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Subscription, $1.00 a Year
Lents, Multnomah County, Oregon, October 18. 1917
Vol. 15.
No. 42.
NI- ieagiiì RS
Member ol f very Booster Club In
Portland and I hen Some-Will
Speak at Booster Banquet
Get Busy And learn the Hopes II You
Want to Get In On I his—
Oct. 29th Is I he Date.
The lent* Improvement Club have
xectired ue «|>e«k<T <>( the evening for
their ban<|tiet winch in to >«• held in the
Ixi11<|net room of odd Fellow*' Hall,
Monday evening, the 29lh ln»t., Colonel
Frank McCrillis, Town Npedalist of
Portland Chamber of Commerce. Mr.
Met'rilli* i* al*o First Vic«’-pre«ident of
the Interstate Realty Association for the
<li*triet comprising Oregon. Washing­
ton. Idaho and Montana. When coin­
ing hi Oregon neven year* ago he wa* re­
puted to l*< the highest priced salesman
on the Pacific Coast. lie i* a promin­
ent member of the Chamlier of Com­
merce, Progressive Business Men's Club,
Ad Club, Portland Kealty Board,
Oregon State Motor Association, Royal
Rusarian. Portland Press Club, Irving­
ton Club, and every other old booster
club that Com™ along.
Oil. McCrillia ia called upon by tin-
Chamlier of Commerce whenever an in­
spiring *|ieaker is wanted. He i* now
busy raising money for the Liberty
1-oan, raking (.'«J.OOO one day recently
from 104 |MMiple at a meeting of the Ad
The Improvement Club of 1-enta is to
be congratulated in getting Col. Mc­
Crillia a* their «peaker on thia occaaiou.
If any one wants to know bow to get in
on thia propoaition it is time to get busy
and And out the “paaa word.” You
can’t get in without it.
foreign Born Citizens Appreciate
freedom and Liberty of
U. S.—Buy A Bond.
The fidlowing poster appear* in a «hop
window down town:
“Now or never. Help tight the Are
while it ia still a block away. Help pre­
serve your freedom and relieve the
world from bondage. Ihm’t leave It to
George. It is up to you. Buy a Liberty
bond, no matter how small. Don’t say
you can't do it for you surely can if you
are working. Don’t make excuses. Your
bank will show you how you can get
one. Be unselfish for your own sake.
Your freedom ia at stake. Help while
you can still avoid merciless taxation by
a world grabbing despot. Help preserve
the liberty your lorefathers fought for.
Ix-t not the foreign l*>rn forget why they
came here. Buy a Liberty Bond and
thus help Imlk the woman and l>aby
When asked by Fred l/tckley, of tlie
••Journal" why he hung the poster in
his window the proprietor replied :
“Why do I put that jsieter in my win­
dow? I’ll tell yon why. I have heard
American horn men s|x>ak slightingly of
their president, shrug their shoulders
when yon naked them if they have
bought a Liberty Isold.*If some of these
I. W. W. agitators who sneer at thia
country, if some of the men who want
to profit from the war and don't feel
they can afford to buy Liberty bonds,
had to live in Europe (or a year or two
and suffer the restrictions of the harsh
laws there, endure the hardships that
the European citixens must put up with,
pay the taxes to maintain royalty, they
would appreciate what America ipeans.
They would see that liberty and free­
dom are not a matter of course, but a
God-given privilege.
“If the people of thia country knew
what domination by Germany meant
and the danger of it, if they realized
that this is our fight, the lobby of every
bank would lie filled with citizens eager
to buy Liberty bonds to help finance
the war.”
If you don’t know how to buy a Lib­
erty bond, ask the Banker.
Gard of Thanks.
We wish to extend onr heartfelt
thanks to the neighbors and friends for
the'many kindly services rendered dur­
ing the illness and subsequent death of
our brother, P. L. Coffman.
Mr. and Mrs. I. F. Coffman,
Mr. Van Coffman.
The meeting of the l*-nta Parent-
Teacher Association which should I*
held tomorrow (Friday) afternoon ha*
laa-n |HMl|H>ned for one week, and will
>*< held on Friday afternoon of next
week, the 20th inst. It is desired to
have a large attendance of parents and
to stimulate interest in the occasion, a
prize ia to be given to the grade in
I school that makes the largest contribu-
| lion of parents to the audience. The
parents should respond to this plan by
turning out en masse, filling the
assembly hall to capacity.
ments will Is« served.
