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Tbe Aches of House Cleanl.i i
At The Churches
The pain aud sorenss- mu
hiiiisea, over-exMtiorr and »tnum
ing house cleaning time are «
away by Sloan’s Liniment.'" No ,
suffer this agony. Just apply
Liniment to U m * sore s[>ota. mb
little. Iu a short time the pain 1
you rest comfortably and enjoy
freshing »leep.
One grateful
writes: ‘'Sioaa’s Liniment is w >
weight in gold.”
Keep a bin •
baud. use it against all Sor
Neuralgia and Bruises. Kills pain
at your Druggist.
Arleta Baptist Church
9:46 a. in. Bible Hclioul.
11 a. tn I'reselling service.
7:30 p. in. Evening services,
A :1ft |> ni. B. Y. I*. U. meeting.
7 :4ft Prayer meeting,
Ewrylssly welcome to any ami all ol
these service».
Millard Avenue Presbyterian Church
Hi a. m. Habbath Hchool,
Il a. in. Morning worship.
7 :p. m. Y. I’. H. U. K,
7 :46 p. in. Evening worship.
7 :3o p. in, ThiirM lay . midweek service.
M p. tn. Thursday, choir practice.
Rev. Win. H. Anna, Pastor.
John C. McC> i
. For
St. Peler s Cdthulli l hureh
Hunda ya :
H a. hi . Ix>w Mass.
10:30 a. in. High Maas.
11:30 a. in. Huiid-y School.
12 M. Ohoii rehearsal, ,
Week days; Mass al 8 a. m.
District Attorney
Now. Uucle Bushrod was treasurer
of the Born aud Daughters of the
Burning Bush. Every assoelatlou he
bolouged to made him treasurer with­
out liealtatlou. lie stood AAl lu col­
ored circles,
Lie was understood
among them to be Mr. Bushrod Wey­
Seventh Day Adventist Church
mouth of the Weymouth bank.
|O a. in. Saturday Sabbath School.
The night following the day on which
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II a. in. Saturday preaching.
Mr. Robert mentioned his intended
7 :3U p. m. Wednesday. Brayer meeting.
OT the least im fishing trip the old man woke up and
7 :4ft p. in. Sunday preaching.
portant of the ro«e from bls tied at 12 o’clock, declar­
force of the Wey­ ing he must go down to the bank and
fetch the passbook of the Bona aud
mouth bunk was
Kern Hark thrlstaln Church
Laughters, which be bad forgotten to
Corner 391 h Hl. and 40th Ave. H. E.
bring home. The bookkeeper bad bal­
Sixty years had
10 a. lu. Bible School.
anced It for him that day, put the can-
Uncle Bushrod
11 a in. aud 7 :3<1 p lu. preaching aer*
given of faithful
ft 30 p. m. Uhrtstain Endeavor.
service to the
7 .Sop- «• Thursday, mid-week prayer
bouse of Wey­
m ■•cling
mouth as chattel, servitor and frirud.
A cordial welcome to al).
Rev G K. Berry, Pastor. [ Of the color of the mahogany bank
furniture was Unde Busbrod-thus
: dark was be externally; white as the
uulnked pages of the tiauk ledgers was
St. Pauls I plscopal Church
his soul. Eminently pleasing to Uncle
One block eonlb ol Woodmere station.
Holy Communion the first Bunday of ' Bushrod would the comparison have
Candidate for County Su, erintendent of Schools, Primary I lection May 19th
each month at 8 p. m, No other »ur- been, for to him the ouly institution
in existence worth considering was the
vice« that day.
Every cither ffilnday the regular «er • M'eyuicuth bunk, of which ho was
Iresaed In a rough suit of gray as if
Useful Glycerin
vices will lie a» u»ual.
something between porter uud general-
for traveling. He gtam-ed with frown-
Evening Prayer and sermon at 4 p. tn. laaliiio in charge.
! ing iutentiMMs at the big otlii-e clock
Bunday 8ch<s>l meets at 3 p. m.
Glycerin has many useful properties,
Weymouth lay, dreamy aud urn
above the burning gas jet and tben
Boatwright, Hupt , I.. Msffett, Sec.
according to the New York Son.
Rev. O. W. Tavior, Rector.
along the brow of a southern valley.
geringly and fondly. Unde Bushrod will cleanse a cut and cause it to heal
thought, as one who bids farewell to quickly.
In washing clothes, where
Three tiauks there were in Weymouth
1 vllle. Two were bopeleaa, misguided
lear and familiar scenes.
