Mt. Scott herald. (Lents, Multnomah Co., Or.) 1914-1923, June 28, 1917, Page 2, Image 2

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Piye Tint
Mt. Scott Herald
Published Every Th ir-la) at Lenta, Oregon by
Tn« Mt 8< mtt n mi-Hi—i t onraNv
J RANGRB FOX. Mauasln« F.liter.
MINNIE«,<M»|iEN*'f*«H HYt»E N.««» Editor"
J. ALLEN DVNBAR. Circulating Managet.
Enteret as «ecoud-ela*» mall matter Febru
ary It. ISI4. at the p.«»l ottlee at tenta. Oregon,
under act of Congre—, Man h S 1ST».
Il * year, in ■•G»n<*r
interi pi ion price
honk »:
T ahi 'R
D 61.
The Gospel ot The Clean Plate.
If the non-|»artisan movement
is to succeed in accomplishing
any permament good it must use
the initiative. This weapon is
what they sought and still seek
in North Dakota. In Oregon we
can, if we will, do all that the
non-partisan movement in North
Dakota has tried to do and so far
The United States spend hun­
dreds of millions on its water
ways and allows the trans|>orta-
tion trust to keep them from be­
ing used. As part of a National­
ly owned and operated transpor­
tation system the rivers would
be utilized to relieve conjestion.
So would tne ocean.
Sunday, July 1st, has been
designated as “Food Saving Sun­
day.” Herbert Hoover has ap­
pealed to the ministers of the
country to preach upon the sub­
ject, advocating the elimination
of waste from every home in the
land. Our allies in Europe are
fast approaching a condition of i Tnere are more traitors in Con­
famine. If we have any patriot­ gress needing to be sent to mili­
ism we cannot do less than take tary prisons than in any other
no more on our plates than we aggregation in the United States.
can eat. The saving of one slice They talk while the people are
of bread in each home per day plundered, and they know why
would be the equivalent of the they talk and for how much.
wheat grown from 400,000 acres.
In view of the world crisis and
The food speculator
the people on the other side of charges one-third for his risk and
the sea soon to be in want, let trouble may be a pirate, but what
loyal Americans eat less meat, of the big land speculator, who
provide fewer expensive Sunday does nothing and raises prices as
dinners, dispense with extrava­ his community labors and plans
gant evening partiesiand thus to increase production?
help win the war for the de­
The state administration ¡stak­
mocracy of tne world.
no steps to dispose of the
We hope every church, civil,
fraternal, and patriotic society in state farm loan bonds. They are
the Mt. Scott District will help a good investment, but the local
to spread the "gospel of the banking ring in Oregon says NO.
clean plate.” Many men can
We are to pay for a complete
not carry arms.
Women and
of new roads for the trans­
children are not expected
trust in this country
But all can do their part in help­
that trust the entire
ing to cut off the general wastage
of the country which Secretary of
Commerce Redfield says would,
Wake Lp America.
in one year, pay off the $7,000,-
Fault finding and railing at Congress
000,000 war loan.
The Government expects every is not a pleasure to any editor. It is u
naisance—it leaves a nasty taste in the
person to do his duty. — J. A. D. mouth. But there are times when rail­
Cities Are Judged By Homes.
It's the homes in a city which
index its progressiveness. The
business district soon loses
it’s freshness and attractiveness
in the discriminating mass of
brick and mortar, glaring signs
and noisy automobiles, a sight
tiresome to the eyes and weari­
some to the nerves.
But, in the residence section
is where one forms the opinion
whether they would like to live
in this city or not.
Modern homes portray char-
acter and individuality, radiating
cheerfulness and contentment—
a standing invitation to become
a member of that community or
city: an assurance of neighborly
neighbors, for who would like
to live in a city where they
would not have good neighbors?
Cities with modem homes are
cities with high standards of
morals, so modern homes better
a city morally.
Land Monopoly.
