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> have baen thoroughly trie«! out and
have prove«l suctwsiful scores of times,
but unle<M tney are carelully and
thoroughly carried out as described,
none of them are of any value an«l no
farmer will siuxeed with them. Further,
! tlie inethotls deacrilsul above give you, I
Canada Thistle, Chinese Mustard, Iwlisve, evi'rything known at tlie present
Burdock and Cockle Bur Illegal , time regarding the eradication of this
Pests. Citizens Liable to Fine ' weed.’’
(Iregon has a strigvnt law on aeveral
For Growing Them.
of the m<utt obnoxious weed«, including
thistles of the Ruaaian, t'ana«la and
N, B. Hall, county agricultural agwnt,
'Chinese (called Jim Hill Mustard,)
baa issued a bulletin conoerning Dana«!*
varietiea, and the cocklebur, and it
Thistle. Tlmrr are |>au l»ra of the pest
also provide« that tlie road aiqierviaora
nt various places is the county anti lherv
are to report the preacnce of tlwse weeds
may be mauy Others of which there are
if thry know of them, Tlie roa«i super-
no rejmrta. Il is »ale tn be safe and if
viaora are emjiowervd to go onto a piece
you are bothered by thistle« get rid of
of property and destroy the weed« if tlie
them whetlirr tliey are of the Canada
. owners of the pro|irrty <io not attend to
variety nr not. At sotnc later dale the
them. In addition to that there is a
Herald will publish an intimate descrip­
penalty of lit) to »list for knowingly al­
tion of tlw Canada Thistle.
For the
lowing these weeds to go to aetul on
present, never having seen one to know
I your land. In addition tlie road mi per-
it, the writer will prvoent Mr. Hall’s 1 visors ant liable to heavy film for allow-
suggestions and leave it tn the readers
| ing the weeila to go to seed, or failure to
to act
report their presence.
■'While als>ut list country, my at­
tention has tsu-n called tn a number of
patches of Canada Thistle. Tbe most of
three |>at< hes are small as yet, but some
cover an area of more than an acre. A
»timber of |>eople have asketl for Infor­
mation as to bow to control them to I
Patriotism and Rural Credit* were
have gotten ingi'liter the Itrst informs
Uon avalllude at tbe preeent time, and ths principal topics for confiderà non
at tbe same time wish to irapnws the st tbs last masting of Evening Star
nevvestty of checking these thistles while Grange. J. I). Les talked on patriotism
ami gave a good “Fourth of July”
yet in small patclsei.
"Tl>r Canada Thistle is one nt our speech. Ex-Gov. West was present and
nxsX difficult weeds to get rid of and talked of tbs benefits to be derived Irom
one of tbe most ravenous in its ■prrad. Rural Credits by all, whether farmer or
I'nder average farm conditions, it will not. His talk was much appreciated
choke out practically every farm crop and enjoyed.
Dr. McPherson of the O. A. C. ex­
«nd make farming an im|«>«Hibility
Tls* state has recognized this fact and . plained the merits of the Rural Credit«
bill which the Grange and kindred so­
«•»acted laws accordingly.
Tbe following are Uw* la-st metho«!« of cieties are endeavoring to get on the
ctmlrol and U m > content ot tlie State I ballot November next.
Hie explanations were both compre­
weed law :
"llanta »luaild never la* allowed to go hensive and pleasing.
Mr. 8. B. Hall, county agriculturist,
to seed, aa in tbe form of seed tliey may
tie carried «otne little distance by the1 made a good short talk.
Ray Gil) spoke about the efforts being
wind, in hay, manure, grain, etc.
to establish a wholesale market
“When this weed occurs only in 1
email areas, it should la» cut close to lice 1 1 for farmers along the lines of tbe Yam­
ground when in the full bloom, and Ute hill street Public Market, tor tbe bene­
«)M>1 completely covered with tar or fit of farmers of all over the state.
Mise Eva Johneon sang very t>eauti-
Imilding-over-lapped and weightsal with
rails or earth so that the light is coin- fully, and tbe vocal and instrumental
pfotelj excluded from tho plants.
