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Lents, Multnomah County, Oregon, Nov., 30, 1916.
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Vol. 14.
New York Tunnel Buildor Now
Secretary of the Treasury.
Miss Jeanette Rankin of Montana
Plans Her Work For Congress.
Will Promote
Social Welfare
Movemen L
No. 48.
American Military Officers Instruct­
to Study European War
Manouvers; Mobilization of Na­
tional Guard Possible.
New York.—Tbe war coiiege nae
been directed to make a new atudy of
“a proper military policy for tbe Unit­
ed State«." In this study the problem
of securing trained men in the event of
war will be considered, snd therefore
aa a consequence the war coiiege will
report on the merits of tbe volunteer
snd universal military service systems.
It Is understood that the war college
will take Into euuaideration the events
of tbe Eurepean war. Al) tbe United
States army observers have been un­
der Instructions to make a careful
) .study of the military policies of tbe
belligerents. Most of these reports
have been received nt the war college
and are now being reviewed. Not only
Bllawoiila, Mont. — MI m Jeannette
Rankin, whoa« elect lou to coagrees la
assured. views th« approach of that
naw itrw with tl>« utmost equa­
nimity That la a habit she baa. In
th» day a when alia accompanied her
fatlicr on trip« to l>la lumber cainim
th« gusto with which the occasional
meal* alir cooked were received by
the crows of fifty or sixty men arous­
ed not the slightest perceptible con­
Hhe took It aa a matter of cottrae
that ahe could cook and that men
should like her cooking. Although a
glow of Inner pride warm« her voice
In apeaking of her election, ahe seems
to take It rather aa a matter of conrac
I'olttlcigiM Give Iler Ito <|Ulllma
“No." alia wild, "I m not nervous
about going Io congress. I've been
Donahsy in Cleveland Plain Dealer
bankin .
working poHtlelana and for political
matters no long that I feel I'm a vet­
eran lu the game
“Of course I'll make apeecbee. I've
been making them for the lant eight
years. Social welfare Icglalatlou la my
chief concern and will lx». I’ve had
aomethlug to <to with a children's
home society in Washington (ahe wan
the official home Under for bomidnea
children tn Seattle), and 1 know the
Jieeda of the yuimgatera. That work
Jtav,» me an Insight into th« nceda of
balden, older children and young
adults, and It la for them I nhall work
Mina Rankin la thirty-five yearn old.
makea her own hats and gowns, la
wrapped up In children, han made
stump apeecbee all ever the United
Staten and In New Zealand and has
her own opinions on the tariff. She
wan born on a ranch near Missoula
and since ahe wan graduated from the
University of Montana here ban been
busy with teaching, aortal servico work
and campaigning. She in a Republican.
“I knew the womerf would atand by
me.” aald Mine Rankin when she waa
assured that she had been elected aa
the first woman In congress. "The wo­
men worker! splendidly, and I am sure
that thoy feel that the results have
been worth the effort I am deeply
conscious of the responsibility, and it
la wonderful to have the opportunity
to be the first woman to alt In con­
gress. I will wot only represent ths
women of Montana, but also the wo­
men of the country, and I have plenty
of work cot out for me."
Utourdte Has fire
A boot the biggest calamity that ever
befell Iatourelle came Rnnday afternoon
when a lire destroyed the principal tftjai-
neae building, belonging to Henry
Schults, a two story merchandise and
feed store.
For a time It looked aa
though the entire town would go but
volunteers helped to fight the flames
and the losses were minimised at 96000
with 94000 insurance. The focal phone
-company was pnt out of bnsinees as its
switch waa in the store.
John David Corbin Dead
John D. Corbin of Damascus died
Wednesday morning, aged 70.
was due to Bright’s disease. Mr. Cor­
bin has iswn a Damascus resident the
past five years.
The funeral was held
at 2:30 Thursday afternoon and he waa
buri d at Damascus.
He leaves a son,
C H. Corbin of 138tl Division street.
The Pendleton woolen mills book a
920.000 order for marching uniforms.
Jack London, ths famous author. :
who died suddenly last week at hia
The Southern Pacific car she. tage
California home.
was 3187 on Saturday.
Pendleton will again have a munici­
pal Christmas tree celebration this
Richest Indian In Northwest
Shipments of goats to the eastern
St. Paul.—The owner of 30.000 acres
»f rich South Dakota land and so sections of the United States have
many cattle that be makes no ef­ begun again In Polk county.
