Mt. Scott herald. (Lents, Multnomah Co., Or.) 1914-1923, October 26, 1916, Image 1

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    H rr¿ilù
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Six Per Cent Limitation Seems Only
Way Out. Big Appropriations
Ahead Unless Limit is Set.
If AU VOU»« dot>bl< •
IM*.*» -'ll) t'i
tnl Ilin alioh liit* Lud^ri* which liHV«*
been ■ ompilrd during *lh<- pant two
wwk* AteHild <IU|<4 timt doubt.
I lit*
buklRci lor the city oí Port lami I*
.'¡Moo,»»1» higter timo th«* budget •»( ta*l
year. Th«» Portland )Mi|<ra luve I mmmi
ful*. .
rrwml for <«ix rwluetioii but
in * »••
ill that Im«
pak I th«* city
»•I h propt»ft' i• j iiiuk«* next
4hMX),<M)U biukt*r limn thi«
year •
Th«*r<* in« «»iiiy one uay lite
y.’iir’- ’
u ivdnrtion ami
U a pa y
•n of th»* Tait
ugh ib<*
ti. I
A luund iiftiiL. ThruiUih tlm
tht* Tux blunt alfolí Ani
the city
Voler« h UI r >1
in«* i ■
■ tin-
or» ut
Nu w»ll infonuud ( h - ooii «tipjioses tur
li tliiMix’iit tfiat thè luti r.-ntal valli-- lami
fax aiu.-udim-ut tliat will )••• <»n thè
iiu-.' iii l.nllot ibi« fall will lo- approvili
by tbe voi.
D« cbi.'f purp ~e i« io
Ukc ibi- lami <>( Oregon awajr freni ili..«e
wbi.i.wn il non unii give il b> otli.-rr,
unii t' >• peripli» o< ibi» stai" bave no ile-
File illlirlldlm-Ut w !l I»' ll.'irah'.l,
But it i« not enough " HTely tn <lvh*ut
it. inoraer to preserve th* gfMxi natn«*
•»( Mr* tfo’i nmi ii-ilre InHter hu>ineHi
(*<»hdÍt¡O!YH and greater il‘ v«’i'»piiH*nt in
ih* future it must be en <»w» d und« r mo
<1. eply am t o h*!iv<> no dot ibi of tta$ Atti-
tinte ©I the people ot thb« nah* on Much
Pro«) »• «’Uv«* inventor*
rn*nk me • -nrc.
and hoint • ■ < !.<•!» i.'iiwl ite* Btfwilfrd that
they can <* uu" »•> Oregon «i itb'Hit <lanu**r
Ju-ir iiivv’tmi-
kii'm that
Tfoxe of tw \ i I ki bo1 1
«4 c «Fiiteai »ry h*R»*-
•V» m ' tin-
gd* IptWI ttliU I hr*.
.tCllP* d IV t<H*
.elb V of ILf « n
.» \<>n.
but Oflder onr
In ».
. .«U >«
b.» »
•Ut« pu»
ah our L
Appro I
tì< »IH kin
Vol. 14.
the ivtt
1 d> 4 p’| Al*
t- ‘JJ.SV ä I»
itiywiK'o v-ba.
u id
I m
Spdrrov -
Must Go
’o¡ i a uè la
UÌ pi
rviiMndy h u4 lh»*y wìH i • il. The T ax tritono
UM pnveei •.it »ou «n*
Liimuin» in BìH vili LAJ.VIFhL th«‘ city «ÌLI Itfi•. Ii ron Id
•Mihm uf
o( PorC ■ ih X aod th»* .unuiiun
'IIU9MM. 4
tr» te<‘ fo¡. tifo $
ri»«*mte’r* 01 tJu* l»«1X t ì«
1 <»i tip- Lu
li thf 1 .. « ¡»ii>’..: ■ > i., d. ! U VlllVt.i *« s > thia t Urd ba*
0 M 1 U htlid a u5 Iirre tb at It I m
Ctl 1‘ '.'lUAlld 9 lax«
Ameubli CUt ÌH
mid >>inh ’ IJIV'M WÌU te* LlUiiu««t¡ lo VK liai. Ur» » ina «»Ut Ilk» louJor aOUK uud Lu
nud that it I i . im be*
they wen- tidM year p‘im •ix ¡n’r o'iii. a *< o iuu
of whether we will
It IIK’AU-* *$ tax rodiy tioii ai ;3U”,üü > for **’•’••• n
: i h ap»irj’»\i to rei*
l\»rt i«nd iOid lifìlf u iitlllìi. • » «h« (or
rv'Out « icr bird i io or «leatrojL It aud
♦ «i y oí tfiivcni* ’ i ri-, ¡nu
tli<» Minte-— Hlid ll»t?
