Mt. Scott herald. (Lents, Multnomah Co., Or.) 1914-1923, November 21, 1918, Image 3

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to the pllce, playtflings nave been pro­
vided in addition to food, and Instruc­
tion In hygiene Is about to be started.
America Is helping to preserve
Avezznno's children. But the duty of
the foreign workers begins and ends
with the suffering caused by war. Be­
Multnomah county propose« to spend acoldenta during toe wees were.
Frank B. Baldwin, Knapps, logging;
approximately 1600,000 on lu roads In
Dharlss A
Brooks, aatorla. Iron
yond that, the Avezzanese are shoul­
works; Ray Norton. Coquille, logging; Survivor« of Earthquake Build a dering their own burdens. During, tho
The annual meeting of the Oregon
ICIlls Pinkerton, Klamath Falls, lum­
lean years of war, women and boys
Irrigation congress will be held In
New Avezzano.
and old men are building a new town
bering; Benjamin L. Ward. Astoria,
Portland on January 9. 10 and 11.
The deaths resulting
for the men who will come back from
The service of th« Pacific Telephone from accidents previously reported
thetri-nches one day.
A Telegraph company has been dis­ were: Frank Dempsey. Bridal Veil,
continued at Hrooks. Marlon county.
lumbering, George Magill. Lakeside,
Hilliard Halley, eon of Mayor Harry lumbering; Luther Schumaker, Placer,
Details of new German tactics and
Ballsy, and Lane Thornton, son of mining; 8 Ota, Westport, lumbering; Disaster That Wiped Out 10,000 Lives of American success In defeating them
A. L. Thornton, of Laksvlsw, wore W. H. Gardner, Portland, steel works.
Was Loot tight of In Mora Absorb­ suggest that American experience In
drowned while fishing in Goose lake
ing News of War—Ruins of Old fighting Indians in the West snd Fili­
Aroused over the proposed Increase
Town Provide Material for Building pinos and Moros In the Orient Is prov­
A recent ruling of the War depart­ la telephone rates, a mare meeting of
the New—American
Red Cross ing of value. German success In the
ment prohibiting fraternities from bualneaa mon was held at Albany and
holding social meetings and Initiating a oommlttee was appointed to Investi­
Lends Helping Hand to People.
early part of the present campaign was
or pledging new members, has bean ro­ gate the poeslbllity of consolidating
won largely by the process of infiltra­
se in ded
tion, which General Pershing described
the two systems.
The fourth Oregon state officers'
Who save the Italians In America on the authority of a prisoner taken pt
The annual meeting of the presi­
training camp, which was to have dents and faculties of the Independent remembers through three and a half Vaux. Eight men deployed In skir­
opened at the University of Oregon colleges of Oregon will be held at New­ crowded years the earthquake In Ave®- mish line. Immediately followed by
Novemtier 23, has been Indefinitely berg Noveffibor 29 30
Faculty mem­ zano In Januury. 1915? The great war other groups, each of which carried
w«a six months old. Italy was gath­ two light machine guns, says Portland
bers from eight institutions of the
ering tier forces to enter. The atten­
Regardless of the fact that 140 con­ State will be present.
They were stopped by
tion of the diplomatic world was fo­
victs at the state penitentiary at Salem
The Rogue Htver Valley Canal com­ cussed on the struggle of the Germar machine-gun fire from their flanks, and
were Inoculated for the disease, llf> pany, of Medford, recently enlarged Its
Mnbassudor to prevent a decision unc another platoon which deployed on the
of them are suffering from the Span­ main canals and laterals in order to
left was also decimated.
The men
ish Influenza.
oover 1000 acres more farm land for remain in Rome. Meanwhile soldiers were then ordered to save themselves
According to the figures of the city next year's crops. The Medford irri­ were leaving Italian villages for con­ as best they could, end they took ref­
budget Kinmath Falls may have a drop gation dietrict board, which recently centration cam|>*. Suddenly the news uge in a cellar, where 50 or 60 of them
was flashed from a populous center
of 3 2 mills In Its tax rate The adop­ voted 11X00.000 for th« Installation of
near the middle of the peninsula that surrendered. American defeat of Ger­
tion of an occupation tax by the city an Irrigation system to cover 20,000
ten thousand people had been burled man infiltration Is explained by the
Is considered,
acres adjoining Medford, is prosecut­ beneath their homes In a single con­ Army and Navy Journal as having
Storm and high tide last «(pek re­ ing the work of preliminary surveys vulsion of the earth. A thriving town probably been due to Incessant vigi­
sulted In greater damage on Coos bay lor Its main canal from Butte creek.
