal, Mr
Fatting, and wife, at dinner at the
Benson hotel last week.
The Bov Scouts of America re
<>rguniz«i with Mr. Halcv :«■ ac«»»Jt
Mr. Brockway
ia chief
commander. They meet every r ri-
day evening.
The evening
met Wednesday evening with an at­
A very enjoyuble
evening war tendance of »5.
Tlie instructor
puMuxi by those who attended th. comes from Reed college, also th<
The music ian.
church lust Friday evening.
dinner waa served al « o’clock by
the Lodi««' Aid, consisting of th«
good things those ladies know »o
The United State» Civil Service
w«ll how "to imik«- and serve, cov commission announces that a book-
,rs b«-ing laid for about two hum keeper examination will be held in
drod. After the inner man had this city on November 20. Vacan-
been thoroughly satiaDed the fol cies
a» they
vn n «•»»
w.» . may
—- in the po
lowing program was enjoyed, as Nition of bookkeeper in the I uget
»«q, testified Ui by the hearty en Sound navy yard, al |3.84 per ^diem
Prayer, by Brother M
% •** and
gener; address by Dr. Youngnon throughout
the eleventh district,
who »poke very highly on the prog sal uri<*» from $!HM) to $15(MI per un
n s of th.- church; solo b;
num. and future vacancies rehuir-
Mattle Whitcomb; reading,
Aunt mg similar qualifications,
___________ al thi«
S.„,hn.nia at the O^ra. by (
or higher or
c. Tower
------- -----
- . will be
filled from thi« examination.
For information and application
Rev F. T. Finley of the laurel
wimm I M. E. church gave u vejv '¡'
blank, form 1271, apply to the local
I hink
teresting talk on •'Generous
Board of Civil Servi«:.
Spio, by secretary,
ing, Ljving and (living.
Examiner», at the postoffi«*. thi»
Mr. F “
city, or to the Secretary. Eleven^
' Dr. Frank L. Wemctt of
/intennr^'M. E "church gave a very U. S Civil Service District, AO-
I’ostoffice Building. Seattle, Wash
inter, ting after dinner talk. Mr
J. <’. McGrew rertt.xl one of nis
District Secretary.
own [stems entitld ‘‘The F ir I ree.
Duel by Mrs. Whitcomb and Mr
xtMtki in worth of prai«e of the
» the
X *- names
—1_ —* . —- of
/ 1.. those
1 la (, ,1
efforts f»r the church
recordeit in Un* Gresham Outlook
which were bringing great nwult.- as
prize winners at
— the
as he wa* a firm believer in begin county fair, from the Mt. Scott dis­
nmg al the bottom and working up
The official bourtl was called for trict: C. _____
Haniell, Iaents, secoml on
war«l and introduced by the pastor Dark
Cornish chickens
The Junior league led
Jhe clos
Carrie Itehna, Lenta school, .«ec-
ing song. "Hark to the Shepherd »
Voice," after which ensued u pleas ond,
Luella Stretch, Gilbert
ant aocial hour.
fifth, cookery.
Amy Guatafesen, I ©well Valley,
second, canning.
Th«* Kenton U. I P ’ church was fourth, cunning.
Great on
decorated witt .
leaves and dahlias on Wednesday eighth, canning.
evening. October 10, when at 8.UI
Ix’onard Nelson, Powell Valley,
p in. Mr. R. A. Brown gave Ma second, pig project.
daughter Seva C. Brown in wed­
Sven Nelson, Powell Valley, sev­
lock to Mr Leo H««s, the ceremony enth. pig project.
being performed by Rev.
Archie Allen. Powell Valley, fifth,
rhe bride waa attended by pig project.
her sister, Mi^ Mildr. d Brown, a.<
Sven Nelson, Powell Valley, sec­
bridesmaid, Mr. Wendell Noe acting ond, sheep.
„, ,
.. best man. with Berni dene Me
Virginia Miller. Lents, third, poul­
Carty os ringbearer.
The bride try.
«a« tastefully ntt*™«1, ln. wh,te. n*‘
Laura Morrow, Creston,
Creaton. third.
and carried a bridal bouquet of nn«i Lowell Prairie seventh on rab­
Among those in jat- bits.
pink _ rosebuds.
tendance were ___
Mrs. ____
Hunt of Eu-
George Trenary, I-en's, seventh,
Con« and acn Ray- garden.
gene, 1...