The turkey raisers of Douglas coun­
fort to keep count of them, Louis
Agard, probably the richest Indian in ty have received approximately 840.-
I the northwest. Is not much Interested 000 for their y »duct this year,
whether cash wheat goes to $2 or 810
Clerks and . asklllcd workmen etn-
Mr. Agard Is a great deal more inter
ployed by the .-W. R. & N. company
r«ted In the cattle trade than he Is In
are due for ai ncrease In wages.
the wheat market, and when he dis
January 4. . and 6 are the dates
l«s«-d of a toad of stock calves at
' South BL Paul recently nt a recon) set for the meeting of the annual Ore­
gon irrigation congress, to convene at
price the South Dakota Indian pro
Inounced It “a g»»>d market.” and said Portland.
' Ms “bunch win right.” But any effort
The car shortage Is not only'lffhlt-
i to make his hands Itch for some of the Ing the output of the lumber mills of
ft.Bl wheat money was unavailing.
Oregon, but is delaying the erection
“Nothing to this wheat farming,"
of new mills,
aatd Agard emphatically.
“I raise
Marion county will hold its third
Just enough ft>r feed and no more.
Cattle t« the business. I have been annual corn show at Salem, beginning
raising cattle for twenty-seven years, Monday. December 11. and continuing
and I guess I am entitled to own some until Saturday. December 16.
Electrification of the Southern Pa­
land. Part of ft is In allotments, but
most of ft I Itought. 1 was born and cific line between Whlteson and Cor­
raised on the Ktandlrig Rock reserva­ vallis will be complete and cars will
be in operation about March 13.
Recently Agnrd sold an entire sec­
Lane county, with a population of
tion of land within the city limits of
36,M>0. is without a prisoner in the
McIntosh, the county scat He still
owns considerable property ta that county jail or a jailer. This condition
has pretailed since October 30.
Charles A. Murphy, chief engineer
As near aa h« can figure be owns
nineteen quarter sections of land, all of ths hospital for the insane at Pen­
In one bunch, on the reservation. He dleton, was chosen as warden of the
has about aaven miles of bls lands Oregon prison by the state board of
A load of stock calves which he
The food and dairy code, passed by
brought in the other day brought 910
the last legislature, has been a suc­
a hundredweight, a record price for
cess, according to the biennial report
calves of that weight 310 pounds.
Stock heifers averaging 700 pounds of Dairy and Food Commissioner
earned 9'1 75 a hundred, while a lot of Mickle.
With some of the finest livestock
030 cows cashed at 90 even.
Mr. Agard, who la a half breed, was in the United States on exhibition the
accompanied by Jim Little Eagle and Pacific International Livestock exhi­
Louis Archambault, also half breeds, bition will open at Portland Monday,
and Paul Middle Bull, a full blood.
December 4.
Members of the Rogue River Fish
Union thanksgiving Service
Protective association have voted un­
animously for an unconditional stand
A union Thanksgiving service, under for the closing of Rogue river to com­
the auspices of
the Mount Beoti mercial fishing.
Oregon railroads are planning an
W. C. T. U., waa hehi in the Grace
Evangelical church on Thanksgiving increase in the demurrage charges ex­
morning at 10:30.
The following pro­ acted of shippers who keep equipment
gram waa rendered: Voluntary; Bing­ out of use beyond the 48-hour “free
ing Doxology, Congregation; Invocation, time” allowance.
The ooraerstons of the new federal
Rev. John Riley; Hymn, Congregation;
Scripture Lesson;
Union building, which la under oonateueU««
minute addresses. fft Roaebwrg. Was laid Monday after-
“Why Should Oregon Be Thankful,”
Rev. Hornachuch; “Why Should the
Pacific Coast Be Thankful,” Rev. Jan-
per ; Music; “Why Should the United
Htatee Be Thankful,” Rev. Nelson,
“Why - Should
the World
Thankful,” Mrs. Nettie Riley; Bolo,
“Victory,” Mrs. Jasper; Hymn, Con­
gregation; Benediction.
A Home For Young Meo
Carpenters are busily at work at Grace
Evangelical church finishing one of the
large rooms in the Itaeement of the
chnrch building which has been set
apart for a home for }onng men.
Pastor Homschneh is a hard worker.
here as in other departments ot church
He can drive a nail or fit a
board as well as any man in the car­
penter’s force.
