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Must Ha vs Serviceable
Following the series of meeting« held I
Highwaye Far Tranapertatien.
in Portland by the national temperance
What the farmer needs luoet in the
workers, a number uf union efforts haw1 way of roads is a road from the farm
At poetotfice, Lenta, Oregon, Under act of March 3. 1879
sprung up all over tin« state, as for in­ to ihe nearest railroad station mora
stance, the prayer meeting held by Ml miles of dirt, sand clay or gravel In
Published Every Thursday at Lento, Ore., by the M t . S cott l'y bus hi so C o . Scott Union on Thursday afternoon of alead of so many highways, said H. T
this week. The united effort is the con­ Galloway In au address during farm-
H. A. DA KNALL, Korroa ano M amau ».
A Cashier’» Check, any Amount.
dition earnestly sought. The desire ia era* weak at Ithai a. N V Ths na
A Certificate of Depoait Bearing 4 |>er
strong that all temperance people should
to tie commended, but a great deal of
Office Phone: Home R-6111-1111. Residence Tabor >13
feel <l<«eply, think earneetly, act united­
the work has been undertaken with
Interest either G or 12 months, $1
ly. There are important days leading out due consideration of all tbe fai ts
up to grave ami perplexing events.
or more.
luvolvei! Only 10 per cent of all the
This invasion of Europe by a stalaetities, etc
White the national prohibitory amend­ roads In the Unite<1 States have been
There are eyelem fish and crawfish,
But if you are feeling real generous
ship load of Peace enthusiasts and a prolific population of liato. In ment and the attilmte of the new con­ improved Of the Individual states
reminds one of the crusades—a tbe subterraneau explorations there are gress toward it is tlie great alaorbing Ohio huida with 27 per cent of Improv
whv not place a snug little amount
sort of grown-up children's two routes usually followed, a short one theme there are other matters of im­ ed roads. New Jersey has 23 per cent.
New York IT i>er «-ent. or T |>er cent
your wife’s credit and surprise her
of eight miles and another of twenty
miles. Various appropriate namea are come world wide in interest.
Christmas morning with one of our
question ot exteudiug tlie ballot to
The Herald will try a special given the different parto of the cave, and women has liecouic a globe question.
new Ladies’ Check Book«?
and interesting legends are told
Holiday edition this year. De­ curious
about them, one of the tales lining of the The universe appears to have arrived at
Nothing better anywhere.
scriptive stories relative to the Bridal Chamber, which got its name he- a twilit of intellectual awakening where I
schools, churches, or other in­ cause an ingenious maiden who had tlie need of any group of people is the ,
stitutions of Mt. Scott will be promised at the deathbed of her mother need of similar grout» throughout tlie
Matters are talk«««! about.
welcome. The edition will be she would not marry any man ou tlie People wish to be informed In our owu
face of the earth, came down here and
double the usual sire, at least was wedded.—From Seeing America. country Dr. Anna Shaw, who has for
0. F. Hendrickson. President.
and more than double the usual
many years ’’died the position of presi­
Il E. Bloyd, Cashier.
dent of the National Woman's Suffrage
number. If you have something
.Association, announces that she will no
good to say about yourself now
longer continue the work of president,
is a good time to get it ready.
but will enter upon the larger work of
propaganda. As a public speaker Dr.
We were looking over a list of
Shaw ia most interesting. With her en­
Lents subscribers to a down town The lest tonic for the home-maker tire time free to «leyote to the work of
weekly the other day. Most of and mother of a family is new clotbee. public S|«'*king much gixxt ia sure to re­
these subscribers are strong for There is not merely joy but real health- Tlie next meeting of Mt. Scott Union
the home merchant, "do your
will be held at the home ot Mrs Mc-
trading at home.” etc. They Too many times the mother says “any­ Kiuley on December 14th. At tbia
have some of them overlooked thing will do for me” so often that the meeting. Mrs. Aduiton, who has given
their local opportunity. There whole family comes to believe it. The much study to the question will speak
upon the “Municipal Manager Plan, and
the average of the country as a
are a lot of people strong on woman who knows she is becomingly City Needs.” Here is an opportunity above
whole. Pennsylvania has only 4 per
dressed will carry herself erect and walk
theory but almighty poor on
with a certain spring and elasticity im­ to find out what Mr. Benson means cent of its roads Improved
practice, which all goes to' prove possible to the shabby or dowdy woman. when lie talks about the munioi|>al The farmer Is not eapeOially Inter
In highways. Too much alten-
that there are a good many The problem of being well dressed is manager and wherein lies the advant­ voted
tlon has probably been given roads of
people who are far sighted who not a matter ot having more money to age, if indeed tliere can be found an ad­ this type What rhe farmer wants ia
spend for clothes so much as it is one of vantage, over the oimmiaaion form of a road which Is g.v.d enough for the
do not know it
knowing how to s|>end the money al­ government. The public is invited to ready transportation of hla produt ts I
and hla supplies and not so expensive
ready available.
