Mt. Scott herald. (Lents, Multnomah Co., Or.) 1914-1923, May 30, 1918, Image 2

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    war ione. Haae>«ll, *a (mining, tenni* the first W<<dm<«d»y fu June, from two
and a May pole dam'* were *om* of the until four, at the bom* of Mrs. (’barlce
Bartwr and daughter, Mrs
leaturee ol the day.
lleiick. fith 3 >7th Street
»‘ublUbrii «very Thur».l«r •* tenu. <>re«»u by
Tn« M t S<x>rr K»U«aisw « onriTv
On May 15, the Guild and Auxiliary
met at the home of Mr» 1‘eyton l ay lor
a h HARRIS «nd snw MfRfHKY
The graduating exercise* of the tiled- The atterioHui «« -.pent in game« ami
»tone grammar «chord were held laid music A l J i nd III singing »< vi ral
FntrrvT »- »eeoml cl«»» nnul nutter Febru Thursday evening in Paddock’» ball. war songs, aceomii.tiiied on the piano by
Try 1«. the p"»l o®ce*t tenu.Oregon
Professor W. T McNulty introduced H. 1 M s» Florvinv Taylor. K dvlicmns lull-
tinder act et Congre»» March .< 1ST»
H. O. l'add: ck, of the school board, ' vlieon wa. serv'd. The ho-te-s was a*
■lubarrmtloa prie«' • II »• y*ar. in advanee who explained that there were only lii»
si-ted by the Mi—<» Mamie and Flor-
diplomas for 14 graduates, owing to the e ice Taylor »n I Boriha Hallam
I nos»»: T»»oa TW«. P «I
illness of one of the examiners, who
Tim Guild uiel May 22 with die vice-
was unable to get the pa;*™ ready.
president, Mrs Frank Menefee. Six
new mem!*™ were admitted and the
D. A. R. Mt MM RS. Al UNION name» of »• vvral other» a*s*eptvd for cou»
Mr». John Mull'll presi'hsi.
Member* of the daughters of the
Viter the routine of busiu« »• t m ladies
American Rayolutioct or thoae b*U»n*g
served a deli> iou* luncheon reminding
themseive« eligible to join this or­
Mrs Metief'-. t‘ «> u wa- Iler birthday-
ganisation, are requested to get in
'lie wa« th n«qi<nl of seteral birth­
touch with Mra. 6 J. Allen at once.
day tokens Those present were M •-
She reside* at S»AU 53rd Ave S. E and i
dames W ii ><Goodwill. Harris. Uo"|«'r.
her telephone numtwr is Home Rhone, ’
Local 1611.
ffîL Scott Gerald
• • - This paper has enlisted
with the government in the
cause of America for the
period of the war.......... -
Ryder, Mallett, Clark, Allen. Johnson, of Tillamook County and la>ya Carver <>t
Farland, Bliss, Glover. Boat right, Robb, Curry County, and one »i»ter, Mr». Win,
and Menefee and the Miese« Emilie Porter of lent*.
Menefee, Doris Allen and Evelyn Ry-
loss 01 INI AN I I) UIGHUR
Ik'd I h ot former ll'kimook Man.
The funeral service* of I sh > Carver
were held Tuesday at 10 o'clock at K> II-
wurthy’» Cliapel, under the auspice« of
The Brotherhood of Railway Employe«1»,
and interment was in Mt. Scott Park
Mr. Carver passed away at the home
«>f his parents. Mr. ami Mrs Frank Car
ver 6hV> H7th Street, May 2ftlh, »g—l 28
year» lie wa» stricken with bronchial
pneumonia kooii after coining to la-nts ,
last fall from Tillamook County, and
fiotn that time his health »lead! y d< -
Besid«-» his w ife and four »mall chil­
dren, he is survive«! by hit parents,
three brolla*™. J E. ami O»»*ar Carver
\gnr». the infant daughter of Mr and
Mr» Alexander I it», 0718 sir.I street,
died May 21 o bronchial pm unionla
The funeral was held al 10:30 M «y '.’3
from the home >1 Mr Kills* »i-'ei, 694
E«»t 20th •Irrel, Rev. Farquar official-
Interment ■»« In Vlt. Scott
Park Cenietery.
( olumbld Beach Opens lodjy
Witli cunt iictN i*igm*d bv niii’driant'
life guar>l« and al«<> water «prinkler» tu
keep du'ti lite du»t, VI «eager C. II
Lewi» announcM the opening of Colum­
bi* Beach Memorial .lay.
Philip Pels, well-known Russian l>and
master, and hi* own ounc-il orchestra
w ll giv • co ceri» ''Bi li evening l»<tw«'en
7 Mini 8 o'clock, and front 2 lo 3 o'clook
Sumlav afteruooa*.
B*»el>all game« l'etween team» ol thè
Inier-C-ity league will lw played Nuli-
day» Paiktug ro<>m h>r 25t»> a itti i nio­
bi le» h»« lawil (ili lu»heil.
Sohllrr» ami »aliar» w ili Ite admlttrd
to thè violimi lice on every day vxrept
Sumlav* and lioliday».