This room, which is expected to be
completed In two weeks, will he open
every evening for the enjoyment of the
young men at Lenta.
There is a fine,
large Areolae«, and a splendid library
has been provided.
The Oregon State Teachers’ ass»
elation will convene In Portland De­
cember 27 for a three days' session,
at which several hundred teachers
from all parts of Oregon will be In
The price of forage in national for­
ests Is to be raised gradually from
the present price, about one-third of
the market value of such forage, to
two-thirds of the fee charged by pri­
vate owners.
State Engineer Lewis has granted
permission to the Rlue Mountain
Ditch enmnanv. of Mount Verdon. to
appropriate the waters of the John
Day river for the irrigation of 1200
acres of land.
A plan whereby high school stu­
dents will be trained in social duties
and responsibilities has been proposed
by J. A. Churchill, state superintend­
ent of public instruction, in a bulletin
issued on the subject
“Not guilty" was the verdict in the
case of John Allen, charged with the
murder of Lewis Butts, at the Allen
home near Hereford, August 18. The
verdict was returned in the Baker
county court at Baker.
Two new postofflces have been es­
tablished in Oregon, one at Happy.
Harney county, with Miss Matilda Mc-
Crudden as postmaster, and the other
at Lost Valley, Wheeler county, with
Joseph H. Cons as postmaster.
The Wasco County Stockmen's as­
sociation has been organized at Tygh
Valley. A large number of stockmen
representing all sections of Wasco
county attended the meeting, and
much interest waa shown in forming
this county association.
Bills to provide fer compelling auto­
mobiles to come to a full stop upon
approaching all railroad grade cross­
ings. and to prohibit trespass upon
railroad rights of way will be promot­
ed before the coming Oregon legisla­
ture as the result of a conference held
at Portland under ths auspices of the
state public service commission, at
which railroad representatives and of­
ficers of automobiles participated.
acumi work on the construction ot
the proposed Oregon, California &
Eastern railway will begin immediate­
ly upon tbe final ontworklngs of cer­
tain legal formalities at Klamath Falls
and Laheview. With everything work­
ing without hitch, this is possible of
solution within 30 days.
In behalf of candidates for state
and district offices and tor and
against the various measures voted
upon at the recent general election In
Oregon, the sum of >87,479.11 was ex­
pended prior to the election, according
to statements filed in the office of
Secretary of State Olcott.
The proposed Oregon statewide auto
association died a natural death last
week when the directors of the Port­
land Automobile chib decided to alter
their by-law* te permit them to branch
ont to embrace the statewide pro­
gramme suggested by the organisers
ef the toatntivo asoociatlen.
Two OaHfesola Ugnor Orasa. Mated
at Morabreek. Oak. jest aeraaa the
Oregaa Baa, who have
delag a
to 91F.M9 Per month are
to fight Or Sosa's abeeluto prohibition
"boas dry" law when ft besom os ef­
fective ta January, it la eaid.
Tbe honor of turning the ftrat dirt
in the oonatructlen of the Oregon.
California * Eastern railroad ia to
be shared between Mre. Robert E.
8trahorn and Mrs. George MoDoaald.
tbe oldeet living white woman resi­
dent of Klamath county, according to
an announcement made at Klamath
Talk of a recall of members of the
county court of Polh county has been
revived. A movement of that kind
was started several weeks ago, but
sufficient number of signatures were
not secured to the petitions to bring
the matter before the voters at the
time of the regular election on No­
vember 7.
Who it is said will retire from
Secretaryship to engage in banking.
Mexican Army Under 100.000
If General Carranza called bis entire
federal army into service against the
United States he would bare not more
than 52,000 men. This was tbe esti­
mate furnished to the United States
war department at tbe time of the
Vera Cruz troubles, and there has not
been much of an increase since then.
Most of these troops were quartered
in Mexico City, Guadalajara. Tam­
pico, Zacatecas. Mazatlan, Lastilal,
Guanajuato. Acapulco. Victoria. Valles
and Puebla until March of this year,
when tbe general northern movement
toward the Arizona border slowly be­
When the headquarters of Carranza
were at Vera Cruz—and that was the
time the last estimate of Mexican fight­
ing strength was furnished to the war
department—General Obregon had a
force of about 20,000 near Leon. Gen­
eral Pablo Gonzales, at Puebla, com­
manded 15)000 men. Other armies of
Carranza on tbe east and west coasts
number about 17,000. This make« a
total of 52,000 troops who are suppos­
ed to be faithful to the first chief.