Lents tYanqetkdl Church
softness is imperative in water, the ad­
Now be caugbt up his burden again dition if three tableepoonfuls to tn
enterprises, lack tug the presence and
Sermon by the Pastor, 11 s. m. and
and moved promptly aud softly out of ordinary tab of water will prove effec­
prestige of a Weymouth to give them
7:lftp. m.
the bank by the way be had come, tive. When it is necessary to boil
Bunday School 9 -46 a. m., Albert glory. The third was the Lank, man­
locking tbe front dour behind him.
aged by the Weymouth»-aud Uuclv
Fankiiauerr, Huperinl -ndent.
clothes, two tablespoonfuls in the wash
For a minute or lunger Lucie Busb-
Y. P. A. fl:lft p. m. vs Anderson, Bushrod,
boiler will produce good results.
In the old
A little glycerin applied with a flannel
Prayer meeting Thursday 8 p. m.
the red brick, white purtlcoed mansion.
A cordial welcome to all.
been any ether ou earth than tbe man on shoes that have become hardened by
T. R. Ilornschncb, Pastor.
be was tbe old retainer would have wetting softens the leather, which will
Elder creek coming into town—lived
rushed upon bim aud struck to save absorb it overnight. One tablespoonful
Mr. Robert Weymouth, the president
the Weymouth property. But now the of glycerin to each pound of fruit in
of the bank; ills widowed daughter,
Lents friend s Church •
watcher’s soul was tortured by tbe preserves prevents the formation of
9:46 a.m. Bible Hchool, Mrs. Maud Mrs. Vi iy, called "Mias Letty” by av­
pulgnaut dread of something worse a surgary crystal on the top. In stew»
ery oue. aud her two children. Nan
Keech, Superintendent.
than mere robbery. He was seized by ing fruit, fresh or evaporated, two table
and Guy. There also, in a cottage on
llKJOa. m Preaching servicee.
tn accusing terror that said tbe Wey­
the _______
grounds, ,______
resided ______
Unci» _______
0:26 p. m. Christian Endeavor.
spoonfuls of glycerin to each pound of
mouth name and tbe Weymouth hon­
7 :30 p. m. Preaching Services.
aud Aunt Mallndy, his wife. Mr. Wil­
fruit, a pinch of salt and less sugar
3:00 p. m. Thursday,
mid week liam Weymouth, the cashier of the
Out With a Large
a usefuljaddition.
prayer meeting.
ert robbing tbe bank! What else could
bank, lived tn a modern, flue bouse on
Hand Satchel.
A cordial welcome to all three ser-
John Riley, Pastor. tbe priucipul avenue.
Mr. Robert was a large, stout man. eeled checks in it aud snapped two stealthy visit to the vault, the satchel
For Re-Election
sixty-two yearn of age, with a smooth, elastic bands around it. He put but brought forth full and with expedition
one baud around other passbooks.
plump face, long Iron gray hair and
Lents Baptist Church
Aunt Mallndy objected to tbe mission his solicitous reading of tbe clock and
flery blue eyen. Ho was high temi>er-
Lord*! Day. Bible School 1»:46 a. m. ed. klud and geuerous, with a youth­ at so late an hour, denouncing it as noiseless departure—what else could it
foolish and uu necessary, but Uncle mean?
Morning worship, 11 a. m.
Elmo Heightt Bunday School, 2:30 ful smile am! a formidable, stern voice Bushrod was not to be deflected from
And tben to tbe turmoil of Uncle
p. tn.
i Bushrod's thoughts came the corrob­
B Y P. U , fl:30p m.
“I done told Sister Adullne Hoskins,'
er man, correct in defwrtment and ab­ he said, "to come by here for dat book orating recollection of preceding events
Evening worship, 7:30 p. m.
- —Mr. Robert's increasing intemperance
A cordial welcome to U»-ee services.
sorbed In business. The Weymouth»
J. M Nelaou, Pastor. formed the family of Weymouthville toinurrer niawuln* at sebln o’clock for and consequent many moods of royal
to kyar* it to de meetin' of de bo'd high spirits and stern tempers; the
and were looked up to, as was their of 'rangemeuts, aud dat book gwine to
casual talk be had beard in tbe bank
right of heritage.
be bore when she come.”
fifth Church ot Christ
of the decrease in business and diffi­
Uncle Bushrod was tbe bank's trust­
So Uncle Rushrod put on his old culty in collecting loans. What else
Fifth Churrh of Christ. 8cienti»t of
ed porter, messenger, vassal and guar­ brown suit, got his thick hickory «tick could it all mean but that Robert Wey­
Portland, Ore.