T. J. Ilewe», llfe-Mver front Coro»
ttado Bearli, Cai , ha« lierti einj'luyrd.
The «e’ip«e of the «un Jun« H will
give it« a lew moment» for reflection on
our daylight »aving scheme.
Mr. Sinclair, reprr»«'iitative ot the
Pacific Pa|wr Cumpanv, w»» a caller al
tin' Herald office Tuesday.
Il V. Darnell, a former editor of the
Hera'il wa» mentioned in a recent letter
ol Fre<t l.iM’kly, the Journal Man
Bachdof Has Real Home
Otto A. Wolfiel, proprietor of the
Lents Pool Hall, recently purchased the I
gnow-whit. and rviy-tlngerad moni
little building on Foster R iad formerly I
Speeding th« host» of night.
Herald» a new Memorial Fay.
by Dr. Ervin L. Sells, and has i
Its cohorts armed tor right!
had it moved to hie property north of!
Out of th« dawning'« m:»t» come wraiths Katzkv’s store ou 92nd street
Of those who our standards mad«.
Wolfiel intends to make his home there
And And a nation, grim and set.
Ready and unafraid.
and has already liegun cultivation of a
Shame that the morns must com« blood- war garden.
8hame that men still must di«.
But the fight tor peace is a world-old
And th« prtc« of freedom, high.
Then onward! No time now for slacking
or tears.
Till th« cause of humanity’» won.
Till oppression Is sunk tn the bottomless
And the need of all warfare is done
The sale» of W. »
S. and Thrift
Statup* amounted to $642 62 last week,
the largest day’s sales being $233.
The s bool was represented at the
track meet on Mul’u >mah field Satur­
Reuben Wilson Post and Shilo Circle
were entertained by the teachers and
pupils of Woodmere school yesterday
• afternoon.
The annual meeting of the Woodmere
Parent-Teacher ass'M-iation was held in
the school building. Annual reports
were given by all committee chairmen,
showing splendid work done during the
past year. The social service report
showed that eight families have been
given assistance during the winter. The
Red Cross report showed the following
articles finished since the organization
of the auxiliary in October, 1917; 300
hospital bed shirts, 106 pajama suit», 72
arm «lings, 53 bandages, 144 »ur geons’
masks, 46 pair* bed socks, 76 pillows,
43 handkerchiefs, 2 oed quilts, 64 pairs
of socks, 15 sweaters, 7 helmets and 1
The following were elected officers of
the association for the ensuing year:
Mrs. M. Abel, president, re-elected;
Mrs. E Kinderman, vice president;
Mrs. C. W Clark, treasurer, and Mrs.
G. C. Griffith, secretary.
A score of 11 to 5 in favor of Franklin
was made in the basebail game with
Jefferson High at Multnomah Field
last week.
Marjory Campbell took first place and
Mildred Boone second in a recent dec­
lamation contest.
Final examinations are being held
this week.
Franklin went “over the top” in the
sale of war savings stamps last week,
the total amount sold to date being
$2366 Miss Aiice Johnson’s room, 32
turned in 11568.30, the largest subscrip­
tion. One th msand dollars in subscrip­
tions was brought into this room in one
day only. Room 10, Miss Ella Ehm-
sen’s room, is second tn line, with a
$577 subscription. Miss Emily John­
son’s room, 23, is third having sub-1
scribed for $420 worth, Miss Alice Col­
lier’s room being fourth, with $420.
The last report shows that Franklin is
leading the other high schools in the
war savings stamp drive and is still
gaining, which (hows the patriotic
spirit prevailing at Franklin. Ulysses
Conway is chairman for the stamp
At a recent Parent-T«-acher meeting
W. J. Kerr, preaiden; of Oregon Agri­
cultural College, spoke on ‘‘Our Part tn
This War.” Other speaker» were Prof.
S F. Ball, Professor Sherwood, J. C
Cooter, Miriam Hubbard ami Miss
Alice Jovee, who had charge of the en­
tertainment of the evening
Officers for the coming year were
elected as follows: Mrs Geo G. R'xit,
president; Mrs Hen net'a 'erisky, first
vice president; Mrs
E I* Athey,
second vice president; Mrs F J New
bin, re-elected secretary; Vlt-s Am e
Collier, of the faculty, treasurer, and
H. W. White, auditor.
Reed college celebrated * River day”
on the cam pi* Friday aftermi n, in­
stead of boating on the Coium-us, a. i*
it* uaual cuatom, thereby ssvi g $100
for the needy French children in the
The following list of iutereanug books
dealing with phases of the war may be
had at the Lent* Library:
The War Alter the War—Isaac F.
All In It! K (I) Carries On—Ian Hay.
A Student Iu Arms—Hankey.
Cavalry of the Clouds—Captain Bott,
M. C.
My Home In the Field of Honor—
Women of Belgium—Kellogg.
The New Map ol Kun pe—Gibbon*.
France at War—Kipling.
Yankee In the Trenches—Holmes.
Under Three Flags With the Red
Cross in Belgium, France and Serbia—
Lents Prospers Hnancidll)
The people of Lente have invested in
Liberty bonds of the Third loan to tne
value of $35.000.