Collect up a herd of 1,000 of
the most stupid donkeys in
Mexico. The four-legged kind,
I mean.
Place them in a pasture suf­
ficient to comfortably provide
feed for 40,000.
Would they starve?
Would there be a shortage of
Not unless these donkeys were
fools enough to allow four or five
of their number to keep them off
95 per cent of the grass area and
drive them to the scanty and
rocky hills.
There is plenty of land, and
plenty of labor in this country.
Who and what keeps them
The socialist machine in the;
United States and in every state
in the Union is so absorbed in re­
volving its own machinery that it
only rattles around when there is
anything to be done. That is
why the socialists get nowhere.
Their machine is more likely to
fight fundamental reforms, as a I
machine, than to help pull any­
thing along the road of progress.
bantielkdl Church.
Regular services will l*e hekl at the
Evangelical Church on Sunday morn­
ing. There will I m * no evening service
at tlie congregation will join iu the
union service at the Baptist Church.
Children's I'ay was observed last Sun­
day with appropriate anti pleasing ex­
friends Church.
♦♦ ♦
Millard Ave. Presbyterian Church.
Published by order of
St. Paul s t piscopdl Church.
l'lie otlicera of the Vestry of til. I'aul'«
Episcopal Church for liie coming year
area» tolloas: Senior warden, I'eytou
Taylor; juuior wardeu, R. B. Wood;
clerk, I*. R. Dunbar; iioard of directors,
>aiuuei J, Alien, Ray Sheppard, Rohl.
1'. Wai, C. L. Geaeil, R. Smith, Fredrlc
Geaell ami I*. 1'. Harris. St. Paul'«
Guild: President, Bertha Boatright;
vice president, Ellen Forey, secretary-i
treasurer, J. E. Glover.
1'he church closes a most successtul
year in «pile of prevailing hard time«
The presents rector, Rev. O. N. lay lor
is a most able ot>lor aud much lieloved
by Ina people.
Rev, Taylor officiated al lh«> recent
weddiug ot Miss Ruth L. Geaell ami II.
B. Wagstaff. St. Paul’« congregation
wish them a long aud happy life. They
will reside at Woodmere.
St. Paul’s was well represented at the
Episcopal Church picnic at Paninaula
Park Tuesday,
I •
Does Money 'Rurn a Hole In
Your Pocket?
Have a String
Your Dollar
If you are • landlord th« DOL­
If you ar« employed la town R
I! you tend M out of town R
Christian Endeavor society. Outside
■ |H*akers bave lieeii luvited «ml an uti*
usually interesting meeting 1» promised.
Everyone is luvited to attend.
I'lie double quartette oi the Ampiilon
Male Chorus » ill l*e present al the Sun­
day exeiung service amt render several
»elections appropriate to the patriotic
program ol the evening's service. Come
ami hear lheui.
The services Sunday morning were
conducted by the pastor, Miss lain'im
Terrill. Rev. F. M George, of Sunny
aid** church Quarterly Meeting Superin­
tendent of Evangelistic work w»< pres­
ent to introduce Mi.*« Terrill to the church
and give her Ilia support at her tirvt
The new minister ha.** a pleasing deliv­
ery. is logical in the presentation ot her |
th“me, has a wide range of information 1
to draw upon for illustrations, and above
all preaches thc“whole gospel’* to the.
satisfaction of the moat devout.
large mini of money on your person there always is u
In the evening Geo. L. Carr, I. Allen
temptation to spend, llow often is it said that “money
Dunbar, J. Sanger Fox and Mrs. Geo. L.
burns a hole in his pocket?” It will not burn a holo in your
Carr gave re|*ort!< of the various sessions
pocket if you liank it. Don’t procrastinate. Open an account
of the yearly meeting just held at New-
4 with us today.
lierg. Mrs. Tamplin presided over this;
part of the meeting alter which the past­
or preached a short discourse
Lents, Cregon
On Tuesday the Missionary Society
met at the home of Mr». M V. Spencer.