This j , music given by Mr. Mulford was very
can be done only on level ground, of pleasing.
This grange has been invited to con-
«■onrse. On more uneven ground a very
tbe third and fourth degrees upon a
Iwavy covering of straw from an old '
slack Itoltom or manure at leaM 11» to class of ninslesn at Pleasant Home
2 feet in depth when nettled may I* (Multnomah Grange'on Betnrday, July
tieed. In either case the covering should 22, and has accepted.
A basket dinner wae enjoyed as a
he left on the iipot until the fall or tbe
following sprint, wlten it may he re­ change from tbe usual way of serving.
Lents, Multnomah County, Oregon, July 6, 1916.
Vol. 14.
First of His Duty and Ex-
How 200 Americans, Re-
E. Kesterson lives near Sycamore, and
the other children live in California.
Mr. Johnson's story would make a
fine piece of imaginative fiction.
it* realistic features would tie vouched
for by the living wife ami other
pioneers. The Johnsons came from
Booneslick, Howard county, Missouri,
wltere Mr. Johnson was born in lft'CL
Mrs. Johnson’s maiden
name was
Hannah Hink. They lived neighbors
ami were in their early teens when they
became attached to each other. Tho
the families were friendly it was agreed
that the young people should not get
married at that time, so the Hink family
<ieeided to migrate to Oregon.
It was
some days later that young Johnson
learned of the departure of the family
and followed them, over took them and
insisted on accompanying them.
the way the older Mr. and Mrs. Hink
both died, the Johnsons were married
ami continued the journey west, finally
locating on a donation claim about a
mile west of the town of fiamascus For
the past 13 years they have lived in
No. 27.
Lents Man Sees Operation of Dry
Laws in Oregon and Washington
. and Declares They are Success.
Old Boozers Ardent Supporters.
F. A. Tate return©«! the last of tbe
week from a three months job in a
Killed by Army of 5,000
In Writing Full Report
logging camp near Skamokawa, Wash.
Mr. Tate was camp machinist and he
to Superior.
has had a chance to m«*et all sorts of
»»♦»»♦♦»»♦♦a s a s iMM •«»—
men around die camp work and he saya
tlie “dry law” has worked a revolution
CUT as treaibery marked the
OUNDRD and be believed dy
in logging eamp life. He says if the dry
Ing beneath the biaxing sun
fighting tn Mexico in the recent
laws of Oregon and Washington eon
of tbe Mexlcau
encounter, tt marked it in all pre.
to work out as they have the past
vlona wars. The Mexicans seem
command scattered and no
year the moot active opponents of the
setter within fifty miles, the oos a trsscheroua lot; they Ilk« to take ad
law will be the owners of logging campa
thought of Captain Lewie 8. Morey of vantage <rf the weakness <rf the enemy,
and saw mills. It is a known fact that
Troop K. Teeth United Mates cavaivy. la Chis ooaaecttos it b interesting to
the sawmill owner of former days waa
wee of his duty.
ascnii ths fight st the Alamo.
Nhot through the shoulder In tbs one
friendly to the aaloona and tbe logging
Sti»-e 1822. when Mexico threw off
eMed battle of ('arrisai, Captain Moray
companies were more or less favorable.
the yoke of Spain, the few American
Aerated ail Itts energies to writing a aokxiiacz in Texas had endured mweh
That seems incredible, for the temper­
report of tbe actfoa which should teM •t tbs hands of the new government
ate man’s service is always more re­
tieosral Penihlug of rhe fate that bad A dimax was seachcd when Sanaa
liable than the boozer's, but there is a
overtaken rite scouting party and in­ inns seined Mexico City, overthrew
reason for the disposition of mill men
trusted tt to three unwoandod troopaes the Ooostttottoaalista and made him-
loggers to be friendly to tbe
who were with him.
astf dictator. He was ths partlcelar
saloons. The logger who spends all hia
sstetuy of the Americans and ordered
Text at Morey’s Latter.
