Mt. Scott herald. (Lents, Multnomah Co., Or.) 1914-1923, September 02, 1915, Image 1

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Ik Play of the Little CMId
Contesi Ctoses
In the little child the division of aex
ntereat has not yet come, and th»
earns “play" things appeal to both the
boy and the girl. After the child Is
old enough to be allowed to go around
by himself, the first thing one ought to
have is a sand-bin. The instinct to
play in the earth ie predominant in
every child, and sand and water are
very much easier to clean than tbe dirt
and mud of the yard. If possible, a
small waiting poo) which could contain
running water, would be an ideal thing
to have for the children. All children
love to wade, and it ia beet to know
when and where they do it. A low
owing io good for tbe little tots, and
also a small slide. Thio can bo built of
smooth boards with aide pieces, »le­
veled at >>ne end and with steps leading
to the top. You will find that thio
will afford »ndIssa pleasure to tbe
• mall children and perhaps some dark
night you yourself will go out and »teal
a slide and forget that now you have
children of your own.
The farm wife io perhaps the busiest
woman in the country. Yet »be could
find tbe time to tell list babies a good­
uight-etory or play some game will!
them in the evenings. It only taken
perhaps fifteen minute», and surely
that io doe you and your children.
Nothing io of more importance than
the souls of your children, and if you
deny that daily pleasure to them and to
yourself, you not only warp your own
soul, but you take away from your
children tbo things that will teach
them bow to get the greatest joy out of
living. Living ia bard at beet, bnt if
ws can learn a little of toe joy of life
each day, we have gained the “great
secret.’’ Hit down on tbe floor and
play with your children—be a child
with them—and they in turn will
carry that l«> their children and life
The date for thè eloaing of thè snb-
•cripilori conteat running for thè Herald
• mi Wednesday evrniog.
Owing to
1 difliciiltiMi that aroae froui tirne to lime,
ouly two of tbe contestaata triade aneli a
ehowing a* would entitle tbem to priiua,
bui by an agreement betwsen thè
management and thè contestante who
were attempting lo do anything, triade
some lime ago, every contestarli that had
lurwl in a subecription would receive a
cash pria*. Of ihoer who thu» will he
entitled to cash prue» we gl ve tbe
■Caudina aceording to thè iateat Agii mi :
Mia» Lsnna Johnson, 2821X41; Mia»
Fay Kluietnan, 2®5tOn Mia» Hi Ida Mc-
Taggart 63,700; Clara Clark, 47,000,
Irma Fiali, 11,100; Stella Wilson.
61,200; Loia Burch, 55,800.
to lite Issai Information at band all per­
sone concerned are aatiified with reanlt».
Tliey fouml mid-surumer rather a ditti-
cult tirne tu hold op ari interest in a
uonleal and tliey are to I* commended
for thè Work Uiey did.
Mr» T. M. Wal»h has tieen quita ill
thia week.
Mr» White of Madison, Win , former­
ly of Lenta, ia visiting Mrs Lock, and
other local acquaintances.
Mrs. Lsiia Johnsoo-Elliotl, well
known around Lenta, and wiio has tieen
living with her husband in Alaska, is
visiting at the home of L I). Elliott on
tlie Section Line and hiid street. Hhe
will be here for some time.
will grow richer and happier all down
the line tiecauae you kne v how, and
did play with your children.—Edwina
Mary Layman.
Colonel Roosevelt
Liked “Penrod”
Photo by Baltimore Sun
•“Penrod,” Booth Tarkington’s Fascinating Story. So Enthralled Colonel
Roosevelt While En Route to Lecture Before the National Geographical Society
That He Neglected Science and Politics.
“PENROD” Is the Best Boy Story Since
Mark Twain’s “Tom Sawyer.”
Start “PENROD” With the First Chapter
See notice of our new
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want your judgment.
Vol. 13.
No. 35
The Brooks-Scanlon Lumber Com­
pany of Minneapolis will erect a saw­
mill on tbe Dea Chutes river near Bend .
\ which will employ 300 men.
The Gaston $10,000 school contract Many Fires of Past Three Tears Ex­
ha» been let to J. W. Coynes of Forest
plained ia Confession oí S. it
Cony, Now in Jail Awaiting In-
Oregon paper» are asking why the
policy holders and not officials of busted
insurance companies are proeecuted.
With the arrest of Sanford w.
Clackama« Conntv has abandoned
macadam roads and will build hard- Currier at the home of D. B. Gillette, at
surface hereafter.
