Mt. Scott herald. (Lents, Multnomah Co., Or.) 1914-1923, October 11, 1917, Page 2, Image 2

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    The ad drees of Miss F. A. Steltimetx.
County President of the Endeavor Union
Published «eery Thursday at IxoU. Oregon by
emphaaixed the (act that a call to En­
T mb M t Sever PTBLiaat»« Cowrawv
deavor aervice consists ot two thing«—a
need and he ability that need.
J. SANGER FOX Mana«ln« X<t It or.
Medium and Heavy Weight for
Sunday School Querist.
J. ALI.KN DVNBAR, Circulation Manager.
1 Why will not |>arvnte attend Sunday
Enter»! aa ascond-claM mail matter Febru­
School when they know that example is
ary 14. 1014. al the poat office al lenta. Oregon,
the moat powerful aort uf training?
under act ot Congrvaa. Match X 1ST*
2 Why will not parent«open THEIR
Uuderwear that ws contract« I tor last January, which enables us to quote some attractlvs prices
eubacrlptloa price
• •> • year.*" advauce
homes for Jlhe social affair» of the elacs
I'WNMi T*»O« >'M. D *1.
Women’s Vests from 10c to $1.75
Misses and Children’s separate Vests, Drawers and Union Sults
instead of expecting the teacher to fur­
nish entertainment, house and refresh-
Men’s heavy Vests and Drawers at 65c, 75c, 98c, $1.25, $1.49 Men’s heavy Union Sults $1.25, $8.40
The Six Cent Fare Case.
Boys’ Vests and Drawers and Union Suits at right prices.
3 Why will parents trust their child­
The recent order of the Public
tree Methodist Church.
ren so blithely to unmarried men and
We sell the Bennington Cooper Spring Needle Knit Underwear. Compare our prices with any in the city
Service Commission denying the The pastor. Rev. A. Bt>ere. left the women teacher» during the week day
P. R. L. & P. Co., the right to first of tin» week for Chicago, acconi- and at Sunday school and then tell the««'
raise their fare to six cents is panied by Mrs. Beers, where they will same teachers that they know nothing
full of significant facts, and attend the annual board meetings of the about the bringing up of children?
should be read in full before an church. They will be al«ent about 4 Why are not more parents willing
5827-29 92nd STREET
Near Foster Rd.
Tab. 3581
three weeks. The pulpit ouSunday last
attempt is made to express an was tilled by Rev. Roy Nichols who, to take Sunday School classes?
5 Who is really the most resjamsibh*
with Mr«. Nichols, is home on furlough for the child's spiritual life, the pastor.
Andbel Presbyterian Church.
At the outset the Commission from San Domingo, Porto Rico, where the teacher or the parent?
lonary »eiv
The monthly business meeting of the
declares that the State Law of they have been doing missionary
stitute which was held nt the First
1901 providing that it shall be for the past six years. Mr . NicboMprUl Y. P. S. C. E. of Millard Ave. I’revby- Presbyterian Church on Tuesday even­
preach at the Lents church the next terian church was held at the home of i
unlawful to charge in excess of (threaSonday
three Sundays , at
at 3sM)
3x0 0
o - ’ clock
clock p
p. . m. Mrs. Wm. Lope on Friday evening. A ing in connection with the Fall meeting
five cents for one continuous ^jr anj ^|r8 Nichols were residents of very pleasant evening was spent and of Portland Presbytery was very largely
attended by officers and teachera of the
trip in cities of over 50,000 in- Lents before leaving for the West lovely refreshments served.
To ins[M?ct our work and com­
habitants was by implication re- Indies and doubtlees they have still The Junior choir meets every Friday various Sunday schools.
The plan of holding such an Institute
pealed by the Public Utility Act
fri*nda who <»' * illeas*d with p. m. at 4 o’clock. All children from 5 was worked out by the Committee ot
pare down town prices with ours.
to 15 urged to attend.
Of 1911. and that the city fran- •“ opportunity to meet them .gain,
Religious Education under the direction
of its chairman, Rev. H. G. Hanson, of
chise is subordinate to the
St. Paul's Episcopal Church.
the Fourth Church. The Institute has
Special care taken with babies
friends Church.
superior power of the state,
St. Paul is observing the week of
lieen counted such a success that un­
hence they have power to in­ prayer, as are all Episcopal churches
and children’s pictures.
a evening
!.. 41 Rev. V»
. ’ VW
In • the
E. ew*
doub‘*d|y »n»‘b®r »‘H beheld. pr..b-
crease the rates if they see fit. throughout the city. Because of this of Newberg will speak. Mr. Taylor was “b,r in connection with the regular
The Commission separated the there will be no meeting ot the Guild formerly Executive Secretary of the ^I’rin« meeting of Presbytery.
The latest styles at lowest prices
cost of operating the various de­ this week.
