Mt. Scott herald. (Lents, Multnomah Co., Or.) 1914-1923, March 28, 1919, Image 4

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N. Shupp, pastor. The revixal
meetings are b«*ing continue«! with
inci-vasing interest and are to be
«•ontinue«! all of next week. Rev. A.
I’. Layton prvache«! some stirring ser­
mons in th«' past evenings. The pas­
tor will preach Sunday morning at
11 •’clock. Subject, "Multitude* in
the Valley of Decision.” At 7:30 p.
m„ “Th«> Great Judgment Day
Evangelist Tiffing i* expected
preach at th«' revival meetings
next week.
Sunday school at 9:45 a. m.
Scheuerman, superintendent.
Young p«‘opl«'*s meeting at 6:30.
This will be a union meeting with
th«' Endeavorers
th«' Friends
Emieavorers of the
church. A hearty welcomel to all at
this meeting.
We wish to Announce that we
Mrs. Bailes, of Baker, will be in
Dr. O’Donnell is installing a new
gas ItMting syst«:m in his waiting town Sunday for a visit with her
son. Pervine. and wife. Mrs. Pervina
Bailes was formerly Miss Fay Fostei.
Mr. and Mrs. Nygaarti ar«' enjoy- Mr. Bailee is station«! at Vancouver
ing a visit with their son Alf this barracks.
Mrs. Frvd Hodge arrived home Sat-
from her Canada trip. She
Mr. „
Dalles, are visiting Mr. anil Mrs. D. dispose«! of their property while gon«'
' tnd now they aro full-fli'dg«'«! l<ents-
M. Simonsen.
■ tes. She n>ports very cold weather
Mrs. Mary McDowell, who has been up then'—22 below xero.
ill for the past five weeks, is very-
Mr. and Mr*. Jack Jensen, of Flor­
much improved.
ence, I.ane county, are in town visit­
Donald McNeil and Milton Katzkv ing friend*. Mr. Jensen expect* to
came up from O. A. C. this week for leave today for Cozad, Neb., for a
six-weeki’ visit with his parents.
a two-weeks’ vacation.
Mrs. Jensen will remain here till h«‘
F. R- Peterson has garden seeds returns.
Sunday scho«>l at 9:45. Superin­
for free distribution sent out by
Mr. and Mrs. C. Calvert, of East tendent. Mr*. Rosa Silver. Come and
Congressman McArthur.
Gilbert road, receive«! a telegram ■see a live school.
Sunday worship at 11 a. m. Ser­
Mrs. Claude Graves, of Eighty­ Tuesday from the naval hospital at
fourth and Woodstock avenue, has Brooklyn, N. Y„ stating that their mon by pastor. Theme, “Christ’s Pa­
son. Ralph, who enlisted in the navy thetic Appeal.” Address also by
been seriously ill for several days.
about three months ago, was very Mrs, Alonzo Petty. Mrs. Petty is a
gifted speaker.
Mrs. Adah Grunday an«! daughter low with influenza.
Young people’s meeting at 7 o’clock. I
Edyth. of San Francisco, are visiting
Mr. ami Mrs. Ebbie Thomas and A missionary meeting.
Mr*. Grunday’s mother, Mrs. Me-
son Elwood, of Gull Lake. Canada,
Preaching at 7:30. Subject, “Part­
stopped in Lents over Sunday for a nership with th«' Almighty.”
Mrs. Irwin has return«! to her visit with Mrs. Thomas’ cousin. Mrs.
Mrs. Bi'ulah Lynch Smith will lead
home at Seaside after spending the William Anderson, of 5020 Ninety- a chorus choir and sing special songs.
winter wit hher sister, Mrs. I. F. second street. They were en route Come and hear this gifted aiul
home from Long Beach, Calif., where secrat«’«! singer.
‘hey have been spending the winter.