The Millard Avenue play grounds op­ income in the satoon is soon “broke”
tho arrest of some of the moot promi ened Monday, July 3. Sixty-five child­
Captain Morey's letter follows:
and ready to take any sort of a logger's
neat among them. Thia brought about
Tu Caanmsndlns OAoer at OJo FreAer-
ren were preeent the first day, 120 the job he can get. Tlie mill man who so
Ico—My troop rsacbad OJo Santo Dovntnwo riaahes between them and the Mexican
second day and 175 the third. The girl readily hands out the workman's credit
SI S JS p. m . Juns X> Mat C troop under soldiers. Friends came from Missouri
Captain Buyil
I cams under Captete and Louisiana to help, until finally they attendant is Mias Olive Nialey, who in a any time during the week doee it with a
Boyd's <-»ir»n,a/»d and marched my troop organized a little army and. with Ben senior in Smith College. She has had
motive and that motive is that the
in rear for Carrisal at 4:1* a. m . rsachlng
often field to rout hoe st ot town at(:tta. m. ■11am at their bead, marched upon Ban three years experience in play ground workman may spend his available eaati
Captain Hoyd eent In a note ra.)ue»Un< ^ntonio. After a stubborn bouse to teaching. Mr. T. Walter Gillard will and be unable to leave camp unless he
permiaelon to peas throuxh tho town. bouse fight they took the town on Dec.
have charge of the boys' field after this walks. If the men around a mill are
Thia waa refused, stated wo could go to X 1885.
week. Mr. Gillard having been assist­ charged with tioard, transportation,
the north, but not eaoL Captain Boyd
Here they were Joined by Davy
said he was going to Ahumada at this
attendance officer in the Portland hospital fees, and road tax, as they for­
Crockett and others, and here they
Ho was talking With Carranaa com­ awaited the coming of the enraged dic­ schools and having bad charge of the merly were in Washington, it left them
mander. General Gomes sent a written tator, fortifying themselves as best boys’ evening gym work at Arleta last with a very small balance. But in time
maeeaeo that Captain Boyd could brtag
this amounted to something, it they did
hia force In town and have a conference they might in the old mission church year, is amply qualified for the work.
Miss Nialey will conduct a kindergar­ not draw it and spend it.
Captain Boyd feared an ambush. Ho was and Its outbuildings.
It was the
i ten mornings from 10 to 12 o’clock for
seder tho Impression that the Mexicans
Attacked by 5,000 Mexicans.
custom in a good many mills and
would run as soon aa wo fired
Wo formed for attack, hia Intention be­
When Banta Anna arrived at the heed children up to eight years old. On Mon­ logging campe to advance this balz aee
ing to move up to the line ot about 1JB of bls 5.000 men be summoned live 200 day, Wednesday and Friday afternoons to the men as fast as it accumulated and
Mexicans on tho edge of the town. We
formed. C troop on the left la line of Americana abut up In the Alamo to at one o’clock she will bold a class in thus they spent it, particularly in the
skirmishers, one platoon of K troop on surrender. Their ooly reply waa a a hot raffia work. This class is open to any saloons, and thus never got ahead,
right of Uno and another K troop platoon Ei tbs cannon that William Travis and all ladies of t.» neighborhood. It
never were able to leave camp, and were
on extreme right, ooholonod a little to
mended. The Mrilivn« immediate is hoped that later a gym class for
the ntr.
always “broke.’*
When wo were within SUD yards tho Mn- ly laid siege to Ute ol<1 «linrcti hik I for women and girls may be conducted from
The “Dry Laws” have changed that.
leene opened fire, and a strong one be­ ten days preuwil It will« vigor. Its de
After tbe day’s work is over the men
fore wo fired a shot. Then wo opened up. fenders, hopelessly outnuml*eri«i and 7 to 8 o’clock in the evening.