Prohibition Party in Oregon and is well
Sunday School Superintendent C. C.
Mr«. C. L. Gessell. of S9th St., and and favorably known.
I TriPP> nnJ fourteen of the officers and
partments of the P. R. L. & P.
consistent with good work.
Co., and declare,
showing Mrs. A. L. Goodwin will entertain the Tlie subject of the morning sermon last t«»cber« of the Anabel ( hurch attended
social meeting of St. Paul s Guild at
figures which they have them­ the home of the former on Tuesday af­ Snnday was “God’s Financial Plan,” in lbe Institute.
the evening “Eternity. Where Will You
The ladies of this church have organ-
selves computed, that the street ternoon of next week from two to four Spend It.”
ised a Red Croee Auxiliary with such a
car department of the company o'clock. Every one is cordially invited The minister wae at her l>est and the large membership that there is « poaei-
has been receiving a steadily de­ to attend this meeting. Special atten­ audiences were much impressed. In the bility of having to divide the ladies into
creasing rate of return for the tion is called to the fact that this meet­ afternoon a financial canvas ot the mem two groups, meeting on different <lavs
ing will be held on Tuesday at this time, tierehip was made to secure pledges for of the week. Sewing machines have
Tabor 5103
6431 Foster Hoad
past five years, averaging only instead of on Wednesday as usual.
the years budget.
I>een provided at the church so the la-
about 3 per cent. The report
Monday evening a company of the dies can take their lunches each Wed-
goes into detail as the probable
Christian Endeavorers motored to Van- needay and work from lo:30 in the
Methodist Church.
couver and conducted a mission service morning until 4 :<J0 p. m.
increased cost for the present
and next year, and the reason­ The pastor, Rev. Jasper, will take for for the soldiers. Those who went were:
ableness of the employees de-i , the topic of his sermon on Sunday tnorn- Miss Terrill, Miss Isler, Miss Burns ami
I ing next “Oh Jerusalem!” The evening Mrs. Ba.-.« accompanied by J. 8. Fox In the Circuit Court of the Stalo of Oregon,
for Multnomah County
mands for more wages. Dis­ «ubject will be, “Success.” Mrs. Jasper and Emile Swanson.
Has« l Lent. Plaintiff, vm Frank Lent, In­
cussing the question of “Watered will sing a solo at the morning service, The Wednesday evening Teacher Train- tendant
T«> Frank Lent, the above named defendant:
Stocks’’ the Commission declares while Major Repp will contribute a solo I ing class is meeting with the approval of I In th-- naruv of th.- Stale of Oregon YOU
are hereby required to appear and answer th«*
“Stocks and bonds enter into the to the musical program for the evening. those who attend. Trie social and din­ complaint filed aaainat you in the above an
IL <2^
: t iM-mr th« -th day <»f Nov.-In
t>er. 1017, »aid date being more than alx week*
question only in so far as they The new conference year started in very
from the 27th dajr of September, 1917, the dale
auspiciously on Sunday last, large enjoyod by all.
bear upon the question of the J audiences being in attendance both Mies Terrill spt?aks in the highest of the order for publication of thia autnuion*
TkON’T decide too soon that a tire or tube
and more that) aix weefca from the /Uh dajr of
value [of the property involved. morning and evening. A pleasant sur­ terms of the Woman's Prayer Meeting September. 1917. the date if th- Sflt publira
U is womout. Some times there’s more
tlon of »aid aumouna . and if vou fall to anawer
otherwise appear herein, the plaintiff will
We fail to see how stocks and prise at the morning aervice was the on Wednesday afternoon at 2p. m. Any or
aupiy to the court forth« relief prayed for in
mileage left than you might expect Let us
bonds have a direct bearing up­ presence of Mr. A. Powers, one of the woman interested will be most welcome. blaintiff.a complaint herein, to-wit: For a
and DeeVOS •' I’K r • U»»<dvlng
The Bible study class will meet next Judgment
look it over.
We will tell you frankly
the bonda of matrimony heretofore and now
on value for rate making pur­
side« near W oodniere He was agisted Wednesday evening in the annex at 6:15 existing between the plaintiff and defendant,
and for the care, custody and control of the
pay to make repairs. If
to church in a wheel chair. He has The subject will be, “Abraham the Buc- minor children, to-wit; Leland Lent and
Mariam Lent, and 6>r aurh other and further
As will be noted in another been confined to his home by paralysis ceeeful Busineee Man and Founder of a relief
repairs will help we’ll handle them quickly,
as may seem juat and equitable in the
Nation.” Dinner will be provided for premises.
column the Commission offers a for the past three years.
and at very moderate cost to you.