had disappeared; within Its circle, the lance, superiority of fire and outflank­
than had occurred In a number of
ing the flankers by regular troops, who
Plana have been, made to obtain 300 disaster was complete.
years. The principal damage was to goats to be used In connection with
The nations fought on in France and thus used their training In fighting In­
Industries, Including sawmills, ship­ the new milk goat project which la in the East, the American newspapers dians and Filipinos. It was a game of
yards and allied lines.
being added to the boys' and girls' gave scanty space to the Italian event sneaking up In small parties, Indian
A big convention of the Oregon But­ slub work department of the Oregon Italy herself barely paused.
fashion, at which the Germans tried
ter and Cheese Makers* organisation Agricultural college extension service. workers in plenty were rushed to the to beat the Americana not knowing
will be held In Portland December 11 Mr. Seymour has made arrangements
housed and all that could be reached ths» the latter were past masters at it
and II In connection with the meet with the Portland clearing house tn
of the ten thousand dead were buried.
B butter and cheese exhibit will be loan to every boy and girl In the state
Ever since this terrible war started,
Three month», later the nation threw
held In which prises totaling 1360 will wishing to bn a member of the goat itself into the European conflict, its a great feathered army has been fight­
be awarded the winners.
dub, money with which to purchase momentum unchecked.
ing day and night summer and winter,
Hcveral hundred Oregon trappers al an animal.
to help the allies win. Without the
Example of Vitality.
rea<ly are at work, according to Oarl
Pressure from two aides la being
Today Avexzano is Interesting for a help of these feathered soldiers, our
Shoemaker, flab and game warden, vigorously brought to bear to prevent
host of reasons, but chiefly as a prime fighting men would not have had suf­
who has Issued more than 200 license« the Pacific Telephone A Telegraph
Our allies would have
example of the vitality of our south­ ficient food.
since the trapping season opened the company from Increasing telephone ern ally. The Mite of the old town—
been facing starvation, and we our­
first of this month. The season will rates
Through the public service for a Mite is all that remains—is still selves would have been little better oil
close February 1, 1919.
commission. which threatens criminal a criss-cross of ruins, covering many The margin between sufficient food for
In an effort to provide jobs for sol­ prosecution, steps are to be taken to acres. The only breaks In the wilder­
absolute' necessities and famine has
diers discharged from the United declare an Increased tariff invalid. ness of tumbled stone are gaunt chim­
been and still Is uncomfortably nar­
Status army upon demobilisation, the The Portland city council ia taking
row, but It is sufficient
Have you
war department has requested the drastic action which may result In the arms toward the sky. Wisely enough
ever realized that but for the birds, the
state highway commission to provide revocation of the company operating
feathered soldiers, that margin might
It with Information as to bow many license In Portland.
not and probably would not exist to­
«sen can be provided with jobs lg
In line with the general letting up
day? It is an Indisputable fact says
of restrictions following cessation of
Home Journal. Had a great
An a protest against what they term
hostilities, the capital issues commit­
disaster destroyed all insect-eating and
unsatisfactory wage adjustments by
tee has given Its sanction to the sale
vermin-destroying birds two years, or
the Macy commission, the boiler­
of 9696.000 worth of state highway
even a year, ago, we would, today, be
makers' union of Portland will con­
Already 93.190,000 worth of
facing such a food shortage as, In all
tinue to declare Saturday afternoon a
bonds out of the 90.000.000 issue has
probability, would have meant the loss
half-holiday and quit work at noon,
been sold. The state highway com­
of the war. Even as it is, the loss
as the men have been doing for a
mission will take under consideration
from insects and from such vermin as
month or more.
the question of whether or not the
rats and mice totals a sum so vast as
Fourth-class postmasters have been
bonds will be sold at a meeting to be
be almost unbelievable.