— Joe
Florence and
mond of Gresham, Flomnce
From the facts that entries were
Katherine Butterfield of East Mor numerous in each class, the award.«
rison street, all of whom were for given this district are worthy of
¡natty "from Lenta;
Mrs C. W. special mention.
Cone, Mr». Alice Woodworth,
woooworw«. Mr.
William McConkey,
Mr». G. G.
W. R. Lake of 3555 68th street,
Wood worth and daughter Olive, and who has been an employe of the
the Miaaes
Roaella and Coriene Rovernment since
1916, returned
Wilkinson of lx»nts. The brnle was ome Wednesday, October 20. He
a former ftfident of Lrnta, having reports that the government under
graduated from the Lenta grammar the skillful supervision of E. P.
school, and has many friends in Rand, chief of the field division, is
thia vicinity wh«> extend their hear closing up the
examination and
tiest congratulationa. Mr and Mr». classification of the Oregon-Califor­
Hess will make their home at '88 nia land grant of over two million
Killingaworth avenue.
acres of land. It is now completed
Mr. mid Mrs. Harry Lusted en­ except a small tract on the Umpqua
for their son Kilis at river and that will be finished next
their home, 5620 96th street S. E.. month. Mr. Lake says that th«'
last Saturday evening. October 23 public will be very much disap­
A pleasant evening was spent by pointed when all is finished. The
the young
Lusted original idea was that the land
served a very dainty three course should be settled up by homeaeek-
Those P’’«?-’’» . "7'7,: ers, but the public has been de­
Mildred Wakefield, ceived. The best land adapted to
Edward Kaufman, Elizabeth San­ aiyiculture
ulture L is heavily timbered,
ders Catherine Goodman, Ernest 'iBe actual land
classified as agri­
and ’ Gordon Ogsbury. Lyle Peters caltural uq rough*
and rocky and not
and Ellis Lusted; Mr. and Mrs. Por adapted for that
purpose, but is so
cU<iine<r Berni
auae the law provides
ter and Mrs. Peters.
that it shall be.
Mrs. L. T. Lusted and daughter
of Gresham are visiting her son,
Harrv Lusted, of 96th street. Mrs.
I)an Kelluher for Mayor, means
Lusted has sold her honu> in Grokh- 5c car fare Vote »9 X.—Pd. Advt.
am an«l expects tn buy in Portland.
V ol . XVIII. No. 42
’en masquerade dance
be held jn Woodmere school
by Woodmere Community club on
Saturday night.
Prize« will be
given for best costume«
All danc
er« must mask.
The proceed« of
the dance will go to a fund for the
purchasing of additional equipment
for children of the school.
I Ant», Ore., Oct. 27, 1920.
Editor Mt. Scott Herald:
I saw a statement in the press
of a man who claims that when he
votes next Tuesday he has voted
for 14 presidents. Now 1 will go
him two better. When I vote Tues­
day it will make me 16 presidents.
I voted for Preaident Lincoln in
1860 the first time he ran for
f»resident. I have voted the repub-
iean ticket ever since and vot«l
it straight.
I claim the longevity
of my life is largely prolonged by
being a republican and would ad­
vise all democrats to come into
the republican ranks. They will live
longer and die happier.
While I have pawed my 81st
milestone I. am juat a kid yet. I
served three year« in the army of
the civil war; was wounded at Get­
tysburg; am ready to match the
■winner in the next great battle of
the heavyweight.
I^nts, Ore.
The committee appointed at the community meeting held al I. (».
F. hall Wednesday evening, October 20. ■« reported in our last
issue, met at the .Multnomah State Bank Tuesday for the purpose of
organizing ■nd electing officers.
M. K. Hedge waa elected president and Shirman Harkson secre­
It was decided at thia meeting to divide the territory into four
districts and the«e districts to be subdivided and assistants to the
committee will be appointed to pierced with the work just as soon aw
lb* necessary map« and genera! data of information can be obtained,
Foster road and 92nd street is the proposed dividing line, inclini-
•»« ■ II territory between 82nd «Irrel and the city limit».