*.M22, Foster Roa«f it lieing the occaasion
of her birthday. A sumptuous dinner
St. Peters Church.
was served, Mrs. Spencer receiving tine
Food Saving Sunday will be ooaerved (
cakes as well as many presents in honor
a sermon on the subject will be ,
of the day.
fur M|iiarr dealing stands
Mrs. Wong, a Chinese la«iy was pres­ preached by the priest. Rev. Bentgen, a
buck of every foot of luinl»*r
ent and addressed the ladies.
The subject of the lesson for the day war is the greatest tragedy in history
hi - «<*11
It must give Mtis-
was “Peace and the Kingdom,” the last l he Christian world is praying for peace
but the men who are in the lead at the |
(action to th« purchaser,
of the series for the year.
Tuerslay afternoon Miss E*lna Burns« seat of government think the end may
whether hr lu< a contractor
took her class of girls for a hike up1 not come inside of five years
ordering thonsamls of feet
The President, dearer than ever to ,
Johnson Creek They report a go«>*l
time with no accidents worse than ten-
of lumbr <>r a ■mail pur­
dor tiesh irritate«! Gy stinging nettles. the exploitation of the resources of the
Besides Miss Burns the company in­ i-ountry for the enrichment of the few
cluded Ma«igi- Tamplin, Alice Ca rr 1 and is exhorting each of us to “do our
Myrtle Deeth, Mabel Littlefield and bit to help win the war."
Each American family is wasting
Master Leslie Burns.
a year in food alone.
l^t us save the ounces, the extru
Kern Park Christian Church.
slices of bread, and cut off all self in- ! ■
The Pastor, Rev. G. K. Berry, will dulgence. Let us use our parent's«
preach a patriotic sermon on Sunday methods of frugality and thrift by
morning, In the evening at ** o'clock he storing supplies from the garden ami
Lumber, Shingles, Lath, Sasb and Doors, Nails,
will give a lecture on "The Religion of , orchard for winter and serve the
xiuth America.” This subject will also remnants of our me d in another form •
Builders’ Hardware, Rooting and Building Paper
Is* di-s uMed in the Christian Endeavor at the next. We owe it to the world
to be its goo<i Samaritan ami practice
service at 7 o’clock.
Rev. Berry left Monday morning fori the greatest chnstian grace -charity —
Bend, < >rv., where tie will spend the week j every day in the year,
labor >116
lioth St., 4 blocks from foster
Home ¿411
holding evangelistic services for a n»*w
congregation that is being established in
There is one Cro«» we sboul«! all
that place.
cheerfully shouhier. Trial's the Red I I
The last eight chapters of 2nd Sam. Cross.
will be studied in prayer meeting on
Thursday evening.
A very special C. W. B. M. meeting is
to be held at the church Thursday after­
noon from 2 to 4 o’clock. The special
music was groatly enjoyed at last Sun­
Tabor 2181
5927 92nd SL S. E.
day’s services.
The Christian Endeavor rally will lie
held at the Sellwood Christian Church
on July 1 Sth. Prizes will lie given tothe
society having the larg»*st attendants* on
that occasion.
ing is not only a virtue, but an alisolute
necessity if the people an* to la* protect­
ed from petty thieves ami highway rob­
ber barons.
The retail price of potatoes is a fair
illustration of the results of congression­
al slacking.
Up in the potatoe districts of Wiscon­
sin farmers ar»* reported to lie receiving
a dollar a bushel for their output. In
Chicago, only a comparatively lew miles
distant, the consumer is paying four dol­
lars a bushel.
Who gets the three dollais?
If there was ever a time in the history
of our country when the American peo-
pie should rise up in their might and de­
mand congressional action that time is
RIGHT now .