What. It
appointed In Oregon as follows: Col­
held In Portland Friday, November 22.
would be without the aid of birds in
ton. Clackamas county, Charles P.
The work which the stat« highway
keeping the pests in check fairly stag­
Hunter; Crystal, Klamath county. C.
commission plans to complete with
gers the imagination.
O. Brown; Odessa. Klamath county.
the proceeds of the Issue of bonds, the
Miss May Klnkald; Redne, Marlon
sale of which has now been approved
Foch is stabbing into the very vitals
county, Mrs Marie E Parker; Three-
by the capital issues committee. Is
of the enemy at a dozen points. The
pines. Josephine county, Mrs. Flora A.
ahlefly the Pacific highway In th<
huge German python that stretches
counties of Douglas. Josephine and
acrosa northern France is recoiling
Sheriff Chrisman and Deputy Sher­
Jackson, and the Columbia River
with such thrashings and pain that
iff Jarvis made an Important arrest at
highway In Hood River and Wasco
there is growing panic in Germany.
Tho Italics when they captured three
counties. With the exception of the
In Berlin and several other large cities
convicts who cacaped from the Sho­
section of the Columbia River high­
the local authorities have decreed
shone, Idaho, jail November 6
way between Hood River and Mos'er
something akin to martial law for the
convicts are C. W. Darcy. Frank Sul­
most of the work will not be under­
purpose of preventing the circulation
livan and Edward Miller. They are
taker until next spring.
of alarming reports, says Washington
said to be three of the most dangerous
A mixture of barley and cottonseed
Star. The avowed object is to put a
criminals In the country.
meal Is an excellent substitute for
stop to enemy propaganda, but the real
Power extended to the supreme court
bran and shorts—mill run—so exten­
object, evidently, la to throttle all
to call to Its assistance three circuit
sively used sh stock feed and now dif­
sources of news so that the people will
judges of the atate to sit as a part of
ficult to obtain, points out E B. Fitts,
be kept In Ignorance of the disaster at
that court when It is deemed neces­
extension specialist in dairyink at the
the front
sary and also power extended to the
Oregon Agricultural college,
chief justice of the supreme court to
mixture costs more than the wheat
Msny Acree of Ruins Like These Are
Making Columbia university into a
direct circuit judges to sit la any
feeds but Its feeding value, pound for
Still Visible—Mother and Child Who military camp Is only carrying to the
county of the state will bo asksd by
pound. Is
per cent greater," says
Escaped Di caster.
extreme the process of conversion that
th» committee on law reform created
Professor Fitts.
“It also provides
by the last legislature.
has been going on at meet of the larg­
greater certainty of Securing uniform debris nre where roods hnve been
Small railroads are denied 14 hours*
er universities, says New York Sun.
value than the mixtures of bran and
free time on Interchange of cars with
It Is clearly a war-time necessity, a
shorts sold by the flouring mills as Rome. But the vast heap of rubbish
larger lines In a letter received by
has become a scries of quarries from wise adaptation of capaaity of supply
Public Service Commissioner Corey mill run.”
which material for a new Avezzano is to demand in perfecting man power for
Finis was written to the part that
from Regional Director Alshton. Mr.
taken. Just where the old town end- the prime need. The change began,
spruce and fir foreeta of the Pacific j ed, another Is growing. In what was
Alshton states that he thinks the small
voluntarily, long before tho govern­
northwest have played in the war, once an open field a substantial hotel
roads are given very favorable con­
ment had learned that the war was
when orders were Issued by the spruce has been built, a pink and white mu­
cessions now, considering the fact that
not 3,000 miles away.
Three years
production division to cease at once nicipal building Is in evidence at the
they own no cars and what oars thsy
ago Yale had almost become a mili­
use are turned over to them by the practically all activities In aircraft side of a well-built road. The cbil- tary camp and training school. Har­
worh among the camps and mills. AH ' dren go dnlly to a new school, and
larger roads.
vard, Prinoeton and others were not
thousands of people live todny In the
Marlon county boasts of about 1200 shipments of spruce and fir oants to
far behind.