Beside« making the Lenta district a more desirable place to live
in by securint! paved «treels rnd cement sidewalk«, better fire pro­
tection will prevail and a mat «1 reduction on rate« of insurance is
Every resident of this community who ha« I he best interest» of
Lent» and its future pro«perity at heart should give the committee
their earnest support in aaaiatia« to secure the de»ired signature« of
owner« of real estate in this locality.
Further fact« and figure» relative to this mo«t vital proposition
for the welfare of thi« district will be given out,by the committee and
publi h'd in the Herald a» soon n- it can pwaibly be compiled,
It i» evident that a bunch of I ve wire« are at the head of thi«
project, but they nerd vour moral uppert. Get busy and be prepared
to a»«i«t them in every way possible.
M>s II. A Damall and pa-c»’’. .
Mr nnd Mrs. Kennett. Mr*’. Wil-
lard Colwell, Mi»« Ida Menzies and
Mr Baker motored to Kerry, Ore..
and spent Saturday ar d Sunday at
the Darnall ranch the guests of
Darnall'« husband, H. A
Damall. Mr. Damall was formerly
owner and publisher of our home
paper, the Mt. Scott Herald.
The club enjoyed a
matinee party at the Baker theater
Wednesday uftemoon. The mem-
her« present
were: Mr». Jessie
Howe, Maude Lord. Nelle McGrew,
l<ettie Cone. Echo McCord, Mil
Invited guests were Mrs.
Mayme Snyder and Mrs. Orton’
sister-in-law. # Mrs
Burkell and
Mrs. Kenworthy were unable to at­
Work on the sidewalks on 92nd
street is progressing nicely.
of interest and pride in our city
are noticed all along the street.
People have been waiting for just
this time to put in cement work
around their premises and make
other changes that could not lie
until the n.ain sidewalks
were made.
Mrs. Christina Duerre died at
Salem la-t Sunda,.
The body was
brought to Kenworthy chapel, and
from there.
funeral held
Duerre wm »ister of Mrs. Robert
Larson of 90th street S. E
Mis* Laura Tuffley of Clifton,
spent a few day« with Mrs.
York of 5530 31st avenue
S. E. Miss Tuffley ha« been visit­
ing friends in Seattle, and was on
her way to her home in Kansas
Mrs. Alice Woodworth was host
css last week to Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
Kimber of Kenton. Mr. and Mrs.
Kimber are
well and favorably
known in this vicinity, having re­
sided on 84th street for a number
of year«.
Mrs. O. S. Worden will entertain
a joint meeting of the Woman's
Home and Foreign Missionary so­
cieties at her home, 5821 83rd st,
on Wednesday, November 3. The
morning program beginning prompt­
ly at 11. will be in charge of the
Foreign Missionary’ society, while
the program at 2:30 will be given
by the Home society.
A pot-luck
luncheon, to which all members are
asked to contribute, will be served
at 1 o’clcck. The women of the
whether members or
not. are corillany invited to attend
this all-day meetim» and the mem
bers of both societies are urgently
requested to be present at both
Lee Woodworth from Pendleton
made a short visit with his uncle,
G. G. Woodworth, recently, while
en route to Florence to visit his
parents, C C. Woodworth.
Rev F. R. Sibley returned home
from Salem Wednesday after at­
tending the unveiling of the large
oil painting of Jason Lee, Method
ist missionary and a pioneer of the
earlv '40s, to whom is given much
credit for saving the Oregon coun-
try to the United States.
painting is a work of Hester L.
George of Boston and was officially
placed in the hall of representatives
of the statehouse on the wall just
I back of the speaker’s chair, at a
cost of $800. The picture was un-
' veiled by Governor Olcott,
Room for Much Better Understanding
Between Americans and British.
By ROBERT A. GARDNER. Chicago. Amateur Golfer.
The uppermost subject in my mind since my
return is the need of a much better understanding
hetween the majority of the people in the two coun­
tries. No, I won’t say that. Rather I will say a bet
ter understanding in each country of the other coun­
try. The British and Americans must stand close t<>
one another and 1 firmly believe that they will. I know
that there is a certain class over there that is anti-
AtneYican, just as we have an anti-British class over
here. But from what 1 saw over there that class
is not composed of the thinking ]>eople in any sense of
the word, uor do 1 think thiil they are in control. From the very moment
that we set foot on their soil they did everything in their power to make
us feel that we were the guests of the nation. Everywhere we went we
were entertained and made to feel at home—at M airfield, St Andrews
and Loudon.