Depdrtlnq feather feasted and Bidden
God-Speed as He Leaves In
Response to Country’s Call.
The faculty of Woodmere school
staged a delightful little surprise lun­
cheon in hotmr of Mr. Jas. Shanks, the
popular manual training teacher of
Wcsaimere and Lents reboots, lie fore
his deimrture to the aviation training
camp. A* he was about to partake of
his noon time lunch he was suinmoned
to appear at the teachers* rest room
where he found a “spread” awaiting
him and the entire faculty assembled;
also his mother and a friend, Mrs.
Mackie, and Assistant City Superintend­
ent Grout, who were present by invita­
tion. Covers were laid for 22. The
room was lieaulifully decorated with
the national colors, while.tiny aroplanes
bung from the chandelier.
After dinner speeches were made by
Prof. Grout ami l'rof. Dixon, of Wood-
mere, to which Mr. Shank responded,
giving heartfelt assurance of the
appreciation felt (or this demonstration
of good-will upon the part of his
colleague* and declaring that it was bis
one request that if he should escape
harm in tbe coming conflict and should
tie so happy as to return to his native
land he would like to have his position
again as he had never enjoyed work so
much a* under the associations of his
present jxisition.
franklin Teacher Edits Text.
A new school edition of Gueth's classic,
“Herman und Dorothea,” lias just been
published by Allyn A Bacon, of Boston.
The editor ia Miss Julianne A. Roller, of
tbe Franklin High School in Portland.
’‘Hermann und Dorothea” was the
model for Longfellow’s “ Evangeline.”
It is the product of the genius of the
mature Goethe and ranks as his lx-st
work next to "Faust.'’ It gives a beau­
tiful picture of sturdy German |>easant
life and has for its background the hard-
shi|>s of those who tied from the fury of
the mob in the French Revolution.
The editor. Miss Koller, has taught
German and I.alin at Franklin High
School sincejthe school was opened in
February, 1914. She has a bachelor of
arts and a master of arts degree from
the University of Wisconsin, and is a
memlM-r of the honorary fraternity of
Phi Beta Kappa.
Before coming to
Portland Miss Koller taught in the Uni­
versity of Wisconsin High School, the
I a Crosse, Wis., State Normal School,
and Miss Hamlin's school, in San Fran­
II. Helse Dies at Lents Home.
Henry Heise, of 5741 87th St. 8. E.,
died at hie home on Sundav night last,
at the age of till years. He had been a !
resident of Lente for several years.
Death occured after a prolonged illness 1
of about two years' duration. A wife
an<l young eon are left to mourn the loss
of a hueband and father; also a brother
residing in Portland.
Funeral services were conducted j
Wednesday afternoon at Dunning!
Undertaking parlors, 414 East Alder
St., Rev. F. M. Jasper, of the l^nts
Methodist church, officiating. Inter­
ment in Riverview cemetery.
Arleta P. T. A.
The Arleta Parent-Teacher Associa­
tion met Friday afternoon. Owing to
Mrs. Zehrung resigning as secretary
Mrs. Minnie Collins was elected to fill
the vacancy. A committee was appoint­
ed to arrange for a Red Cross unit, the
work to be done by teachers and parents
In the school sewing room. A committe
was also appointed to investigate and
arrange for doing the dental work of
the pupils.
Little Mies Bernadine
Brown gave a very pleasing reading.
Mrs. Hansaker and Mrs. 8. F. Ball
were appointed delegates to the Mothers’
Convention at Eugene.
Owner Releases I hem Upon Promise
Io Pay for Damaqe Done
Amounting to $ 15.00.
The Arleta Red Cross Auxiliary, re­
cently organized, have announced a
home talent entertainment, to lie hel i
in the W. O. W. Hall, Arleta, on Tues­
day evening of next week, the 23rd
inst. A program of real merit has been
Win. J. Carkeek, of Sher­
man-Clay Co., will tie present and con­
tribute several instrumental selections
to the program. There will t>e violin
ami cornet solos.
The price of admission lias been set at
tbe war time price of lOcts,
The ladies of this circle wish to make
it plain that their auxiliary is not con­
nected with any other organization
whatever and all ladies residing within
the Arleta district are invited to attend
their weekly meeting* and assist in the
Chronicle of Weekly Events In Arleta
And Kern Park Varied And Full
of Interesting Doings.
