Mt. Scott herald. (Lents, Multnomah Co., Or.) 1914-1923, November 16, 1916, Image 3

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    "One! Two! Three!"
“How long will yon Is* gone?" sb«*
Don’t Let Skin Trouble; Spread
At “twenty-five" the elder man grop queried.
ed Ills way to the often Imy window
"Oh. I haven't d<*’Me<! -a long time,
Trivial l>lemi*k«*i are sometime«« the
1 uml liowed at the carriage beneath. however.” he replied J.i a tone that l>e first warning of seriotM skin iliwanr«.
Arletd Baptist (hurch
There cum» the aotmd of hoofs and wlh'ered her. "It !« the first vneat! in Neglected «kin trmibl«*« grow. Dr.
9:45 a. m. Bible Bcboo).
| rolling wheels, uml the doctor, who lind I ever had. I want to make the u -st ilobawm'« Eeaema Ointment promptly
11 a. m. rraachiag service.
takan stand becd>- him. suw Miss of It.”
H:00 p. m. Evening service«.
stop« the progress of t-czema, heals
! Moore turn In her seat and wave them
"Yoa—were going away without say­
7:00 p m. B. Y. P. U. meeting.
>i last adieu, ¡'he blind man continued ing goodby to—your old friends?' Her stubtorn ca«M of pimple«, acne,
M :00 Thursday Prayer meeting.
to liixt irid ’ ml'.e In her direction even ilfia were white, and her brave attempt
Everybody aelrome to any and all of
| after the r nrt lage was lost to view to smile would bare t Ad him the truth rn-ptic «pialities of I)r. Holieon’« E«-z«-ma the«e service«.
W. T. R. Spriggs, pastor.
Thru !>'• felt Id« way back to the nrm- bad he s»-en it, but he ha ! only her tone Ointment kill the germ and prevent the
I < hulr it lid sank limply Into It.
to go by. so he nnswerc'i iudlffeiently, spreiei of the trouble. For cold «ore« or
“(Jone! I—I’ll never tie able to see
"AH my nrrungi-ments were made. I chapptsi tiands, Dr. Hobeon'« Eczema Millard Avenue Presbyterian Church
couldn't wait.”
her agn!n."
Ointment offem prompt relief. At your
¡0 a. m. Babbath Hcbool.
“Y’ou are offmxled with me.” said Druggist, fiOe.
HI* it** eats caused Huydum's throat
Il a. m. Morning worship.
Mlits Moor«* after a pntiHe. “How have
7 :p. m. Y. P. S. C. E.
to tighten miserably.
7:45 p. m. Evening worship.
A company at Eugene will incorpor­
I hurt you? What is it. please? 1—1
"Could you see her nt all?”
7:3<J p. m. Thursday, midweek service.
ate for F>-5.00ff to build logantjerry juice
“Only the outlines, Hut when »be bar«* b«*«*n loo forward jieriiap«.”
H p. m. Thursday, choir practice.
He dared not trust himself to nn- factory.
j coiiu - h back in the fail i'll lie as blind
Rev. Wm. H. Amo«, Pastor.
us n l>at!" He raise I an unsteady
t ham! to bis head and closed his eyes. went on painfully:
“I am sorry. I dl«l not want to seem
| "I can i.'tnnd anything except that!
St. Peter s Catholic Church
j But to lose sight of her dear face”— oold. I owe you ho much. We were
. The for- <• of bi« emotion wrenched a i such g'xnl friends”- In spite of her
8 a. m. Low M ims .
the new
I efforts her voice nbowed her suffering.
I groan from him.
10:90a. m. High Mans.
8:30a. m. Sunday St^iool.
k "I don't know what to make of her." I The man felt Ids loneiy heart swell
12 M. Choi i relu arsal.
«a«*! t i<< other. “Why1 didn’t you let ■ with Itnpo! •• to tell her all. to voice
Week days: Mass at 8 a. in.