This summons is served upon vou by publica­
tion thereof, pursuant to an order of the Hon
few suggestions as remedies for The weinie roast on the banks of tboee who are interacted at a very small arable
P. Kavanaugh, Judge of the above
Try us. It will pay you.|
A special invitation ia extended entitled J. Court,
which order Is dated Sept 77th
the condition which they declare Johnson Creek on Monday evening was cost.
enjoyed by a big crowd of enthusiastic to any one deeiriug to take a abort Bible 1017 First Publication He pl T7. 1917 I-ast
November M, 1917.
The abolition of the Epworth Leaguers. The night wss ideal. course whether connected with thia Publication
John Van Zante, Attorney for Plaintiff. S14
Portland, Oregon.
books of tickets, and the in­ The Lenta contingent was augmented church or not. Young men and high
creased price of school children’s by four auto loads of Leaguers from school students are invited.
tickets will effect residents of Gresham who bad been invited to join
Notice 1« hereby aleen that the under>l«ncd
hu been, by th* County Court of the County
Mt Scott seriously, but it is not in this last out-door event of the year. District Sunday School Convention. of
Multnomah. State ot Oregon, appointed art
Floyd Smith, the efficient Fourth Vice-
miniatratrtx of the last will and Teatament
8919 Foster Road
expected that any reduction of preaident, with hie committee, had The regular quarterly Sunday School and Eatate of James H Alklnaon, deceased,
late of Multnomah County,Oregon. All per
service will be made on this line, managed everything beautifully and
aona having claim« again,: .aid eatate are
nomah County Sunday School Associa­ hereby notified to prewnl tie «am.- to tbs
for the reason that it would be there was no end of weinies and buna tion
underalg ted at tie- office of Janie. N. Davis,
will be held in the Congregational 601 Journal Building. Portland. Oregon, with­
difficult to see how any poorer and at the last minute they sprung a Church, corner 65tb St., and 45tb in all month« from >hla date, duly certified aa
by law required.
service could be maintained and surprise in a generous quantity of Ave., 8. E., Sunday. October 14.
MINNIE O. ATKINSON, Administratrix.
bottled fruit juices and soft drinks, It
of Aral publication Nepo-mtcr lx. 1*17
still render a service “which the was a very enjoyable and successful af- This district includes the 16 Sunday Date
Date of laat publication October 11, 1017.
Schools of all denominations of the Mt.
public is entitled to receive” as fair.
Scott district, extending from the An­ STATEMENT OF THE OWNERSHIP.
the Commission puts it.
The Adult Bible class held their abel Presbyterian on the west, eastward
Will soon be received.
Call and get prices
The Mt. Scott Herald published
The Commission hints bmadly monthly meeting at the home of Mrs. to and including all the schools of weekly at I>nta Station, Portland, Ore
for October 1, 1817. Publisher,
that if the public is not satisfied *e,,ie Wo®lwortb, of 85th st. on Tue»- Ijente. Below is the program for the gon
Mt. Scott Pubiiebing Company, 5812,
day evening. There was a large attend­ afternoon and evening:
Have you ever tried our Special Blend Coffee?
30c lb.
with the changes to be made,
92nd St. S. E , Portland. Editor, Mrs,
ance and a pleasant evening wm spent.
for 55C
and with the reduction in ser­ The annual election of officer» occurred 3:30 Music, Anabel Presbyterian Sun­ St. S. E., Portland. .Managing Edit >r,
J. Sanger Fox, 8912 »2nd St. S. E.,
vice W hen put into effect, that at tbia time resulting in the appoint-
Go to your butcher for spare ribs, but come to
Song Service.
Portland. Circulating Manager, J. Al­
the commission will not hesitate rnent of Mrs J. C. McGrew a» president
us for some “Silver Thread” Sauer Kraut.
1 A/*
Prayer, Rev. Jno. E. Nelson, len Dunoar; 5912 92nd St. S. E. Port­
to put into effect an increase in with Mrs. Rowley as vice-president,
Try it. It ia very good.
Per quart......................... AW
land. O vners are: J. Sanger Fox,
Anabel Presbyterian Church.
♦ »
Mrs. Hawkins secretary and Mrs. Nellie
5114 95tn St. S. E. Portland. Minnie
rates to six cents.
Music, Ladies Kapella Quartette. Goodenoogh Hyde, 6423 94th St. S. E.
Wood worth treasurer. The presence of
An abundance of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables always in stock
Appointing of Nominating Com­ J. Allen Dunbar, 9412 55th Ave. S. E.
By this decision the position Rev. and Mrs. Moore added to the
mittee, by President Bradford. Portland. Mortgagee, Multnomah State
taken by the P. R. L. & P. Co., pleasure of the occasion. Refreshments
Address, “Seed,” Rev. Hugh Bank, 92nd St. 8. E , Portland, Oregon.
that their revenues from their were served at the close of the program 4:00 Fraser
J. Sanger Fox, affirmed and subscrib­
Drop in. We appreciate your patronage, no
Given, First U. P. Church. ed before me this Sth day of Octotter,
street car department are entire- and bQ8ineM •«•»on.