82d and Stark street Friday morning
T. B. Wilcox of Portland will expend the county officials think they have dis­
’«tween $100,000 to $150,000 on a covered the cause of moat of the tires
, country borne.
that have disturbed Lenta within the
Tillamook new city hall will be ooilt
past two year». Gillette and hie wife
of Oregon faced pressed brick.
have lived together until about two
Ontario want« a state highway via
, weeks ago when she got a divorce. It
Canyon City to Tbe Bailee.
A 30-ton stamp mill has been ordered * not known th*t
secreta of tbe
the * arson
bunch. 8be
She den
for Greenhorn mine near Baker.
nwn bun,h
Mormon Basin, Baker County, will knowin8 anything about it, but she
discovered her husband war under
erect a fine new school house
suspicion about the time her divorce
A franchise has been granted
‘ ' was granted. Currier had been living
United Railways over the Linnton-Port-
! at the Gillette home since hie divorce.
land road.
Just how tbe officials got wind of
Nehalem is constructing a 200,000, Gillette's part of the combination ia
illon reservoir for water supply.
not explained. After he was arrested
Portland public works department tie was given frequent grillings and after
has dropped 14 men—economy.
one of these his ex-wife was allowed to
The Albany Lumber Company mill talk with him. After a lot of persuasion
started with a crew qf 20 men last he finally yieldeiL He had stoutly de­
nied any knowledge of the various fires
Milwaukie baa carried a 125,000 attributed to him, saying he never
bond issue to extend the city water touched a match to a building in his
life. As a matter of fact lie was prob­
ably telling the truth but nevertheless
Toledo ie plannning to buy out the his method of disposing of property was
local water company.
almost as sure as touching a match to it.
Ione ie to get a new warehouse.
By experience as'contractor, and nick­
Heppner baa a new creamery project ing up information from the outride,
Currier had learned some ten years ago
how to set fire to a house anil yet not be
The Hood River Oregon Lumber
within miles of it.
He combined some
Company baa completed a 2200 foot
oils, poured them on a pile of kindling,
highline to move logs to its mills and
went off about his business, or pleasure,
baa 175 men in the woods. The lum­
natural forces did the rest
IN THE HOUSE ber cut ia used to build the Ogden and
fires usually, if not always, occurred at
Idaho electric.
night so we conclude he had his system
It will soon be the time of year when
The St. Helene shipbuilding co rn- down to a science and was able to time
our gardens will be in their prime. Tbe pany has contracts reaching far iuto the fires according to hie advantage.
Bnt with all that be was never ao rash
question wbi*h will confront tbe house­ next year.
wife is " Wiil'we can vegetables in the
Clatskanie will pave three blocks for as to set fire to a building before be had
! home?” thereby saving the garden a starter.
it insured. He usually built some sort
| products, or “Will we waste this nu­
Halfway baa carried $20,000 bonds of a trap of a building which could be
burned at a good profit. He then in­
I terial that might be canned to each for a water system.
good advantage?”
The present prospects indicate a sured it, sold it and took a mortgage,
Many people have trouble in canning record breaking crowd at the Pendleton with insurance clause, set fire to th«
peas, beans and corn. This trouble roundup, with a large number of building and collected his insurance.
may be overcome by tnorougb cooking. easterners.
Or, in some instances tbe sale was fake.
The supposed buyer moved in with
One very satisfactory way ie ae follows:
Bisbop A Son of Pendleton have pur­
some furniture, and household effects,
Select young and tender vegetables,
chased the Washougal woolen mill.
pack firmly in the jar, cover with cold
groceries, etc., lived there a week or so,
A stringent ordinance for the regula­ went away for the evening and returned
water, and add a teaspoon of salt to
each quart. Put on tbe rubber and tion of jitneys is to be passed in Salem. to find the bouse burned to the ground.
That was all a frame up, of course. A
: top and steam for five or six hours in a
boiler or steamer. A boiler may be
The disclosures of the enterprising ! house at Third avenue and Beach street
The oc­
used in place of a steamer if a falce “New York World” has brought to was occupied just one day.
bottom or rack is used to keep the jars
cupant disappeared and was never seen
light the fact that the “Fatherland,” a out in this section again.
from the bottom of the boiler.