*pe< h*M of U ni L*fUl Hil i
llM'Ut « di1 noi te* iIII p«ui ri i it) th«* Milcht- ‘ j
Imt ircd to inhabit
est. It just melina il..- trimming of] fm;ns „u<J .scinti','«Idc all over tbe
some <>( the (rills.
’flic lea le licei da to Issue a proc-
i lanuitbui ile. In: e .• war on the l'ir:li-ii
, ' H
County Men! Votes
'sib:.' In April <>r May ... i.i-xt >i-:u. i >
S. B. II ill County Agent
¡Ic derated < >peelul.y to viaglug it
We . m nnve the tarn r« money if Tim governor» of every state will lie
they «ill buy their clover -• ■< i now. asked to ui.| the work. Printed <n
atructiona .is to the plan <>f the cam
We ha- male
nrr.r ........its with
l.ilgn will be .nt to the mayors of
several Yamhill Count'- farmer« by i all Incorpora i<*.| cities and village«, to
which the fanner« in t o« section can I ilie hcnils of the school systems hi
buy their clo'vr wed directly (mtn i" I ' oiit.ty. to coll, e pres 'etiti, to
them. Tie price, range- Iroiu l.c to 2ik- ipiuicipals of preparatory s hooia. to
per pound, mid al 18c 1 have Home . .. lie... 1 of the l> >y souts In each
samples of very clean seed. 1 his same state and to other organisations which
grade yon will pay the -eed na-ti 25c or ml, lit be expected to extend sympathy
Mid al.!.
probably more next spring. Any per­
Mathada of Fighting Winged Peat.
son w anting t<> order seed now can we
r"iir principal of action will
samples by calling at the County Agent a
I •• employ. I; Tearing down the nests,
office any morning. These prices arc
trapping the^bli.l-, hooting them un
for immediate shipment.
dor police stipcrv> I n and under li­
The first issue of the monthly news censes Issued by the police authorities
letter from this otlice Will Im issiled in and. in cities where water pressure Is
the near future It will contain season­ available, turning the hose on the birds
al hints, the results of some of the nt night a.ler they have gone to roost
The president . the league. <J. O.
<leinonstiations which have l>eeh con­
ducted this year, and an exchange Shields, of Ilio Simpson s.ieet. New
column, in which will lie the things for York, says he wittld like to hear from
persons interested In the matter, both
exchange which the farmer« have, ns
those who favor the plan and those
well as the want nud for sale depart­ oj>|«>sed.
ment confining itself to things on the
He makes the statement that in the
farm. If you have anything to sell or caso of the hundreds of thousands of
want anything such as stock, machinery bird boxes pin.ed in this country in
or Mxxi you can get into the first issue the Inst ten years, fully 75 per cent
by calling up Gresham 47, any morning. have been appropriated for their own
purposes by the English apnrrowa. In
cases whore bluebirds, wrens or oilier
birds that are desired by those who put
the boxes up have taken possession of
boxes, the sparrows have driven them
The I'i'e. t of th,- war In pre­
out, thrown their eggs to the ground,
maturely pgiiig tin» llgbthig tucn
and taken full possession themselves.
III all Hindi'« hns the
subject of« scientific dis­
Saw Bee 1 ree—Get Gas
cussion In Englnml. Franco and
InvestlcnUon« have
l.<.oii. Mo.—Just «.Tons the line from
shown Hint men under thirty In
northwest Missouri, tn liecntur county,
a few months In the trenches
la., two men wore sawing down a lice
turn gray.