The girls of FranklinJLHigh School
have organized a Red Cross club and
are enthusiastic in the work. Esther
Wellington is president of the club;
Gayle Cook, vice-president; Marion
Gillis, secretary and Katherine Free­
man, treasurer. Geraldine King is
sergeant-at-arms. They meet for work
every Tuesday afternoon in the sewing
room, various teachers having charge
in turn. Nearly all the girls who are
taking sewing this term have volunteer­
ed to sew for the Red Cross.
Excellent work is also being done
along food conservation lines |through
tbe Franklin High. Each student has
taken the pledge cards home and the
majority of them have been returned
Tbe German classes have devised a
plan to buy Liberty Bonds co-operative­
ly. Each student will subscribe fl.OOor
more. The interest will be apportioned
for each share. The plan was received
so enthusiastically that it is thought
several bonds will be purchased in this
Arleta Odd Fellows will entertain the
Grand Master at their hall tomorrow,
(Friday) evening. An invitation has
been extended to the ladies of Mountain
View Rebekah lodge to unite with them
for this occasion.
Mrs. Ixitta M. G. Murray, of 312662nd
8. E., pianist, will take part in a con­
cert in tbe County Courthouse, October
31st, for the benefit of funds of George
Wright post, Woman's Relief Corps.
G. A. R.
Rev. G. K. Berry, pastor of Kern
Park Christian church, preached his
farewell sermon on Sunday. He leaves
this week for Southern California where
he recently was called.
Mrs. H. W. Grable, of 4403 65th St.
The Multnomah State Bank reports , 8. FL.will entertain them<-n b-rs of Moun­
the following list of subscribers to tbe tain View Rebekah lodge at a Hollowe’en
Second Liberty Loan to date. Only 1 party at her tiome on the evening of the
nine more days. Don’t wait till the j 31st.
Extensive repairs and improvements
last day. Your subscription may bring
are being made at the Arleta Studio.
A new roof is being put on and other
Franklin G. Fisher,
improvements are under way. Every
Wendell L. Miller,
effort is being put forth to take care of
Ida R. Foster,
The Lenta Auxiliary of the Red Cross
the growing business. A glance in tbe are unfortunate in their plans. After
Mary McG. Bloyd,
windows is sufficient to prove that no arranging for tbe use of the sewing room
W. E. Wester,
better work can be obtained over town at tbe school for an all-day meeting on
O. A. Hess,
than right in this little Mt. Scott shop Friday of the third week of each month,
L. M. Quinn,
That local people appreciate tbe merits it now develops that they will tie unable
Allen T. Gribble,
of tbe place is attested by tbe constant­ to have tbe use of the room during the
William G. Clark,
ly increasing business.
Stella E. Smith,*
forenoon and for tbe present at least
A number of musical people enjoyed they will only bavelthe afternoon ses­
Frances E. Smith,
“open bouse” at tbe Arleta Studio of sion, unless further arrangements can be
Cbas. E. Tronson.
Music on Friday evening last. Professor made. This arrangement was made
Chas. E. Barber,
Lente Lodge No. 15<t A. F. A A. M. Hollingworth entertained. This is tbe solely to admit of the ladies adjourning
first of a series of student recitals to be during the afternoon to attend tbe
beld during the coming season.
monthly meeting of the P. T. A.
Mesdames Hanscom and Evans were will endeavor to get together a little
tbe only ones who reported for work earlier and perhaps remain a little later
last Friday at the home of Mrs. Geo. in order to spend an hour in tbe
That banquet, to be held Oct. 29,
Merry, but they made eight housewives, assembly hall white the program ia
(a week from Monday) will be
was a big accomplishment for being rendered, taking such work with
free to all responsible business mt-n
them as can be done in this way.
one afternoon.
and property owners.
The Arleta W. C. T. U. will meet on
Here’s hoping.
Tuesday of next week at Lucky Cottage.
In Deep Wafer.
The all-day institute was held on Thurs­
Grace:—"Did you ever propose to a
day at 8unnvside Methodist Church.
girl in a canoe?”
Mr. O. H. Gilbert is laid up at hi«
Birthday Surprise Party.