91 and Foster
me go. Ito'i? It was her Inst goodby. ! his love In one breath!«-*« torrent of
j She vva; ted to be alone with you. She
j strain of repression lent him add«-d
might have“—
Seventh Day Adventist Church
“TimCs ft!*' exclaimed Austin. “1 brisquenv. « when In* strove to explain,
10 a. m. Saturday Sabbath School.
was afrnhl of myself; afraid I'd speak «nd it left her sorely hurt. HU cold
11 a. m. Saturday preaching.
7:30 p. m. Wednesday. Praver meeting
if 1 hud the cluin-e.” His voice wax Iniliffercnee fill«*d her with « hciim «» of
7:45 p. m. Sunday preaching.
like ii moan as he went on. “It's hard betrayal nnd <-h««-ked tin* Impn'-e
We make all kinds of chicken
—ban!, for sometimes I think she loves ; yearning In her b-cant. 8l«e had tmt
Huppliea, champion Sanitary
tie, she's *o H*ve< t uiid tender, n d In ; tbsl long with tierself liefor«* coming
Kern Park Chrlstain Church
those moments 1 am u god. But 1 . and now repented «<f her rashness, for
Fountains, Grit and Shell
Corner 69th St. ami 40th Ave. 8. E.
know It can’t be: that It Is only pity I It was plain he did not need her. as she
10 a. m. Bible School.
Boxes, Dry and Wet Mash
nnd gratitude that prompts her. Heav­ i had hoped, as «be had dreamed of
11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. preaching ser­
Hoppers and Troughs.
en knows I'm uncouth enough nt la-st. ; nights. Thia i-ertainly left her sick
We will Make Anything You
6:30 p. m. Cbristain Endeavor.
but now I have to exaggerate uiy rude nnd wound«'«!, ho she l>a«le him adieu
7:30p. m. Thursday, mid-week prayer
Want out of Sheet Metal
nesK. I plav n part—the part of a lum­ when the occasfon came nnd with ach-
bering. stupid lout, while my heart Is I Ing throat went blindly out and down
A cordial welcome to all.
breaking." He liowed Ills head In his the stairs.
Rev. G. K. Berry, Pae'.or.
Bring in Your Repairing, No Job
hands nnd <! » ! his dry. feverish eyes
The Instant she was gone Austin
too (“mall
I once more. "It’s cruelly hard, und I leaped to his feet, the agony of death
St. Pauls tpiscopal Church
dpon his f«*atures. Breathlessly he b«*-
can't keep It up.”
One block south of W’oodmere station
Th«* other man laid a hand ou hW gau to count:
Holy Communion the first Sunday of
"One' Two! Three!”—
shoulder and said, with husky tender-
each month at 8 p. m, No other ser­
He felt himself smothering and with
vices that day.
“I don't know whether you're doing one sweep of his hand ripped the col­
Every other Sunday the regular ser­
right or tv t. I—half suspect you are lar from hia throat.
vice« will be as usual.
The Herald is Only
doing her/» bitter ••rong.”
Evening Prayer and sermon at 4 p. m.
i "Five! Six! Seven!”—
“(Hi. l/.t sin- ■ un I she can't love
Sunday Sch«H>l meets at 3 p. m. B.
He was battling like a drowning
$1.00 Per Year
Boatwright, Supt, L. Msffett, See.
me!*' Amlin r*-e as if frightened. man. for iu truth the very breath of
Rev. O. W. Tavior Rec'or.
"She miglit yic'd to her iinfiuise au<* hia life was leaving him. A drumming
marry me, for sl:e has a heart of gold, -ante into his «ars. He felt that be
but It wouldn't last. She would learn must call to her before it was too late.
Lents hangelical Church
some time that it wr n't real love that He was «stunting aloud now. his voice
Sermon by the Pastor, 11 a. m. and
prompted the sacrlii- r. Theu 1 should like the moan of a man on the rack:
7:15 p. m.
Sunday School 9:45 a. m., Albert
“Nme! Ten!"
Fankhauser, Superintendent.
Tin.* ape- lulixt from Berlin came, but i A frenzy to voice bis sufferings
Y. P. A. 6:45 p. m. Paul Bradford,
refus«*d io o|H-iate. «!•** iariug bluntly ' swept over him. but he held himself.