Myrtle Park Hall, j
dian. He carried a key to the vault, and meandered through the almost mouth was an absconder—was about
Myrtle Park.
just as Mr. Robert and Mr. William deserted streets of Weyinoutbville. He to fly with the bank's remaining funds,
Service» Bunday 11 a. m.
did. Sometimes there was ten, fifteen entered the bank, unlocking the side leaving Mr. William, Miss Letty, little
Sunday Schiail 0:30 ami It a. m
Wednesday evening testimonial meet- or twenty thousand dollars lu sacked dour, and found the passbook where Nan, Guy and Uncle Bushrod to bear
silver stacked on the vault floor. It he bail left It. In the little back room the disgrace? 1
ing K p. tn.
was safe with Uucle Bushrod. Ho used for private consultations, where
During oue minute Uncle Bushrod
was a Weymouth in heart, honesty be always huug his coat.
Looking considered these things, and then he
Lents M. f. Church
nnd pride.
about casunlly he saw that everything awoke to sudden determination and
Sunday School 9:4ft. a. in.
Of lute Uncle Bushrod had not l>eeii was :<• lie find left, it aud was n I tout action.
Pleaching 11 :00 a. in.
without worry, it was on account of to start for home wben lie was brought i "Lawd. Lawd!" he moaned aloud as
Services st B-nnett Chapel at 3 p. m.
Marne Robert. For nearly a year Mr. to a standstill by tbe sudden rattle of he hobbled hastily toward the side door.
Epworth League fl :30 p, m.
Robert had Is-en known to Indulge in a key in the front door. Some one “Sech a comeoff after all dese here
Preachihg 7:3B p. m.
Prayer meeting fliur« lay evening at too much drink. Not enough, under­ catue quickly In. closed the door softly years of big doin’» nnd fine doin’s.
stand, t<> become tipsy, but the habit and entered the counting room through ScanTous sights upon de yearth when
W. It. F. Browne, pastor. was getting a hold upon him. and ev­ the door in the Iron railing.
de Weymouth fainbly done turn out
Residence 5703 8 lid St.
ery one was beginning to notice it.
That division of tbe bank's space robl<ers and 'bezzlers! Time for Uncle
Half a dozen times a day bo would was connected with the back room by
Bushrod to clean out somebody’s chick­
leave the bank uud step around to the a narrow- passageway, now in deep
en coop and eben matters up. Oh,
Laurelwood M. t. Church
Merchants uud Planters’ hotel to take
Lawd! Marse Robert, you ain’t gwine
9:4.’> a. in- Sunday school.
a drink. Mr. Robert’s unusual keen
Uncle Rushrvd. tlrmly gripping his do dat. 'N Miss Ix»tty an’ dem chilluu
11:00 a. m prvaiining.
judgment and business capacity be- hickory stick, tiptoed gently up tills
so proud and talkin' ‘Weymouth. Wey­
12 :30 a. tn class meeting
came a little impaired. Mr. William, n
pnssngo until he could see the mid­ mouth.’ all de time! I’m gwine to stop
6 30 p. in. Epworth langue.
Paie Advertisement
Weymouth, but not so rich in exporl-
night Intruder Into the sacred precincts you ef I can. 'Spec you shoot Mr. Nig­
7:30 p. in preaching.
The pastor is assisted by a chorus choir ence, tried <o dam the Inevitable back of tbe AVeynioutb bank. One dim gas ger’s head off ef he fool wid you, but
flow of the tide, but with incomplete
ami the Amphioti Male Quartette.
jet burned there, but even in its neb­ | I’m gwine stop you ef 1 can.”
8:00 p. m. Thursday evening, prayer success. The deposits In the Wey­ ulous light he i ercelved at once that
Uncle Bushrod, aided by his hickory
_ „ ,
Dr. C. R. (Jarlos, pastor to five, fast due paper beguu to ac­ the prowler was tbe bank's president. stick, impeded by his rheumatism, hur­
Wonderiug, fearful, undecided what ried down the street toward the rnil-
Ì £ V
cumulate, owtug to Injudicious loans.
to do, tbe old colored mau stood mo­ ! road station, where the two lines touch­
No one cared to address Mr. Robert on
ing Weymouthville met. As he had ex-
German Lvantjellcal Reformed Church the subject of temperance. Many of
tnd waited developments.
' ported aud feared, be saw there Mr.