Fred:—“Yes, and I’ll never do it
Miss Emily Fletcher was given a home from injuries received while again. The girl jumped at my proposal
happy and complete surprise at tbe cranking his car. The doctor orders and upset the boat.”
home of her aunt, Mrs. W. R. Duer, him to be very careful for several days.
Mr. Curtis Gardner has been visiting
54th 8t. S. E. on Saturday after­
Tee Gilbert Parent-Teaclier Associa­
tion are arranging a Hollowe’en enter­ noon of last week, the occasion being hie parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. W Gard­
tainment and social to be given in the her 12th birthdav. The afternoon was ner, of Woodmere for the past week.
assembly hall of the school on Tuesday pleasantly spent at games and the good He leaves Sunday to join the Aviation
evening, the 30th inst. A reception to time which young folks know so well Corps.
Master William Amos, eon of Rev.
the two new teachers recently added to how to have. Refreshments were serv­
The District Sunday 8chool Conven­
the faculty will also lie a part of the ed consisting of ice cream, nuts and Wm. H. Amos, who has been ill for tion held in* the Laurel wood Congrega­
fruit. The birthday cake with its some time is much improved.
evening’s program.
tional church on Sunday afternoon and
Mrs. F. A. Carlson, of Forest Grove, evening last was largely attended, the
It is’the desire of the ladies to make twelve candles proved the center of at­
this entertainment and social evening traction. Mies Emily was the recipient is in the city receiving medical treat­ church being filled to capacity. The
the lieginning of the Winter activities of of many useful and beautiful presents. ment. Mrs. Carlson was formerly a session was presided over by Mr. Brad­
Mrs. Duer was assisted in receiving resident of this district.
the organization and it is hoped that
ford, president of the district organiza­
entertaining her young guests by
such a get-together spirit will be arous­
Mrs. Pratton, of Arleta, has been ill tion.
ed as to insure the success of the plans Mrs. Fletcher and Mrs. B. 8. Jones.1 for the past few days, but is better at
The combined orchestras of,the Anabel
for the year. The public is invited. The following were present: Marion this writing.
Presbyterian and Lents Evangelical
Judging from past events it is safe to Usher, Esther Hollingworth, Florence
Mrs. G. E. Reed, of Woodmere, has churches furnished inspiring music,
Thompson, Celia Thompson, Beatrice
predict a pleasant evening.
gone to Hood River for a short vacation. while the ladies Kapella quartette, also
Hanscom, Ina Williams, Francis Gil­
Mrs. Wm. Constantine, who has been of the Anabel church, delighted the au­
bert, Bertha Evans, Dorothy Wycoff,
for a long time, is very ill at present dience with vocal selections.
Try This on Her.
Gladys Crum, Geraldine Duer, Arling­
The Maid:—’’You don't expect me to ton Crum, Lynn Wycoff, Billy Cox, at her home, 5127 70th St. 8. E.
solo which was enthusiastically received.
The Ladies' Aid of the Methodist The district is proud of this tiny musician
ride with you in that old timer, do you?” Aldin Jones. Leslie Traxler and Paul
The Man (who has waited long.) Jordon. The party was enjoyed very Church gave a reception to Mrs. Brack­ as indeed it may be.
“Well this old bus was a brand new much by the little daughter of the en bury, the new pastor’s wife, at the
A very inspiring address was given in
home of Mrs. Dr. Boone on Wednesday the afternoon by Dr. Given, pastor of
model when I arrived here.”
household, Margaret Mayo Duer.
afternoon. About twenty ladies were i the First U. P. Church, on the subject
present and a pleasant time was enjoy of "Seed.” Prof Ball, of Franklin High,
ed. It was also "dollar day” and many also gave a briei address explaining how
If you buy Real Estate
“cartwheels” were added to the high school credits could be obtained for
You can’t sell Real Estate in a hurry.
Bible study. The evening address was
Yon can’t borrow money on it in a hurry or without expense.
Mrs. W. J. Jefferies and son. Kenneth, ' given by Dr. Geo. Pratt, of Centenary
You MUST pay taxes on it and sometimes street assessments.
of (>848 57th Ave., Mrs. A. Meyers and Methodist Church.
It decreases in value as often as it increases.
two daughters, accompanied by Mr. A.