Stop The First Cold
that there wan no use. and all during Only a moment more and she would be
Prayer meeting Thursday 8 p. m.
th«* long, hot. summer days Robert gone. Her life would lie spared this
A cold doee not get well of itoelf. The ! A cordial welcome to all.
Austin »at beside his open window dark shadow, and she would never proc«*s8 of wearing out a cold wears you \
T. R Hornschuch, Pastor.
wati hiug th«* light die out of his eyes, know.
waiting, uniting for th«* time to make
Toward the last he was reeling, but n«-gl<*cted
Hacking coughs drain the
his sa* rlfi<-v.
Lents friend’s Church
he continued to toll the seconds with
Buydam reiul Marmlon’« ch«?ery let the monotonous regularity of a time­ energv and sap the vitality. For 47
a. m. Bible School, Clifford
ters aloud, wondering the while at the piece, his every power centered on the
Barker Superintendent.
wistful note that sounded now and process. The Idea came to him that antiseptic balsams in Dr. King’s New
11 AX) a. m Preaching services.
then. He* answered them In his own he was counting his own flickering Discovery has liealed coughs and relieve«!
6:25 p. m. Christian Endeavor.
handwriting, which sin* hod never seen. i pulse throbs for the last time. With I cong«*stion. Young and old can testify
7:30 p. m. Preaching Services.
8:00 p. m. Thursday,
One «lay < nme the announcement that a tremendous effort of will he smooth­ to the effectiveness of Dr. King’s New
«he was returning th«* first w«*ek in ed bls face and felt his way to the ! Discovery for coughs and co)<ds- Buy a ' prayer meeting.
A cordial welcome to all these ter­
Octolwr. Already September was part open window, for by now she must be bottle today at your Druggist, 50c.
vice«. •
ly gone, so Austin decided to sail in a «Altering the landau. A moment later
John and Nettie Riley. Pastore.
week. At Ills dictation Suydam wrote anti ahe would turn to waft him her
"Then this—this« is the reason, sne
tc her. saying that th«* strain of over­ last adieu. Her last! God! How the
work had reudered a long vacation ti«* ■ i seconds lagge«!! That infernal thump- said. “Oh-hr
Lents Baptist Church
"What are you doing here? Why
essary. The doctor writhed internal , lng in his ears had drown«*d the noises
ly as he |>enned the careful sentences, from the street below. He felt that did you come back?" he demanded
Lord’s Day, Bible School 9:4ô a. m.
wondering if the hurt of th# deliber­ for all time th«* torture of this moment brutally.
Morning worship, 11 a. m.
Elmo Heights Sunday School, 2:30
“I forgot my— No! God sent m«*
would live with him.
p. m.
Then he smiled. He smiled blindly
B' Y. P. U., 6:30 p m.
There was a pause, during which the
out Into the glaring sunlight and bow­ man strove to master himself. Then be
Evening worship, 7:30 p. m.
A cordial welcome to these eervicee.
ed. and bowed au«l smiled again, cling­ j asked her in the same harsh accents:
J. M. Nelson, Pastor
ing to the window casing to support
“H-z- long have you been here?"
himself. By now «he must have reach­
"Long enough to see—and to under-
ed the corner. He free«l one hand and I stand.”
Fifth Church of Christ
waved it gayly. Theu with outflung { “Well, you know the truth at last.
Fifth Church of Christ. Scientist of
arms he stumbled back into the room,
I—have gon<>—blind!" The last word Portland, Ore
Myrtle Park Holl,
the hot tears coursing down his cb«*eks.
caused bls lins to twitch. He knew Myrtle Park.
Marmlon Moore halted upon the
, from tlie sound that she was w«*ep!ng
Servie««* Sunday 11 a. m.
stairs and felt mechoncally for her bitterly.
Sunday School 9:30 and 11 a. m.
j gold chatelaine She recalled dropping
Wednesday evening testimonial meet­
“Plense don't. I have used my eyes
■ It upon the center table as she went I too much. Unit is ali. It is—nothing." ing 8 p. m.