The thing that made the strongest impression on me was their
sportsmanship. It is apparent in their every act. Not only on the field
of play but in their home life, and they even carry it to their business.
The spirit of merciless competition that is everywhere on this side of the
Atlantic is totally lacking over there. No matter what it cost.« them they
always play fair. Nut just for the sake of playing fair, but because
it never seems to occur to them to act otherwise.
All the way through I met with the utmost cordiality and sporta-
manaliip. And it occurred to me that this summers invasion of our
different athletes was doing a whole lot to clear up misconceptions between
the two nations. They have created a country-wide interest in both the
games and the Americans. 1 want to say again that I grew to have a
very sincere feeling for the Englishman as I «aw him in his own country.
If I may be permitted, I will fall back on a bit of American slang, and
say that I surely found them “regular guys.”
Of Archer Place has a member­
ship contest on. A genuine revival
for new members is on. There is
to be a dinner served by the losers.
An open meeting wrill be held No­
vember 5 to all members and their
friend» at Archer Place hall. The
society will also give a Hallowe’en
party Friday evening, October 29,
for taiembera only.
September proved to be a ban­
ner month for the birth of girl ba­
bies in Portland, for in this month
the birta of girls exceeded that of
boys for the first time during any
month in the year. A total of 221
girls were delivered by King Stork
in September and 205 boys, accord­
ing to the records of Ma Nyus-
baum, registrar of births of
city health bureau.
In April, 1920, an equal number
of girls and boys were bom in Port­
land, 227 of each sex, but in every
other month of the year the birth
of boys has been greater than that
of girls.
The visiting nurse has been very
helpful to the school this term.
There are not so many cases of
diphtheria and scarlet /ever since
we have her as.»«tance.
Miss Bessie Earsley was absent
Monday on account of illness and
Miss Edna McCord had charge of
her classes.
Mis» Loretta ’Chapman was ab­
sent this week with throat trouble.
Miss Nellie Buhite substituted for
The hot lunches started Monday
under the supervision of Mrs. Nel-
Ninety pupils were
lie Ryman.
served the first! day and as the
rainy days come the number will
undoubtedly be doubled. These hot
lunches have been very successful
and are helpful and convenient for
both pupils and teachers who have
to carry lunches. The small sum
of five cents i» charged to cover
expenses, such as paying the help
and buying foods and the necessary
cooking utensils. Children who are
not able to pay five cents are given
their bowl of soup.
We wish! to thank all who so
kindly assisted us by their presence
and sympathy
. ,
. during
_ the illness
and death of our beloved husband,
father and brother; especially are
we grateful to the Brother Odd
Fellows for their aid.
Mrs. Cora Emerson and Daughter
Mrs. Jennie Wallace
C. E. Tillman and Family
N. F. Tillman and Family.
David Grlmcn from the Alberta
district has recently purchased the
property and confectionery store on
60th avenue near Gray’s I Crossing
of W. A. Enright and taken pos-
session of same.
Mr. and Mrs
Enright have returned to their home
town in New York.
Mrs. Smith, residing over Mrs
Gullik’s millinery store, fell on a
slippery board yesterday morning
and received serious injuries,
- - b but
no bones were broken, She is the
mother of Mrs. Guy C. Griffin and
arrived here from California re-
Mis. Constance Cloverio, aged 47,
died at her home in Lents Friday
of last week. The funeral services
were held Monday at St. Michal’s
church and the burial was in Mount
Calvary cemetery. She is «urvived
by her husband, Lewis Cloverio,
and four children, Hector Camilla,
John and Olga.
Mrs. W. F Smith of 8653 56th
avenue was i a guest at a joint
birthday party given at the home
of her mother, , Mrs. Eh'en. of 180
East Emerson Street, in honor of
her mother’s 55th year and her
brother Ernest Ehlen’s 35th year.
Sixteen of their friends were pres­
ent, refreshments were served, and
the guests departed wishing mother
and son many more joint birthday
The M. E. ladies’ Aid “silver
tea’’ held at the home of Mrs J.