tree, when they beard a queer noise
The effect In noticeable not
AA’hnt followed Is told by an' eyewlt
only In the British nriny. but
lies«. C. It Itllcy: “‘Come here. Riley
Among the French alm and
and listen. The bees are right down nt
among German*, ninny of whom,
the Ixittom of this tree. They snwed
giving their ages ns twenty-one
n Little more and the sound become
to twenty seven yearn, present
louder. I soon smelled gas and struck
the appearance of men over
a match mid placed it to the sawed
part. A flume of tire came out mid
"Tile gray hairs come quicker
biased up the tree. The boys sawed
to the oillcers than to the 'Tom­
n little more and.all of a sudden the
mies.'" says a <'a mid lan nrmy
Are shot out about three feet. The
surgeon “I have never known
lioyn, fearing trouble, left the saw and
of hnlr actually growing white
started away over the hill on a dead
overnight hnt It often hnpjiens
within the apace of a week or
This gas find is lielng examined by
ten <1aya ”
an expert and a report will be given
No. 43.
Rev. J. M. Nelson and Miss Daisy
Davis were the Lents delegates to the Full House Hears Republican Legis-
I Baptist state convention held at .Salem i lators to be.
Strong Appeal
, last week. Rev. Nelson was re-elected
• Made to Protect Full Ticket
' recording secretary of the. convention
A fine house listened at the school
and was elected secretary
of tbe
■ ministers conference which meet» ju«t auditorium on Wednesday evening, to
| tiefore the convention. loud Sunday «peakers from the candidates for the next
Rev. Nelson told his congregation of the legislature, to W. C. Alderson, candi­
. pledges given toward raising funds for date for County Superintendent; Joe.
'the McMinnville college. It appears Richardson, in behalf of Judge Tazwell,
■ that the late J. J. Hill pledged a gift of and John B. Easter, .,u tlie Direct Pri­
j 850,000 to this college providing the mary, its uses and abn-s-s '
O. l-auragard opened the discussions,
college raises the sum of $300,000 by
Nov. 1, W16. Other money gift- have | to be followed by K. K. Kabli an —D. C.
: Ix-en pledged contingent upon the rais- ia-ww, candidates for the Legislature.
t ing of this sum, which, taken all to­ I W. C. Alderson was then int’-odmied and
gether, will make a fine endowment for > made a short address. Jos. Richardson
i Mc.Minville. The town ami college Hpoke at some length on the influem-M
! friends have raised g'sxlly sums toward that wi re opposing the election of Judge
11,1 ak ing up the amount which is still Tazwell. He alleges that the opposi­
■short of the necessary sum, the matter tion is hacked by political bo
[ having been taken np at tlie co nvention fotuiil Mr. Tazwell wot il«l not b<
| the sum of four thousand dol lars was j servient to their wishes while acli
¡raised, tn old white-* natreu
’«!'-“’ woman of Municipal Judge.
Mrs. M. K Hedge rendered "My
tlie Baptist church, . .teoding tbe cot>-
Mel lent tylr, and was
» to help the America’’ in
ventioD, war >< ry a
given a hearty iixire. Maur
—’Wilhams «n IndiAnapoLsTiow«.
II. Mad-
j J'oung people by
sen also gave t > deliglitlul
■ toward this school.
Everyone i
. mother of seven chil
great enti ufuaeni wa.« iphown whenever
i She had no £
lints were made. I). C. Lewi»
tiie rnati
a ch and
n. T1
ot t»‘ie
1*11 il ?
ü lu at rating t I m - envrm ity of
at th Ore-on
HOC tratte congres;-.oualappi•jpria-
Im- tb
'or the f
’US. He showed Low thé StOûi)t(
i se»
>ropi iriatiow. in
■ d£tun to
aud c
L:uce!fi, (r.
z n-tut
Tait, in-
lilt: , elu-ive.
G k
at sum
President McGrew of the C!
of n
tie? meeting over to t!»e di
C >nnty Chairman, Jack Day,
Unde Sam lo Censor Dancing
sided aud introduced tiie speai
to the
It was announced that the n
T'> t the United States government'
4on pt
by the Club would lx
throngli its Indian agents. Is striving
has^ T
Minual rifl.
day evening-of Nov. 6.
ehoot for t TO I
held every summer by the Hopi In­
was held at th«
dians in Arizona and that this cere­
Direct Legislation That Would Help
■ftcj C'n'-kninas. i Jet
to •>
mony, which annually attracts i-eople
larg •st ftlÄt
ctuslve. and was th
Out of the eleven iliri-ct legislation
fr m nil over the country, may not lie
ever held in Ore
held next year is the information measures on the l>allot in Oregon this
teams entered from th various «
just brought Lack from Qraibl, Ariz.. year, there are perhaps two worth vot­
ing for—tlie debt and fix limitation,
by Miss Eva Wientge of Washington.