; forward with hand outstretched to
“No. no. no”' she said brokenly.
greet Austin and turned back, then
“Don't you think I understand? Don't
hesitated. But he was leaving tomor­
Lents M. t. Church
row. ne would not misapprehend the you think I see it all now? But why-
Sunday School 9:45. a. m.
why didn't you tell me? Why?"
i meaning of her reappearance.
Preaching 11:00 a. m.
When he d'«I not answer she repeat­
meditated, so. summoning her courage.
Bible Study Claw, 5:30 p. m.
ed: "God sent tne back. I—1 was not
I she mount«xl the stairs «juickly.
Epworth League 6:30 p, m.
The door was half ajar, as she bad
Preachihg 7:30 p. m.
Austin felt himself shaken as if by a
Prayer meeting Thursday evening at
i left it in her confusion. Mustering a ! panic. lit* cri«*«l hurriedly:
F. M. Jasper, pastor.
| careless smile, she was about to knock,
“You s«*e. we have been such good Residence 5703 8 ltd St.
then paused. Austin was facing her friends.
I knew it would distress you. !
| in the middle of the room, boating time.
I ! want's! t.> spare you that. You !
I He was counting aloud. Rut was that
w«*re a good c«*mrade to me. We were |
Laurelwood M. E. Church
his voice? In th«* brief instant she had i like chums. Yes, we were chums. No j
I been gone lie ha<1 cbauced astounding*
a. m. Sunday school.
friend «multi have ¡teen dearer to me '
ly. Moreover, notwithstanding the fact
11:00 a. ni. preaching.
than von. Miss Moore. I never ha«l a
; that she stood plainly reveal«*«!, he tfster, you know. I—I thought of you | 12:30 a. m class mee ting
6:30 p. m. Epworth League.
ately cliosen words would prevent bet made no sign of n*i*ognition. but mere­ ihnt way. ami I"— He was struggling , 7:30 p m prearhing.
sensing the truth back of them. A-
it'-pcrately to save th«* frt, but his in-
8:00 p. m. Thursday evening, prayer
th«* days passed he Judged it bad. for a dying man She divine«! that some •olierent words died on his lips as he service.
thing was sadly amiss and wondere«l
no answer < uuie.
Dr. C. R. Carltw, pastor.
fblt her come ' lose anil lay her check
The apartment was stripped an, for nn Instant if he hail lost his senses. ttgeinst his arm.
She stood transfixed, half minded to
- bare, the trunks packed on the after
“You must not try to «leceive me any
noon ix'for«* Austin’s departure. All floe, vet licltl Isonu* pitying desire to more." she said gently. “I was here. German Evangelical Reformed Church
through the dreary mockery of the
I know the truth, and —I want to be
Corner Woodstock Ave., and 87th St.
process he had wlthstooil his frieml'i nnd grope his wav uncertainly to th# happy.”
Rev W. G. Lienkaempcr, pastor.
appeal, his stern face set. his hear; window. In his progress he stumbled
Sunday School 10 a. m.
Even then he stood daaed and disbe­
Morning Worship. 11 a m.
heart full of a despairing stubbornness aralnst a chair. n<* had to f«*el for lieving until she continued:
Y. P. 8. at 7:30 p. tn
Now, being alone ut last, he groi>c«l Ills the «’aslug Then she knew.
German School and Catecheti«*al Glass
“T know that you love me, and—<
She found her«elf inside the room
way about th«* premises to fix them In
Saturday 10 a. m.
his memory, then sunk into his chair staring with wide, affrighted eves at love you.”
“It is pity!” he exclaimed hoarsely.
him, one hnn<l pressed to her booom to
beside the window.
He II« a rd a knock nt th«* «hair nnd still its heaving. She saw him nodding “You don't mean it." But she drew
summoned th«* stranger to enter, then toward the street below and saw his herself closer to him »»nd turned her
free Methodist Church
rose with n ; nsp of dismay. Marmlon ghastly attempt to smile. She hear«! tear stained face up to his. saying
Sunday School, 10 a. m.