Robber food barons will suck the
blood of the consumer just as long as
congross dallies and slack« and does
nothing, and with a few notable excep­
tions the national law makers will do
Methodist Church.
absolutely nothing until they are literal­
On Sunday morning next Mr. Jasper
ly kicked to the point of performing
will preach a patriotic sermon. The
their sworn duty.
evening service has been taken up, the
Speed up the kicker!
congregation will participate in the
union service to lie held in the Baptist
Church in connection with the Sunday
School Institute, which will begin at
Remember the Ladies’ Aid Bazaar
tomorrow (Friday) afternoon ar,<1 even­
There will tie a lot of »plendiil
♦ ing.
: articles on sale, including aprons, rug-,
fancy articles, etc. Light lunches will
be served during the afternoon and a
substantial «iinner at six o'clock. Take
the afternoon off and take the family i
down to the church for dinner at six
o'clock. There will lie a program in
the evening.
Troop 2, of the Boy Scouts, accom-J
panied by Mr. Jasper, took a hike up to
Mt. Scott Tuesday evening, where they
enjoyed a camp fire council and a
The Epworth lyague have arranged a
“hay rack” ride for the Fourth. They
will leave about 8:30 in the morning of
that day for Clear Creek, Clackamas
County, where they will sjs*nd tin* »lay
in a royal goo<l time. Then* will lie
plenty of “eats,” including a weiner
roast around a camp fire in the <*ariy
evening before returning home. The
plans for the «lay’s pleasure are being
Remember that when you
perfect«! by the Fourth Department
spend a dollar with the
under the leadership of Mrs. Maud
Bleything. Fourth Vice-President.
home merchant IT STAYS
♦ ♦
Mt Scott Herald
The Christian Endeavor society held
their monthly social on Friday evening
at the home of J. Re«I, 78th St. and
87th Ave. S. E. The lawn was lighted
by Japanese lanterns. Many old fash­
ion«! games were played during the so­
cial hour which concluded with a most
libera) feast of ice cream and cake.
About thirty-five were present.
A patriotic service will be held at the
church ot< Sunday evening, July 1st, be­
ginning at 7:00. The program for the
entire evening will lie in charge of tbs
Yard at Lents Jet
“Extra Choice Meats”
Jersey Bell Butter
See Me
If your cas­
ings give'
way before 1 /
their time,
perhaps your tubes
are at fault Don't
blame the casings
until after you talk
to me.
Perhaps your tubes
leak air slowly so
that you run on low
pressure a good part
of the time.
If this is true you
ought to replace
your tubes at once
with Goodyears, for
these tubes are con­
structed in the right
way to hoid a i r prop-
erlyand to lastalong
time, giving your
casings a chance to
deliver all the mile­
age that has been
built into them.
I especially recom­
mend Goodyear
Heavy Tourist
There tuber are typical
of the high »tandard
maintained In every
product »old by ut.
Axel Kildahl, Prop.
«1» Fouter K<1
Tabor MZI I> «1
C l\ V 1 vz C,
is the key that
unlocks the door to
The SUCCESS of our business depends upon our SERVICE
Our select family trade likes to’say
satisfying our customers
Tabor 1477
92nd St. and Woodstock Ave
All kinds of sheet metal supplies. Chicken Foun­
tains, Garbage Cans, Roof Gutters and
all Galvanized Iron Sundries.
You can pay 10c to go Portland and buy OUR goods and carry them
home, but you can buy them cheajier right at home.
A. S. PEARCE; The Tinsmith, Foster Rd. (Opposite P.O.)
It’s long odds that you are not- if you are ruptured and
wearing one of those common crude trusses.
No need of remaining in this condition. Call at our branch
office and let our representative tell you what the Brooks Ap­
pliance can do for you. Consultation and Examination Free
Graduate nurse always in attendance.
Branch Office Mt. Scott Pharmacy.
Office hours: 2 to 4 p. m., Wednesday
and Saturday of each week.
Rm°"" »u«oe