In the high altitudes about one- rabid pro-German weekly established
During the day, Sunday, Currier de-
fourth mere time must be added to in New York at the beginning of the i cided the case was too clear and he
tbe time given in low altitude recipes. war is run by the German Government, signified his willingness to confess. It
Green peppers are canned very well and not by tbe German sympathisers took a stenographer, the Deputy, and
by the cold water — etbod.
as was supposed. This paper ie edited fire Marshall Stevens two hours to get
Select tbe green peppers, cut off the by George Sylvester
Veirick, a all his information. This included a
i stem end and remove seeds. Parboil hyphenated American and the foul residence at Fifth avenue and Maybee
i peppers for about fifteen minutes or slanders it has heaped upon President i street, burned Nov. 13, 1913; a resi­
! until the peppers are tender. They Wilson and tbe government ot the dence in McKinley Park. Jan. 31, 1913;
I should not l>e cooked long enough to United States has rendered it a treason­ house in Mentone, Oct. 27, 1912; house
i cause tbem to lose their shape. Pack able sheet and as such, tbe said at 89th and Burnside, Feb. 5, 1913;
i them in jars, pour cold water over the Veirick should be dealt with as a his own residence, 808 east flSth street
north; and the house at Third and
peppers and seal. They are ready for traitor.
Beach street, Lents, whieh was burned
! use any time during the winter. These
as slated, Aug. 30, 1914. Most of these
1 peppers may be filled with cold slaw,
Swat The Rooster
are near Lents and they explain why
left over meats or other suitable fillings.
Do vou know that fertile eggs become the work of the volunteer fireman of
If care ie taken in cooking tbe vege­
tables a sufficient length of time and if unfit for human food almost ae quickly this place were so busy about that
But Currier admits burning
tbe vegetables selected are fresh the ae miik when subjected to the game time.
He was
trouble in canning vegetables will be temperature? It ie a mistaken idea bouses for the past ten years.
that egge have to be put in an incu­ living in California when the idea of
overcome.—Maryetta Wileon.
bator before the germ starts to grow. burning houses to get the insurant« be­
The fact is that egge begin to incubate came known to him
There are a num­
Certain rumors have been circulated juet ae soon ae they are subjected to a
ber of people connected with the affairs
in reference to the standing of the temperature of 90, or above, whether
who have not been disclosed as yet.
Western Co-operative Rural Credit this be behind the kitchen stove, or a
They will all be brought to justice if
Union of Portland, of which Vern Irish hot country road enroute to market, on
they can be found.
is tbe local representative, which were I the platform at the depot awaiting
One of the singular things connected
not anvantageous to the company and I shipment, in the country etore waiting
with the arrest of Currier is the attitude
reflecting on its standing with the State for the usual twenty or thirty cases be­ of the insurance companies. They do
Bank examiner. Mr. Irish received on fore sending out, in the pantry waiting not seem to be taking any particular in­
Tuesday an afl'adavit from the Bank ex­ ! until the case ie filled, or when yon
terest in pushing the caves anil it is a
aminer, Mr. Sargeant, as to the satis­ have a chance to go to town, or in the puzzle to know why they assume this
factory standing of the company and its I henh?.’’se under broody hens, when attitude. Perhaps as has lieen suggested
organization in compliance with tbe they are not gathered at least once a
in some past instances, the insurance
■ laws passed at the last legislature. Mr. i day.
companies knew of the source of the
| Irish has already contracted with sever­
Why prodnee such a perishable troubles all the time, but isirmitted it
al Lents people who want to take ad­ article, when it is so easy to get around
for the purpose of intimidating other
vantage of the plan offered by the com- it just by “swatting the rooster?" Au
people into taking out insurance.
; |mny.
infertile egg will keep so much better
than a fertile one that there is hardly
Advertised Letters
Rev. W. Boyd Moore has been farm- any comparison between them. For
! ing this week on a place he has bought instance egge that were infertile were
Advertised letters for week ending
| near Oregon City.
placed in an incubator for twenty-one August 28, 1915: Donaldson, Janet;
days. These same eggs were then need Darneille, Maude (2); Foster, Mrs. G.
in baking some cakes which were pro­ E. j Hall, Pearl; Laken, Mrs. Irena;
Daily Mails
Mails at the I-ents postoffice arrive nounced fine by the poultry association Lee, Henry; Mehnrn, Mrs. 8. L.;
anil depart daily, except Sunday, as fol­ members who ate them.—J A. Helm­ Oldbolth, J.; Warrington. F. M.;
Geo. W Spring, Postmaster.
lows :
It ia reported that the Corvallis A
Jay Bundy spent several days thia
7:15 A.M.
6:00 A. M.
12:3OP. M week in Lenta looking after business Eastern will electrify from Albany to
12:5OP. M.
1:30 P M.
5 :80 P. M. matters