. Moore wus greeting him with nw< et the breath sighing from his lungs and wistfully:
Preaching, 11 a. in. aiul 7:30 p. m.
"If your dear eyes could have seen
yet hesitating effusiveness.
heard him muttering her name. Then
Prayer meeting, Wedne-dav7*30 p.m.
•I—I t boni'ht you were not coming ho turned and lurched past her. grop­
All are cordially invited to attend
"Ob. ray love!” He was too weak to
back until next tveek." he stiinnuore.1. ing. groping for his chair. Sin* cried
resist longer. Ills arms were trem­ lh«w «ervice«.
“We chilli; «* 1 our plans." Sin* search- out sharply In a stricken voice:
Roltert H.Clark, pastor.
bling as they infolded her. but In hia
ed his face ns beat s! K* cou’d in the
“Mr. Austlnf
ahnde l light, a strung«*. anxious expr«*»-
Tlie man froze In his tracks, then heart wus a gladueos that comes to but
a! > ii ti|•*«>u her own. ”'
swung hla bend slowly from side to few men.
"And you won't go away without me, Magnolia Camp No. 4028, Royal
prised me.”
side as If 11«tenlni
“The doi tor's orders. " ho Halil care­
“■Whnt !'• Th*» word came like the will you?” she question«^ fearfully.
Neighl'or«, meets regi» ar Seco» '
“No. no!" he Weathed. “Oh. Mar*
"’they say I liar« broken crack of u irun. 1I'hen after a moment.
and Fourth Wedne-dav-* of ea«-h
month at I. O O. F. Hall. Seco«*!
"Marmlon!" Tie spoke her name as if inion. Go«l has been very kind to me?”
Wedneafiaya»ocial lueettns Neighbor.*
“I kitow! 1 know w lint <-nus«*«l It!" tO test his OWD hearing It was the
bring year taiioli«**- and friend*.
ahe pi lilt «1. “You r ex er wovereil first time « he 113< 1 ever heard him use
"it one city the size of San Diego
Fonrth W<*dne*d*y, business.
A l
from l Il t «i< «■Ident. Y ou di 1 not tell her maiden
ran kill the sparrows «tnd drive them
N>-igl«N«irH r«-qu**ate<l to cotne. B
m«> the■ t it!i. 1 hav«* iulna; a felt you
She sllppr m I for1ward until-within an
Ity In ti««* land
order < f the C>mn
ig something ifrom me Wliv? arm's longlfh of him. then stretched can do it, and we believe that at least
were h
Tol«*do votes down a 12 mill
Oh. wl
forth a wl!«Hr shiak'ng hand and |*asn- W per «ent of the p«*ople In this coun­
"Non eus«*!" He undertook t<> Inu Ii. «si It iiefore his unwinking eye* as she try will npprt'Ve a war of extermina­ tax levy.
but fai led hi a gllnstl.v iu ntu-r. "I've still disbelieved. Then he heard her tion against this coudemn«*d niilsaiiee,
Richiami will lx>nd for a 915,000
been w< rkln* too bar 1. Now I'm pay moan.
»nd that they will Join henrtilv lu It."
wider system.
Ing th.- neral v.”
"Marmii'u! he cried again. “My
God. little girl! I—heard von go!"
At The Churches
Continued from Lost Wack
an<l their ■•oiiiml-cintion luia worn It
•«•If out tbay «III grudually full uwo«
It nhvaya kappeiM au. I'll Is* *poor
Bob Aiir tin' uiiil i’il > fe«*tiiiu tny M ay
through Ui«* mi obJ<-> t of pity, a «tutu
bl I hk , iii<oin|>|<>t<* thing that ini« no
phlC«) til till, 110 <*b.«< t to work for. I1O
one t> ♦.•»»«». God, I'm not iiio a«>rt to
K<> blind! Whera'n the justice of It?