Ttiay did not run. To make a long ac­ with uo ch« i« e of re-eu («•«■• euiriit. l«r>'
There is to be a corner specially fitted have no saloon to waste money in.
count short, after about an hour’s fire in
and reserved for the tiny tots, where Treating has been practically abolished.
which both troops had advanced. C troop pared to fight to the death. Un March
to position of Maa ken machine gun and fl, to the sou ml of the "I tegtilllo” (No teeters, sand piles, swings and chutes The men go home at night with clear
K troop closing In slightly to tho loft, quarter), (be Mexicans advanced for will be provided.
beads and they soon realize they are
wo wore very buoy on the right keeping the final assault.
Try-outs for junior and senior baseball coming ahead. The fact that they have
oft a Sank attack A group of Mexlcaae
Tbelr ammunition exbnusred. bn; teams will be held, to which all boys
left town, went around our rear and led
a balance to their credits makes them
fighting with clublted muskets or any and girls are eligible.
our hoe one off at a gallop.
independent and they demand better
At about » o'clock one platoon of K thing else that they çunld And. the
There will also be two good tennis pay. When they get the money they
troop, ehkh waa on our right, fell back. heroic band of Americans fought on
Sergeant said he oould not slay there
deposit it and if camp conditions do not
Both platoona fell back about 1.000 yards until, little by little, they were killed
The co-operation of the neighborhood suit them they quit. Not infrequently a
to the west, and then, together with come to a man. Travis athwart bls cannon.
men of C troop who were there, these Crockett upon a heap of Mexican sol
is most earnestly desired by these play* man comes into camp, inquires if thia is
mon scattered.
,• titers in trout of the main church door, ground folk and the beet of care will be the place, if it all looks like this, and
moved, and tlie ground plowed, kept |
I was atlghlly wounded. CupSata Begd.
Bowie, sick upon hja cot, defending taken of the children's interest.
thoroughly cultivated until
a man told ma was killed.
when correctly informed says he don’t
Miss Vera Tiffils Honored
I am hiding In a ho*o X«00 yards from I himself with his famous knife. So "Re-
time, and then put into a row crop so
have to work on such a job as that and
Sold and have one other wounded man 1 memtter the Alamo" beeame the watch­
that it may I* thoroughly cultivated
the next passage away.
and three men with ms
word of Texas freedom.
Political Banquet Friday Evening
throughout the following numiuer. Or a I Ths young people of St. Pauls church,
i Another source of anxiety to the
smother crop of buckwheat or rape assisted by The Church Guild, gave a
logging bosses is the anticipation of de­
bridal shower for Miss Vera Tiffils at
An event of unusual importance will mands for better camp conditions. The
«own wry thickly .may be used.
take place at the Evangelical church in i
the home of Mrs. P. T. Harris on Tues­
Band Concert Tuesday Evening
Paul Daniels Badly Burned
solier man is a little more particular
''Where only a few watlerrd individ- 1
day evening, in honor of Mina Tiffils'
Lenta on Friday evening, July 7th, given about tlie sort of a bunk he occupies, the
tial plant* are found tiers' should l>e cut1
by Mt. Scott W. C. T. U. At seven I
marriage to Mr. Frank A. Tarrant,
sort of conveniences offered him, the
off just twlow the Hurface of the ground
The only Band Concert for lante thia
which takes place in the near future.
’clock p. tn. a banquet will be served nature ot the dining room, condition of
when they are in bloom and a generous
The house was very prettily decorated Rummer will be held at the Play Ground last Saturday Afternoon that came near to be followed by addresses by distin-1
the food, and the cooking and number­
handful of common stock salt thrown on
with red hearts, red roses, and wild on next Tuesday evening, the Uth. leaving him blind. He undertook to guieed speakers. A musical program I
less other things that tbe man soaked
the roots, or instead of salt « small
Oregon grapes. Many beautiful and Campbell’« American Band will present i light the evening fire for his mother will be rendered during the progress of I
amount of gasoline may be applied.
with whiskey took no notice of.
costly gifts were presented Miss Vera the program, which will consist of a and to hurry tbe matter along emptied the banquet.