The following officers were elect«! to
If you invest your money in real estate mortgagee it lies idle between times
Jefferies, brother-in-law of Mrs. Jeffer­ serve during the coming year: President,
You must run after the interest, and then don’t always get it when
ies motored up near Hillsboro last week Elton Shaw, of the Anabel Presbyterian
you need it.
on a bunting trip. Mrs. Meyers driving Church; vice-president. C. C. Barker, of
You don’t always get the principal when due, and sometimes have to
her own car. They brought back two the Lents Friends Church; secretary­
take the security instead of your money.
lovely China roosters. They intend to treasurer, Mr. Bratton, of the Laurel­
If you invest in a Tin Lizzie
enjoy several more such trips in the wood Congregational church.
You have to pay a license fee, taxes, buy gas, oil, repairs.
near future.
You are liable for Aines, hospital bills, doctor hills and sometimes
The ladies' gym will start Wednesday
funeral bills.
Clover Seed Profitable Crop.
evening with Miss Phillips as instructor.
You can't borrow money on it in a pinch, you can’t sell it for what it
and Mrs W. II. Ground, who
Mrs. C. P. Organ left Tuesday for the
cost, and its end ia the scrap pile.
Big Eddy—Cecilo Canal—to visit her resides seven miles south of Monmouth,
If you buy a Liberty Bond
visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
You don’t have to pay out a cent for up-keep or taxes.
Mr. Geo. Neilson is home on a fur­ Ell ton Shaw the last of tbe week return­
Any banker will loan you money on it in a minuite and at the lowest
to visit his wife, (nee Claire ing home Monday. Mrs. Shaw and
going rate.
of 57th Ave. 8. E., as well as Mrs. Ground are sisters. Mr. Ground
You can sell it any time for what you paid and alter the war is bVFr
his many friends in this vicinity. His brought to Portland, and sold 300
it will bring more than you paid for it.
friends were very glad to see him out to pounds of red clover seed, which netted
It is safer than a savings bank or amy other bank.
He suys there is a
the Christian Endeavor meeting Sunday him about («0.00.
You don’t have to worry about your interest, Uncle Sam pays his bills
great deal of seed raised in their part of
without notice from you.
Polk County. The farmers cut a crop
BUT, YOU ought to buy a Bond because it is your duty to your self, to
of clove* hay then if the fields are not
your boys in the trenches, and to THE BEST COUNTRY IN THE
Must .Wilt for the Paper.
pastured a crop of seed may be har­
“How many revolutions does the vested.
If you don’t know how ask any banker. They are all ¡glad to help. They
earth make in a day? It’s your turn
The production of peppermint is a
all have eons or brothers in the army and they are buying all the
new industry that is developing quite
Willie Smith.”
bonds they can.
“You can’t tell, teacher, till you see rapidly in that part of the valley also,
the morning paper.” Sei.
Mr. Ground says.
For some ww-ks complaints have been
coming into tins ofiici- of the depreda­
tions and garden thieving in the con­
tiguous rural districts. These depreda­
tions at last assumed such proportions
that several of the long-suffering victims
l*-gan a systematic campaign to catch
the culprits and make an example of
some of them if necessary to stop further
loss to themselves.
On Saturday Last A. J. Krueger, re­
siding on a farm near Gresham, caught
three ls>ys from lx-nts in his Walnut
orchard where they were busily engag<-d
in shaking the unripe nuts from the
trees. Two of the boys succeeded in
making their get-away, but Walter
Lindstrom, of !KK)3 tV4lh Ave. 8. £., was
caught and when forced to do so acted as
guide to Mr Krueger to the homes of
the other two boys, Henry Knecht, of
«131 90th St., ami B. Arnold, of «431
89th St.
Mr. Krueger sought to impress the
ls>ys that he did not wish to prosecute
them, but that these depredations must
cease. He estimated that he bad suffer­
ed loss to tbe extent of at least (16.00
that afterniMin at their hands and that
if they would pay him this amount he
would let them of! at thia time. He
gave them one week to pay the damage
and they gave him their promise that
they would do so. In case they do not,
Mr. Krueger will prosecute them, feel­
ing that it is necessary to do so in order
to protect himself from further loss.
There is always a tragedy in connec­
tion with affairs of this character. In
nine times ont of ten boys or girls who
go wrong and liecome involved in the
toile of the law have started on the
wrong road in minor offenses. A walk
through the streets ofJIjents any evening
will reveal doaens of children who are in
danger of coming to grief sooner or later.
Their pranks at first seem only innocent
mischief, but later are sure to develop in­
to criminal lawlessness.