I've lh«xi <*l«-un. Why? Why? 1 know
whut the world 1»; I've I wen u part of
it. I've aeon the spring mid the an
tiiniii colors and I've watched the ann-
Beta. I've looked Into uh - ii ' h fail*« mid
reud their souls. and when you've done
that you enn't live In dnrkueaa. I can't
and-* I won't!"
"Whut do you menu?“
“I'm going uMuy.'*
"When? Where?”
“Wlicn I can no longer see Mannion
M ihh ' v and liefor» my atOtcllon ...... .
kin'Wu to her. Where you <uu guc«a."
“Ob, that'» cuwurdiy, Boil! You’re
not that sort You mnatn't! It's un­
believable!” cr'rd Id« li end. In n paiilc
Auatlu atnl'ed bitterly. “Wo have
diHen*-nl that too often, unit I'm not
auro that what I bitcud do ng la cow
anil; . I can't g > now. for the ttunc 1»
b>o fresh hi her memory. She might
learn the truth ami hold herself to
blame, but when «he I a i loot the first
shock of It I shnll Walk out qunlly.
and *hr will not even su-ptwt Other
bitcri-ta.M fll come Into tier life. I will
be only a memory. "Then"- After a
pause ho went on, “1 couklu't lienr to
aee In r drop away with the rent." Hist
face writhed, and hla luuwillnr bands
clcu< lied theinaelvca tIglitly.
“iHiu't give up yet.” urged the physi­
cian. "Shi* la leaving for the summer,
sml while ahe Is gone we'll try that
Berlin chap. He'll la» here In- August”
“And he will fall, a* the others did.
He will lecture Home clinic about me.
that'« all. Mariniou will hear that my
eyes have elven out from overwork or
something like that. Then I'll go
abroad nnd I won't come back.” Aus­
tin divined the rebellion In lila frlend'a
heart and continued quickly: “You're
the only one who could «-till :htc ■ her.
I»oc. but you won't do It. Yon owe me
that much.”
"I—I aupi>oac 1 do,” ncknowhslrod
Huy dam slowly. "I owe ou more than
I can ever repay"—
“Wait!” The >dck man raised bls
hand for alienee, while a light blazed
up in his fa< c. “She's coming!"
To Hie doctor's trained ear the noises
of the street came in a confused mur­
mur, but Austin spoke in an awed,
breathless tone, as If lie were entering
some holy place.
“I can hear the horses She's com­
ing to—see me."
"I'll go!" exclaimed the visitor quick-
ly, but the other shook his bend.
“I'd rather have yon stay."
Austin was polsc-l In an attitude of
tiie Intensest alertness his angular,
awkward body drawn to Its height, his
lean face lighted by some hidden Are
that lent it almost beauty.
“She's getting out of the carriage!”
he cried In n nervous voice, then felt
bls way to his accustomed armchair,
guydam was about to K»> to the bay
window when be paused. regarding his
friend curiously.
"Whut me you' doing?"
The blind man hud begun to beat
time with h's hand, < otmlIn;: under Ids
breath: “Obe! Two! Three!"
"She'll ktu> k when I rca h twenty-
five. Sb-sli." lie con .nr.«:! Ills | into-
niinie, and Su.vdnin real cd that from
repeated practice he hud gitjued the
aeqonds Marmlon Moore rvi|U.rvd to
mom I the stubs uml took this means
of holding bltuaclf In cheek. True to
Austin's predi'lion, at "twenty-live" n
gentle knock sounded, and Suydittn
opened the door.
“Cotne In. Marmlon!"
The girt paused Cor the briefest in­
stant on the threshold, and the spenker
noted the Heeling d. np|K>il>tincut hl
her fin e. Then she took his blind.
“This is s surprise!" she exclaimed.
“1 haven't seen you for ever so long."
Her anxious glance swept past him to
the big. awkward figure against the
window's light. Ai st.n was rising
with apparent difficulty, mid she gilded
to him.
’Tiens«* don't rise! How many times
haie 1 told you not to exert yotirscli'?"
Hnyduni noted the gentle proprietary
tone of her voice, It mna-cd him.
“I mu very glad that you <-ime to see
me." Tlie afillcted man s voice was
Jerky mid unmusical. "How are yon
today, miss?"