A second immense
In order to witness this dance. Miss ami the single item veto amendments.
The former woukl stop increasing
Wientge traveled on horseback from
and indebtedness faster than the
Holbrook, where she was visiting rela­
of the state
Any i, a
community develops, and the latter
of Orc- -i can vote tor prowideutial Inno vvTirks. appeared before the c
would enable a fearless governor to
electors -u any county of the state. round! asking the vacation of certaii reservation, a distance of 145 miles.
knock out items of logrolling activity.
Attorniy 3ctieral Brow n advise*.
«trects along the waterfront just north a dance.” she said, hi discussing the
All the other nine are nnimportant
Appio.v mately 70 carloads of ap vf Albina avenue, on which to con
trip, "especially when the dance lasts from the standpoint of good government
pies will be shipped from Douglas struct the plant.
only a half or three-quarters of an and lower taxation—most of them would
county to the eastern markets during
hour. But the scenery en route was involve tlie state in further exploitation
The first Vmattila county piano ha
the presc nt season, it is estimated.
•eon moved into the clubroom of th1 wonderful: It reminded one of the by the ever-active otlice-holding ciass.
Henry Sefiield, a farmer living near Umatilla county library. The piano glorious Grand mnyon. One could see
Halsey, reports a yield of 1800 pounds which still retains a melodious tone so far and the colors of sky and earth
Evangelical Ladies to Dine
of Rusaett Eurlmnk potatoes from the was brought to Pendleton by muli were so remarkable.
Tourists' Eyes Bulge.
planting of 18 pounds of seed in the team in 1878 from Umatilla, where
Ladiee of the Evangelical Church will
"Arrived at Oraibl. We soon realized
the instrument had been received by
give a dinner the afternoon and evening
J. L. Berry, city auditor and police boat, its arrival in Pendleton brought
worth traveling many miles to see. of Oct. 27 to assist in paying interest on
judge of Seaside, was ousted from his out a large crowd.
Plates wilt be served
were perhaps 300 tourists, who the church debt.
municipal positions at a special recall
me registration for the coming gathered round the Indians anil gazed at 25 cents. Tnere will l>e a sale of
election, by a majority of 32 votes election shows a total of 189,937 re­
with bulging eyes at the weird cere­ “outing flannel’’ night gowns.
out of 35S cast.
publicans. 77.703 democrats. 1435 pro­ mony about to be enacted with rattle­ supper will be a substantial one, well
With the . xception of the drugstore, gressives. 7051 prohibitionists, 6991 snakes as the chief objects of admira­
fitted to replace the home meal. Sup­
the business section of Crescent was socialists and 9551 of miscellaneous tion. As far ns 1 could ascertain, the
per will be served from 5:30 to 8:00 p. m.
wiped off the map when fire destroyed affiliation, The total registration this IL pis gather their snakes from the
two office and store buildings and a year is 292.670, which is 12,060 below mountain side, keeping them hidden
Fire was put under the boilers of the
hotel of 30 rooms.
the number listed on the registration until the dance begins and after the
ceremony returu them to their homes, first sugar factory in Oregon at Grants
Nearly one tw elfth of the population books two years apo.
at all times showing them the greatest Pass during tlie past week.
of Oregon's prison was ordered fried
The car shortage on the Portland reverence.
by Governor Withycombe last week division of the Southern Pacific
Fewer miles of railroad were built in
"One theory is that the Ilopis be­
w hen he signed three conditional par­ mounted to a new record again Satur­ lieve in the wisdom and power of a this country in 1915 than in any year
dons and 35 paroles.
day when the company reported to •great snake' somewhere in the moun­ since the Civil war. The building of
Lumbermen and officials from all the Oregon public service commission tains. and they wish the little snakes railroads is the real index to prosperity.
parts of the western United States, that it lacked 2182 cars of being able to return to the 'tMta' snake and carry A hundred miles of new track make a
British Columbia anil Washington, D. to fill its orders. The company had glad tidings of how well they were better reflection of sound conditions
C.. enlivened in Portland Tuesday for orders on file for 2490 freight cars treated. Judging by wtwt we saw at than a hundred structures hurriedly
the dance, the ‘little' sn*<es—they are
a tw-o ilay conference.