Study your good participate in thia meeting
F you have any doubt about points ynd emphasise them; study your
that he is overburdened to build It ot
Mr. Bryan’s faith in his posi­ defects and conceal them as much as
maiutaln It We nee<l sam! clay reads
and roads made of gravel or other
tion on the question of preparing possible.
Of TEN DUt TO SAN JOSE readtly available material.
for war a run through one of the In any garment comfort must be tlie
The movement for federal aid for
recent Commoners will convince
good roads has depended on a numtier
well in a costume that is not com­
"Growers finding their cherry tree* of factors, one of the chief of which j
you of his sincerity and there is fortable, but some women do not dis­
has liven thv Influence of the «utuuiu
considerable justification for it criminate between comfort and tmtidi- not in a thrifty condition, or with a bile owner and manufacturer, lu ad­
tendency to excessive gumming, should
dition to thia, there have been de- j
There ought to be a medium po­ nese Older women should always avoid
sition on the question but the extremes of fashion Short skirts are examine the bark very carefully for the mands made on congreas for high
ways connecting cities, which have
probabilities are favorable to ex­ comfortabfe, and becoming to the presence of San Jose scale,” say« t«een
planned to parallel railway aud
woman with a slim, girlish figure; but Professor A. L. Lovett, acting ento- i
treme outlays. If the congres­ the mature woman is likely to be stout,
trolley lines
Altogether about fifty
of the Oregon Agricultural bills have lieen Introduced
sional action that is sure to so she will find a skirt two incbee from otologist
College. “The base ami main qroteh
legislation for gtxxl roads should In­
ensue, would provide that all the the ground more becoming than a of tbe tree and the outer limbe should volve
co-operntton between the stutee
arms and war materials for
be examined very carefully for scale, and the federal government Under
national use should be produced It may take considerable tact and which, to the casual observer, will ap­ this cooperation tbe states should fur
persuasion on the part of younger mem­
Utah funds equal to those s|ipreprtated
in government owned factories a bers of the family to convince the pear as small grayish or blackish specks by tbe government or double those set
scattered over tlie bark.
A heavy in­
lot of the enthusiasm would mother over fifty that she needs a new
aside through fillers I appropriations,
festation of the scale appears not unlike
evapórate from the whole move­ hat instead of a box of pills, or that a wet ashes spread over the bark. Where second, a combined federal and state
fund should be used for construction (
ment in less than a week, and it brooming new gown will be a better pro­ such condition occurs the back of the only, the states assuming all reepon '
thumb nail should be drawn across the alliillty for maintenance The govern
is safe to say the preparations
Remember that a woman is as old as
would proceed in a rational she wishes to be. so cling to your youth. bark, when, if there is a yellow, oilish meet cannot commit Itself to expense
for maintenance for an Indefinite pe-1
manner. Private and corporate Don’t get the idea that you are aging exudation, you may rest assured that rlod. and the community which uses rhe I
the scale is present.
enterprise are the active pro- and you won’t age.—M. L. O.
"For this pest there is nothing IteCter road reasonably should be expected j
to keep It up. The smallest unit to be
motors of big expenditure.
than the early spring application of the
dealt wltb by tbe federal authorities
n* should be the state, which should de­
commercial lime-eultur spray,
Horse Power
Mammoth Gave
Every steam engine is built to run at a just as the buds are opening, and 1>efore velop an organization In Ibe state high
way department to handle tbe work, j
Aliout ninety miles south of Louisville given number of revolutions per minute the leaves put out, using it at tlie rate
The propiirtlon In the allotment of |
is tbe famous Mammoth Cave of Ken­ with steam at a certain definite gage of one part of the commercial litne- funds to tbe various states seems to
pressure. Under these conditions it sulfur to ten parts of water. It is ad­ have been a stumbling block In nil
Thia u tbe largest known
often happens that the horse power the visable to add the commercial Black preceding legislation. This can tie
cavern in the world, extending for a engine is developing is required If the
solved by allotting federal funds Io the
The Mt. Scott Herald
distance of nine or ten milee, the various steam engine indicator is available little Leaf-40. a tobacco spray, to thia com states on tbe basis, first, of tbe ratio
avenues that have been explored having trouble is experiencedin finding the horse mercial lime-sulfur, as by this practice of tbe area of the state to tlie total
a total length approximating two hun­ power of the engine. When obtained one may also control the plant lice area of tbe United States; second, the
dred miles
The carboniferous lime­ in this way tlie resulting power is the to­ which are usually present on the tree in ratio of the population of the state to
This should be u. ed at the the total population and. third, the
stone« <4 Kentucky, in which the cave is tal or gross Horse Power, which is in ex- i the spring
located, occupy an area of eight thous­ cess of the power delivered to the belt rate of one part of the Black Leaf-10 to ratio of mileage of post roads to the
and wpiare miles, and tlie geologists es­ wheel. If the latter be required, pro­ eight hundred parts of the lime-sulfur total (Kist roads of the United States
outside of Incorporate«! cities.