acres planted In English walnuts, ac­ the huge out-up plant at Vancouver, the government has assisted the Aves-
Wash., were halted by the order, while
cording to a census made by County
According to a Berlin professor, the
zano survivors to build. The surround­
Fruit Inspector Van Trump, and 10 no more airplane material shipments ing plain is one of the richest grain war diet is doing great things in help­
per cent of these are either yielding are to be made. Similar orders stop­ districts on the peninsula and, more ing tho stout Teutons to reduce with­
or paying big returns to their owners. ped nearly all logging operations, and 1 Important than all. it still produces its out extra expense, and In curing nerve
Many trees this year yielded 150 Instructed that.Jailing of airplane normal yield for Italy—in spite of the troubles, as people have no longer so
pounds, the product selling on the mar­ timber was to cease at once,
decimation of local labor caused by
Housewives and all consumere of earthquake and war and the difficulty much time to think about themselves.
ket nt as high as 30 cents. The wal­
The cheerlneas which is appearing In
nut Industry In this section Is steadily flour and sugar are elated at the lasu- the authorities have had in finding out­ the writings and speeches of public
ance of orders from the food admlals- side help in wnr time.
forging ahead as a money-maker.
men tn Germany is verging on the
Children Are Fed.
Totals compiled by Henry E. Reed, tratlon, which lift the edicts against
associate director of the state war sav
Ings atamp campaign, Indicate that practically to a pre war basts. The" a small plaza at the edge of the shat­
The newest British airplanes are
Oregon counties fot the moat part are flour order becomes effective Immedi­ tered town, beside the red, white and
said to be so adjusted they elide to
well up In their war atamp purchases
a group of the needy children of sol­ earth automatically when the engine
Eight counties are "brer the top." will be In force December 1. Under
diers gather daily, all who need food stops. Next to devising a plan for
More than half the remaining coun
and care while their mothers labor In having them drop up Instead of down,
ties are In such position as to Indicate
1 the fields. Above them a small Amer­ this would seem the beet that could be
that they will make the goal on ached
ican Red Cross sign faces rather grim­ contrived in the Interest of safety.
now permitted to mahe their purchases
ule time. December 11.
ly the ruins Just visible through the
without the handicap of substitutes
trees. Within the small structure a
Five fatalities were reported to the
Only one Christmas present snd that
The sugar order provides for an addl dally meal Is served under the direc­
state Industrial accident commission
tlonal poi;nd In the per capita allot­ tion of a priest who carM for the 111- not larger than a brick may go to each
for the wok ending November 14
ment, or tour pounds per person each fed children of the district from his so’dter In France. The fellow who has
among a total of 5£3 accidents, and In
own scanty funds until the American two "best girls” wonders which will
addition there were five fatalities re­
“get there” first. Temporary expatri­
Don't fear Inflnensa, bnt take every organlxatlon answered his appeal for
sulting from Injurlss previously re­
! help. For months an American Red ation has some excitements that are
ported. The fatal cases resulting from
Cross worker has made regular visits not born of war.
Piano Instructor
Forget All About the War When
Bunny Jump« Up Under
Their Feet
«Tubi oa-
151 Fourth Street
Ree. 960H 60th Avenue, 8. E.
Tel. Main 122
French and American
pounded the German lines for five
hours preceding the sttsck against the
Tabor 4754
92tid Street
St. Mlhlel salient from the west
When the doughboys went over the
top in Les Eparges sector there was
not an answering shot from the Ger­
man trenches opposite.
The gunfire
i.zK-ra. oazaoH
bad so shattered the nerves of those
who survived the bombardment they
could not emerge from their deep dug­
Two American soldiers dashed Tabor aftas
across “No Man’s land” In the lead,
Dr. Wm. Rees
raced through to the enemy's barbed
wire entanglements, riven'and pulver­
omee and Kealdancc. MS K taub Ml.
ized by the artillery, and leaped over
the parapet into the German trench.
Just then two white rabbits ducked
out from a corner and ran round the
corner of the traverse. It was all so
quiet, with nary a live German In
sight, not the suspicion of a machine
gun nor an answering shot from the
OU may have noticed that
German batteries in the rear that the
Yanks forgot all about war, the attack,
optometrists talk more abou
the Roches and everything else. They
“E yes ” and “E yesight ” and
just did what any average fellows
"S ervice ” than they do about
would do, started chasing the rabbits.