"When- the (Utnada thistle occurs in a
demand for better things will cost the
and many regrets expressed at losing
a charge of powder out of a shotgun . Among the speakers on this notable logging bosses something and it is an­
nurnlwr of small patches or clumps
— a the
U- stove. Th-
_ a U- that
a ___
one who, by her sweet disposition and be open to the public and a big attend­ .Uzull
shell ; into
The U
eu-1 occasion will be ex-Gov. Oswald West
ticipated they will oppose the continued
scattered through a field, thew may beet.
help in the church, has endeared her to
on "Law Enforcement,” the man who operation of the dry regime.
be handl«*«l either by smothering (as
Music was furnished by Misses
entirely off and blistered the skin all speaks on the temperance question
The loggers themselves are most of
previously descrilie«!) or by the use of h
Maud Alvord, Anabel Wagstaff and P.
around his none and eyes and took some from a basis of knowledge running back them favorable to the “dry” system.
«odium arsenite spray, which is made by
Son Goes, Mother Comes
T. Harris. Misses Charlotte Sbulenberg
of his hair. Tbe result is that Paul is to childhood recollections of the tear- They see they win by it.
For the Hrst
dissolving I'j pounds of this salt in 52
and Nellie Fawcett served at the Punch
somewhat patched in appearance but stained face of hie mother. Dr. Levi time in the history of the northwest
gallons of water
This solution, ap­
Bowl, assisting Mrs. L. J.Tiffils. a de­
improve«! in experience. His eyes were T. Pennington of Pacific College, whose they can go to town and get back home
plied with a small hand «prayer and
W. E. Lund left two weeks ago to
lightful time was enjoyed by all.
not seriously injure«!, but it was a nar­ popularity as a public speaker makes with money in their pockets.
spread in the form of a line mist, so that
visit his mother, who lives in Erie, Pa. row escape. He will light the Hre here­ him a most welcome addition to any
the thistles are thoroughly covenul just
sometimes send for a “package” and
Just a week later the mother decided to after in the old fashioned way.
public gathering, has promised to par­ they are satisfied to have it that way.
Childrens Party
l>efore they come into bloom, will kill
in the program Friday evening. Tlie law in Washington is not so favor­
back th«* to|>s to the ground.
As often
Mrs. Jennie M. Kemp, state president, able to tlie reasonable use of liquor as in
aa they re-ap|>ear, they should l>e given I Dorothy and Richard Hess entertain­ way of Loe Angeles and other southern
Lents Grange Meets Saturday
and Mrs. Mattie Sleeth, county presi­ Oregon. Before an individual can get a
another spraying.
This method is very ed a number of their little friends in points—she came direct. She arrived
dent of the Woman's Christian Temper- package in that state he must get a per­
«ucivHsfiil. As tin* «pray is very poison­ honor of Iiortby’s Fifth birthday on here last Saturday and found him gone.
The regular monthly meeting of Lente ance Unjoni will each gpeaki „ will
ous, can* should lie u*ken not to inhale July 3d. Manv games were played and Just what he will do when he reaches
mit and that is secured at the county
Grange will be held on Saturday. The Sanger Fox, state secretary of the pro­
it or jiermit stock to pasture on the much enjoyed by the little folks, after
seat in person. The inconvenience of
usual business meeting in the morning | hibition party.
plants sprayed.
this system operates to the advantage of
which a dainty lunch was served, two says business conditions are thriving in will be followed in the afternoon by a
Preparations have been made for a
“Wliafe the thistl«*s art- scattered large birthday cakes with lighted candles Erie—factories running three shifts and program of music and discussion. The splendid feed. The price per plate has tlie bootfoggvr, and as a consequence
the express companies in Washington
generally over a large field blit a« yet adorned the table added a pretty touch wages good.
discussions will be volunteer offerings, i been fixed at 25c and an invitation has
are not doing the liquor express business
have not Isx-ome firmly established, the to the scene. Mrs. C. Sager took sev­
the subject« to be selected by the speak- i been extended to the general public to
that those of Oregon are doing.
above methods would not apply.
In eral photos of the group. Mies Dorothy
ere. Thus the program will be some- j be
be present.