D. Strahl last Wednesday after-
", Marin
was ____"
L. T. Hidden was the speaker of
the afternoon.
Each amendment
on the November ballot was taken
up in turn and explained both neg­
ative and affirmative, giving the
ladies a better understanding on
the questions they are to help de­
cide November 2.
The W. C. T. U. and the Lents
Auxiliary of the M E. Home Mis-
sionary society held their monthly
business meeting at the church on
Tuesday afternoon, after which they
listened to an address by Mr. Gor-
don on the coming election. Mr.
German of the Portland Realty
Board spoke on the zoning system
and Mr. Stout read the several
amendments, making a few com­
ments on them.
Christian Wiese and Helen Marty
were married at the home of the
bridegroom's parents, Mr and Mrs.
F. A. Wiese, 5824 88th avenue S.
t 4:30 p. m. Wednesday, Oc-
27. The rooms were taste­
fully decorated in pink and white,
the color scheme being carried out
in white and pink carnations and
Many beautiful
and useful presents were received.’
Among the guests were Mr. and
Mrs. F. A Wiese, parents of the
bridegroom; Mr. and Mr«. A. Well­
man, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Ritzan
and Carl Ritzan Jr., of Damascus;
Mr. and -----
Mrs. “
H. Rettig.
Mr. and
Mrs F. Matthias. Mr. and Mrs.. H.
Rosalie H. Crosth-
waite. Mrs. Helen Stultz, Missen
Mildred Manning. Rose Martin and
Mildred Lynds, Mr. Carl Aust, little
IJ Ilian Douglas and .Master Edward
Marty and Blanche Marty. A de­
lightful wedding «upper was served.
The bride and groom left for Seat­
tle at 11 o’clock for a short honey­
moon trip, after which they will be
at home to their many friends at
8121 60th avenue S E. Rev. H. T.
Cash of Portland officiated at the
Mr. Davis, who is a well-known
author living in San Antonio. Tex.,
thinks that fblly 98 per cent of
the people you know stand up and
face their troubles like men.
vely, mighty few of us,
igainst it hard, ever quit.”
put up at
.«avs Mr. Davis. “We meet Old
and laugh
in his
Man Disability
face. If we can’t laugh, we grin.
"Perhaps some man who reads
this is finding life’s going a little
rough, and ir. just the least bit
tempted to join that two per cent
or less who quit If so. go out and
look at a few people who are worse
off than you are.
You can find
them very' easily. Then take vour
soul over into a corner, back it up
against the wall, look it squarely
in the eye, and say:
“Did you see those people with
all sorts of things the matter with
them’ Pretty fortunate we aren’t
in their shape, eh? Things don’t
happen to be coming their very
best for us. but what of it? Sup­
pose even that they were coming
their very worst. Suppose that old
call-boy with the hour-glasB and
scythe were standing right behind
us, with his hand stretched out to
tap us on the shoulder and tell us
our cue had come to go away from
I here! Even so. look how long he
let us stay. It is a mighty good
world, a few bleating pessimists
notwithstanding, and we were in
luck to be allowed to come here at
all. Think of the millions who
•didn’t have as long a spell in it
as we had. Think of the millions
more who didn’t have as happy a
time while they were here as we
have had. Soul, you belong to a
luckv dog!
“Then grin. You will be aston­
ished. I dare say, at how promptly
and cheerfully vour soul will grin
The I^nta Library hag these bul-
letins that may be had while the
supply lasts:
Preserving vegetables by salting,
drying, and storing.
Sugarless confections.
Cottage cheese dsihe«.
The Boys’ club which organized
October 26 in Lents Library will
meet Tuesday evening at 7:15. All
boys of 14 years and older are
urged to attend,
Library hours 2-6 daily-
Monday, Wednesday and Satiirdav
until 9 p. m.
Following are those whose funer­
al services were he’d at A. D. Ken­
worthy & Co.’s, Lents, the past
week :
Margaret Schroder, 6427 81st St.,
interred in
Sunnyside cemetery,
William James Moar. buried at
10:30 at Damascus.
Christine Dure. Lenta, at Mount
Scott cemetery, 2 p. m. Tuesday’.
Edward Corrigan. 205% Jeffer­
son street, at Mount Scott ceme­