E. E. Parker went to meet his
In a letter to her husband. Mrs.
brother, D. R. Parker, circuit judge
David Pfund. late of the olj! 3rd
McSloy states that she and
of the eleventh judicial district, who Oregon, arrived in town the first of
Mary bright, Mrs. Les-
th«’ week for a visit with his uncle
is ih town for a few days.
ter Moll and two children, Teckla an«!
and aunt. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Morte-
Mr. and Mrs. Oaks have moved rud. and family. Mr. Pfund was in Vivian, and Mr*. T. Bright had taken
from the Walker residence at 5911 Fiance 18 months and is not at all dinner an«! spent an enoyablje eve­
Eighty-fourth street to San Fvan­ sorry to be back in Oregon. His ning recently with Mr. and Mrs. S.
cisco. The Walkers will move back home is at Twenty-third and Raleigh. R. Dowler, well-known former Lents
people who are now living in I-os
to their home.
M. H. Scheuerman and wife, J. L. Angeles.
W. M. Quinn has sold the store he
Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Bass have Scheuerman and wife and H. R.
moved from Millard avenue to rooms Scheuerman and family drove to recently purchase«! on the east aide
over the Mount Scott drug store. Camas. Wash., last Sunday to visit and he and Mrs. Quinn are visiting
Mr*. Bass will open dressmaking par­ E. J. Benedict and wife. Mrs. Bene­ with their daughter, Mrs. P. J.
lors there soon.
dict is a cousin of Mrs. H. R. O’Donnell, anil family.
Scheuerman and was formerly from
Just take a look at those beautiful
Mrs. Clara Foster, formerly a res­ Culver. Ind., where the J. L. Scheuer-
ident of Lents but who now lives in mans expect to visit in the near fu­ han d-m a d e combination Georgette
crepe and braid hats at Mrs. Gulik’s.
Albany, is expected down next week ture.
for a visit with friends.
On March 26th Mrs. W. J. Jeffer­
Eureka Rebekah lodge No. 178 will ies, 6848 Fifty-seventh avenue, enter­
initiate five new candidates Friday tained at a prettily appointed lunch­
evening, April 4 Refreshments will eon in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Thos.
Mother — I’m
be served and a good time promised. Doran, of Montana. Other guests
afraid you find
my little girl
present were Mrs. G. P. Douglas, Mr.
very backward.
Orville Darling, formerly of Lents, and Mrs. Ed Doran and Mrs. Wines.
Brutal Friend:
who enlisted for the world’s war from
Charles Rogers, of 5910 Eighty-
On the contrary 1
Kansas, has returned from France •hird street, left Tuesday evening for
find her terrlby
and is now located at his old home Seattle.
in Norten, Kansas.
F. P. Coulter, who has cast his lot
Mr. and Mrs. Seaman Becker left among the business men of Lents, is
Wednesday night for Latah, Wash.. a cousin of F. P. Coulter of the Coul­
to make their home on a ranch. They ter Drygoods company of Los An­
have been spending the winter with geles, who is one of the leading busi­
ness men of that city.
Mrs. Seaman's parents.
Mrs. W. J. Jefferies, of 6848 Fifty­
Mi. and Mrs. Nelson and family seventh avenue, enjoyed a week-end
are moving from their present home visit ffom her aunt, Mrs. Ed. Fitz-
at 5*.»03 Eighty-fourth street to 1107 gerald, and her two sons, Harold
East Alder street, where they have the U. S. navy and Jerald of the
purchased a fine new house.
S. army.
now have a Complete Line of
( WITH .4 SOl l.)
We still handle the Famous
With a Complete Line
of right up-to-date
Make your Terms. Pay whatever you
wish to down and a small payment
each week to suit yourself.
Twelve Selections
and 300 Needles
Burke's First-Class Garage
Phone Tabor 7468
I lilted
defective »’yew
Mrs. Hannah Peterson, sister
Why not know tin*
undltlon nf
J. Sanger Fox, who is now convalesc-
0)1 K hl KMT
You may have normal wight and stiii have
ing from an operation, took a serious
<i«f«MtlV»‘ eye*
relapse Friday evening and grave
fears were entertained that it might
develop into pneumonia. In response
to hurried messages their parents
both arrive«] Sunday- evening, Mrs.
206-7-8 Swetland Bldg. Portland, Or.
Fox from Prineville and Dr. Fox
Fifth and Washington
Bunny—Why did you divorce your
from Arlington—each surprised the busband?
Mnln 7307
other. Mrs. Peterson rallied nicely
Mrs. Crow—Ob ! for “caws.”
and appears now to be out of imme­
diate danger.