When General Villa’s beadquarters
were at Chihuahua—just before bis re­
moval to Aguas Callentes— hta total
force numbered 40.000 men, and the
greater part of these, the war depart­
ment has been informed, moved back
of Villa when be traveled north to
make bls raid at Columbus. Though
many of these guerrilla warrior* were
put to flight by General Pershing, ft to
sold that they bare gone into Carran­
za camps. Before General Zapata be­
gan a movement toward the east from
Mexico City be bad 10.000 men.
About 5.000 men are engaged in guer­
rilla warfare In various parts of the
republic. These include Yaqul Indians
In Sonora and 3.000 men in the moun­
tains of San Luis Potosi under EulaHa
Mexico's peace strength tn 1910 was
estimated at 43.969; reserved. 42,753;
total war strength. 90,742; total avail­
able unorganized. 3,013,595. Mexico's
population at that time was estimated
at 15.063,207.
Family Zoo Route Polios.
will the question as to the ability of n
nation to raise soldiers under tbe two
systems be gone into, but also the rel­
ative effectiveness of volunteer and
compulsory service troo;«. according
to an editorial in tbe Army and Navy
“The mobilization of the national
guard will also be studied by tbe war
college," says the writer, "as will other
experiences of this country in raising
volunteer troops. The volunteer sys­
tem has so many acknowledged weak­
nesses from a military standpoint that
there is little question as to what the
report of the war college will be. The
report, however, will be of inestimable
value in tbe consideration of this ques­
tion by congress at tbe approaching
“It Is presumed that Chairman Cham­
berlain of the senate committee on mil­
itary affairs will carry out bls plan of
taking up his bill In the senate com­
mittee at the approaching session. Uni­
versal military training will be * lire
subject when congress convenes In De­
Lents Oddfellows Prosperous
Lents Oddfellows are enjoying a
period of prosperity.
Great interest ia
being shown in he lodge’s work.
ly a dozen new candidates have been
admitted for initiation and degree work
will be strenuous the remainder of the
The lodge has decided to install a hot
air heating plant for the lower floor,
at-comtnodaiing the Kenworthy Under­
taking Company.
The officers elect for the ensuing term
are W. E. Goggins, N. G.; Wm. Ander­
son. V. G.; J. W. McNeil, Becy.;
F. R. Peterson, Treaa,
Sioux City, la.—When a police raid­
ing squad entered the cellar of tbe M.
Urbech reeidenee here a goat charged
ridooely and drove ths men out In
When they nought to ex­
amine a pile of hay In the back yanl
for hidden liquor An angry hail routed
Breslum Has Big Fire
them: than tba family watch dog Mt
a ramtt Are
a poritemaa’s hand ' The worst fire in tbe post two years
*h*n aa attempt -waa made to slrest stroek Gresham Thursday about norek
The fine asw cannery, with all books
and records and considerable ranaed
deed aad tba anlmato were Impoaadad.
stock was destroyed. Just bow the firs
started will never be known bat it *
Millard Ave. C.E. Will futertain supposed to have caught from tbe fire.
The wind was strong from tbe east, the
On Friday evening, Dec. 8, the Chris­ water supply waa entirely out off and
tian Endeavor Society of tbe Milland the fire department was helpless.
Avenue Presbyterian chnrch will give an losses will run into the thousands only
entertainment in the chnrch in the in­ partially covered by insurance.
terest of their share in the campaign for cannery is a stock company property
millions. The program has been so ar­ and as prospects for its success were fine
ranged as to give a variety of every­ it will probably be rebuilt.
thing, including a number of typical
scotch ongs by a well known local
Evening Star Will Meet Saturday
Scotch singer, and several readings by
one of Portland’s best young elocu­
The regular monthly meeting of Even­
tionist's. They have also arranged for ing Star Grange will be held Saturday.
several solos and duets aa well as two Matters of business importance will be
instrumental numbers.
considered. Annual election of officers
Some ot the beet talent in Portland will be held and a good program is an­
has l>een secured for this entertainment nounced.
John Whalley will speak;
and a good program is in etote for every­ Mies Adele Barnickel will sing snd Mias
one. The program will start promptly Niblin will dieeuse “The Need of Keep­
at 8 o’clock. Every one welcome.
ing Public Places Clean.”