vemtier, 1915, in favor of Jerome L. right, title and interest which the with­
timate that there are probably a hun­ ceed as follows: Make a wooden frame as di)ute«l ready for spraying, or at the
Brizzolari. plaintiff, and against Cora in named defendants (or either or any
dred tliousand miles of open caverns be­ consisting of two uprights of 2 inches by
Milcire of Public Roads.
Lusich, Cora Lusich Administratrix of of them) had on the 23d day of October,
neath this surface.
There is a hotel 6 inches and twocroas pieces of the same ls-af-40 to twelve and one-half gallons
The public roads of the United States the Estate of Jerry Lusich, Dmv-awed, 1912, the ríate of the mortgage herein
near tlie cave entrance, and the mouth material, one at the bottom, and one at of the lime-sulfur spray solution.'*
have a mileage ten times the length of and Marie Lusich, a minor, defendants, foreclored, or since that ríate bari in and
the alrove deecrils'd property or any
is reached by passing down a rocky ra­ the top of the uprights. Set this frame
tbe steam rallroeds. and lire passenger for the sum of «■000.00 with iateiwt at to
part thereof, to satisfy said execution,
vine through the forest. It is a sort of on an ordinary platform scale, close to | Cottage Grove may get a milk con- traffic on the public roads Is more than the rate of 7 per cent per annum from judgment order ami decree, interest,
3«> times the passenger traffic of the the 23d day of October, 1912 ami the costs and accruing coste.
funnel-shaped opening about a hundred the belt wheel of the engine. Through denser.
further sum of *115.00 with interest at
feet in diameter at the top. with steep the upper cross piece put a half inch
the rate of 6 per cent per annum from
Sheriff of .Multnomah, County,Oregon.
walls fifty teet high.
threaded bolt, with a nut on the upper
Datisi this 1st day of Ibs-emlrcr, 1915.
A hunter accidently discovered the end and a hook on the lower end Tie
for the further sum of *14.66 costs and First issile Decern lier 2nd, llllfi.
cave in 1809. and for years afterwards the two ends of the three-quarter inch s--------------------------------- ■
Iwst issue I lece mirer 30th, 1915,
I on this writ, commanding me to make
it was entered chiefly to obtain niter for rope to the lower cross piece of the
R. C. Mun ay returned home from If I FAIL ti CURE-t CANCER« TUMOR i trot I sale of the following deserils-d real
Administrator's Notice
the manufacture of gunpowder, especial­ frame, and then pass tlie double rope eastern Oregon the first of the week
property, situated in the County of
bsfocs It POISONS its» (Mt n itlxtei to 10« Multnomah an<l State of Oregon, to-wit:
ly during the War of 1812, the niter once around tlie belt wheel and fasten where be has been employed this season. fittest Kafiir Mi
Notice la hereby given that the under­
Beginning at a point Seventy-eight (78)
being foiind in deposits on the cave the middle of the rope, to the hook of He was paid *2.50 a day and the very
feet North of a point in the East IJne signed has Iren appointed administratrix
floor, mainly near the entrance, and the belt. Balance tbe scales with the best of board with time and a half for WSITTtg BU*t*«ra
of East Seventh Street of said City of
Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon, of the eatale of Hermanns Dykstra,
owing its origin to the accumulation of frame and rope attached. Bring the en-1 extra time. If the rich old farmers of ■wlndle. An Island
if extended Southerly, Seventeen Hun­ deceased, by the County Court of the
animal remains, mostly of bats, in gine to the required speed and then Iowa or Illinois had to pay such wages plant makmi the cure'
dred. Sixty-three (1<63) feet South of
whirl« die cave abounds.
tighten tbe rope by screwing the nut on they would fall dead.