Mrs. Gulliks enjoyed a visit with
her sister, Mrs. F. A. Dodge, 694
Upshur street, Sunday, They have
purchased a ranch at Forest Grove
and will locate there the first of
E. Burke, 14 years with the mechanical end of the
Police Department of Portland, is now open for
business in the old Nash Theater Building at 72nd
and Millard, or 55th Ave.
Will carry a Full Line of Accessories, Tires, Oils,
and («leases. Also a complete line of Ford Parts.
Repairing strictly guaranteed and if you want to
help on your own work, bring your car in and you
can work with me.
If you have not the time, I will call and get your
car and deliver it. No extra charge. On all cars
stored with me, I will absorb the war tax on gaso­
s D f -FVS auvi E z
Mr. and Mrs. Smitherst, of 8722
Fifty-sixth avenue, have moved to
Astoria where Mr. Smitherest has
been employed, and a family from
Astoria is moving into their home
yflll|imiHIIU!IIIMRI|l’l<:Vl : Uhllkliin-,i .'|vniHHHIIIIIIMIItlllll|l|ttiMHIIIiMlt1lllllllllfl1IHmillli|liHftimUnilHIIHIIIHII!HmUBItll
CAR TRACK TO THE DOOR.............
The “Million Dollar Drive” is now-
on. One million dollars and 1,000,000
new members this year is the cry of
the National Women’s Christian Tem­
perance Union. Oregon’s share of
this would be $7,500, but following
the example of California we are go­
ing to raise twice that amount, on a
fifty-fifty basis—one-half for Oregon,
see? When County President Mrs.
Gilbert told of how Multnomah coun­
ty is pledged to raise one-third of
this, or $5,000, Mt. Scott Union rose
to the occasion in like spirit, and said
“we will do our part.”
What is this money to lx used for?
Work for world prohibition to the
extent of $300,000.
Shall we drive John Barleycorn out
of this land, only to see him settle
upon our weaker neighbors? If the
yellow peril threatens us now, what
will it be if China become» a nation
of drunkards, as the brewers would
have them be?
Americanization—That means mak­
ing all our foreign population thor­
oughly American, so that in the fu­
ture there will be no pro-German or
pro-anything-else, but loyal Ameri­
Moral Education—This is where we
join hands with Uncle Sam in advo­
cating the necessity of the "white
life for two,” or the single standard
of morals. Former County President
Mrs. Mallett, now of the juvenile
court, gave us a lot of information
and inspiration along this line at the
county institute held in the Com-
munity church, First and Caruthers,
Thursday of last week.
These are only a part of the work
to be done, and already being done,
by the national and state Unions.
Get ready to give and keep the ball
Sagers Sell Residence
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Sager have
sold their home at 9232 Fifty-eighth
avenue to Elijah Cox, brother of
Tom Cox. Mr. Cox has been a rail­
road man for the past 20 years and
will now retire to Lents. Mr. and
Mrs. Sager have not yet decider!
what they will do.
.lUKt inside the fence
a yard in J*ents
1« a bit of beauty reappearing unbidden;
.Like all good, it can't long be hidden
Tia the lowly «rocna and daffodil
Lowly In growth, but in beauty, grand;
The woof of the greenaward
That a the work of fiod’s hand.
A herald of spring, with bloaaoma fair.
The first flowers to greet l.enta’thorofare.
They waft their perfume on the lireeae.
I’nder gnarled limbs of old fruit tree».
That are biding their time to lend their
To take part In the law of natural duty.
They stand as if on guard
O'er all that grows within thia yard.
Waffles 15c
Open from 5 a. m. to 11 p. m
5802-4 92nd Sheet S. E.
4615 6611) St., Cor. Foster Rd.
Phone Tabor 5267
Phone Tabor 5895
< I
< I
First-Class Service given Day or Night.
Close Proximity to Cemeteries Enables us to hold Funerals
at a Minimum Expense
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ « ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«♦♦♦♦
< •
funeral Directors
Near Street Car line
FOR LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. Spring goods are now
in lieautiful, serviceable fabrics to choose from. Come in
and select your spring suit now while the lines are com­
plete. Moderate prices, workmanship guaranteed.
fl. D. Kenworthy * Company
Opposite Theatre.
Ninety second Street
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