All in all, the present Oregon law
this case, after the crop has lieen re­ was well rememliered with many pretty
what unusual, as no one will know
Meedamee Burnett and Frost have suite the loggers better even than a dry
moved from the field, the land should and useful things, and the children re­
what the speakers intend to sav until charge of the music, which fact ¡8 ft«- law, and better than the proposed home
he plowed in the fall and th«‘n thorough­ turned to their homes with a wish that
manufacture of liquors.
Pimples, Blackhead«, Acne, Tetter, they get up to talk.
surance of a splendid program.
ly cultivated with U m * springtooth har­ Dorothy and Richard would have many
Ring Worm and that dreaded Eczema
row, which will turn out the roots and other birthdays. Those present were:
can be permanently removed from your
S. B. Johnson Burled at Gresham
Perseverance Chib Hikes
Iowan's Hold Reunion
bring them to t|»«* surface where they Kathryn and Dorris Allen, Clara Berg-
face and body by Dr. Hobson's Eczema
will dry out and die. The following ner, lenwood McCord. Millard Bradley,
Ointment. It is no longer necessary to
spring the ground should he plowed Francis Allen, Clyde Sager, Jr., Virginia
Samuel Boone Johnson, pioneer man
The Perseverance Club of the I-enta
A number of old acquaintan«*es of
go around with an unsightly complexion
every four weeks and betw«*«-n times Daniels, HateJ Sells, James Beeman,
and suffer the pain and annoyance that of Pleasant Valley and Gresham, died at Methodist church spent a very enjoy­ Ikxlge City, Iowa, held a reunion at the
thoroughly cultivated with the spring- Ixiuise Myers, Dorothy and Richard
goes with unsightly ailments.
Dr. his home in Gresham on (lie morning of able Fourth of July in Timber Tangle. Geaeel home on the Fourth.
tooth up until July, when it may be Hees.
Hobson’s Eczema Ointment is a time July first and the fuñera' w as held Mon­ After hiking five miles over Mt. Scott.a those preeent were Mrs. M. E. Reid of
seedeil to a smother crop ot huckwh«*at
tried, guaranteed remedy, good for in­ day at the Baptist Church in Gresham, rest was much appreciated, along with Estaca«!a an«l the Trains of Lents.
or raja* thickly sown.
Follow thia crop
The increase of population from i PM»
Mr. a delicious luncheon about noon. The
There are qnite a number of Dotlga
fante, adults and aged who suffer with Rey. Melville Wire officiating.
with fall plowing and cultivation again. ¡to 1910 shows Portland 11(1,788.
has aftern«. m being spent in sports and ex­ City people in this part of Oregon tmt
1 Rural
Continue the next spring, and then put J other cities and towns 9(1,372.
using at once.
Money back if not been ailing for many months and about plorations of the beauties of Timber the Fourth of July proved a tmd day for
the ground into a thoroughly cultivated i Sections 441,(169. Thus is shown thsCthe
a year ago suffered a paralytic stroke Tangle, the Club returned home tired a reunion as so many ha«l other ar­
satisfied. 50c. at your druggist.
row crop’sttch as corn, potato»««, nnts, | I rush of people Is anywliere except lan k
and then another this spring.
Mrs. but greatly satisfied with their day's rangements. A very pleasant time is
rape, etc., using the hoc to get any ' tay to the farm—IN per cent to tlie country,
Johnson is still living, and five sons and outing.
■ 45 |>er <ent to Portland a«i ' 37 per cent
'ICO,0(X) pound« of wool ha« l*en «old two daughters will mourn his death.
thistles that may appear.
“All of the methods deecribad altovt to other urban commnities,—Malheur •t Pilot Kock at 21‘4 to 31
cent« per Two of the sons, W. H. and E. R.
500 sawmill men are idle on Coo« Ba;
John Phillip« of St. Helene has a con­
for the eradication of the Canada thistle i 1 Enterprise.
Johnson bve in Portland
Mrs. Mary owing to the longshosemen «trike.
tract Pi get out 190,i)fri paving bl<x*lu.
pended His Last Strength
fusing to Surrender, Were