Hymn, by audience, all standing. 1917. C. C. Wiley, Notary Public for
matter how small the purchase may be
ly inadequate to meet the pres-
Music. Grace Evangelical Sunday Oregon. Mv commission expirea Nov.
School Orchestra.
ent demands has been vindicated Millard Ave. Presbyterian Church,
by the Public Service Commis­ The Christian Endeavor Rally at the 4:45 Address, High School Credit« for
Bible Study in the Sunday School, I
sion of this State, a body of men.
_____ Millard Ave. church last Sunday even-
by Prof. 8. F. Ball, Principal of
three in number, Messrs. Frank inl? wMconducted by Miss Grace ,'pauld-
Franklin High School.
D 1215
’ Miller,
president. Foreword« for the year
Fred *_____________________ing,
G. Buchtel, and
Business Session.
' were given by the various committee
Offering, Invitations received
, comprising short speeches by
H kh '
Institute in Jan­
subject to the Will of
the aw
Dr. Wm. Rees
-- | V>MV«
J Wlli 1*1
1 Vfcwrcij
uary ; Election of Officers; An­
There is no question that popular an*l K**sie Strang, lookout committee,
Office and Residence, *Ss E With Hl.
sentiment is against the P. R. L. The fo,lowin« are *°m‘*
U* points
& P- Co-, its attitude toward the
Pot-luck luuch and social
il j
1 $3 d .( j 0 for millions.
Jitneys, and .to methods of Col- 2 Better attendance at the meetings
B<lw. 2W,
cordially invited to remain for the
lecting interest on electric light | held at the Old People1« Home,
evening session.
Telephone efficiency is built into [the
Mt. Scott Herald
corporation should be forced to
live up to its agreement with the
city to give five cent car aervice.
But there ia no doubt that in case
of a strike among its employes
the Company will blame the
general public who, as in all such
cases, will be the chief sufferer.
-J. S. F.
Underwear for Fall and Winter Wear
Women, Misses and Children, Men and Boys
Church Notes
The Stevens’ Cash Dept. Store
You are Invited
A Stitch in a Tire
Saves Mileage
Professional Directory
.crre.t a"nle?ed by and
Efficiency is tiuiit-Not Horn
accounts, being merely examples
of a policy which has fallen more
and more into disfavor with the
For this sentiment it
Loa znm I r *
4.^ ui
0 Llame. The
taking up of the cudgels by the
Public Service Commission must
ifndoubtedly be a great relief to
the Company, but it ia doubtful
e fact that this body
of men IS convinced of the
righteousness of the Company’s
position will have -«much effect
upon public opinion. Rightly or
... » i s
J .
wrongly the public feels that it
P. R' L. &P. Co.,
3 ^ew member».
E vening S ession .
4 Reading of pledge at consecration 7:00 Music, Anabel
,nd when new niwnbera are
Sunday School Orchestra.
tBJen in'
Song Service.
John Guy Wilson
Automatic Telephone and with it goes
■m Plttock Block
economy, large free service area and
Office Consultation Eeenln«* by. Appointment
5 Promptness and better observance 7:30 Young People«’ Praise and De­
of parlimentary rule« at bnaineaa sessions
vi tional Service.
6 More friendliness (a la David <»ray-
Music, Grace Evangelical Sunday
*,n- >
School Orchestra.
7 EarnKrtnew! an,i intensivene«« of 8:00 An Inspirational Address. Sub­ Piano Lessons at Your Home at 6Oc
He Will Call
ject anti speaker to he announced.
The ladies of the Congregational Tabor
491« Mth St
brought greetings from over the state
Church will provide coffee and cocoa for
and congratulat-si the society on the out-
all. Those attending are requested to
look *or tbe
service, she also bring sandwiches, doughnuts or other Office Mamhnll ■ 909
aM,,ranf* of co-operation,
material that may be used in making
,nMr Em''* 'WBn"°n’ 1Oo“nty. ,^okout up the luncheon.
Chairman, empha«ized the fact that
Dr. F. M. Brooks
The combined orchestras will assist
of living >s not »o much in the
644 Oregonian Building
in each of the song service«, which will
a^a‘n3t the things which a man does, but in what
be conducted by Mr. E. P. Town of the
and that that} he purpoees to do.
Anabel Presbyterian Sunday School. SP*®*-**** ,n Surgery
unlimited number of calls at low rates
Call A 6221—Contract Department —
and our representative will call.
I ( _ b I _|< b A l¥l
Tab. 1450
Candies’ Confectionery, Fruits, Soft
Drinks, Bakery Goods, Tobacco and
Cigars, Light Lunches
Bohna’s Confectionery