Corner Woodstock Ave., and H'th St. his friends said that the cause of it had
The vault, with its big Iron door, was Robert standing tn the shadow of the
Rev. W. G. Lienkaemper, pastor.
been the death of his wife some two
Inside that was the building waiting for the train. He held
Sunday Schoo) 10 a. in.
years before. Others hesitated on ac­ opposl|e him.
Morning Worship, 11 a. tn.
count of Mr. Robert’s quick, temper, safe, holding tbe papers of value, the the satchel In his hand.
Y. P. S. at 7:80 p. m.
gold end currency of tbe bank. On
When Uncle Bushrod came within
German School and Catechetical Claes which was extremely apt to resent per­ tbe floor of the vault was, perhaps. twenty yards of the bank president,
Saturday 10 a. m.
standing like a huge, gray ghost by the
Miss tatty and the children noticed •38,000 In silver.
The president took his key from his station wall, sudden perturbation seis­
the change and grieved about It Un­
cle Bushrod also worried, but be was pocket, opened tbe vault and went ed him. The rashness and audacity of
Third United Brethren Church
one of those who would not have dared Inside, nearly closing tbe door behind the thing he had come to do struck him
10 a. m. Sunday School.
He would have been happy
to remonstrate, though he and Marne him. Uncle Bushrod saw through the fully.
11 a. m. Preaching.
Robert bad been raised almost as com­ harrow aperture tbe flicker of a candle. could be have turned and fled from
8 p. m. Junior Christian Endeavor.
But there was a heavier In a minute or two—It seemed an hour the possibilities of the famous Wey­
6:30 p. m. Senior Christian Endeavor. shock coming to Uncle Bushrod than to the watcher—Mr. Robert came out mouth wrath. But again he saw, in
7:30 p. m. Preaching
that caused by the bank president's bringing with him a large hand satchel, bls fancy, the white, reproachful face
handling it tn a careful but hurried of Miss Letty and tbe distressed looks
toddles and juleps.
Mr. Robert had n passton for Ashing, manner, ns if fearful that he might be of Nan and Guy should he fail In his
With one hand he cloeed duty and they question him as to his
which he usually indulged whenever observed.
Magnolia Camp
No. 4(»2fl, Royal tbe season and business permitted. «nd locked the vault door.
Neighbors, meets
With a reluctant theory forming It­
Braced by the thought, he approached
ami Fourth Wednesday» l
. each
___ One day, when reports had been com­
self beneath his wool Uncle Rushrod in a straight line, clearing his throat
month at I. O. O. F. Hall. Second ing tn relating to the baas and perch,
Wednesdays social meeting Neighbors he announced bls Intention of making waited and watched, shaking in his and pounding with his stick so that he
bring your families »nd friends. n two or three days' visit to the lakes. Concealing shadow
might be early recognized. Thus he
Mr. Robert set the «atchel softly upon might avoid the likely danger of too
Wednesday, bufineaa.
All He was going down, he said, to Reedy
Neighbors requested to come. By lake with Judge Archlnard, an old a desk anil tlimed his coat collar up suddenly surprising the sometimes has-
order of the Camp
about his neck aud ears.
lie was
(To Be Continued.)
The Guardian of the
Primary Election May 19,15. 5
“Strict law enforcement;
impartial and economic*!
administration. ’’
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Andy Weinberger
Republican Candidate
Re-election to the Office of
Multnomah County
He Stands On His Record
Primaries May 19
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At the Primaries May 19
In announcing my candidacy fu- ce
office of Constable at the primary
tion, May 19, I will, if I am non i
and elected, during my term <>t Hi
faithfully and impartially disch«r_- t •9
dutiee of tbe office. I will, to tt.»
of my ability, enforce all law« e-
within the Constable’s jariedicii-
out fear or favor, and will not : t
Thomas M. Hurlburt
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the Granta Pan sugar factory.
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and willing to meet persoi
parties having business in the
and will conduct the office du .
a view to strict economy, an-;
tent deputies will be in attend« • • H I
prompt, efficient and CQurteoui
i O
rendered. - My Slogan is: “S’ri ' » V
enforcement; prompt. oourUou- .À I
impartial service; special lav-., ■f ‘ *
I am a home owner and tax;-*- • -,
member of many lodges an-i sci e »
and have been piominent in tbe rank«
of labor. I have received many y.;-
dorsements for the office I »< • k < 1
have been assured the support oi m r y
of Portland’s prominent proL- i > <1
and business men.
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ers that they offer One Hundr.
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for list of testimoníala.
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