“He should not rise, should he?"
Miss Moore appealed to the physician.
“Ho is ver, weak and should not ex
ert him elf."
Tlie doctor wished that his friend
might see her fine ns ho saw It. lie
began suddenly to doubt Ilfs own |udg
moot of women.
"Oh. I’m doing finely." Austin an
noiineed. "Won’t you be seated?" He
wined a hand comprehendlngly. and
Tin Shop in Lents
I brought thooo flower* to ehoor
up your room.”
i Suydam, marveling at the manner lu
vhleh he concealed his infirmity.
>u*ht a chair for the newcomer.,
"I came alone today. Mother is
! Ir |i|dng." Miss Moore was saying
■ bee! 1 brought these tlowers to ch«-«
' p your room." She li<-ld up a great
i i ttcb of sweet|s-as. "I love the pin'.
I - i «*•."
Austin addrcssisl tin- doctor. “Mb«
i l iote has Iss-n very kind to me. I am
I Iruld she feels It her duty“—
"No, no!" cried the girl.
"She rarely misses a day. and she al
•v.iys bring flower*. 1 am very fond of
bright colors."
Huydam cursed at the stiff formality
i the man's tone. How could any w<>-
laun see past that glacial front and
limps«* the big. aching heart beyond
Even at ls*sl Austin was harsh and
cpellent when the least lilt self con
kc . ouh , and now he was striving delib­
erately to heighten the effect. Hhe was
Impulsive, dainty, high bred, with a
la e of rare sensitiveness aud a figure
tb'il told of fine physical Inheritance.
I’hlle be was awkward and inapt nt
everything to which she was accU'
lO'netl. The physician wondered why
be had gone even thus fur In shoe-
In : her gratitude. As for a love match
between two such opisadte types. 8uy-
dam could not conceive of it. Even If
ho girl saw the sweet, simple nature
of th«* man and felt her own affe-
bus answer to his he liclleved he
I l ew th«* women of her set too well to
l:t tglne that she woul<! marry a blind
m.-tu, particularly one of no address.
"We leave for the mountains tomor­
row." Marmlon said, "so I came to say
l.oodby for a time."
"< shall miss your visits.” Austin
co ild not disguise bis genuine regret.
' l ut when you rcpiru I shall be thor-
v. rbly recovered. Perhaps we will
h e again.”
‘Never!" declared Miss Moore, “I
hall never ride again. Think of the
suffering I enused you. I—I—am dread­
fully sorry."
To Suydnm's amazement be saw her
eyes fill with tears. A doubt concern­
ing the corre tncss of his recent sur­
mises came over him. and he rose
quickly. After all. she might sec nnd
love the real Ilot» ns he «11«!. nnd If so
she might wish to be alone with him
In this last hour. His own restraining
pn»son e might lend to a tragedy. Rut
Ans’lu Innghed ut Ids excuse.
"You know there's nobody waitin’
for you. That's only a pretense to find
i livelier company. You promised to
dine with me.” To Miss Moore he ex­
plained: "lie Isn't really busy. Ou the
| contrary, ue lias been complaining for
.in hour the hot weather has drlv
eti nil his patients to the country and
that ho Is dying of idleness."
( The girl’s expression altered curious-
i ly. She shrank us If wounded uml
s<mined the speaker's face with stnr-
tlcd eye« befoic turning with a strain
ed smile to say:
“Ah, doctor, we caught you that time.
That comes from being a society phy­
sician. Why don't you practlc«» among
the musses?"
"I really have nn engagement.” mur­
mured Suydnni.
“Then break It for Mr. Austin's sake.
He |a lonely, and I must be going In a
The thr«*e talked for a time in th«
manner nil people adopt for n sick
room, and then she ro;e and said, with
her palm In Austin's hand:
I “I owe you so much Unit I <an never
1 hope to repay you. lint yon you will
' cm. t* to we u.e frequently this reason.
| Promise! You won’t hide yourself, will
Suydnni heard hi
il.i ls»fo'-e-
' it lent counting