the intersection of the Center line of state of Oregon, for Mnltnomah County,
or body long Aa
Up««n entering the cave, the first im­ the bolt until further tightening will
Division Street and the East line of said and has qualified. All |s>rsons having
The question for discussion at the CANCER: It never
East Seventh Street, said point being in claims against said estate are hereby
pression is made by a chaos of limestone cause the engine to slow down. Weigh Lyceum Saturday evening, Nov. 22d pun''Hit ;. laslntiir*
the North line of what was formerly
formations, moist* with water oosing the load thus put on tbe engine and was, resolved that the occupation of
notified to present the same, duly veri­
X George Woodward's tract of land, and
from altove, and then is immediately calculate the horse power by the form­ a farmer was the most useful and monlsls. trta k am
running thence East, at a right angle fied, to me at 314 Spalding Building,
felt what is known as “the breath'* of ula:—
with said East Seventh Street. One linn- Portland, Oregon, within six months
necessary of all other callings combined.
dred (loot feet to a point; thence Nortli from date hereof.
the cave. It has pure air and an even
H P. 2 Pi R W N in which
P A U P C D tn<1
polaona dere ertn*
And it might have been added the one if
in a line parallel with the West line of
temperature of 52 to 56 degrees, main­
First publication October 28, 1915.
receiving the least consideration at the One woman Ineverv 7di««'ofrancer—U.8. report East Eighth Street, asextendi-d, Seventy-
tained all the year round. in summer
MARIE D. MILLER, Administratrix.
hands of our legislators.
Poor cured at half price If cancer In yet «mall five (TO) feet to a jsiint; them«- West Bl
tbe relatively cooler air flows out of the
R. is radius of belt wheel plus radius
The Governor, before a conference Or. & Mrs. Dr. CHAMLEYI CO. J»» right angles with said last describ'd line,
Hundred (100) test to a point in
entrance, while in winter the colder air of rope in feet.
called at the request of tlie main rail- ' Slrletly gtesMv. Onrtnt Cascw tgvclsnu ll-in« ’ One
outside is drawn in, and this makes the
W. is weight in pounds as given on road attorney, and one by the way 6340 I 436E Valenete St, San Frandtco'Csl the East line of said East Seventh
Street, if extended; thence Houth
Administrator’s Notice
movement of “tbe breath” at once ap­ scales.
which he never attended, said, so it is
Seventy-five (75) feet, to the plar-e of
parent from the difference of tem­
Notice is hereby given that the under­
N., number of revolutions of belt reported, that he had no patience with
beginning, and also all grantors right,
pershire and currents of wind when wheel per minute.
title and interest in an<l to the property signed has Ireen apiminted administratrix
the idea of selling the railroad land grant
lying in front of said land and intended
pausing the entrance. For nearly a half-
Pi , 3.1416.
lands for *2 50 an acre when they were In tlie Circuit Court of the State of under mesne prior conveyance to be of the estate of Jeen Dykstra, decease«I,
mile within are seen the remains of the
This formula will give the number of worth much more
Oregon for Multnomah County.
used as East Seventh Street, inclinling by the County Court of the State of
The Governor has
goW'i'nent niter-works, the vat-^ are horse power the engine is capable of de­ pnt himself above Congress, the great Jerome L. Brizz<ilari, Plaintiff, vs. Cora dower and claim of dower.
Oregon, for Multnomah County, ami
undecayed, and rtito of cart-wheels are livering to the fly wheel, i. e. the amount law making body and the Hupreme Lusich, Cora Lusich Administratrix of
Now Therefore, by virtue of said exe­ has qualified. All persons havingrlaims
traceable on the floor. The Rotunda is of work it can do The total hone Court of the U.
against said estate are hereby notifle«! to
which says this land
Mane Lusicli, a minor. Ih-tendanla of sate and in compliance with the com­
then ewfrred, a hall seventy-flve feet power developed by the engine is some­ shall be sold at not to excewl *2 50 an and
By virtue of an execution, judgment mands of said writ, I will, on Monday, present the same, duly verified, to me
higti and 160 feet across, out of which what greater than that given by this acre. His idea that the land should be order. decree and order of sale issued the *M day of January, 1916, at 10 at 314 Spalding Building, Portland. Ore
aWmnes lead in various directions. The formula by an amonnt represented by the sold at the highest possible price and out of the above entitled Court in the o'clock A. M , at the front door of the gon. within six months from date hereof.
rant interior contains a succession of friction of the eliding parte of tne engine. the excess split flfty-flfty is one without above entitled cause, to me directed and County Court House in P«wtland. Mult­
First publication October 2fi, 1925.
dated tbe let day of December, 1915, nomah County. Oregon, sell at public
wonderful chambers, domes, abysses, —L. D. C.
rvdmnption ), to the MARIE D. MILLER. Administratrix.
upon a judgment rendered and entered auction (flubjfrtto
any warrant of loss.
for flMh in hand, all the
in said Court on the 20th day of No- highest bidder
Entered as Second Clare Matter February I#, 1914.
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