In the past three months deposits at
the Multnomah State Bauk nave in­
creased about $23,600.
We are determined to Srow in business by deserving toérow?
Vol. 1 No. 17
May 30, lt>18
6023 92nd St., Portland, Ore.
To Clean up Old Patterns, 5c per Single, or 8-yard Roll
Come quick. First come, first served, Make the Home a pleasing*
place to stay. LET IT SMILE. They sav a blind mail can
tell when the room is newly papered
Lane La France of Duncee. North
Dakota, bas purchased the until bouse
and acreage belonging to Mr. Amberson
of Newburg and has remodeled end |
made a very cosy borne of it. Mrs. La
France is a sister to Mrs. Evs Hsys
and Jeese and Calvin Everson.
Hugh L. Moselle, of St. Claire, Tenn ,
is here on sn extended visit with his
sister. Mrs. Joseph Handrick at 8808
71st St. 8. E. This is not his first trip
‘‘out west,” as be was here on a sight­
seeing trip
This community has an illustration
of woman’s ability to do that which
has been looked upon as strictly men’s
work. A woman on 82nd street bad
property running clear back to eighty-
third street, she bad a chance to sell
her residence for a lair price, which she
did. On the corner of some of her lots
on 83rd street was a large, well-built
shed. She ordered lumber and other
building material, and then pro ceded
to buPd an ad .ition to the shed in such
way that when finished it looked like a
bungalow wiihout a porch, 'he did the
planning and most ol the carpenter
work herself She will complete the
building with a porch later on
Mr. and Mr» Hipperson of Chicago
have purchased a treautiful, modern
home on 67tti av«nue near 8l»t street,
and are now living there. Mrs. Hip­
person is a lister of Jack Anderson.
Mr and Mrs. have sold their
li'i’i.- here ai d are *u* living at Irraf's*
Charles FisX Glbbius entertained a
few rel fives arid friends with a ‘‘war
dinner” last week at bis home on East [
29th street. The event was his birth­
day anniversary^ and a theater party in
the evening v de,J a day of pleasure.
What’s the use having
a pocket knife that will
not cut readily?
What exppression 18
to the face
is to your room
Et tintati
per .. j « ir«’« Lop.
Is or e herd
to hold on tboot er f.,r
hie l.intx-ulnra, lieiwestl-
Kstlnf th« enemy column.
Soldier« meoauro t»»«»r
day«, their merehew, theff
• ttark«c>nth«basi$< f tr«.
A soldier must have t.ieror»
ract tin««, and It must !»•
on hi« wrist wh» r« be can
aea it at a glance.
Th»« wrist watch mo«t be
built to»!'anil bump« and It
tn mt a how lime in! hr dark.
huroi*an experien«*« ha«
provml the !n«er«oli llad«o>
the L» w «L
The band« «rd fiiriiree are
made« f Rxholit««. contain-
in« genuine radium, «nd
glow upward« from ten
yeare. Civilian«, txxx «re
Andin« the wrist wb
rnu«t conv«oi«aU
Can you imagine anything
more annoying than “trying
to sharpen a pencil" or
"endeavoring to cut a piece
of rope ” with a knife that
won’t hold an edge?
You ahould be very particular
when purchasing knives. lnai-t
upon having
and you are bound to be aatiafied
Wa guarantee every blade
Tabor 1091
Also a fine showing of
Table and Butcher Knives
Odorless - Clean - Dependable
For everything that grows it will Grow More —Sure
Peel Thin and Win ! KfflVES6 10c up Eat Fish, a good War Dish Tr,^“rEuJ
Conservation means proper use for definite needs- Foods too
Conserve your energy—use a HOT POINT Electric Iron —$5
A meeting of memii'-rs of M Paul’s
Cliurch took plaec at the home of J J
Joiio.'in, 6109 77th 'triet Tnuis'iay
evening, May 16, t*i eks-t tie V'-»try for
tlie ensuing y• ar. Rev <>»«.,id Taylor
presiding Tm- fo lowing wen- s' l' <-te<i
a- v«—tryruen: Fred *o—'-II, 1‘eyton Tay-
lor, 8. J Allen, R. B VV .<»t, C. Wood,
Mr. Fopham, J Illi«-» R liib, Frank Mene­
fee, B Popiiain, Fere, I. Harris, R.
Smith, C. L. G -S' I ami Mr Ixivegrei ,
The Vestry held a -ntoker at 'lie home
of R. B Wo'sl, May 2:4. ami «1 «'ted the
following oiTieer-: Senior Wanfen, R.
B. W<x»d; Jiioi'ir War ien, 1‘ ytoti Tay­
lor; Clerk. Bercy T. Harris; treasurer,
8 J. Alien
Rev. Tavl'ir expressed his
pleasare in th< manner m winch the
meeting wa* conducted an<i in the choice
of office™
The Women’s Auxiliar, will meet
It is well to start early—the flies
do. The early flies should be ex­
terminated. Hence our suggestion
to get your supply of fly fighters
now and put them to work.
Traps 10c and 25c
Needles, Shuttles and Bobbins for
uee in All Makes of Sewing Machine*.
Screen Doors - Window Screens