and but 308 cars available.
thrown together for the manufacture of
husky looking rattlers quite as long as
To provide immediate funds for use
The report of Warden Minto, of the any one would care to encounter—do war material.—Montana Record-Herald.
of the Indians on the Klamath reser­ state prtkon. for the two years ending
not reciprocate In this matter of re­
If congress can legislate for the big
vation, a plan is announced by Super­ September 30. shows that single men spect and awe. We saw one of the
intendent Freer for the disposition of greatly outnumbered the married pris­ awful reptiles strike bls fangs into the j lalior unions, it can legislate for the
We would be satis­
$200.000 worth of timber annually.
oners received. There were 279 sin Jaw of an Indian boy, wlio kept right newspaper boys.
The Oregon Box & Manufacturing gle. 158 married an.! 18 widow ed per on dancing. One or two of the bucks fied with six hours a day instead of six­
company has closed a deal with Mrs. sons received. Of the total of 455 also were bitten. They did not show teen, and a hundred dollars a week in­
How would
Emily Hopkins for 30.o00.000 feet of received, 448 were white. 2 Japanese, any ill effects, and we were told that stead of eighty a month.
timber located on the south side of 2 negroes and 3 Indiana, OJly 4 wo- they have become practically immune that strike you. Woodrow?—Pendleton,
to the rattlesnake poison.
Oregon Tribune.
Tillamook bay and consisting prin­ men were receivtd.
Monster Rattler Fight«.
cipally of fir and spruce.
Four hundred head cf yearling and
“I have seen Indian dances In New
The fund for taking insane patients 2-year-ohi heifers are to be distributed
Mexico, but there is nothing to com­
to their home states haa been ex­ among the India s of . e Klamath
pare with the savage snake dance and
hausted and several of them will re­ reservation for breeding '»urposes if its rnttling thrills. At one time we
Being bumped on the cranial
main in the state hospital at Salem plans o* the Indian service do not go were jus: a few Inches away from a
cavity by a hod full of bricks
until after the legislature acts, ac­ awry. The distribution of this stock monster rattler that was being chased
does not necessarily cause a man
cording to Superintendent Steiner.
is a part of the plan of the Indian around by an Indian whose duty it
to become flat footed, according
Oregon loses $1 per month for ev­ service to give tile Indians capital in was to pick up the reptile. We passed
to the ruling of Deputy Compen­
ery man, woman and child in the state the form of breeding stock to make a bad quarter of a minute waiting for
sation Commissioner W. C.
the Indian to take a good hold of the
from damage inflicted by insects and themselves self sustaining.
Richards at Syracuse, N. Y.
snake. The reptile fought viciously for
rodents, estimates a farmer writing
In the case of William La
An advisory board has been ap-
several seconds, coiling and striking
Grange, who claimed compensa­
to Labor Commissioner Hoff. He fig­ pointed by the governors of the states
It was a blood'-urdllug performance,
tion for betng struck on the head
ures the total annual loss at $9.600,- of Oregon. Washington and Idaho for tmt no one dared to interfere, of course,
by said hod of bricks, which
the purpose of considering a co-oper- as the Indian« would be much annoyed
blow, he declared, caused him to
Charles D. Schmidt, of Salem, has ative plan for marketing the fruit to see a paleface take a shot at one of
become flat footed. Commission­
offered a reward of $1000 for the ar­ products of these states. Governor their sacred snakes. The news of such
er Richards was unable to see
rest and conviction of the person or Withycombe'a appointees are Profes­ a ’sacrilege' would undoubtedly reach
the connection between the peri­
persona who burned barns on bis sor C. I. Lewis. Oregon Agricultural the 'big snake’ in the mountains and
helion of one's dome and the
extremity of the nether pedals
ranch four miles south of Salem a college, Corvallia; A. C. Allen, Med­ he would make the Indians pay dearly
«nd dismissed tbs claim.
few weeks, ago. Schmidt's loss was ford, and Dr. C. A. Macruna, of Port­ for wounding or killing one of his aub-
about tsoon
suolili) BE DII E All I)
. ve
Illg ite •
on«* lot ■«
Lents, Multnomah County, Oregon, Oct., 26, 1916