They beat It down the first line­
trench, stumbling over the debris
where the American shells had caved
This because optometrists have
in the parapet every few yards and
something more important than
finally rounded up the pair of rabbits,
glasses to talk about.
nice and fat and tender.
When their platoon commander
burst Into the trench, having been de­
layed a little by a patch of barbed
Any optical place is supposed to
wire still standing, he found the two
have eyeglasses and not carpets or
men arguing as to whether they should , furniture.
eat the rabbits or keep them as pets.
Optometrists naturally attach more
importance to what you want when
yonr eyre trouble you—which is com­
fort and satisfaction and quality and
Only Quarter of Population In Seres
After Two Years' Occupation.
When Seres, In Greek Macedonia,
was occupied by the Bulgarians in De­
cember, 1916, the inhabitants num­
bered 24,000. Since that time 5,000 of
these have died. 11,000 have been de­
ported, and 2,000 men and boys have
been put to work on the construction
of roads. Today the population Is be­
tween 5,000 and <1,000.
Bulgarian documents which have
been found in the Macedonian towns
show that large numbers of deaths
were due to the indifference of the
Bulgarian authorities to the condition
of the civilian population. Wholesale
deportations were made and cruelties
Inflicted which were not justified by
the necessities of war. Not only were
the military authorities Involved In
this work, but the civil officers were
tyrannous toward the people.
Ch nr ch cs were looted and private
houses were stripped of their furni­
ture, which was placed In officers'
quarters. The Interment of bodies in
the cemeteries were made in a hap­
hazard way. nnd no Inscriptions were
placed over the graves, so that surviv­
ing relatives do not know the resting
places of their loved ones.
That's what yon get from compe­
tent optometrists. Glasses are the
tools, and the i mines and the mount­
ing*- thej’mechanical contrivances,
which properly and scientifically
handled, bring comfort and satisfac­
The Optical Shop
326 Alder Street
The Williams Really Co.
Solicits your Property for
Lad Only Fifteen Years Old Invalided
Back Home.
Wounded and Invalided back to
America before he «was sixteen years
old is the record of John Walker Bur­
ley, a son of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Burley
of Lynchburg, W. Va. Enlisting In
June, 1917, one month before he was
fifteen years old, young Burley went
In September of that year to Camp
McClellan with Company E, First Vir­
ginia Infantry. Later he was with the
company when it was merged into
Company L, 116th Infantry.
, Last March he was one of twelve
men picked from that company to go
to France, Arriving there, he was as­
signed to the 60th Engineers and later
to the 6th Infantry. In July he was
wounded and September 10 he arrived
at Camp Stuart, Newport News. From
there he was transferred to the post
hospital at Plattsburg Barracks, N. Y.
His mother will go to Plattsburg to
see him as soon as she Is permitted to
do so by the authorities there.
We have the Buyers, you
have the Property
Williams Realty Co.
8206 Woodstock Avenue
Tabor 4934
Screens, Sash, Windows, Doors
and Picture Framing
Residence Phone: Tabor 4602
Shop Pnone: Tabot 7576
4683 67th Street 8. E.
Hospital Cot Dedicated to Memory of
Children Killed In Air Raid.
The residents of Poplar. In the
East end of London are dedicating two
cots in the local hospital to the mem­
ory of the little school children who
lost their lives In the first enemy day­
light air raid on London. A brass tab­
let Is to be erected between the cots
with the following Inscription:
"These cots are dedicated by sympa­
thetic friends in loving memory of
dear little children who lost their lives
in the enemy air raid of June 13,
On the occasion In question two
heavy bombs struck an Infant school tn
a poor part of London, killing 52 chil­
dren and wounding many more.
Still Moving ...
The One-Way-Charge Company.
See Us For . . .
Tab. 1424 D 61
8elf-Aecu«er Pays Fine.
A. B. Mathews killed a balky horse
In the street at Eugene Ore., the other
day. had a complaint Issued for his
own arrest on a charge of cruelty to
animals and paid a fine of 910 In Jus­
tice Wells' court. “I was hauling hay,”
he told District Attorney L. L. Ray.
"The ho«» 3 balked and I picked up a
board and struck him over the head.
He laid down and died. I know the
humane society will be after me and
I want to get this thing straightened
8222 Foster Rd
See Cnaarxa A (izoaea